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Dear visitor Aslam o Alik m! Here is a presentation of "HYDLE ENERGY IMPACT ON PAKISTAN'S ECONOMY" is related to current energy crisis in Pakistan .
gives suggestion about mistake in here.

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Presentation of seminar

  1. 1. IMPACT OF HYDLE ENERGY ON PAKISTAN’SECONOMY by Attique Ahmed MS.c (Economics) 11-arid-2596
  2. 2.  Energy is a physical quantity that describes the amount of work that can be done by a force you can say it’s the capacity for doing work. Energy is a part and parcel of, industrial economic, development and quality of life
  3. 3.  Hydroelectric power captures the energy released from falling water. In the most simplistic terms, waterfalls due to gravity, which causes kinetic energy to be converted into mechanical energy, which in turn can be converted into a useable form of electrical energy.
  4. 4.  Ancient Greeks used wooden water wheels to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy as far back as 2,000 years ago. In 1882 the first hydroelectric power plant was built in the United States using a fast flowing river. Humans in time began creating dams to store water at the most convenient locations in order to best utilize power capacity.
  5. 5.  In 1947 Pakistan had 69 MW installed power generation capability.11(MW) was hydle & 58(MW) thermal. The Mangla Dam on the Jhelum River in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is the 16th largest dam in the world. It was built from 1961 to 1967 with funding from the World Bank. Pakistan was started dam 1968(TARBELA) &completed 1974.
  6. 6.  Pakistan is the poorest of the poor as far as energy consumption per capita is concerned. Pakistan ranks 25th in World Energy consumption and 31st in Electricity production. Per Capita electrical consumption per year of Pakistan is 470kWh, of Malaysia 2,708 & of Singapore 6,775 kWh Pakistan has developed 12% of total hydel potentials, India has 30% & rich countries 75% of hydel potential (souurce:Prof. S.M. Bhutta2009)
  7. 7.  Pakistan has been blessed with ample water resources but could store only 13% of the annual flow of its rivers. In contrast US has developed 497% storage capacity of annual flow of River Colorado. Egypt possesses 281% of River Nile. India 35% on Sutlej-Bias Basin.
  8. 8.  It is worth mentioned that WAPDA has generated 27614 GWH in year 2009-10 which were enhanced to 31511 GWH in year 2010-11 @ Rs.1.06 per unit by hydle whereas equivalent thermal unit is being produced @ Rs.10.00 per unit thus WAPDA made a saving of Rs.65847 million in one year.o All these statistics warrant construction of number of reservoirs to enhance availability of water which stands at 1070 cubic meter per capita. Anything below 1000 cubic meter tantamount to a crisis situation. source:WAPDA
  9. 9.  “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose”. (Lyndon B. Johnson) Has Hydle energy some affects on economy? To highlight the current situation of power in Pakistan? How much hydle power production potential in Pakistan?
  10. 10. STUDY AREAo The present study is about analyzing the impact of hydle energy on Pakistan’s Economy.o We use Gross Domestic Product as dependent variable and independent variables are “ hydle thermal and nuclear energy”.o The period of data is from 1971 to 2010.
  11. 11. DATA COLLECTION SOURCES Economic. Survey of Pakistan (various issues), Federal. Bureau of Statistics.(FBS), Internet sources.(WAPDA)
  12. 12. GENERAL FORM OF THE MODEL GDP = f (HDL_E, THR_E, NCL_E,) ECONOMETRIC MODELGDPt=β0+β1 log(Hdl_E)+logβ2 (Thr_E)+β3 log(Ncl_E+µ)
  13. 13. We checks here the some basic assumption of CLRMo AUTO CORELATION Serial LM testo HETEROSKEDASTICITY White Heteroskedasticity Test
  14. 14. o My model shows that 23% of our growth affected due to the energy. So takes some steps for produce to cheap energy.o Although Pakistan has 100,000 (MW) potential for production of hydle energy in which 50,000(MW) potential has indentified but we cannot use it without proper and affective long term polices at least ten to fifteen years are required to use this potential .
  15. 15.  It is recommended to build big medium and small water reservoir for the production of cheaper electricity that pays affective role in the development process of country. Pakistan haves best network of cannel system of the world we should use these network for production of hdyle electricity. Efforts should be made to discourage IPP’s for the production of thermal electricity.
  16. 16. Thank you…..!!!