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  • 1. Resume Builder Now forget taking tensions for creating profile on Job Search portals and searching for Jobs
  • 2. Resume Bulider Micro workers having phones to work Server for uploading resume Different Componets of Resume Builder
  • 3. Resume builder: An Introduction
    • Problem
    • Daily thousands of people creates profiles and upload their resume. As per wiki, about 9 million people are unemployed in India.
    • Most of the companies have online job portal sites on which people need to upload their resume. Usually, the site automatically builds the profile by extracting the data from resume but computer faces problem in matching the fields of profile and the content in resume.
    • Different people create resume in different pattern which creates difficulty in creating the automated profile. So, people has to manually spend time to create the profile.
    • Also, once the people create their profile on job portals, they receive lots of job ads but only few of them are relevant to the person.
    • Solution
    • Resume builder will have two components: First the server on which people will upload their resume. Second, the micro workers with mobile phone who will format the uploaded resume so that the resume can be easily used to create automated profile on job portals.
    • Once the person uploads his resume on the server, micro worker will receive an alert on his phone and he will format the resume so that the job portals can build the profile automatically from the formatted resume.
    • Once the micro worker formats and upload the resume back to the server, it will automatically upload the new resume on all the well known job portals like
    • The login details will be send to the concerned person. Later, the sites will suggest some job oppurtunities and micro worker will select few of them and will send the details to the user.
  • 4.
    • Job seeker uploads the resume to the server
    • Microworker receives an alert that a resume is uploaded
    • Micro worker saves the updated resume on the server.
    • The Job portals suggest job oppurtunities to the micro worker(same or different)
    • The Resume will be word doc or PDF
    • He goes through his resume and format the content of resume
    • The updated resume is uploaded automatically on the job portal.
    • Micro workers spends 2 or 3 minutes to select some of the relevant jobs.
    • The Job seeker needs to pay a nominal fees to upload the resume
    • Basic formatting includes naming the field names, creating proper spaces, etc.
    • The server sends the login details for the job portals to the user.
    • The user receives the relevant jobs options and applies to the.
    Resume Builder: PROCESS Step 3 Step 1 Step 2 Step 4
  • 5.
    • People pays a nominal fee of $5 to upload the resume.
    • In this package, the Job seeker will receive only the formatted resume which he can upload manually to various job portals
    Basic Package
    • People pays a fees of $5 + $5 = $10 to upload the resume.
    • In this package, the Job seeker will receive the formatted resume and his resume will be automatically uploaded to various job portals and the login details will be forwarded to them
    Full on package
    • People pays a fees of $5 + $5 + ($5 per month) = $15 to upload the resume.
    • In this package, the Job seeker will receive the formatted resume and his resume will be automatically uploaded to various job portals and the login details will be forwarded to them.
    • Job seekers will receive a fixed no. of relevant job advertisements pickup by micro workers per month.
    Extra Bonus Package
    • Micro Worker will receive $1 to format every resume.
    • Micro Worker will also receive $1 for every 10 relevant jobs to a particular job seeker.
    • Once the Job seeker gets the Job offer, he will get a bonus of $1. (Optional)
    Earning of Micro Workers Who will PAY? Who will EARN?
  • 6. Resume Builder will give thousands of jobs to micro workers and in return they halp other job seekers to get a good job It removes the dependancies on Job consultants who take lots of money and still can’t promise the job seeker for a guranteed job. Resume Builder doesn’t gurantees a job but it increases your chances to get a job by preparing a formatted resume, uploading resumes to multiple job portals and provide relevant job oppurtunites available in market. Micro Workers needs to semi-skilled workers as they should have basic understanding of language and the market. Looking forward to have your useful suggestions and feed back on this Benefits and Limitations