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Beauty Meets Brains: Attensity Analyze 6.0 presentation
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Beauty Meets Brains: Attensity Analyze 6.0 presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Beauty Meets Brains:Attensity Analyze 6.0Leverage Customer Conversations as a Business Asset28 July 2011Manya MayesDirector of Advanced Analytics
  • 2. Know what your customers say - anywhere, any time
  • 3. Our MissionHelp the world’s leading brandsLeverage customer conversations as a business asset.No matter where they take place:social media • blogs • surveys • call center notes • review sites • emails • more 10+ years of experience in Text Analytics 7 patents in natural language processing 350+ installations worldwide World’s largest NLP development group Business user applications for multi-channel customer analytics and engagement
  • 4. Announcing…..Attensity Analyze Version 6.0 – Beta 5/2011, GA 8/2011 100+ OOB Reports and Dashboards Improved Ad-Hoc Exploration Environment and New Wizard Advanced Analytics Portability Building on our advanced NLP  Industry solutions  Social slanguage  New voices
  • 5. Ad Hoc Reporting Wizard
  • 6. Attensity Analyze v6.0 – Anatomy of a Dashboard Dashboard “Sentiment Overview Dashboard” Dashboard TabsImages Report Filters Report Report Hierarchical Point of View… Dashboard* Consists of (n) Dashboard Tabs Consists of (n) Filters and Reports* * saveable objects
  • 7. Exploration is a Matter of Using A Wizard This will display up to 10 Different ways Dashboard templates which for initiating the can be used as a launching process to point to then further create a new customize as desired dashboard. This will display the last 10 Dashboards that were used by this user
  • 8. Step 1 – Name Your Dashboard
  • 9. Step 2 – Pick Your Data Set(s)
  • 10. Step 3 – Pick An Out of the Box Category Set (by Industry)
  • 11. Step 4 - Choose a Report Template Templates provided
  • 12. Step 4 - 100’s of Reports to Choose From List of Report Templates within the Net Promoter Group of reports. Icon represents the chart type along with a detailed description of the report’s content. Click on a report to add it to the My Reports list.
  • 13. Step 6 - Layout Your Dashboard Two options for configuring the layout of your Dashboard based upon selected reports and filters…
  • 14. Step 6 - Pick From Dashboard Templates Choose desired template and reports and filters will automatically be organized for you within the dashboard
  • 15. Dashboard TemplatesExecutive OverviewSentiment OverviewCompliments-ComplaintsNet PromoterCustomer ProfileThemesData ProfileA360 Social MediaCategorization Assistant
  • 16. The Completed Dashboard Click here to switch from Edit Mode to View Mode – which is how business users would typically interact with the DashboardClick this arrowto hide thePrimary ModulesMenu andmaximizeDashboard real-estate
  • 17. Becomes a Part of a Suite of Dashboards Go Back
  • 18. New additions to our historic semantic strengths Combination of automated classification, I have an Apple iPhone 3GS that my mom targeted extraction and Exhaustive bought me. I just added a handful of new Extraction™ for 32 languages: English, contacts and for some reason, the new German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese… contacts are on the phone, but not in Outlook. I’m really, really mad at this point. Smart Phrases I’ve tried calling both Apple and Microsoft Know when 2=2 and when 2=to/too several times, but no one has helped me yet. If someone doesn’t call me back, I’m going to Idiom Handling throw it away and cancel my service. “They are really on the ball.” Entities (brands, people, locations, times,OOB understanding of new sub-concepts: products…) Demographic information Participants (Consumer terms, Staff terms, Events and relationships and Manager terms), Voices (past, negation, augmented, again…) Sentiment (extreme positive, positive, Communication (Positive Communication, negative, extreme negative) Negative Communication, Neutral Suggestions Communication, Communication Channel Intent (to purchase, to leave) Transactional (Apply or Sign-up, Purchase, Sales, Return/Replace, and Shipping)
  • 19. Semantic Analysis Three new Voice Tag Dimensions Triples Dimension Group  Triple Voice Fact Dimension Group  Fact Voice Dataset Dimension Group  Voice Four New Voice Tags Command [cmd] – “Send me a voucher” Suggestion [suggest] – “It would be nice if you sent rebates to your loyal customers” Request [req] – “I wish you would give me a coupon” Past [past] – “I used to be a fan” All triples that contain the negation [not] voice tag
  • 20. Multi-Channel Analytics Hotspots Dashboard (Under Construction) Compares satisfaction across conversation channels
  • 21. Find Issues That Impact Customer Engagement Channels Significant? Categorization Assistant Dashboard Drill further into Construction) (Under issues to understand root cause…
  • 22. Hot Spots, Emerging Problems Hotspots Dashboard (Under Construction) Track real-time HOT SPOTS across channels – including Twitter
  • 23. Drill Down Into Issues Root Cause, Connect Back to Customers & Products Categorization Assistant Dashboard (Under Construction) Understand what Drill into top issues customers like…
  • 24. Monitor Trends over Time Categorization Assistant Watch issues over Dashboard time and (Under Construction) understand magnitude…
  • 25. Visually Compare Dimensions Categorization Assistant Dashboard Longitudinally Construction) (Under understand issues..
  • 26. Facebook AnalyticsConnect natively with Facebook Retrieve posts from a Facebook profile Auto Detect Only Posts By Owner Search within Facebook posts
  • 27. Facebook Extraction Results
  • 28. To Order Attensity Analyze v6.0Contact Attensity Support888-850-2889Support@attensity.comQuestions?Contact Attensity Support orManya Mayes–
  • 29. Thank you! Contact: Twitter: @ManyaMayes LinkedIn:
  • 30. Additional slides…
  • 31. Attensity v6.0 Certified Platforms Application Server - Operating Systems Windows 7/2008 Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5, Suse Linux Enterprise Server(SLES) 11 (64 bit only) Attensity Data Grid – Operating Systems Linux: RHEL 5, SLES 11 Supported Reporting Repository Databases MySQL 5.1.+ (does not include MySQL6) MSSQLServer 2008 Oracle 11g Teradata v12, v13 Browser IE7, IE8, IE9 Mozilla Firefox v4 Safari 5 Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or greater
  • 32. Migrating to v6.0 Upgrades require re-extraction of data Reporting Repository new table – Hotspot Results Analyze Repository contains many new tables and fields Migrate many Analyze v5.2, v5.3, or v5.5 settings Migrate Do Not Migrate o Users o Teapots o Folders o Custom Views o Category Sets o Extract Schedule o External Links o Saved Documents o Saved Queries/Alerts o Query Export Configurations o Extract Configurations o Text Search Index – recreated o Dataset Definitions during extract process o Category Rules o Document Tags
  • 33. Attensity Analyze V6.0 – Knowledge Transfer and Training Resources This Overview Session recording On-line Help On-line Help Videos (Help  Analyze Module  Analyze Videos) ** New ** V6.0 Training Curriculum
  • 34. Portability EnhancementsIt is easier to share Attensity insights with colleagues than ever before with thefollowing options: Export as a Spreadsheet – exports each report in the current Tab as a separate Excel worksheet. You can also export the content of individual reports to Excel. Email Send to Attensity and non-Attensity users Choose from a variety of formats for the e-mail attachment including PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or Interactive Portable SWF file either in HTML (viewable in browser) or embedded into a powerpoint slide. Print Portable SWF – Download an either as HTML or embedded in a powerpoint slide PDF Schedule (Admin only) Can schedule the automated e-mailing of Dashboard to colleagues Supported scheduled e-mail attachments include Excel spreadsheet or Portable SWF file Emailing as a PDF is planned for a post 6.0 release