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  • Impacts to you:Challenges of today – these are heard loud and clear. Time, expense, inefficiencies, duplication, etc.Going forward we will make positive impact on expenses, efficiencies, and error rates. This will help control vendor costs.
  • Most important – agree on a standard. Don’t develop in a vacuum.Resist custom interfaces and distribution of raw data. No more sending rates and forms on regular updates and asking someone to update a system.ACORD is key to helping expand the standard.Implementation is key. We have to make changes to our system to use this new technology.
  • Why we’re doing this? We all have lots to do, correct?But we need to change:Further electronic data exchange.Use standards to facilitate more data exchanges.Demo and show what we’re doing. Let people look under the hood.Stimulate discussion – get people talking.Attract additional vendors to our space. More solutions, more creativity, and more competition.Adapt to changing needs, and to stay current on how business and operations are evolving.
  • Results:Based on success, more people joined the effort. Carriers, vendors, MGA’s all saw this and took notice.Foundation for the new standard was laid. Work would then continue to formalize and finish the rate request standard for CGL.Key vendors are a part of this effort. Vertafore, I-Engineering, NxTech, PreFill Services, Appulate and others.Fall 2012 we remitted our request for modifications to the existing ACORD standard.Looking for late Dec/Early Jan approval.At that point, customers can start implementing based on this “revised” standard.
  • This specific initiative kicked-off @ AIF last year.With the holidays in Nov, Dec, and Jan – we met the dateWas showcased @ AAMGA Automation Conference in early March.Many more people joined the effort – saw this is a ‘game changer’.People did this work and no one got paid to do this specific work. They did it to demonstrate it could be done. Four months, including all the holidays – impressive – what we showed was actual production. No smoke and mirrors.
  • The following were involved in the spring Demo’s.Four of the leading E&S Carriers in the market spaceThree vendors who combined have many customers and are key players in the E&S space.ONE single data request and response was used, and we showed this data during the demo’s.
  • Our goal: 1. Rates returned. 2. Forms information returned. 3. Minimum Premium information returned. 4. Transactions was performed in less than 3 seconds per market.This eliminates wholesalers having to do all this maintenance themselves. Let the carrier or vendor do it. Who knows rate and form data better than a carrier? No one……so let them handle it.
  • Based on the Proof of Concept from AAMGA Automation in the Spring, we’re continuing to move forward.1. Rate request/response as we previously discussed has been approved, and is it ACORD for their approval. Expecting late 2012/early 2013 go-ahead.2. Work is underway now for GL rating. This will return fully developed premiums, minimum premium handling, and forms.3. Will focus on other LOB’s most likely property, so we can offer package capability.
  • Our goal: 1. Rates returned. 2. Forms information returned. 3. Minimum Premium information returned. 4. Transactions was performed in less than 3 seconds per market.This eliminates wholesalers having to do all this maintenance themselves. Let the carrier or vendor do it. Who knows rate and form data better than a carrier? No one……so let them handle it.
  • Work on other LOB’s – Property, Umbrella & other GL products (E/O, D/O).Our goal: 1. Rates returned. 2. Forms information returned. 3. Minimum Premium information returned. 4. Transactions was performed in less than 3 seconds per market.This eliminates wholesalers having to do all this maintenance themselves. Let the carrier or vendor do it. Who knows rate and form data better than a carrier? No one……so let them handle it.
  • Welcome to the ACORD Knowledge Center and our webinar on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I’m XXXXXXXXXX.
  • Thank you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.And thanks to all of you for taking part in today’s webinar. You will be able to download a recording of this event by visiting the ACORD Knowledge Center.Be sure to check on some of our other upcoming events and check back regularly for the latest.We appreciate your attending and have a good day.[END]
  • Final esjwg aamga 2013

    1. 1. E&S Joint Working GroupAAMGA Automation &Technology Conference Scottsdale, AZ March 3, 2013
    2. 2. Antitrust Statement Antitrust laws aim to protect the public from agreements between competitors that affect the price or distribution of products while promoting fair and vigorous competition in the marketplace. AAMGA member companies, as competitors in the market, will always act in their individual, competitive best interests. When member companies meet at AAMGA functions there are legitimate concerns about the application of antitrust laws to their discussions. Because AAMGA meetings are not authorized by any state regulatory official acting under proper statutory authority, the McCarran-Ferguson Act exemption does not provide protection against antitrust enforcement. This statement is intended to provide general guidance regarding the permissible areas of discussion. It is imperative that participants avoid any discussion of prices, market allocation, product restrictions or any conduct that could be construed as boycott. These topics are per se illegal – the intent of the parties or the effect on competition is irrelevant. Other commercial activities may also be violations of antitrust law if they constitute an “unreasonable” restraint of trade.
    3. 3. E&S JWG Sponsors Cal Durland CJ Ketterer/Scott Montney ACORD Director of Member Relations Technology Committee Co-Chairs Jeff Yates Mike Ardis ACT Executive Director Director of Communication & Technology
    4. 4. E&S JWG Constituency
    5. 5. E&S JWG Mission Further the standards-basedelectronic exchange of information in the E&S market
    6. 6. E&S JWG Organization• Co-Chairs – Angelyn Treutel, SouthGroup Insurance – Mike Roy, Risk Placement Services• SubGroups – Carrier • Greg Ricker, Atlantic Casualty • Scott Good, Scottsdale Insurance – Retail Agent/General Agent (RA/GA) • Lisa Parry Becker, William B. Parry & Son • Tate Tooley, Bloss & Dillard – Lloyd’s • Tammie Miller, Risk Placement Services • Sarah Thacker, Lloyd’s
    7. 7. Today’s Agenda• 8:30 – 8:40: Introduction• 8:40 – 9:10: RA/GA Subgroup• 9:10 – 9:40: Carrier Subgroup• 9:40 – 10:10: Lloyd’s Subgroup• 10:10 – 11:30: Breakout Sessions• 11:30 – 11:45: Session Wrap-Up/Next Steps
    8. 8. E&S Joint Working Group Retail Agent/General Agent Subgroup
    9. 9. RA/GA Subgroup Update• Workflow Improvement Recommendations – Current – Future• Retail Agent/General Agent Demos
    10. 10. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Enhance communication – Implement TLS secure email – Self-administration tool for retail agents – Generic emails: personal@abcagency,, certif icates@abcagency – Accept ACORD apps – Limit supplemental and requests for non-standard data – Add pop-ups on MGA website when additional information needed – Eliminate redundant data entry
    11. 11. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements – Self-administration tools – Tracking status within the website • Quote submissions, renewal process, endorsement – Access to claim status – Renewal questionnaires
    12. 12. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Renewal Questionnaires and Messaging – 90 Days in Advance is Preferable• The above account is set up to automatically renew this year. You do not need to complete a renewal application. The policy will be issued about 20 days prior to the effective date. Please note this account may receive a pricing increase due to changes in underwriting guidelines.• We want to offer you the best possible terms, conditions and pricing available in the marketplace. To do that, we need a completed ACORD application. If a supplemental application is needed, we will forward it to you.
    13. 13. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Enhance communication – Send initial quotes to requestor • Renewals, underwriting, endorsements to generic email – Send full set of quote documents • Quote, bind request, finance agreement, s/l affidavits, terrorism) – Send indexed policy document pdfs (new, renewal, endorsements) to generic email
    14. 14. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Index Suggestions: – Table of Contents – Line of Business sections • Declarations pages • Forms and exclusions – Interline forms and exclusions – Signature pages – Additional interests
    15. 15. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements
    16. 16. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Accounting – Finance Agreements – Statement Communication – Commission Statement Samples
    17. 17. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Claims Communication – Adjuster assignment – Status updates – Claim payments – First Notice of Loss – Claims Inquiry – Claims Download, including payments
    18. 18. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Future Development (12 – 24 Months): – Download • Commission statement • Policy • Claims – Real-time • Logons and complex non-expiring passwords • Inquiry transactions: billing, policy and claims • Rating • ACORD Activity Notes • Best Practices implementation guide – E-Signatures – Accounting: accept credit cards
    19. 19. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Next Steps: – MGA Unique Identifiers (NPN) • ACORD standard approved November 2012 • Update management systems • User Guide – E-Signatures – ID Federation • Industry effort to move to federated, digital identities – Ongoing Forums
    20. 20. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements Proof of Concept Demos
    21. 21. RA/GA Subgroup: WorkflowImprovements• Upcoming Events: – April 9, 2013, Real Time Day – Industry Webinars • TLS, workflow, electronic policy delivery
    22. 22. Questions & Open Discussion
    23. 23. Carrier Subgroup
    24. 24. Carrier Sub-Group Agenda
    25. 25. Purpose What are the challenge’s that we are facing? • Exchange of data between wholesalers & carriers is difficult • No agreed upon standard • Low adoption and implementation rates • Exchange of data between wholesalers & carriers is expensive • Custom Interfaces require custom programming How do these challenges impact us? • Quoting multiple markets is timely & expensive • Maintaining rates and forms increases error rates • Vendor & systems costs escalating
    26. 26. Call to ActionThe way we’re doing business has to change.1. Agree on a standard for sharing data and resist building custom data interfaces.2. We must increase efficiencies, thus reduces our expenses.3. With ACORD’s help – expand the existing ACORD standard so they meet customer needs.4. Implement based on these standards.
    27. 27. Goals & Objectives• Further the standards-based electronic exchange of information in the E&S space.• Showcase implementations that represent what we are trying to achieve.• Create discussion and interaction amongst the relevant parties.• Introduce solutions and vendors that may be useful or adaptable to our needs.• Adapt to the input of our base to stay current and relevant.
    28. 28. Who’s in the Carrier Sub-Group • Four carriers in the working group has grown to 14 • Vendors participation increased from three to over a dozen • MGA interest and participation also increased
    29. 29. Initial Plan for 2012In early November, 2011 the Carrier Sub-Group defined ourgoal, a couple leaders stepped forward, and work began.• Selected first Line of Business (Commercial General Liability)• Ability to request rates and forms / Send data back• Involve minimum four E&S Carriers• Recruit minimum of three vendors• Have all parties modify their system to use a single data standard• Demo March 5, 2012
    30. 30. Demo presented in March ‘12
    31. 31. Results of the DemoSystem worked as designed: • Single XML data request and response utilized • Commercial General Liability Rates Returned • Forms information returned • Minimum premiums returned • Transactions completed in seconds (real time)
    32. 32. ACORD Standard - UpdatedWe were successful in the implementation of:Commercial General Liability Rate Request/Response • Standard Developed • Group sign-off • ACORD incorporating into the PCS standard Fall 2012 • Approved by ACORD January 2013 (PCS 1.24) • Already in production with one carrierGL Rating (returning fully developed premiums) • Revised the PCS standard with ACORD to including Rating • Approved by ACORD Program Working Group 2/28/2013. Final approval May 2013. • Carrier’s begin to adopt the GL Web Service Standard
    33. 33. What we have Learned?1. ACORD has been very responsive to the JWG Carrier team  The ability to move from Proof-of-Concept to a Standard in 6 months is unprecedented2. We were able to make changes with ACORD very quickly3. The number of active participants in the meetings has grown considerably4. We have found that we have more in common, than not5. We just needed a good idea and some participation to
    34. 34. 2013 and Beyond1. Other Lines of Business • Work on the Property Rate and/or Rating Standard • E&O, D&O, Umbrella, and EPLI • Continue the close collaboration with ACORD2. Educate on the new Standard to enable adoption • This begins in the Break-out session where we will walk through the ACORD Technical Specification • This is a targeted document (under 50 pages) that just highlights the E&S Standard !!!3. Discuss other forms of Web Service, outside of Rates, such as: • Loss History and Claim Inquiry • Submission • Other ideas that you might have
    35. 35. Any Questions?
    36. 36. Lloyd’s Subgroup
    37. 37. Chairs Tammie Miller Sarah Thacker
    38. 38. Lloyd’s Subgroup – Rewind to early 2010• Coverholders were having to provide information on risks, premiums and claims• Regulators, reinsurers and investors were asking for more and more information• Syndicates were all asking for different information• MGAs did not want any more systems• Re-keying was commonplace at coverholders, brokers and managing agents
    39. 39. Lloyd’s Subgroup – April 2010 – Lloyd’s Vision• Standard flows of information between coverholders and the Lloyds market• Data standards which can be used within and outside the Lloyds market• MGAs free to choose their systems
    40. 40. Lloyd’s Subgroup – 2013• Lloyd’s reporting standards exist for• US property exposures• Premiums• Claims
    41. 41. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now• Lloyd’s have created spreadsheet templates – To assist those manually creating monthly reports – As a guide when designing automated reports – The spreadsheets are for worldwide requirements, just select the columns you need
    42. 42. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now?• Managing agents and brokers in London are investing in new systems US MGA creates In London new manual data mapping spreadsheets or tools and systems cannot afford to remove the need change layout of for consistent reports formats
    43. 43. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now?• Managing agents and brokers in London are investing in new systems In London up to date US MGA wants to binder systems are use automated designed to receive XML XML as well as spreadsheets
    44. 44. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now? Lloyd’s coverholder reporting standards can be met using ACORD XML
    45. 45. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now?• ACORD are providing training via webinars:-• Premiums was held 20 Feb• Exposure management 13 March• Claims 20 March
    46. 46. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now? Welcome, Marcia Berner from ACORD
    47. 47. ACORD Knowledge Center Binding Authority Premium Reporting Standards 20 February 2013© ACORD 2013
    48. 48. Lloyd’s spreadsheettemplate• Lloyd’s has developed • Premium & Claims spreadsheet templates • Guide to using them• Content driven by regulatory reporting requirements • Data in the templates fulfills requirements for reporting back to country/state of origin
    49. 49. Overview of Enhancements• ACORD XML V1.x message design• Large market penetration in US and Canada for property and casualty reinsurance• Utilization of preexisting XML message design • Notification (Notify) – MGA/GA to carrier for activity which has occurred
    50. 50. Basis for design – Lloyd’s spreadsheet standard
    51. 51. Design Equivalent XML V1.x Message Sets• Within AccountingSvcRq and AccountingSvcRs services• Set 1 • BindingAuthorityPremiumTransactionReportNotify • BindingAuthorityPremiumTransactionReportNotifyRs• Set 2 • BindingAuthorityClaimTransactionReportNotify • BindingAuthorityClaimTransactionReportNotifyRs
    52. 52. Notify message• Header information • Reporting Entity Name • Date Range for Report • Activity Date (send date)• Line Item (transaction) information • Each transaction a single line item • Lloyd’s specific data elements created
    53. 53. Notify Message Design
    54. 54. Message Header Fields
    55. 55. Message Detail/Line Items
    56. 56. Notify Response Message• Acknowledges receipt of XML ONLY• Provides error condition(s) concerning the receipt (not content) of the Notify message• DOES NOT imply content has been validated
    57. 57. How to Get Started• Download P&C XML Standard• Download Transaction Specs• Obtain buy-in from Trading Partners• Create proto-type XML• Compare with statement/spreadsheet• Transmit test XML
    58. 58. Basic Standard Release• Schema• Help File/PDF• Available ONLY from P&C Standards page
    59. 59. Implementation Documents• Available on P&C and GRLC Standard pages
    60. 60. …continued• Transaction Specification .html docs • Outline • Specification• XML Samples (Rq/Rs)• Schema subset• Spreadsheets (2) • Showing Lloyds Reference • Field List
    61. 61. New Standards Artifacts
    62. 62. …continued
    63. 63. For questions or more information …NAME: Marcia BernerEmail: mberner@acord.orgURL: www.acord.orgNAME: Phil BrownEmail: pbrown@acord.orgURL:
    64. 64. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now?• Most US MGAs still send spreadsheets to London• A small number are now sending XML• Who else wants to send XML?
    65. 65. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now?• Which vendors are implementing the Lloyd’s standards for Excel and for XML?• Who would like to do a demo?
    66. 66. Lloyd’s Subgroup – where are we now?• The Carrier Group and the Lloyd’s Group have been working in isolation• Is it time to share?
    67. 67. Lloyd’s Subgroup Thank you
    68. 68. Subgroup Breakout Reports• RA/GA – Lisa & Tate• Carrier – Scott & Greg• Lloyd’s – Tammie & Sarah
    69. 69. E&S JWG – Upcoming Events• New E&S JWG Website Launch – March 2013• ACORD / LOMA – May 6-8, Las Vegas (ACT Meeting 5/5)• IASA Conference – June 2-5, Washington, DC• Scottsdale Insurance – Customer Technology Forum – June 13-14, Scottsdale, AZ• NAPSLO Annual – September 29 – October 2, San Diego• ACORD Implementation Forum – October 28-31, Boston
    70. 70. E&S JWG – How You Can Join 1. Register on ACORD website at 2. Notify Geri Prescott ( that you want to be a member of the E&S Joint Working Group & one or more of the following subgroups: -- RA/GA Interface -- E&S Carriers -- Lloyd’s
    71. 71. E&S Joint Working Group Thank You For Your Time!