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Presenter – Jonathan Williams from Marine South East (MSE) will explain why increasing Europe’s innovation capacity in maritime resource efficiency is the aim of a new European funded project that MSE …

Presenter – Jonathan Williams from Marine South East (MSE) will explain why increasing Europe’s innovation capacity in maritime resource efficiency is the aim of a new European funded project that MSE has been working on from October 2012. Marine South East (MSE) assists marine companies to access innovation support such as Smart R&D grants and other business improvement services to help them win business in growing marine markets.

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  • 1. Opportunities in Maritime Resource Efficiency Jonathan Williams 0044 (0)23 8011 1590
  • 2. Why is Resource Efficiency Important for Business?• Reduces costs & raises profitability – Minimise material used in production – Avoid disposal costs – Meet customers’ green procurement needs• Creates new business opportunity – New markets for resource efficient operations and equipment • Adapt existing products/processes • Create radical new solutions
  • 3. What Kind of Business Opportunities?• Traditional maritime sectors: – Shipbuilding & repair – Maritime transport – Leisure & tourism – Fisheries • and their supply chains• Emerging maritime sectors: – Aquaculture – Renewable energy – Surveillance – Blue biotech • and their supply chains
  • 4. 2. Rampion Project Overview• Under development since January 2010• Part of The Crown Estate’s ‘Round 3’• One of 9 strategic Zones• 13km from Sussex coast at nearest point• 20-50m water depths• Capacity up to 700MW• Equivalent to 450,000 homes annual electricity consumption• Major contribution to CO2 reduction• Includes 28km onshore cable infrastructure
  • 5. Supply Chain: Tier 1 18 Sectors Tier 2 Tier 3 692 sub sectors Tier 4
  • 6. Supply Chain Mapping • Map by: – Procurement category – Geographic area
  • 7. Cluster Events: 1. 2. 3.An Introduction to Workshop Meet the Buyer Wind Farm Procurement • 2/3 Events • 2/3 Events • 10/20 Delegates • 50/60 attendees • 2/3 Events • MAS • Speed Dating • 50-60 attendees • Bid Perfect • E.ON/Tier 1s• Chambers & Local Press
  • 8. Regions of KnowledgeBuilding capacity in coastal water resourcemanagement Management of water quality Coastal risk management Living resources management
  • 9. Technology Road-mapping MarketOpportunitiesApplicationsTechnology Platforms Critical Advances Enabling Facilities
  • 10. Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity (REMCap)• Overall goal of REMCap – Increase the innovation capacity across the EU in maritime resource efficiency – and thereby position European businesses to exploit global growth markets in resource efficiency• Maritime clusters in: – UK, Ireland, France, Portugal, Sweden and Lithuania
  • 11. REMCap Markets Fisheries & Renewable Aggregates & Vessels & Ships Surveillance Aquaculture Energy Dredging• Food sources • Fuel-efficient • Ecosystem • Novel • Improved fleet & for fish farms & support fleets impacts of propulsion port aquaculture • Resource & extraction systems management• Low-drag trawl seabed • Management of • New fuels for • Improved nets mapping maintenance port use seastate• Fuel-efficient • Low- dredging • Lightweight forecasting fishing vessels maintenance • Re-use options materials & • Water quality materials & for dredge spoil fabrication management for devices methods beaches & shell • Novel • Hydrodynamics fisheries installation & biofouling • Ship routing methods advances
  • 12. REMCap Opportunities Implementation• Market opportunities and key planning • Joint projects customers • New collaborations• Innovation road-mapping • New concepts & business • Proposals for grant or models investment funding • Technologies, facilities, skills • Sources of finance Innovation Projects & priorities investments
  • 13. Conclusions• Maritime resource efficiency market is a major opportunity• REMCap can help firms to explore how they could exploit it – Understand the market & customer needs – Meet potential partners/suppliers• MSE can identify sources of funding, support or investment – UK (TSB, DECC, KTP/University, MAS etc) – EU (IEE, Life, ESA as well as EC)