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Attensity & EMC Presents: Real-Time Social Media Analytics at EMC
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Attensity & EMC Presents: Real-Time Social Media Analytics at EMC


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EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. The company is on a social listening journey, with the goal …

EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. The company is on a social listening journey, with the goal of making social media engagement a part of the company’s core business processes. Join Keith Paul, Chief Listener at EMC, for this complimentary webinar to learn how the company is using social analytics solutions from Attensity to go beyond social monitoring to deliver detailed, real-time analysis of social customer conversations.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Self-helpCustom book-covers!
  • Hub & Spoke (current state)Benchmarking metrics High adoption & aggregationPilotsEngagementSocial SalesAnalyst RelationsLimited capacityInfluence & AnalysisSentiment
  • Hub & Spoke(future state)Engagement (HootSuite)Group workflowArchivingInfluence social funnelInfluence (Traackr)Contextual searchAnalysis (Analyze)Deep sentimentAdvanced opportunity identification
  • The Attensity Pipeline is our real-time, annotated social media data feed. It draws social data from over 150 million sources and semantically annotates that data in real time to deliver what’s relevant to you.The Pipeline feeds Attensity’s applications , and you can build your own custom applications on top of it as well.
  • Transcript

    • 1. FROM LISTENING TO REAL-TIME SOCIAL ANALYTICS Keith Paul Chief Listener An Attensity Webinar May 30, 2012@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 1
    • 2. About EMC • Data Storage • Backup & Recovery • Virtualization • Security • Big Data@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 2
    • 3. EMC’s Social Journey Inside-Out – 2007: Gain proficiency first amongst each other, then take external – Hands-off approach to bloggers – Education & crowdsourcing success – EMC Community Network: over 250k users today – EMC ONE: over 76% of employees today Today – Corporate team of 11, tightly integrating Communities, Social Sites, Analysis, Bloggers, Gamification@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 3
    • 4. WHY?@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 4
    • 5. WHY?@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 5
    • 6. Vision & Opportunity Listening ListeningBye, Bye Buzz: Education & Tools Champion sLet’s tie social Attractinmeasurement to business g& Engaginquestions. g Listening for Leads@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 6
    • 7. Social listening. Social metrics. Social analysis. How do we broadly enable across the organization?@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 7
    • 8. We worked long and hard… • Interviewed stakeholders across EMC’s social ecosystem • Prioritized 5 use cases • Separated the “how manys” from analysis • Put context to influencer review@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 8
    • 9. Hub and Spoke strategy Source: Altimeter@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 9
    • 10. Hub and Spoke strategy “Dandelion” model – Hubs: Listening embedded in over 4 orgs; two are inside sales & e-support – Spokes: over 100 community & “embassy” managers – Social Champions represent product marketing & campaign teams; some outside of marketing – 2010 low-tech pilot still thriving, leveraging Google Reader, Twitter, WordPress@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 10
    • 11. Listening Journey Figuring it out • Accelerating EMC’s journey • Telling our story • Content curation 2010@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 11
    • 12. @kemipa # AttensityWebinar 12
    • 13. Listening Journey Year of best practices • Tools, training, technology • Event and campaign planning • Dawn of data-driven mktg 2011@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 13
    • 14. Easy-in• Central listening hub• Existing employee community• Low barrier to entry@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 14
    • 15. Easy-out• Leverage tool strengths for your org• Not everyone needs the same access or insight@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 15
    • 16. Listening Journey Enabling Hub & Spoke • Social Launches • Customer programs • Social selling Today@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 16
    • 17. With listening,I want to… interact with social audiences link social track to sales influential pipeline voices Listening Center of Excellence understand understand sentiment reach & & trends impact@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 17
    • 18. Here’s thetoolbox… HootSuite Attensity Traackr Respond Listening Center of Excellence Attensity Social Analyze Report@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 18
    • 19. Beyond Listening: Social Analytics with Attensity Attensity Pipeline ATTENSITY COMMAND CENTER 150M+ social media and online sources Enriches and tags the data Real-time Extracts people, places, things, social events analytics Custom Data ATTENSITY ANALYZE Root cause, Prefilter Reach People trending over time Keyword DeDuplicate Things Sentiment Language ID Relevancy Events Spam Social ATTENSITY RESPOND Relationships Klout Score engagement Detection Influence Demographic Geo Data Score Data 3rd PARTY BUSINESS APPLICATIONS 19 5/30/2012 l Footer@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 19
    • 20. Real-Time Social Analytics at EMC World 2012• 15,000 attendees• Used Attensity Command Center to deliver live, continuously updated reports of social media conversations taking place around the event @kemipa # AttensityWebinar 20
    • 21. Up to the Second Insights Extract detailed insights including: – demographic – Geographic – influencer scores – and more@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 21
    • 22. Detailed Insights from Multiple Sources Top mentions in Social Media Key themes shown in tag clouds Top mentions in Forums@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 22
    • 23. Analyzing Feedback from ECN Forum Detailed Mentions include Full Backup, etc Support Forums have highest volume@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 23
    • 24. Previewing the Text of Forum Posts Preview the text of posts Extracts structured data from unstructured post@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 24
    • 25. Analyzing Product Feedback What are Feedback on customers product talking about? suggestions@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 25
    • 26. From Insight into Action Attensity Respond for social media engagement Organizes messages into queues Respond to posts on multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) Automated workflow routes to right person for response@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 26
    • 27. Listening Journey SIaaS • Marketing sciences lab • Social BI ‘whitespace’ • Social analysts Tomorrow@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 27
    • 28. SuccessesThe CMO likes it 2011 “MegaLaunch” – 2011 mandate for marketing – Listening targeted 100 industry bloggers, to listen using DIRECT MAIL (gasp!) – 2012 investment 350% over ’11 • 20+ attended NYC event IRL – 30% of online event reg’d thru socialSpiceworks – Networking site for SMB IT pros. Global Flavor – EMC partnered; direct engagement – Over 10 internationalized social increased 300% “dashboards” highlight engagement at – “Saved” a customer account industry eventsSocial Selling… SOLD! Community Focus – Partnered with Twitter rockstar in inside – Partners & Customers asked for it. EMC sales org to create embedded social is putting Community FIRST, shifting team… real-time SocialCRM connected critical product marketing and launch to pipeline dollars to social space@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 28
    • 29. What’s Next for EMC?• Command Center for US Open – EMC is sponsoring event• Social pipeline – Jive  Attensity  Aprimo • Ubiquitous social content hub – Feeds from Traackr, Attensity, EMC bloggers, non-EMC bloggers• Drinking our champagne – Feed social data as BI into EMC Greenplum appliance – “Live” social analytics lab (under construction)@kemipa # AttensityWebinar 29
    • 30. Questions? Keith Paul Chief Listener, EMC @kemipa #AttensityWebinar Toll Free: (800) 721-0560 Email: Follow us on Twitter: @Attensity Upcoming & Archived Webinars # AttensityWebinar 30