SNG Minnesota - Motivating Broadband Utilization


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Presented at the 2014 Minnesota Broadband Conference

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  • SNG Minnesota - Motivating Broadband Utilization

    1. 1. Border to Border Broadband: A Call to Action February 5, 2014 Saint Paul, Minnesota © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Motivating Business Broadband Utilization
    2. 2. Let’s Start With What We Know… • There is a relationship between broadband and economic development. – 56% of businesses and organizations said broadband is essential for remaining in current location – 56% of households said they would definitely/likely relocate if broadband was not available – 32% of households work from home or have a homebased business Source: SNG Digital Economy Database n = 19,951 businesses and 9,318 households 2 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 • SNG research in the U.S shows…
    3. 3. …and Broadband Means Jobs Broadband is responsible for 23.4% of all new jobs 35% 30.9% Percent of New Jobs Related to Internet 29.1% 30% 25% 21.1% 23.4% By Size of Employer Group 19.1% 15% Small businesses create 12x more Internet jobs relative to large firms 10% 5% 0% Employees Source: SNG Digital Economy Database n = 6,177 3 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 20%
    4. 4. Broadband … Adoption Utilization 4 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Availability
    5. 5. “Crossing the Chasm” … so driving awareness and utilization is the next challenge For further information, see “No Field of Dreams: Eliminating the Waiting Game and Driving Uptake” 5 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Why “build-it and they will come” does not work? → Because people buy benefits, not features
    6. 6. What’s so hard about utilization? Quick to Adopt ‘Laissez-faire’ approach “Okay” Business Applications Slow to Adopt Need to ‘lead horse to water’ Business Applications Buying Online Selling Online Basic Website Online media (video) e-mail Document transfer Household Applications e-mail Banking News and Sports Information gathering Teleworking Delivering Content and Services BIGGEST BENEFITS Social Networking Household Applications Entertainment Investments and Trading VoIP Home Based Business 6 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Research and accessing information
    7. 7. Increased Utilization Directly Correlates to Revenue Growth 60% 50% 40% 30% 54.0% 20% 10% 20.7% 24.4% 31.1% 33.7% 0% 5 up to 6 6 up to 7 7 up to 8 8 up to 9 Level of Broadband Utilization (DEi score) 9 up to 10 N = 2,103 Businesses underutilizing the Internet miss significant revenue opportunities 7 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 % of Revenues attributed from Internet usage Contribution of Internet to Revenues / Level of utilization
    8. 8. How Can You Achieve Utilization? © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Lead with the BENEFITS of Applications
    9. 9. Active, Actionable Data Is the Key to Capitalizing on the Transformative Economic Benefits of Broadband The right metrics and data help you: Understand the local market demand for broadband • Assess potential socio-economic impacts (community ROI) • Develop an action plan for regions and individual businesses/organizations that will achieve desired results 9 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 •
    10. 10. What are Broadband Metrics? Census Data - good to have Active broadband metrics - need to have Type of connection Measure broadband speed vs. advertised speed Broadband speed Broadband satisfaction by end-users Material resources Utilization of Internet enabled tools and processes Benefits from broadband on daily operations Barriers to adopt broadband and to use Internet enabled tools and processes Quantified impacts from broadband on revenues, cost savings Quantified impacts on job creation Digital Economy index scoring at an individual level - industry sector level, regional level, etc. Special use and daily benefits metrics for Community anchors institutions Industry sector focus studies, comparison and benchmarking Regional focus studies and comparison 10 10 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Skills needed and preferred method of acquisitions
    11. 11. Metrics for: …. where are we now? 11 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 … and how much closer are we to our goal?
    12. 12. So What Should You Measure? Utilization Gaps and Barriers Drivers and Needs How businesses, organizations, an d households are currently using, or planning to use broadband and e-solutions. Where the gaps in the utilization of e-solutions are and which factors inhibit, or prevent adoption. Understanding the needs and preferences of endusers in order to raise awareness, to increase adoption, and to drive effective utilization. Benefits Impacts How things have improved and which e-solutions have benefitted businesses, organizations, an d households. Quantify benefits in terms of new revenues, cost efficiencies, new jobs, quality of life, etc. Internet connection type, tested speed, length of time using broadband, organization size, industry sector classification, demographics, etc. 12 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Profile Data
    13. 13. How SNG Measures Utilization We uncover Internet use at a micro-level and benchmark against peers 17 e-solutions1 by businesses / organizations 30 e-solutions1 by households Utilization data collected2 by SNG directly from 27,150 businesses / organizations And 12,400 households. Results shown use SNG’s Digital Economy index (DEi), a composite score between 1 and 10 to reflect level of Internet utilization. 1. Internet-enabled applications and processes; 2. Between 2008-2013 13 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 SNG has normative database with deep insights on Internet usage and impacts – over 110 metrics for each record.
    14. 14. Helping Businesses Take Action Review options Evaluate benefits Take action How is the business using esolutions? • Measure current uses and benefits • Create greater awareness Where are gaps and opportunities ? • Motivation • Compare to peers • Reveal financial benefits What guidance does the business need? • Engage and advise • Run financial impact scenarios • Choose esolution priorities How will businesses take action? • Learning resources • Choose the right tactics • Develop a plan Business Assessment Survey DEi Scorecard Financial Impact Calculator e-Business Tactics 14 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Take stock
    15. 15. Personalize Results: DEi Scorecard A DEi Scorecard is delivered to each business and organization Individualized ‘broadband health check’ that: ‒ benchmarks competitiveness against peers ‒ estimates ROI from increased utilization ‒ provides links to local advisors and support Shared with local economic development agencies so they can raise awareness, increase adoption, and drive utilization 15 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Data based on the individual’s current broadband utilization against industry average
    16. 16. DEi Impact Calculator - choose e-strategy based on ROI - 1. Select your organization characteristics Source: SNG Digital Economy Database n = 27,200 16 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 2. Select your actual and needed e-Solutions
    17. 17. DEi Impact Calculator - choose e-strategy based on ROI - 3. See your potential benefits from increased utilization Source: SNG Digital Economy Database n = 27,200 17 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 4. Details of potential revenues and cost savings
    18. 18. North Georgia example Economic Impact for every 100 businesses trained in North Georgia who adopt eSolutions: Industries Aggregate additional revenues (annually) $7.2 Million Manufacturing $17.5 Million Professional and Tech Services $2.7 Million Tourism $4.8 Million 18 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 All Industries
    19. 19. Why Drive Utilization? For an individual business or organization, increasing utilization by 10% means: Increasing revenues by 24% Decreasing costs by 7% For a Region, it means : Allowing businesses to be more competitive Adding fiscal revenues Average multipliers identified by SNG from over 12,000 data records collected in 2009-10. 19 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Creating a demand for high-skilled workers
    20. 20. Thank You Let’s connect ! 20 © Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 2014 Michael Curri, President Strategic Networks Group, Inc. +1 202.558.2128