Managing Corporate Learning


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Presentation on Managing Corporate Learning for a group of organizations by Daan Assen of Atrivision.

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Managing Corporate Learning

  1. 1. Managing Corporate Learning Corporate University in Second Life. Source: Mr. Mr Daan Assen MSc MBA (Senior Learning Consultant) 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 1
  2. 2. Managing Corporate Learning Agenda About Atrivision • House of L H f Learning i • Build-up of a Learning Function • Learning Services • Learning Technology • Discussion • 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 2
  3. 3. Managing Corporate Learning About Atrivision Atrivision is a Human Capital service provider • offering solutions for managing learning talent learning, and performance in order to take organisations and employees beyond their current potential Vision: in the contemporary knowledge economy • we live in, talent & learning are business critical , g ingredients for innovation and competitive advantage. Mission: Atrivision helps organizations managing • their talent and learning through the alignment of strategy, llearning and t h l tt i d technology. 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 3
  4. 4. Managing Corporate Learning The House of Learning strategic Learning concept Jobs, roles, Jobs roles competencies Organization Subject Matter tactical Development Expertise & Skills Personal Skills (change) (going concern) planning & logistics learning management system operational administration & management iinfo d i i t ti tf 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 4
  5. 5. Managing Corporate Learning Build-up of a Learning Function High Low Strategy Programme Mananagement Busin Propensity to outsource Training Delivery ness Transf Content Development Measurement & Reporting formation Service Desk, Planning & Logistics Enrollment & F llfil E ll Fullfilment Vendor Management Technology Management High Low 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 5
  6. 6. Managing Corporate Learning Build-up of a Learning Function: Maturity Model Focus on broader HCM processes and the Corporate contribution to business goals. Continuous Academy y improvement in place and innovations in L&D Broad range of L&D services available Integrated L&D with integrated IT support, quality solutions management and control g Core L&D process supported, standardized and L&D processes documented (focus on efficiency), processes supported supported by IT Non-integrated Repeatable processes in place, parts of the process supported L&D solutions by IT instruments Ad Hoc L&D Individual efforts in the organization 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 6
  7. 7. Managing Corporate Learning Build-up of a Learning Function: Corporate University Models Advanced Knowledge Knowledge Training Department Backbone Factory (operational) (tactical) (strategical) Goal • Efficiency • Alignment • Competitive advantage Relation • Indirect re active Indirect, re-active • Direct re active Direct, re-active • Direct pro active Direct, pro-active to strategy • Coordinating training • Develop and rollout • Strategic innovation Activities activities acti ities learning initiati es initiatives in the corporation based on corporate via learning and strategy research Based on Rademakers 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 7
  8. 8. Managing Corporate Learning Learning Services Manager HRM Internet, It t Employee Phone Internet Services Technology Learning Management System Vendor Management Functionality & workflows for learning management Sourcing of services for talent and learning management Content Management Performance Management System Managing the content in the systems (catalogue & e-learning) 360 degree assessment, goal setting, certification Service Desk Talent Management System Front-Office, planning, logistics & administration Succession Planning Financial Management Collaboration Invoicing, cross charging & reporting Virtual classroom, communities, social networks 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 8
  9. 9. Managing Corporate Learning Learning Technology: Architecture Learning Management System ERP Catalog, C C t l Competency t Management, Ordering, Authorization & Tracking E-Learning Platform EL i Pl tf Learning Portal HR & FIN Virtual Classroom, AICC/IMS Secure Login Information Communities, Collaboration & Assessment g S/SCORM Talent & Performance Management Internet Learning Content Management System Development, Storage, Conversion & C i Release Management 26-10-2007 9 Managing Corporate Learning Dia
  10. 10. Managing Corporate Learning Learning T h l L i Technology: L Learning M i Management System tS t 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 10
  11. 11. Managing Corporate Learning Learning Technology: Hype Cycle Corporate Learning Dia 11
  12. 12. Managing Corporate Learning Additional information? Contact Atrivision: • –B i Business & S iScience P k P O B 545 7500 AM E h d The N th l d Park, P.O. Box 545, Enschede, Th Netherlands – T: +31 (0)53 4836360, E: – W: www atrivision com – Blog: (Dutch) 26-10-2007 Managing Corporate Learning Dia 12
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