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The constitution
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The constitution


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Many documents and historical events led to the creation of our Constitution which solved many of our countries problems from the time it was created to this very day
  • 2.  The constitution was written in 1791 by a group of people known as the framers
  • 3.  When the Framers wrote the Constitution they had very specific goals in mind ◦ To form a more perfect union ◦ To establish our freedom ◦ To keep and maintain order within the country ◦ To provided national defense ◦ To promote the general welfare ◦ To establish fair laws and ensure that they are also executed in a reasonable way
  • 4.  Two main events that led to the creation of this document are The American Revolution and Shays Rebellion ◦ The American Revolution was the first step, it helped us gain our freedom and realize what basic rights we wanted ◦ Shays Rebellion exposed the weaknesses of The Articles of Confederation prompting the creation of a stronger and more organized form of government
  • 5.  The Constitution was written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention
  • 6.  The Constitution was modled after several documents ◦ The First Document it was modeld after was the Magna Carta an English document form 1215 which enforced rule of law and protected the peoples rights ◦ The next document that helped model the Consititution was The English Bill of Rights from 1689 which further protected the rights of the citizens ◦ The Articles of Confederation led up to the Constitution and also had an impact on how it was formed, its weakenesses in enforcing laws and collecting taxes led to a stronger and more complete Constitution ◦ Lastly the Constitution was widley modeled after the early ideas of the Enlightment thinkers, such as natural rights
  • 7.  The Constitution solved many problems that were not solved by the earlier Articles of the Confederation ◦ It created a stronger national government that had the ability to collect money through taxes, regulate trade, and enforce laws by creating the judicial system. ◦ It also established basic rights for citizens in The Bill of Rights
  • 8.  Although the Constitution created a stronger federal government it also has several limitations ◦ The government is limited by seperation of powers and checks and balances which keeps the three main branches of government separate while allowing them to over rule another branch if necessary ◦ It also created rule of law which ensures that no one is above the law, even those in power ◦ The Bill of Rights also limits the government by protecting individual rights from being taken away by the government
  • 9.  I would improve the government by further protecting our individual rights outlined in the Bill of Rights. Since the Constitution has so many broad interpretations the government tries to limit sometimes tries to limit those rights claiming its for the common good which I think is unconstitutional.
  • 10.  The Constitution is very much as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago. Even as our society grows and changes, some basic rights never change and the others are adapted as the current generation seems fit.
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