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Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools VCU TTAC Book Study

Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools VCU TTAC Book Study



Presentation that accompanies the book study for the VCU T/TAC. Contact the authors on Facebook http://bit.ly/atbook

Presentation that accompanies the book study for the VCU T/TAC. Contact the authors on Facebook http://bit.ly/atbook



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  • Reinforce the idea to start with what is already available. Use this approach in your district.
  • Classroom evals provide solutions for more than just special ed and for more than just one student at a time . ALSO COLLECTING DATA TO SUPPORT FUTURE PURCHASES FOR INDIVIDUALS RESOMMENDATIONS- if a student has been using a classroom device, then we have even more evidence that it is necessary.
  • Show calendar demoRSS? Demo depending on timeAdd graphics
  • Show calendar demoRSS? Demo depending on timeAdd graphics
  • Question- Anyone have problems with staff development? If so, like what?Audience Response via chat.How do we support them you ask?- Provide Staff Development – traditional model is still something we struggle with- discuss various ways and various problems. Discuss alternative ways- pros and cons of Web (infrastructure).Website and DeliciousPoster BoardsAT Tonight DVDsA.T.TIPSCAST CDs (Coming Soon)Moodle (Blackboard) Moderators Strategy-A-Day Calendar (pick three people at random and ask for their birthdays- read those slides to them).In discussion are PLNs (Personal Learning Networks), Follow-up Activities, and Equipment Specific Communities
  • Conference calls, etc.
  • Check out Idaho State Resources
  • We sit on technology committees to help make district-wide decisions. Less backtracking needs to be done that way by IT. We help everyone remember to consider everybody. It is not intentional but sometimes people forget to consider VI, HI, or physical disabilities- Promethean story here, too high for preschoolers
  • UVM UDLCASTNatludl\\A PDF of this entire presentation is available atIste/chewat
  • Change color of texts

Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools VCU TTAC Book Study Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools VCU TTAC Book Study Presentation Transcript

  • Webinar ReviewGoogle Doc ReviewKWL Chart ReviewOverriding Point –You can cut down the number of evaluations byempowering teachers to use what they have.Once they know what they have, tried what they have,you can focus on what else they need.
  • How to conduct an AT evaluation?SETT Framework• Consider the needs of the student.• Consider the environment in which the student is learning.• Consider the task the student needs to complete.• Consider the tools the student needs to complete the task.
  • Is there a specific AT evaluation (report) document? Do we need to make one up?• Yes!• The components are as follows: –Background Information –Technology already in place –Observation (Facts) »Student Interviews »Educator Interviews –Recommendations (Opinions) –Additional Resources –Appendices
  • Are there sample forms?• They are in the book.
  • Is there a way to reach more than one student with an evaluation?• Do a classroom evaluation!
  • The SettingConduct classroomevaluations toprovide additionaltools and strategiesto an entire class ofstudents!
  • Time to Share• Put your name in the hat.• You share four, we share one(That’s fair, right?)
  • Graphic Organizers• Templates- www.eduplace.com/graphicorganizer• More Templates- http://bit.ly/holtgos• Blog- http://bit.ly/ep37goi1blog• Podcast- http://bit.ly/ep37goi1audio Web 2.0 Tools: http://bubbl.us http://mindmeister.com http://mindomo.com
  • Switch WebsitesBlogs:• http://teachingall.blogspot.com/p/switch- accessible-activities.html• http://teachinglearnerswithmultipleneeds.blogspot. com/Resource Portal:• http://www.guest.portaportal.com/otr4access
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Our AT Team… had three problems.
  • 1. App-alanche! Too Many GoodResources! Stuff we FOUND and CREATED
  • 2. How toshare these witheducators? And Each Other?
  • 3. Do we want our website to be dynamic or static? Some team members want one way, Other team members want it the other way
  • Solution: Social Bookmarking!www.commoncraft.com/video/social-bookmarking
  • http://delicious.com/lcpsat
  • Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!
  • Use the toolbarAdd link on web site
  • Tagging TAGS
  • TAGS
  • Other Points• Shared Login vs. Individual Logins• Private (Internal) vs. Public (Open)• Toolbars for ease of useDiigo.com - the other social bookmarking site • Shared Groups (Private and Public) • Highlighter and Sticky Note Tools • There’s an app
  • Solutions1. Now we can search all shared resources.2. Now we can share LISTS (tags) of resources with educators.Ex: http://delicious.com/lcpsat/typing3. We have both a static and a dynamic web site.
  • http://delicious.com/lcpsat http://delicious.com/attipscast
  • Which is simpler and morememorable?
  • This….http://attipscast.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/episode-68-at-smackdown-atia-2011-orlando/
  • Or this….http://bit.ly/atsmackdown
  • Bit.ly• Free• Create memorable URLS• Gather metricsNOT NECESSARILY SHORTER, JUST MORE MEMORABLE!
  • But What If theURL Changes?
  • No Worries!• The original (long) URL is what appears in the browser.• The user can “track back” to see the root of the URL.
  • Capitalization Counts!http://bit.ly/nlsitunes This Does NOT WorkThis Works http://bit.ly/NLSiTunes
  • Multimodal PD• Videos (PACER example) – AT Minutes- www.youtube.com/pacercenter• Podcasts: A.T.TIPScast & Edceptional• RSS (How to subscribe in Google Reader)
  • DuplicateYourself!!!
  • The Theater5 minute faculty meeting tipsFace-to-Face Workshops  Customized by school needsWebsite (www.lcps.org/at)  Handpicked resources  FAQs  Training VideosStrategy-A-Day Calendar  One strategy a day, rip-off calendar 34
  • The Home Theater AT Tonight DVDsTeachers check out theDVD, watch the videos,answer questions andreturn to get staffdevelopment credit. 35
  • Podcasts on CD as PD WorkshopsBurn podcasts onto CDs to play in the car!Try it with the A.T.TIPSCAST - 13 Volumes completed - Download the question booklets from the "Free PD Kits" link - Distribute to participantsThree big problems addressed!1. Time (we all commute)2. Technology competency3. No need for Internet at home
  • Follow-up ActivitiesDiscuss what you’ve learned!Create a product!
  • Training by Community BuildingWhen training on a specific tool that is notavailable to general educators (for example, aspecific AAC device) form communities ofteachers who are working with students whoare using these devices.
  • Establish Personal Learning Network• PLN – Your own community of individuals you go to when you need support• Methods- – Facebook (Groups – Open & Private) – Twitter – Moodle (or Blackboard?) – Blog – Google Plus – LinkedIn – Happy Hours 
  • Part of a Larger Community• QIAT LISTSERV - http://bit.ly/joinqiat• T/TAC online VCU T/TAC• Existing social networking groups – Assistive Technnology on Facebook• Raise awareness by presenting at conferences – ATIA, CTG, VSTE, TechKnowledgy, etc. – Many strategies overlap – so they aren’t just for your students
  • The Subplots Participate in district-wide committees to implement solutions that meet the needs of all learners AT Clubs (Involve Students!) Share Fairs Parent Group/Community Presentations Conference Presentations (cooperation with other districts) Promotion of Services Summer Seminars Create a LOGO! http://bit.ly/atmontagevid 42
  • This is………
  • Homework Submit Your Questionhttp://bit.ly/atbookreaderquestions
  • Resources & ReferencesThe Practical (and Fun) Guideto Assistive Technology in Public Schools:http://iste.org/chewathttp://udlcenter.orghttp://cast.orghttp://delicious.com/lcpsat/atp Download a PDF of this entire presentation: http://slideshare.net/attipscast
  • Contact Us!• Sally Norton-Darr – snortondarr@yahoo.com• Christopher Bugaj – attipscast@gmail.com – Twitter.com/attipscast – tinyurl.com/attipscast – attipscast.com