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  • A Web service is an application that is written to meet Internet and Extensible Markup Language (XML) technology standards. It performs a specific task and is made available to other users through a network. In this section, we will learn about the two main types of web services in use SOAP based and REST based.
  • Benefits of Web Services:   The key characteristics of web services are flexibility, interoperability, and transportability, which has found them used in a wide variety ways, including various Web APIs, integration frameworks, and architecture models, such as Service Oriented Architecture.   Connecting different applications: Web Services allows different applications to talk to each other and share data and services among themselves. Other applications can also use the services of the web services. For example VB or .NET application can talk to java web services and vice versa. So, Web services is used to make the application platform and technology independent. Low Cost of communication: Web Services uses SOAP over HTTP protocol for the communication, so you can use your existing low cost internet for implementing Web Services. This solution is much less costly compared to proprietary solutions like EDI or B2B. Loosely Coupled Applications: Web Services are self-describing software modules which encapsulates discrete functionality. Web Services are accessible via standard Internet communication protocols like XML and SOAP. These Web Services can be developed in any technologies like c++, Java, .NET, PHP, Perl and any application or Web Services can access these services. So, the Web Services are loosely coupled application and can be used by applications developed in any technologies. For example, I have heard of people developing Web Services using Java technologies and using the Web Services in VB or .NET applications. Support for Other communication means: Beside SOAP over HTTP, Web Services can also be implemented on other reliable transport mechanisms. So, it gives flexibility use the communication means of your requirement and choice. For example Web Services can also be implemented using ftp protocol
  • SOAP Based Web Services: SOAP based web services communicate using XML, which is transmitted and interpreted over HTTP using the SOAP standard, either by itself or in conjunction with WSDL, a markup language that provides information about the available methods of interacting with a given service to any applications with which it communicates. transaction and transmission of messages is typically handled by the HTTP protocol, with SOAP providing additional functionalities.  In a classic SOAP-based interaction pattern, the client asks to use one of the service's exposed functions, initiating a remote procedure call via a SOAP message contained in the body of an HTTP message, and receives a response from the service. The SOAP standard is made up of a stack of components designed for this purpose, including a processing model, extensibility standards, a protocol binding  framework, and the message construct itself.  There are many frameworks that implement the SOAP model, and make it easier to integrate into various environments, toolsets, and application ecosystems.
  • Three ways to build a web service: There are three way to build a web services first one is Use the JAX WS frontend to build a code first web service using the standard JAX WS annotations, Second one is Use the JAX WS frontend to build a WSDL first web service and the last one is Use the simple frontend in CXF to create a web service from simple POJOs.
  • REST based Web Services: By contrast, RESTful web services utilize the REST model.  Using REST, which stands for Representational State Transfer, applications can transmit the information needed to function as web services using only the native functions of a given protocol. In the context of web services, this generally means that RESTful web services communicate via pure HTTP, using XML or JSON to give structure to the messages. Some developers may choose to implement RESTful services specifically for this reason, as they consider REST-based services a lighter-weight alternative to the complexity of the SOAP model.  By contrast, SOAP places a higher value on individual messages sent between the client and the server. This contrasts with the SOAP model, which advocates binding new application-specific methods to HTTP methods. Out of these two models of web service architecture, SOAP is by far the more widely adopted approach.  SOAP's popularity is due in no small part to backing by major technology companies.
  • About Attune Infocom Pvt Ltd

    1. 1. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company © 2012 Attune Infocom Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. About US 2 en source consulting, system integration, web and software development company.sive knowledge and expertise in Open Source Portal, ECM, CMS & E-commerce Consultinghitecture (SOA) nagement (BPM)us (ESB)rce Portals anagement (ECM)ent System (DMS)b 2.0, collaboration
    3. 3. Vision / Mission 3 e provider of Information & Communication Technology, Open Source Consulting, Training,hat constantly add value, increase ROI, quality, reduce time-to-market, development and co Knowledge and InnovationExecution Capabilities.
    4. 4. Business Model4
    5. 5. Customer Centric Services 5our customer’s specific needs, determine strategies and develop solutions that bring measur partners and customers to achieve their IT and business goals.
    6. 6. Our Achievements6Growth in terms of Employees from 8 to 55 employees in just 18 months of short duration 60 50 40 30 No. Of employees 20 10 0 June – 2010 October – 2010 February – 2011 June – 2011 April – 2010 August – 2010 December – 2010 April – 2011 August – 2011 Continue ...
    7. 7. Our Achievements7 Provided key training to 20+ corporates Successfully executed 360+ domestic projects on consulting, training and web development Successfully executed 75+ international projects Provided platform and generated opportunity for more than 42 trainees for state graduate / post graduate students Registered offices in 3 countries
    8. 8. Services8 Web Development Web Design Web Hosting & Support Web Design & Redesign Software Services Logo Design IT Infrastructure Services Banner Design Business Consulting Flyer Design Mobile App Development Services Cloud Computing Services IPhone & Ipad Development Cloud Hosting – AWS Android Development Cloud Consulting SEO & Internet Marketing RIA Development Search Engine Optimization Flash Development Socia Media Optimization Flex Development Search Engine Marketing EXT JS & GWT Development Email Marketing Vaadin Development Content Writing Sencha Touch
    9. 9. Enterprise with Open Source9 Portal Development Virtualization & Cloud Liferay Vmware Rackspace Content Management System AWS Alfresco Joomla Drupal Mobile Development Wordpress Iphone TYPO3 Android E-Commerce Solution Magento SOA, BPM & ESB Oscommerce JBoss Zencart Mule Interspire Atlassian Bonitasoft Learning Management Solution Fiorano Moodle Centrasite
    10. 10. Corporate Training Experts10 A well recognized corporate training provider in the market Trained 200+ professionals across 20+ organizations in just 2 years of starting of its operations Attune has industry experience trainers and believe in the sharing of knowledge on latest open source technologies We successfully executed training to organizations like : Oman Air, Cybage, AT&T, Cognizant, L&T Infotech, Steelwedge, Center for Good Governance, Blue Star Infotech, Sambaash, LearningMate, Knowledge Universe, Stannah, Protea Tech, Silver Touch and many more
    11. 11. Training Services11 We offer below trainings Liferay Open Source SOA & OpenESB Liferay Portal Administration Mule ESB Liferay System Administration Cloud Computing Liferay Theme Development Drupal Liferay Portlet Development Magento Alfresco Hibernate Alfresco Administration Spring Alfresco API Development Activiti BPM Alfresco Share Configuration JBoss JBPM Alfresco Web Scripts
    12. 12. Hold of Training Domain12 www.attuneuniversity.com (A knowledge sharing learning portal) An initiative by Attune Infocom Attune University is new edge Online Learning Management System to offer an advantage to organizations and people to get exclusive access on demand. It is the bridge between people and organization by accessing the information that will take people company and its staff to new levels of success.
    13. 13. Focus on Industry Verticals13 Developed 435+ Web site / Web applications / Portal / CMS / Online shop over cloud in just 2 years of span We catered requirement of Industries like : Production & Manufacturing IT & Communication Chemical/Pharmaceutical Retail Hotel Travel &Tourism Lifestyle Media & Publication Real Estate E-Commerce Solutions
    14. 14. Products Offerings14 Industry experiences led toward the innovative and budgeted product range to map with your IT expenditure Mobile Apps Money Collection Apps Silent during Namaz Portal Intranet & Extranet Portal Real Estate Portal Job Search Matrimony Portal B2B Portal Performance & Appraisal Portal ECM Online Document Repository
    15. 15. Clients15 Continue ...
    16. 16. Clients16
    17. 17. What our Client Speaks17 Continue ... “Interactive one, Like most in training is - willing to accept questions.” Oman Air for Liferay Training “The trainer has very good knowledge on the topics presented.” AT & T for Liferay Training “Most like - The breadth of the topics dealing with aspects of Liferay.” Steelwedge Technologies “It was one of the well presented training I attended so far.” Rambabu Nimmala, Cybage “Overall training was good. Trainer has clarity of concepts.” L & T Infotech for Liferay Training Continue ...
    18. 18. What our Client Speaks18 “It was a pleasure working with the team at Attune Infocom. It was clear that his development team was very knowledgeable with regard to Liferay and portals in general.” Brian Russel, Closeware “Thanks to whole team for working through this development with professionalism and expertise.” Oliver Ibanez, USA (Os Commerce) “Very advanced knowledge in typo3 - fast and continuous bug fixing. Communication is excellent. Thank you for making my life easier.” D. Schneider, Tailorking, Switzerland Continue ...
    19. 19. What our Client Speaks19 “Good job!, i hope that we could continue the next stage of project.” Roberto Javier Aguirre Guardia, USA “The guys at Attune know there subject, are fast and responsive. It is not often you meet real professionals.” - Mike, Telecom United Project “The way of presentation is good to understand the concept on Liferay, Like more exercise to understand the concept.” - Knowledge Universe Technologies “Attune Infocom did an excellent job on our website development were very responsive to our requirements and creative with their input. I am very happy with the end result and will use them again to upgrade website in the future.” Jonathan Wilson, Willow IT, Australia
    20. 20. Partners and Alliance20
    21. 21. Departments21 Management Sales & Marketing Team Support Team JAVA Team Designer Team PHP Team Developer Team Designing Team SEO Team HR & Account Sales & Marketing SEO Team HR & Account Management Hardware / Networking / Supprt Team Organization Hierarchy
    22. 22. Management Team22 Mr. N. D. Mansuri CEO & Co-founder Dr. Zakir Laliwala CTO & Founder Mr. Imran Laliwala Director – IT
    23. 23. Sales & Marketing Team23 Mustufa Rahi Business Development Manager Tahir Laliwala Business Development Executive Umar Laliwala Business Development Executive Rafik Sandhi Business Development Executive Minaz Memon Marketing Executive
    24. 24. Java Team24 Mazhar Anwar Global Delivery Manager Abdul Samad Principal Consultant Tapan Awasthi Irshad Mansuri Imran Saiyad Zuber Khalpa Akram Siddiqi
    25. 25. PHP Team25 Firoz Sabaliya Project Manager Naeem Sabasara Team Lead Krunal Mehta Shehjin Mansuri Hafsa Mansuri Asif Patel Rushi Joshi Kausar Shaikh
    26. 26. Designer Team26 Rizwan Pathan Sahejad Sagar Gaurav Chunara Tabrez Pathan Mosin Pathan
    27. 27. SEO & Online Marketing Team27 Renish Nasit Vijay Rami Hassan Mansuri Saffan Aamir Shaikh Salman Aamir Mansuri
    28. 28. HR & Account28 Soheb Shaikh Account & Payroll Manager
    29. 29. Our Offices29 India Office (H.Q.) Attune Infocom Pvt. Ltd. G-2, Aakruti Complex, Above Stadium Underbridge, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, India Email: contact@attuneinfocom.com Telephone: +91-79-40047256 / 7 / 8 India, Chennai New no 16, Old no 8, North Bazaar, Pattabiram, Chennai 600072. Tamil Nadu, India India, Surat 8/1134, Momnawad, Gopipura, Surat-395001, India.
    30. 30. Our Global Presence30 USA Office Attune Infocom Inc. 911 S. Wa Pella Ave Mount Prospect Illinois 60056 Telephone: +1-732-703-9847 Australia Office Attune Infocom Pty. Ltd. 1/8 Queens Road, Westmead, NSW 2145, Australia. Telephone: +61-02-8003 4666 Singapore Office Attune Infocom Pte Ltd. 412, Serangoon Road, 02-414 Singapore - 218124 Telephone: +65-8117-7544
    31. 31. To know more About us Please visit :Thank you www.attuneinfocom.com © 2012 Attune Infocom Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved