UDL2.1 ATIA 2012
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UDL2.1 ATIA 2012



Beth and Chris UDL 2.1 presentation at ATIA 2012. Some slides created in collaboration with the audience.

Beth and Chris UDL 2.1 presentation at ATIA 2012. Some slides created in collaboration with the audience.



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    UDL2.1 ATIA 2012 UDL2.1 ATIA 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • http://bit.ly/UDL21HandsOn EDU 77 UDL 2.1: Hands On! Beth Poss Instructional Specialist Montgomery County Public Schools Christopher R. Bugaj Assistive Technology Specialist Loudoun County Public Schools Code to get on the Internet: ATIA012012
    • What do you know about UDL?http://bit.ly/UDLKnowledge
    • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is aframework for removing barriers by anticipatingthe needs of all students. Video: http://bit. ly/udlexplained1
    • Universal Design for Learning meets Web 2.0 ● Universal Design for Learning ○ Multiple means of Engagement ○ Multiple means of Representation ○ Multiple means of Action and Expression ● Web 2.0 ○ User-centered ○ Information sharing ○ Collaboration ● Often used term for any website that encourages contribution from the average web user, not just tech experts--"The Read/Write Web"
    • Our Criteria● Does it adhere to the principles of UDL?● Is it relatively easy to use?● Is it free? ○ What is the registration process?● Appropriate Content? ○ EDU sites vs. open sites ○ privacy controls
    • Users, not vendors
    • Diigo.com - Social Bookmarking http://groups.diigo.com/group/atia-2012 Group: http://bit. ly/diigoatia
    • Diigo.com -Representation-highlight important passages to directlearning, organizationExpression - tags, online discussion through the sticky notesand in the groups, increases participation because of interest
    • Vocaroo.com - Voice Recorder
    • Vocaroo.com - Voice RecorderRepresentation- test taking, tests read aloud,Expression-- reminders, send yourself a message,
    • Symbaloo.com
    • Symbaloo.com -Representation- visuals,Expression--point and click
    • ToonDoo.com - Comic Generator
    • ToonDoo.com - Representation- social stories, matching emotions, categories, abstract thinking skills, humor, instructions for assignments with an avatar of themselves Expression-- writing prompts, Wh-?, writing sentences, tell me by creating a comic
    • LiveBinders
    • LiveBinders -Representation-differentiated accessExpression - scaffolds for writing within it using text layouts
    • Onetruemedia.com - Video Generator
    • OneTrueMedia.com - Representation-sequence tasks for students, social stories Expression-- making a movie instead of writing,
    • Storybird
    • StoryBird.com -Representation-Expression -
    • MindMeister.com - Graphic Organizer
    • MindMeister.com -Representation-Expression -
    • Twiddla.com - Shared Whiteboard
    • Twiddla.com -Representation-Expression -
    • PhotoPeach.com - Multimedia SlideshowsQuick Example - http://bit.ly/photopeachexample
    • PhotoPeach.com -Representation-Expression -
    • Goanimate.com - Video Creator
    • GoAnimate.com -Receptive-Expressive -
    • Backups-LiveBindersSplashupLinoitBitstripsVuvoxNota
    • Contact Information● Beth Poss ○ possbeth@gmail.com ○ http://twitter.com/possbeth● Christopher Bugaj ○ attipscast@gmail.com ○ http://twitter.com/attipscast ○ www.attipscast.com ○ www.iste.org/chewat