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Infrastructure grant overview web

  1. 1. Border-to-Border Infrastructure Grant Program Overview Information current as of July 10, 2014 Danna MacKenzie, Executive Director MN Office of Broadband Development
  2. 2. Intro to Office of Broadband Development Office (OBD) was created in 2013 legislation Charge: • Encourage, foster, develop, and improve broadband within the state. Purpose: • To drive job creation, promote innovation, and expand markets for Minnesota businesses. • To serve the ongoing needs of Minnesota’s education systems, health care systems, public safety systems, industries and businesses, governmental operations, and citizens.
  3. 3. Border to Border Broadband Development Grant - Purpose • Grant purpose: To provide financial assistance for the acquisition and installation of middle-mile and last-mile broadband infrastructure to areas of the state that do not have wireline access at federal and state minimum standard speeds. • Allowable costs: Examples of allowable costs include: project planning; obtaining construction permits; purchase and/or construction of facilities, including construction of both “middle mile” and “last mile” infrastructure; and installation and testing of the equipment used to provide broadband service.
  4. 4. Border to Border Broadband Development Grant – Overview • $20M one-time appropriation (up to 3% avail for admin and mapping) • Distributed in single competitive grant round • Technology must be scalable to at least 100Mbps Up/Down • Cap of $5M per grant award • At least 1 to 1 match (50% of eligible expenses) required (More points awarded for higher match) • Grant awards will be geographically dispersed • All invoiced work must be complete by 12/31/16
  5. 5. Border to Border Broadband Development Grant – Overview - Eligibility • Who is eligible to apply? – An incorporated business or partnership – A political subdivision – An Indian tribe – A Minnesota nonprofit organized under 317A – A Minnesota cooperative organized under 308A or 308B – A Minnesota limited liability corporation organized under 322B for the purpose of expanding broadband access
  6. 6. Border to Border Broadband Development Grant – DRAFT Application Process and Timeline • Late Sept - Program details will be announced via web and email list. • Application period open for 30 days. • Oct-Nov – 6 week application review process • Challenge window: 1st two weeks of review process. • Target to make awards in late December
  7. 7. Application Requirements 1. Description of area to be served by proposed project 2. Whether the project is middle-mile, last mile or both 3. Kind and amount of broadband infrastructure to be purchased 4. Evidence regarding the unserved or underserved nature of the community 5. Number of households passed that will have access to broadband as result of the project 6. Significant community institutions that will benefit from the proposed project 7. Evidence of community support for the project 8. Total cost of the project 9. Sources of funding or in-kind contributions for the project that will supplement any grant award
  8. 8. DRAFT Scoring Criteria—Points Awarded for the Following • Unserved gets bonus points • Underserved # and % • Is an economically distressed area served • Economic development potential • Sustainability of the project
  9. 9. Draft Scoring Criteria Continued • Financial and organizational capability • Evidence of community support • Project plan and timeline • Comparability (price and speed) to service offered in urban areas • Community anchor institutions that will benefit
  10. 10. Draft Scoring Criteria Continued • Specific evidence of health and public safety benefits • Technical support and training on broadband provided in the community • Information on how the broadband service will be promoted when it becomes available • Evidence of Economic Development Benefits
  11. 11. What Can Potential Applicants Do Now? • Verify locations/areas that are eligible • Establish Partners (provider partner, community partner) • Design project, generate timeline, create budget • Obtain financial commitments for match • Gather community support
  12. 12. County maps showing unserved and underserved census blocks are available: Maps available on the Connect MN website: Under: LEARN > COUNTY PROFILES If your information differs from what current data shows— contact ConnectMN at
  13. 13. Regional Grant Information Meetings • Friday, July 18 from 1:30 to 3:00 Montevideo Chippewa County Courthouse Assembly Room (basement level) 629 North 11th Street (corner of state hwy 7 and 11th Street) • Monday, July 28 from 1:30 to 3:00 Brainerd/Baxter The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes 6967 Lake Forest Road Baxter, MN 56425 • Wednesday, July 30 from 1:30 to 3:00 Eveleth IRRRB Offices 4261 Highway 53 • Tuesday, August 19 Crookston Time and location TBD • Friday, August 22 from 1:30 to 3:00 Owatonna Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation 525 Florence Avenue • Wednesday, August 26 West Central Region—TBD
  14. 14. Thank you & Contact Information For more information, contact: Danna MacKenzie, 651-259-7611 Subscribe to the MN Broadband E-Blasts to receive more information as it becomes available.