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A presentation about eight common recommendations used to help students in public schools.

A presentation about eight common recommendations used to help students in public schools.

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  • 1. ttp: etaate . et wo ds Sally Norton-Darr, MS CCC-SLP Christopher R Bugaj, MS CCC SLP Ch i t h R. B j CCC-SLP Eight of our most common, already available, y , recommendations
  • 2. CONTACT USSally Norton-Darr y Norton- snortondarr@yahoo.comChristopher BCh i h Bugaj j @attipscast via Twitter For More Info: Facebook Site: //i t / h t htt //bit l / tb kfb
  • 3. USE WHATCHYA GOT!The Philosophy:Use the technology that is already in place firstto meet the needs of students.This Philosophy means… p y Consider low tech strategies first then move to high first, tech as needed Implement technology that is least restrictive Better rate of adoption and less chance of abandonment Use a Universal Design for Learning approach All students (not just those in special education) will benefit You’ll save money money!!!! You’ll save time!!!! ’ time!!!! Students implement strategies faster
  • 4. RESOURCEFUL TEACHER’S ACTIVE VOTE Which of thesefollowingfollo ing strategies do you want to hear about fi ? b first?
  • 5. THE GREAT EIGHT (LINKS TO RESOURCES AT THE END OF THIS PRESENTATION)1. High- High-Contrast in Windows2. PhotoAlbum Feature of PowerPoint A f Google Doc- Doc- PowerTalk Demo too!3. Visual Schedules (Linear and Amorphous)4. Text to Speech5. Social “Situation” Stories6. Sound Record Feature of MS Word Word*7. Graphic Organizers (paper, software, Internet)8. Pacing Boards (communication strategy)
  • 6. HIGH CONTRAST IN WINDOWS Tutorial – p y g Podcast – Blog - Video -
  • 7. PHOTOALBUM FEATURE OF POWERPOINTTutorial - - - - Ideas -
  • 8. VISUAL SCHEDULESLinear - Blog: Podcast: h P d //bi l / 17li i l h d l diAmorphous –A h Blog: Podcast:
  • 9. – Blog: htt //bit l / d l Bl bl Podcast: Video: p y pwww.vozme.comwww vozme com - Blog: Podcast: Video:
  • 10. SOCIAL SITUATION STORIESIntroduction and examples- p p yMore examples-M l examples-
  • 11. SOUND RECORD IN MS WORD Tutorial- Tutorial- Blog- Podcast-
  • 12. GRAPHIC eduplace com/graphicorganizerMore Templates- Web 2.0 Tools: http://bubbl us
  • 13. PACING BOARDS Video- p y p Blog- Podcast-
  • 14. REFERENCES Bugaj, C.R. & Norton-Darr, S. (2010). The practical and fun guide to assistive technology in publics schools: building or improving your district’s AT team. Washington, D.C.: International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Get a PDF of this entire presentation at