Health Care Applications, Jenelle O’Donnell, Winona Health


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Presented at the 2014 Border to Border Broadband: A Call to Action conference in St Paul MN

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  • What is the audience’s perception of Telemedicine? Do they know what it is?
  • HIE—being able to get pt records from Mayo or Gundersen without having to fax or mail the records.
  • Around the outside of this circle is the community of Winona----Winona works really hard to keep everything connected and keep it’s comm members healthy
  • We have MDs, PAs, and NPs all providing appointments with in these departments/services
  • So think about how this may benefit you or a family member. Are there ways in which you can impact someone’s health by suggesting Telemedicine?
    Ask your doctor about Telemedicine!!
  • Health Care Applications, Jenelle O’Donnell, Winona Health

    1. 1. BROADBAND HEALTHCARE APPLICATIONS: TELEMEDICINE Jenelle O’Donnell, Telemedicine Coordinator
    2. 2. About Winona Health   Nonprofit healthcare provider Winona Health is governed by a board of community volunteers who adopts governance policies and practices to guide the organization’s fulfillment of its mission:  to improve the health and wellbeing of the community and the patients it serves. Winona Health has: -More than 60 physicians and associate providers -13 specialties -More than 1,100 employees -More than 400 volunteers -99-bed hospital -140-bed nursing home -60-apartment assisted living community -20-apartment assisted living community for memory care
    3. 3. Starting Our Telemedicine Adventure…  Federal Beacon Grant    Wanted to focus our start on Primary Care   Awarded in 2011 Started Telemedicine visits in August 2012 With the intension to progress to specialty care Partnered with local broadband operator  Hiawatha Broadband Corporation-Winona, MN
    4. 4. What is Telemedicine?
    5. 5. Winona Health’s definition: Telemedicine: A professional medical appointment between a patient and a Provider through interactive video conference. Telehealth: The delivery of health related services and patient information via telecommunication technologies. Example: sending an x-ray or collecting vital signs for the ability to monitor patients at home.
    6. 6. Other Broadband Uses…
    7. 7. Who is involved to make this work?
    8. 8. What types of locations are connected?
    9. 9. What departments/services are offered?
    10. 10. Key Uses of Telemedicine
    11. 11. Positive Outcomes Just as it takes a village to raise a child, there is a sense here that it takes a community to keep one healthy.
    12. 12. Benefits of Telemedicine        Increasing access to healthcare by providing an alternative way to connect with a provider Saving time Efficient Quality and clarity-both video and appointment Opportunity to invite remote family members to appointments or care conferences Costs the same as a face to face clinic visit and most insurance companies now pay for Telemedicine Significant cost savings  Ambulance transports and ED visits
    13. 13. More Benefits of Telemedicine…  Saves travel for both patients and providers      Especially if they have mobility issues Reduce re-admission to the hospital Flexibility of the system Improve patients’ overall health status and quality of life in a manner that is convenient for the patient and creates a meaningful patient experience **Create a cost-effective model for health care delivery
    14. 14. Barriers to Telemedicine  Connectivity to rural areas ex. Home Care   Credentialing and Privileging of providers    Limits the use of this technology & reduces access to patients in need of care Licensure in every state in which they see patients Credentialed at every building where patients are located Reimbursement for services or certain providers
    15. 15. What is the future of Telemedicine at Winona Health? Goals and Future State of Winona Health Telemedicine
    16. 16. Closing Points  Telemedicine technology works   It’s robust and adaptable Telemedicine is one of the solutions needed to address the challenges in healthcare.