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Qualified Healthcare: e-learning for the compliance of nurses

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'Qualified Healthcare: e-learning for the compliance of nurses' presentation from the International Conference on e-Learning in the Workplace (ICELW).

'Qualified Healthcare: e-learning for the compliance of nurses' presentation from the International Conference on e-Learning in the Workplace (ICELW).

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  • 1. Diawww.atrivision.comAtrivision Group | P.O Box 953, 3800 AZ Amersfoort, The Netherlands | T: +31 (0)33-7508740 | E: info@atrivision.com
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  • 3. Diawww.atrivision.comü  issueü  researchü  solutionü  resultsü  futureü  discussion
  • 4. Diawww.atrivision.comB-Learning Platformissue
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  • 6. Diawww.atrivision.comHosü   Teaching Hospitalü  280,000 Patientsü  3,000 Employeesü  80 Scientific Medical Studentsü  150 Physiciansü  2 Locations, 2 Freestanding facilities
  • 7. Diawww.atrivision.comü   How do we ensure compliance of our Nursing Staff?ü  How can we offer more flexible training to our people?ü  How do we prove / increase effectiveness of training?ü  How do we monitor progress in learning?ü  How can we successfully implement e-learning?
  • 8. Diawww.atrivision.comLoads of abstract Theory, Text & "Drawings, Electronic Page-Turners
  • 9. Diawww.atrivision.comNo differentiation, all Learners follow same track regardless of experience
  • 10. Diawww.atrivision.comKnowledge tests caused stress,Medical Knowledge ≠ Competence
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  • 13. Diawww.atrivision.come-administratione-collaboratione-contentLMSAuthoring toolsLCMSAssessmentsELEBlog WikiRSSSocial NetworkingVirtual ClassroomForumsInstant MessagingShared "WorkspaceHRISModules
  • 14. Diawww.atrivision.comKnowles on Adult LearningAdult Learning Theory:ü  Self concept: autonomy, self directionü  Experience: is a resource for learningü  Readiness to learn: attached to the roleü  Orientation to learning: needs to be relevant / applicableü  Motivation to learn: from external to internalIn our case:ü  Nurses only learn when they recognize they have a need toü  Nurses need to be able to integrate learning into their experienceü  Nurses learn in a problem centered way
  • 15. Diawww.atrivision.comLanda on AlgoheuristicsAlgoheuristic Instruction:ü  Modeling of expert performanceü  Instruction for set-by-step problem solvingü  Operations executed in a well structured sequenceü  Instructional rules: descriptive, prescriptive, and "permissive.ü  Individualize instruction.In our case:ü  Steps: Identification (Patient Characteristics), Transformation (Treatment), "Administration (Documentation).ü  Discovery of processes is more valuable than providing formulated "processes.ü  Supporting different learning paths.
  • 16. Diawww.atrivision.comCarroll on MinimalismMinimalist & visual instruction:ü  All learning tasks should be meaningful and "self-contained activities.ü  Learners should be given realistic projects as quickly as "possible.ü  Instruction should permit self-directed reasoning and "improvising by increasing the number of active learning activities.ü  Training materials and activities should provide for error recognition "and recovery.ü  There should be a close linkage between the training and actual ‘system’.In our case:ü  Realistic tasks as self-directed reasoning and improvisingü  Provide error recognition based upon critical incidents (impact & frequency)ü  Realistic content and images from the Nurses context
  • 17. Diawww.atrivision.comLayered Learning ModelsimulatesupportCompetence (do)Critical knowledge (know)Reference knowledge (find)instruct
  • 18. Diawww.atrivision.comB-Learning Platformsolution
  • 19. Diawww.atrivision.comViA: VieCuri AcademyLearning Portal (TotalLMS)
  • 20. Diawww.atrivision.comCase-based
  • 21. Diawww.atrivision.comVisual instruction
  • 22. Diawww.atrivision.comMinimalist
  • 23. Diawww.atrivision.comHow does it work?Nurse is confronted with a realisticcase that needs to be solvedaccording to the operatingprocedures
  • 24. Diawww.atrivision.comHow does it work?In the case all critical knowledgeabout process steps and materialhandling is tested on the fly.
  • 25. Diawww.atrivision.comHow does it work?Nurse learns critical knowledgeintegrated in a realistic setting, likeusing equipment and computation.References available.
  • 26. Diawww.atrivision.comIn brief Information Pages additionalbackground knowledge abouttopics is available for reference.Help for solving steps.
  • 27. Diawww.atrivision.comScores on the different task stepsare presented to the learner, trainerand manager. Skillslab instruction isfocused on problem areas.
  • 28. Diawww.atrivision.comHow does it work?Modules can be adapted to theInstitutions sifuation with theEasygenerator authoring tool
  • 29. Diawww.atrivision.comHow does it work?e-Learning Skillslab WorkplaceCheckLearning PortalSocial Learninge-Learning
  • 30. Diawww.atrivision.comB-Learning Platformresults
  • 31. Diawww.atrivision.comü 90% of the Nurses rather learn via e-Learningü High-impact errors prevented after e-Learning roll-outü Nurses reported they didn’t feel like being testedü Completion times vary from 20 minutes to 1 hourü In the end everyone gets a to 100%
  • 32. Diawww.atrivision.comü Reduced Skillslab duration by 50% (costs)ü Flexibility of learning in time, place and paceü Greater variety of completion time, less variety in resultsü Increased standardization of operating proceduresü Transparancy in the Compliance of Nursing Staff
  • 33. Diawww.atrivision.comü Over 45 e-Learning Modules on Healthcare & Safetyü Efficient e-Learning Development Approach
  • 34. Diawww.atrivision.comLearning PointsDifferent equipmentDifferent operating "proceduresDifferent setting
  • 35. Diawww.atrivision.comLearning Points
  • 36. Diawww.atrivision.comB-Learning Platformfuture
  • 37. Diawww.atrivision.comAtrivision Learning LabTalent "ManagementLearningAnalyticsMobile learning Social learning
  • 38. Diawww.atrivision.comB-Learning Platformdiscussion
  • 39. Diawww.atrivision.comMAtrivision Group | P.O Box 953, 3800 AZ Amersfoort, The Netherlands | T: +31 (0)33-7508740 | E: info@atrivision.comMore information? "daan.assen@atrivision.com@daanassen
  • 40. Diawww.atrivision.comLearning for Healthcare Compliance is "too critical to leave it to Social Learning
  • 41. Diawww.atrivision.comWith this approach we have been able move from ‘tick-the-box’ compliance to Qualified Healthcare