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  1. 1. Thanksgiving Hello Madame Attals English class! We are happy tosend this presentation to you about Thanksgiving and how it is celebrated by our families. Before the presentation begins, we want to explain a few things that you might not understand.
  2. 2. Macys Thanksgiving Day ParadeThis is an annual event held in New York Citybut televised throughout the country. Theparade is sponsored by Macys, one of thelargest department stores in America. It hasbeen a tradition for 85 years. This year, 2012,will be the 86th parade.Many of the floats are inflated balloons ofcharacters from childrens books and popularfilms.
  3. 3. Some of the balloons you might see.
  4. 4. Black FridayBlack Friday refers to the Friday afterThanksgiving day. It is called Black Fridaybecause this is the day many of the storesbegin to make a profit and their accountingbooks go from being in debt (in the red) tofinally being profitable (in the black) becauseso many people begin their Christmas holidayshopping on this day. Many stores open early,some as early as midnight, and they also offerlots of nice prices on things people like to giveas gifts.
  5. 5. MY THANKSGIVINGHello! My name is Jessica Thomas. I love Thanksgiving. ForThanksgiving, I have my entire family over to my house. Thisincludes both my mothers side of the family, and my fathersside of the family. That means I have around 25 people in myhouse. It is very crowded! My uncle is a chef. He helps preparethe turkey. Every year we all gather around my uncle and wewatch him carve the turkey. Then we reveal the rest of the foodthat I help my mother cook. We eat stuffing, turkey, beats,pickles, green bean casserole, mushrooms, mashed potatoes,gravy, pumpkin pie, bread, croissants, lemon pudding piecake, soda, milk, corn, chicken, ham, and many more foods. Itis very delicious! While my mom and I prepare the food wewatch Macys Thanksgiving day parade. Then when myrelatives come over, we watch football while we eat and talk toeach other. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!
  6. 6. My Thanksgivingby Erich Korth- Thanksgiving in my family is specificallycelebrated with family and close familyfriends- We usually end up eating late because werehorrible planners and never get anythingcooked on time so we end up eating at like 8p.m.- We spend the whole day being around familyand playing outside
  7. 7. Thanksgiving chez les Ellisons by Camille EllisonThe day before Thanksgiving, my family always drives toNebraska to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents andother relatives that choose to meet there. My grandparentshouse is central for my extended family who live all across theUnited States. We always eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce,sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows, and apple orpumpkin pie for dessert. After the feast, we always hang out asa big family, playing games, watching TV, or just catching up.Sometimes, there are around thirty people crammed into thetiny house! We always have a very good time.
  8. 8. Thanksgiving in my Family By Mickayla "Mickie" DuFresne-To (next 2 slides)
  9. 9. Food we eat:• Turkey• Stuffing• Cranberry sauce• Lefse• Corn• Carrots• Mashed potatoes• Fruits• Pies• Breads
  10. 10. What we doIn my family, Thanksgiving is a time where mywhole family on my moms side gets togetherand eats a large multi-houred dinner. We havea lot of food and watch football. We discusspolitics and end up arguing over what sportsteam (football of course) is the best (usuallyMinnesota Vikings VS Green Bay Packers fromWisconsin)
  11. 11. Thanksgiving By Nick Costa On my thanksgiving, we go to my grandparents house and we all eat turkey. After that all the guys watchfootball while all the girls usually talk in the kitchen. Then we eat French silk pie.
  12. 12. Thanksgiving at Kate Gallighers house For Thanksgiving I wake up early and watch the Macys parade and my dads parents come to my house for dinner. ForThanksgiving we eat cranberries, pop-overs (bread), vegetables,mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and most important of all the turkey! For dessert we have many different kinds of pie for example pumpkin, French silk, and apple. After dinner and dessert we all go around the T.V. and watch football.
  13. 13. Thanksgiving in my family is important but not imperative. In fact, this year my auntasked if we could skip it entirely! In the morning we watch the Macys ThanksgivingDay Parade in New York City on TV. Then we will still have a big dinner party at mygrandmas house. Normally, everybody in the family is assigned to cook one dish, sothat nobody is slaving over the oven all day. Everybody brings their food to thehosts house and we just pile up the dishes in the kitchen. There are appetizers andsnacks all day, but we all sit together in the dining room and eat at around four in theafternoon. We always have a turkey, sometimes we have ham too, we have mashedpotatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce (the kind thatcomes pre-made in a can), and Jell-O. We will have a few different kinds of pie fordessert, usually pecan, apple, pumpkin, and maybe chocolate. Thanksgiving isreally informal in my family and its mostly a day to be thankful for the good peopleand good food that we have, rather than a formal gathering. The only thing I dontlike about Thanksgiving is that radio stations start to play Christmas songs non-stopuntil Christmas starting on Thanksgiving! Ugh!
  14. 14. Thanksgiving by Danielle Nelson (next 2 slides)
  15. 15. Thanksgiving Day• At my house for Thanksgiving my whole family meets up at my grandparents house to enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner made by my grandmother.The dinner is made up of a roasted turkey, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and multiple pies for dessert.• We also watch the annual football game on T.V. and most of the time we end up arguing over the end game score.
  16. 16. Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving)• Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where stores have ridiculous deals on items they sell.• Every year my mom and I wake up around 2 a.m. and start our shopping trip around 3 a.m.• It is so much fun!
  17. 17. Thanksgiving at the Mitchells(by Samantha Mitchell)Every year on Thanksgiving my whole family goes to myaunts house for dinner. We normally have turkey, ham,apple pie, pumpkin pie, french silk pie, stuffing, corn,mashed potatoes, carrots, beans, and some sort of bread.The whole family sits down and watches the footballgame, which almost always ends with an argumentbetween my dad and uncle. After the game, all the kidsgo out and play a game of kickball, soccer, or football,while the adults watch the Macys day parade. Overall, Ithink this holiday is kind of boring compared to Christmas,Halloween, or Easter.
  18. 18. I have a very large extended family, we usually tryto see them all and it can get very chaotic. In themorning we eat breakfast with my moms side ofthe family at my great-grandparents. Then in theafternoon we see my dads side of the family atmy aunts. I hangout with all my cousins, ride four-wheelers, play football, and argue and eat a ton offood. My favorite thanksgivings food is oreo mintpie. Then we go home and tell what we arethankful for.
  19. 19. Natalie Weidners ThanksgivingFor thanksgiving my moms side of the family, and my dads side of the familycome over for a turkey dinner. But during the day while were cooking wewatch the Macys Day Parade that occurs in New York City, its ThanksgivingDay tradition for most American families. Thanksgiving is a big deal for myimmediate family, I was born on Thanksgiving and my sisters birthday is alsoat the end of November. Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday inNovember. For dinner we generally have turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy,assorted vegetables, bread, cranberrys, After dinner we have dessert wealways have different kinds of pie, such as French Silk, apple, and pumpkinpie. After dinner the adults usually sit upstairs and drink coffee and talk, thekids go to the basement and play ping pong, pool, the wii, or any games likethat. Sometimes even we go out on the golf course and play some football.
  20. 20. Thanksgivingby Holly Fena Thanksgiving in my family means a 3 hour road trip toDuluth, Minnesota from our home in Stillwater, Minnesota. Five of my aunts, six uncles, 13 cousins and my grandmother all meet at my aunt Sues house all with a dish of food and very hungry! Part of my family is fromItaly, so our food sometimes includes ravioli along with the thanksgiving classics like turkey and mashed potatoes. After the meal we start the road trip back to Stillwater to prepare for Black Friday the next day.
  21. 21. Thanksgiving at the Schumanns(by Ari Schumann) Every year on Thanksgiving I either go to Chicago, Illinois or my cousinsfrom Chicago come to my house. When theyre at my house, we go to theComo Zoo Park and we run a 5K. When we get home from the run, we watchfootball and make desserts. Around four oclock we eat dinner. For dinner weusually have, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, leffes, stuffing,corn, beans, and some sort of bread. We take a break from eating and thenwe continue watching football. After the game ends we eat dessert; weusually have, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cookies, ice-cream, pumpkin bars, andfrench silk pie. Before dinner we always say something that we are thankfulfor, but we cant point out the obvious and say that were thankful for ourfamily or being healthy. After we finish eating we all clean up and play somesort of game.
  22. 22. ThanksgivingMy grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles come overevery Thanksgiving. We spend all morning cleaning ourhouse (which is easier said than done) to get ready for them.They come over around 1 PM and we eat appetizers. Themen watch football and we all sit around and talk. Since wehave so many people, we eat at two separate tables. Wehave lots of food, including turkey, cranberries, stuffing,different kinds of bread, green bean casserole, and lots ofother food. We have pie later. That feast is the one big mealof the day. Usually we dont need dinner that night becausewe eat so much. Everyone stays for a while longer. We all talkand play games. Its the one time of the year when the entirefamily is together. Its really nice. ~Katy Hagen~
  23. 23. ThanksgivingFor thanksgiving I usually have dinner with myfamily. (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sisters, and mysisters boyfriend.) But this year I will have myuncle and my cousin. My mom always makes uswatch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special!We also eat lots of turkey and ham! By: Baylie Smith
  24. 24. Thanksgiving Tradition My name is Alexandria Magler,and I love Thanksgiving. My typicalThanksgiving is going to my auntshouse. In the morning, I wake up,watch the Macys Thanksgiving dayparade, then I leave to go to my auntshouse. Once we get to my aunts housewe have little appetizers likevegetables and dip. Then when myfamily has finished the food we go sitat the table to eat turkey, potatoesand gravy, green bean casserole, rolls,stuffing, corn, and milk. After we gowatch a football game (usually theMinnesota Gophers) and then we playa family game. Once our stomachshave settled we eat pie! We havepumpkin, apple, blueberry, andFrench silk.
  25. 25. Andreas Thanksgiving(by Andrea Rustad) For Thanksgiving, everyone on my moms side of the family, which is about 30 people, all come over to my house. We eat turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, andother food. We also have lots of pie, which is delicious.
  26. 26. Thanksgiving at my house Summer Thompson On Thanksgiving at my house my family goes to visit my grandparents. Before we eat, we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. My family isvegetarian so we dont have turkey. But we do eat potatoes, brusselsprouts, cranberries, and pie. After that we watch a parade on TV.
  27. 27. Thanksgiving:)Thanksgiving is a fun holiday that takes place on the last Thursday of November. It is a holiday to remind us of what we are thankful of. To celebrate, my familygoes south to Iowa to celebrate with my grandparents and my cousins. We havea huge meal, and my favorites are pumpkin pie, cranberries, mashed potatoesand gravy, and green bean casserole. After we eat, we usually go bowling orjust spend time together.Katie Opperman
  28. 28. Thanksgiving at my house by ChrisKrumenacker• Every Thanksgiving my family and I go to my Grandmas house.• We have a tradition of eating fondue for the Thanksgiving dinner.• For dessert we usually have chocolate mousse.
  29. 29. In my family, Thanksgiving is a big deal. Everyone includingcousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas meet up at amembers house and eat a lot of food. My family is swedish, sowe usually cook the normal foods such as turkey, stuffing,green bean casserole and so on, but we use swedish spices.Thanksgiving is a great holiday to bring the family together. By Jessy Nelson
  30. 30. Thanksgiving By Megan KatulaMy family used to go to my grandmas house inWisconsin for Thanksgiving. We would eatturkey with gravy and wed have lots ofvegetables, too. We would watch the footballgame after dinner and spend time together asa family. The next day, we would go BlackFriday shopping.Delicious turkey
  31. 31. MegansThanksgiving!!! • I go to West Yellowstone to Cross Country ski in the Mountains! • We eat a TON!!! • We ski 12 miles a day for 8 straight days!
  32. 32. Palomas ThanksgivingThanksgiving for my family is just anotherexcuse to get together, eat, and for the littlekids, to stay up until 3 in the morning. Sincemy family is from Mexico what we eat is alittle different. We still eat turkey, stuffing,etc., but we adopted this tradition.The wholepoint of getting together is not the food, it isbeing with family.