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  1. 1. MonêléChocolateThe Taste of Refinement
  2. 2. MonêléChocolate continue
  3. 3. MonêléChocolateNature of Business We produce origanalhand made chocolate items, fromoriginal coca. continue
  4. 4. Mission Statement “Monêlé will meet andexceed the expectations of customers in productquality, product innovation and service” Vision Statement “Beside the pleasure of savoring, Monêlé chocolate opens up entire world of feelingsMonêléChocolate continue & festivities which takes
  5. 5. Our goal is to open Monêlé objectiveour franchise in is to give alldifferent cities of chocolateLahore, we’ll also lovers theintroduce our opportunity tofranchise in next enjoy Monêlécoming weeks. So chocolatesthe chocolate lovers wherever theyGoals &can enjoy the taste are in the continue world.MonêléObjectivesof real chocolate all chocolate
  6. 6. Monêlé chocolate is made from the finestingredients offering a wide choice of over 154fillings. Monêlé chocolate does not includepreservatives or artificial flavors making it on a highquality Chocó. Monêlé chocolate bars as are alsoin no added sugar range. Our unique packingboxes come into their own tasteful style to take thetraditional gift of choice to a whole new level ofcontinueelegance. We are have a package of
  7. 7. continue
  8. 8. 50-59 over 60 3% 1% 30-39 4% 40-49 7% 18-28 19% Under18 66% Age of people who eats ChocolatesMonêléchocolate continue
  9. 9. MonêléchocolateGeographicOur location is in Lahore, Pakistan, on M.M Alam Road, it is ourHead Office.PsychographicWe produce new chocolates flavors, so the chocolate lovers canenjoy the varieties, we provide chocolates according to the culture ofpeoples, occasionally and follow the new trends in our packing. continue
  10. 10. AGE Percentage Percentage of Total Criteria Of Females Males PercentageUnder 18 49% 31% 80% Students, Kids, of every culture 18-28 38% 31% 69% Families, Females, Males, Teenage, Professional People, Couples 29-39 25% 15% 40% Females, Males, Professional People, Families 40-49 17% 16% 33% Professional People, Families, Females, Males 50-59 15% 10% 25% Aged who eats sugar free chocolates, Females, MalesOver 60 13% 7% 20% Aged who eats sugar free chocolates, Females, Males continue
  11. 11. Marketing MixProduct: Monêlé Chocolate Physical Evidence: Our shop of Monêlé Chocolate, on M.M AlamPrice: Starting from PKR330 Ranges Road Process: Customer selects theto PKR3500 chocolates from the display or fromDiscounts up to 30% the menu card with the descriptionLow pricing 330-1000 of Chocolate ingredients, then theyPremium pricing 1000-3500 buy twoget one free order it, whether take away or dine in, or raps it in with our beautifulPromotion: Concerts, Banners,Advertisement in Magazines, Pamphlets, packing or in box.Social Media, Sponsorships, Websites, In People: Includes staff well-educatedMovies, Radio, Commercials And & have communication skills & public dealing manners &Events. consumers interactingPlace: M.M Alam Road.
  12. 12. HumanNumber of Employees PlanResource30 Compensation PlanDesignation of employees Salaries Started from• Manager PKR9000_PKR2,00,000• C.F.A Training Methods &• M.D Requirements• Accountant Our chefs and chocolate• Sales & Marketing maker experts we send them• Assistant Manager to foreign training institutes• C.E.O so they can learn new• C.O.O innovations about chocolate.• HRM continue
  13. 13. Rules & Standards Our Rules are not so Hard and Feedback Far, they are just simple Consumer can also give our • Punctuation of timings for feedback on our website or by employees just admiring the flavors of our • Smoking is not allowed chocolates • Employees must full fill their Boneset & Allowance job on regular basis, we have We’re giving bonuses once in a a system which checks out year, with the living facilities whether the employee is for those employs who’re doing and attending his job working in Pakistan from regularly foreign contrivesMonêléchocolate continue
  14. 14. continue
  15. 15. We can develop the product on time and on budget. Initial investmentAssumptions 2.5 million. Competitors will respond Customers will buy our rationally. Start up expenseproduct because we think We will be able to hold’s a good product. down prices while gainingCustomers will agree with Sources share rapidly. We’re using external sources toour perception that the We will have no troubleproduct is “great”. import the real cocoa. attracting the right staff.The product will sell itself Customers will run no riskDistributors are desperate in buying from us instead ofto stock and service the continuing to buy from theirproduct. past suppliers. continue
  16. 16. Contingency PlanMonêléchocolate continue
  17. 17. Assessment of riskEnvironmental, EconomicalWhat-if business failsIf business fails then we sell our unit &shop to the other company and as we’vethe financial and sponsors we’ll start arestructured businessThreats from competitorsOur competitors are selling chocolate athigh prices with more new flavors Monêléchocolate
  18. 18. Operational Plan continue
  19. 19. We make chocolates daily.We make chocolates alsoon order.Building CodesOur shop is 24 x 24 ft. witha wide sitting arrangementsand fully air conditionedshop, we’ve a space of 30sittings at one time.month MonêléOperational Expenses/ chocolate
  20. 20. Production PlanManufacturing ProcessChef are making chocolates from their own ideas andinnovationsPhysical locationOur kitchen are situated behind the back of the shopSuppliersOur kitchens where hand made chocolates are made bychocolate expertsWe’re importing cacao from Egypt and brazilRaw materialPacking and boxes and rapping items are provided by ourexternal sources.Quality ControlWe’re ISO certified continue
  21. 21. The chocolate range includes Classic; Deluxe; MonêléSpecials; Monêlé and a special range of sugar free and diet chocolates.These are available in variety of milk, dark or white chocolates withflavors like hazelnut, almonds, pistachios and rice crispy. Chocolate &Gianduja CreamAll our chocolate products are made with pure cocoa mass, cocoabutter, soy lecithin, and vanilin.Gianduja Cream Ingredients: hazelnut, sugar, cocoa butter, milkpowder, almond, skimmed milk powder, soy lecithin, flavouring(vanilin).Animal by-products: Milk chocolate contains dried cow milk. Darkchocolate does not include dried cow milk.No other animal bi-product is used in the making of our chocolates. continue
  22. 22. Nuts & Fruits: Depending on the chocolate piece variety, fillings of the chocolate pieces may include nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Peanuts), Dried Fruits (Strawberry, Orange Peel, Raisins). Alcohol: We dont use any alcohol ingredients in our recipes for any of our products. Our products are classified Halal. No-Sugar Added: We use Maltitol as a sugar substitute in our No- Sugar Added menu variety. Jordan Almonds Our Jordan Almonds are made of fresh premium roasted almonds covered with sugar glaze. The glaze might contain Cow Gelatin in its recipe.Monêléchocolate
  23. 23. Industry AnalysisMonêléchocolate continue
  24. 24. Age Gender Social statusUnder 18 Kids, Teenage Upper class18-39 Teenage, Couples, Male Upper and middle and females class40-50 Couples, Male and Upper Class & middle females class51-60 Couples, Aged people Upper ClassOver 60 Couples, Aged people Upper class continue
  25. 25. Analysis of competitors Direct Competitors Indirect competitors Patchi Cadbury They are also making Producing chocolates on a chocolates and large scale, they have 50% confectionary items. market share Lals Lotte Producing chocolates with They are producng candy the help of technology and chocolates and have Chocolatier Café La Churro 30% market share New café opened for Candyland chocolate lovers. Having 20% market shareMonêléchocolate
  26. 26. MonêléChocolate The Taste of RefinementThank You