Mankato students talk about New Ulm
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Mankato students talk about New Ulm



Students from Mankato State University talk about what they want/expect in a community in terms of where they might location after graduation, especially with regards to technology. Part of the ...

Students from Mankato State University talk about what they want/expect in a community in terms of where they might location after graduation, especially with regards to technology. Part of the Blandin Broadband conference 2009



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Mankato students talk about New Ulm Mankato students talk about New Ulm Presentation Transcript

  • Mark Andrews
    Nathan Bartell
    Tat-Wei Yeap
  • Often called the “City of Charm and Tradition,” the City lies in the heart of the scenic Minnesota Valley and boasts a thriving, diverse economy with a healthy mix of retail, manufacturing and professional services.
    New Ulm is famous for its authentic German Heritage, which led to 2000 Federal Census to name New Ulm the “Most German City in the USA!”
  • County: Brown
    Population: 14,000 (67% German)
    Distance from Twin Cities: 90 Miles SW.
    US Hwy 14 I-90 (45 Miles S.)
    MN Hwy 15 US 169 (25 Miles E)
    New Ulm Municipal Airport
    New Ulm Bus Lines (Dial-A-Ride only)
  • New Ulm industries enjoy:
    A skilled and dedicated labor force that is significantly less expensive that other parts of the state.
    Tax free zones that significantly reduces expenses and increase the bottom line.
    A high quality of life for their employees.
    Low cost and reliable utilities.
    Easy access to employee training.
    Two providers of high speed Internet connection
    Multiple support industries
    Good road access in all direction
  • Founded in 1854
    Named after the City of Ulm in southern Germany
    Home of the August Schell Brewery
    The German heritage of New Ulm is evident in the architecture, and especially in the neatness and care visible in the trim yards and well-kept houses and store fronts
  • Video courtesy of New Ulm Chamber of Commerce
  • Source: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, 2009.
  • Two local high-speed broadband internet providers
    New Ulm Telecom
  • How to guide economic growth and keep younger people in town
    Attract businesses through marketing and trade shows (recently in Chicago)
    Develop personal relationships with site selectors and consultants
    Relationship building especially website updates
    Have industrial land available (buy cornfields and change zoning, plat, etc)
  • Provide info to people regarding labor, demographics, local attractions and give incentives to companies
    Occasionally build buildings for people and lease them (assistance in accessing non-traditional financing)
    Provide fast and efficient broadband service providers (which are already in place in New Ulm)
    Provide alternatives
    Housing (rental units, mixed-use development)
    Employment (wind energy, biofuels, etc)
  • What can rural communities do to bring back their high school alumni and their life and/or business partners to take over family businesses, start new enterprises and fill available jobs?
    Make sure to have good connectivity (broadband)
    New Ulm is well connected with broadband and DSL and if one system is down, it will switch to the other
    The desire to come back home with opportunities available
    Have to broker (not going to move back if there are no jobs)
  • How can communities create a culture of broadband use among their residents?
    One business at a time
    Recognition (school, medical center, etc)
    Internet presence
    Not a community decision, but organization driven
    The Journal has online pages to look at photos taken that were not used in a particular story
    Awarded small cities grant from state to renovate small apartments ($367,000) for downtown rental units
  • How will healthcare, education and government be delivered? What will the business community look like?
    Increase the number of businesses, as well as their presence online
    Promote healthy hearts
    10-20 year study to eliminate heart disease in New Ulm (Heart of New Ulm)
    Compete with the big-box retailers
    Small-town charm
  • Mission
    Utilize the “Get Broadband Grant” to increase the number of consumers using broadband, and, more specifically, increase the number of retailers who take advantage of broadband for both marketing and expanding their business.
    This was deemed essential with the entrance of big-box retailers, allowing smaller businesses to take advantages of non-traditional modes of reaching consumers
  • Goal 1: Increase Broadband use from 57% to 62% in one year
    Goal 2: Increase the number of retailers who have websites and/or sell online
    Goal 3: Reach 25 businesses with training and resources
    Goal 4: Create an Online New Ulm Marketplace
  • Of 103 businesses, 79 now have a web presence with 29 of them performing e-commerce (Prior to the grant, only 65 had a web presence and 24 performing e-commerce)
    Exceeded 25 businesses, with 50 participants filling 114 seats during the training and coursework offerings. 10 new websites were created, and several more improved or updated.
  • The creation of a “virtual mall,” which can be accessed from their Website at
    Broken down into categories:
    Bridal & Tux, Floral, Specialty Shops, Antiques & Collectibles, Furnishing & Décor, Quilting & Crafts, Apparel& Goods, Jewelry and Books.
  • New Ulm’s Online Local-e
    Access New Ulm Medical Center records with “MyChart”
    Access Parent Portal to view student’s progress and attendance
    Shop locally
    Renew library books online
    And more!
  • Implement fixed route public transit service
    Mixed-use development
    New Urbanism
    Continue to increase broadband use/speeds
    Provide incentives for recent graduates
    Employment opportunities
  • We would like to thank:
    Brian Tohal, New Ulm Economic Development Corporation
    Sharon Weinkauf, President of the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce
    Blandin Foundation