Idaho CEC Low Budget Professional Development


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This is the slideshow for a breakout session at the Idaho Council for Exceptional Children Conference 2012.

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Idaho CEC Low Budget Professional Development

  1. 1. Being Your Best on a Limited Budget:Collaborative Professional Development Sally Norton-Darr, MS CCC-SLP Christopher R. Bugaj, MS CCC-SLP
  2. 2. Contact Us! Sally Norton-Darr ◦ Christopher Bugaj ◦ ◦ @attipscast via Twitter ◦ ◦ For More Info: Facebook Site: Download a PDF of this entire presentation at
  3. 3. Social Bookmarking
  4. 4. OurAT Team… had three problems.
  5. 5. Too App-alanche! Many GoodResources!Stuff we FOUND and CREATED
  6. 6. How toshare thesewith educators?
  7. 7. Do we want our website to be dynamic or static? Some team members want one way,Other team members want it the other way.
  8. 8. Solution: Social Bookmarking! It’s a SNAP!
  9. 9. Show Them! Show Them! ShowThem! Show Them! Show Them!Show Them! Show Them! ShowThem! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!
  10. 10. Use the toolbar Give it a title,description, & tags Save to a library or group
  11. 11. Tagging Search for TAGS
  12. 12. Other Points Shared Login vs. Individual Logins Private (Internal) vs. Public (Open) Library vs. Groups Highlighter & Sticky Note Tools Subscribe via RSS There’s an app! is an alternative
  13. 13. SolutionsNow we can search all shared resources.Now we can share LISTS(tags) of resources withcommunity & educators. have both a static anda dynamic web site.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Which is simpler and morememorable?
  16. 16. This….
  17. 17. Or this….
  18. 18. Free Create memorable URLS Gather metricsNOT NECESSARILY SHORTER, JUST MORE MEMORABLE!
  19. 19. Capitalization Counts! This Does NOT Work ThisWorks
  20. 20. Multimodal PD Videos (PACER example) ◦ AT Minutes- Podcasts: A.T.TIPScast & Edceptional RSS (How to subscribe in Google Reader)
  21. 21. DuplicateYourself!!!
  22. 22. The Theater5 minute faculty meeting tipsFace-to-Face Workshops  Customized by school needsWebsite (  Handpicked resources  FAQs  Training VideosStrategy-A-Day Calendar  One strategy a day, rip-off calendar 23
  23. 23. The Home Theater AT Tonight DVDsTeachers check outthe DVD, watchthe videos, answerquestions andreturn to get staffdevelopmentcredit. 24
  24. 24. Podcasts on CD as PD WorkshopsBurn podcasts onto CDs to play in the car!Try it with the A.T.TIPSCAST - 13 Volumes completed - Download the question booklets from the "Free PD Kits" link - Distribute to participantsThree big problems addressed!1. Time (we all commute)2. Technology competency3. No need for Internet at home
  25. 25. Follow-up Activities Discuss what you’ve learned! Create a product!
  26. 26. Training by Community BuildingWhen training on a specific tool that is notavailable to general educators (for example, aspecific AAC device)form communitiesof educators whoare working withstudents who areusing these devices.
  27. 27. Establish a Personal Learning Network PLN – Your own community of individuals you go to when you need support Methods- ◦ Facebook (Groups – Open & Private) ◦ Twitter ◦ Moodle (or Blackboard?) ◦ Blog ◦ Google Plus ◦ LinkedIn ◦ Happy Hours 
  28. 28. Part of a Larger Community QIAT LISTSERV - Existing social networking groups ◦ Assistive Technnology on Facebook Raise awareness by presenting at conferences ◦ ATIA, CTG, TechKnowledgy, Idaho CEC, etc. ◦ Many strategies overlap – so they aren’t just for your students