Next Generation Educated Person (#MSLFM11)


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What does a 'Next Generation Educated Person' (NeGEP) look like? What forces are propelling the development of NeGEP and what are resisting? This presentation looks at the dispositions of and does a Force Field Analysis for NeGEP.

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Next Generation Educated Person (#MSLFM11)

  1. 1. NeGEP 2040? Next Generation Educated Person?Our evolving definition of an educated person…
  2. 2. NeGEP 2040A Cyborg?
  3. 3. However, this oftenhappens with me… Dad, my science teacher had asked us to find out for today’s lesson… No worries son, we can find out…
  4. 4. Dad, my science teacher had asked us to find out for today’s lesson… No worries son, we can find out…The silicon may not havefused with carbon inside ourbrain, not yet… But we already rely on ubiquitous silicon outside, for information gathering!
  5. 5. Cheap and pervasive computing makes traditional skills like memorization redundant, and increasinglycomputers are also being used for analysis, so what skills and competencies will be needed now?
  6. 6. The 21st Century Context…
  7. 7. To survive and thrive in the 21st century… Knowledge explosion self- …learn to self-learn and keep reinventing yourself
  8. 8. In this context what are the Dispositions of NeGEP 2040
  9. 9. 1. Learn to learn and become an excellent SELF- SELF-DIRECTED learner
  10. 10. 2. Ability to SYNTHESIZE, to see RELATIONSHIPS between unrelated disciplines, to see PATTERNS, understand COMPLEXITY, derive INSIGHTS, SOLVE REAL- REAL-WORLD PROBLEMS, IDEATE and INNOVATE
  11. 11. “ … we are all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories. “ - Alan Kay3. Ability to communicate the idea or insight using an engaging NARRATIVE
  12. 12. “ We Think… …empathetically “4. Ability to COLLABORATE – i.e. work together with diverse set of people… with EMPATHY
  13. 13. “ We have the means but no meaning. - Viktor Frankel “ “ Nishkam Karma - pursuit of goals larger than your self- The Mobius Strip of Life interest. - Bhagwad Geeta “ Most Important – a deep understanding of SELF -5. emotions, self-image, compassion, learning to be… self-
  14. 14. NeGEP - Force Field AnalysisAnalysis of forces resisting and propelling the development of NeGEP
  15. 15. R E S I S T I N G BoP - not aware that Refusal to believe Understand context context is changing context is changing is changing but inertia to act Trying is the first step towards failure - Homer Simpson Status quo because of Don’t know what Lack of facilities tofear of failure or ridicule new skills to acquire learn new skills and in trying something and how competencies different
  16. 16. Climate Change Population Poverty Global Imperative – complex problems Extrinsic Motivators – job in a Online Learning will need new skills new economy; Intrinsic – Networks will facilitate challenge, novelty, meaning Learning – The Treasure Within Enthusiastic Govt, Govt, Private and Civil Enlightened educators Society initiatives ParentsP R O P E L L I G N
  17. 17. May you learn to self-learn, think,synthesize, narrate, collaborate,create, share, empathize, findmeaning and… be happy.
  18. 18. Good Reads and Resources• ‘A Whole New Mind’ – Daniel H Pink• ‘Living on Thin Air’ – Charles Leadbeater• ‘We Think’ – Charles Leadbeater• ‘21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times’ – Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel• ‘5 Minds for the Future’ – Howard Gardner••
  19. 19. Join Learning Conversations around skills relevant forflourishing in the 21st
  20. 20. Author: Atul PantEmail: Twitter: atulpant