Il duce


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Il duce

  1. 1. Il DuceItaly’s Finest Hour?
  2. 2. Let’s Review: Quick Write2. In your own words, describe what life was like during the 1930’s depression in Europe. How do you think this lead to a dictator coming to power in European countries?
  3. 3. Italy and Mussolini• How did the Great Depression effect Italy?Trace Mussolini’s rise to power, on his way to becoming Italy’s Dictator : pg 4551. Why were Italians angry after WWI?2. How did Mussolini’s political View Change throughout WWI?3. Which political party did Mussolini create in 1919?4. What kind of speaker was Mussolini?5. Who were the ‘black shirts’ and how did they help Mussolini take power?
  4. 4. Italy and Mussolini1. WWI Italian veterans were upset that after the war Italy did not receive the territory they were promised. Italians felt like the government had turned Italy into a laughing stalk.2. Mussolini believed in socialism until after WWI, where he replaced it with nationalism and capitalist economy3. Combined extreme pride in your country and working for the good of the state with a capitalist economy to create FASCISM4. Fiery passionate speaker, promised change and prosperity for Italy, people wanted change5. The black shirts were Mussolini’s army of WWI veterans who used fear and intimidation and violence to help Mussolini gain control
  5. 5. Mussolini has Arrived on Time• Describe Mussolini’s seizure of power: pg 455-4561. What was the March of Rome?2. How did Mussolini gain legal control of Italy?3. What does Il Duce mean?4. What were Mussolini’s economic policies?5. What were Mussolini’s social policies?
  6. 6. Mussolini Arrived on Time1. Mussolini and the black shirts had gained support of the public and political power, announced to the Italian government that they were going to march to Rome and over throw the government2. King Victor Emanuel II was warned and allowed Mussolini to create a new government, with Mussolini as a prime minister, NO VIOLANCE3. Il Duce means Leader in Italian4. Government controlled Economy, Industry, and Agriculture, but still allowed capitalist trade, workers were not allowed to strike and were paid less, Mussolini had created the first Totalitarian State that other dictators followed5. “Believe, Obey, Fight” Men were to work and fight for the good of Italy, be ruthless and cruel to achieve goals for the state, women were no longer allowed to have paying jobs, and were meant to have children for Italy, children were taught, Mussolini was always right, and about the glory of Italy and ancient Rome
  7. 7. Totalitarian Rule1. Single party dictatorship2. State control of the economy3. Use of police spies and terror to enforce the will of the state4. Strict censorship and government monopoly of the media5. Use of schools and media to influence and mobilize the masses6. Unquestioning loyalty to one single leader
  8. 8. Fascism NOT SOCIALISM• Describe Fascism:pg 4561. What did fascism glorify?2. Who were the fascists sworn enemy?3. What are the core beliefs of all fascist government?4. Why did fascists reject enlightenment ideals of democracy?
  9. 9. Fascism NOT Socialism1. Glorify the state. People work for the good of Italy2. Fascists hate socialists and communists,3. Core beliefs: Survival of the fittest, extreme nationalism, violence, discipline, action, and blind loyalty to the state, they will do anything to make Italy better4. Democracy leads to corruption, weakness in government, and a focus on individual and class goals, which takes away from the goals of the state
  10. 10. Mussolini on the Move• Describe Mussolini’s attempt to shake World Peace in 1935: pg 4681. For what reasons did Mussolini invade Ethiopia in 1935?2. How did this invasion show the weakness of the League of Nations?3. How was this invasions different from Italys invasion of Ethiopia in 1896?4. Why did Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia disrupt world peace?
  11. 11. Mussolini on the Move1. Italy wanted to prove that they now had modern technology and Mussolini wanted more territory, so he first attacked Ethiopia for revenge of the Italian defeat 18962. The ruler of Ethiopia appealed to the League to stop Mussolini, but the League had no power to enforce its demand for Mussolini to stop.3. Italy had modern weapons, like tanks, machine guns and poison gas, it was an easy victory for Italy4. Mussolini proved the League of Nations could not prevent him from taking over any land he wanted, this gave another dictator ideas…