Fall orientation 9.11.12
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Fall orientation 9.11.12






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  • Education = all programs and services are designed to bring you top-quality education in the areas of wellness and health promotion. Awareness = Well Within is your source for Complementary Healing Services. We provide several opportunities at our center, but also connect you to resources in our community through our Becoming Well Within website.Accessibility = Wellness is worth the investment. But if finanacial support is needed, We provide our services to all – regardless of ability to pay. Transformation = As you cultivate awareness through self-inquiry, and receive support through education and healing services, you can safely move through even the most difficult transitions in life.Empowerment = Our hope is for each person to know themselves, their needs, and how to tap into the healing power of mindfulness and positive emotions to bring satisfaction and joy to their life.
  • 3 keys: Relaxation ResponsePositive EmotionSupport
  • Wellness Wheel – Focus on Self-CareHolistic Approach
  • Dr. Herbert Benson, author of the relaxation response, describes the pursuit of optimal health as being like a three-legged stool.Two legs of the stool: Surgery and Pharmaceuticals are delivered by Western Medicine and we are fortunate to have access to some of the best medcine in the world.Unfortunately, the combination of a healthcare system that is disease-oriented and individuals who are unwilling or lack the skills to practice good self-care has created a situation that makes achieving optimal health especially challenging. Consider this next slide…
  • So Self-care DOES require commitment and dedication on your part. But the Well Within model of Education to Empowerment provides a supportive and sustainable framework to move you confidently into a proactive role in your health and wellbeing.So let’s move now into some introductory concepts related to good self care…
  • Good self-care begins with awareness.I like this Chinese Proverb (read)…it reinforces the importance of learning a concept in body mind and spirit. So if you are able, take a moment to stand up, balance your weight evenly between both feet – standing tall in mountain posture.Carefully lift one foot up off the floor… (pause)… return the foot and stand in mountain posture…(pause)… what skill did it take to perform that task?Yes – BALANCE- and holistic balance is what we are seeking in Becoming Well Within.
  • Consider your top 3 strengths from your wellness assessment…Tapping into our strengths is a skill that will help transform difficult situations or personal challenges into manageable experiences that serve our personal growth. When you hear about Well Within’s programming, you will hear us refer to using practices that are “Evidence Based”
  • ----- Meeting Notes (8/29/12 18:49) -----to provide support. Too often, people choose to isolate themselves when suffering. Evidence, however, shows that seeking support is an effective strategy for increasing wellbeing and achieving personal goals.
  • The majority of our healing services come from the field of Complementary Medicine specifically the area of mind-body medicine. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is the Federal Government’s lead agency for scientific research on the diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine. For further information on complementary medicine, you can go to the centers website.Well Within seeks to align ourselves with evidence-based practices so that physicians and other medical providers feel comfortable referring to our programs for complementary support. The majority of our participants come from clinic and physician referral. More and more, Western Medicine is honoring the important role that complementary medicine plays in the prevention and management of disease.
  • Wellness Coaching is offered both individually and in group settings. Wellness Coaching can be a supportive and effective strategy for making the health behavior changes required to support your whole healing.Additionally, we have practitioners that can meet with you individually for holistic counseling or energy medicine. Our practice groups provide excellent skill development in mindfulness and meditation.Our Wellness Circles include: > our FREE Integrative Wellness Support Circle meets weekly on Tuesdays from 2-3:30 or once/month on the second Monday from 6-7:30 pm > Renewing Life – 9 wk transformation program to assist Quarterly, we provide a variety of integrative healing programs by expert volunteers from a variety of disciplines. Check out our website for upcoming programs.And finally, we are especially proud of the outreach work that Well Within provides. Volunteers take our self-care message to church groups, social service agencies like Dorothy Day and Domestic Violence shelters, and other organizations like hospice, American Cancer Society, and various hospital support groups.We also provide Prayer Support for those who want to tap into this powerful source of support.
  • Discover how to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, and foster hope and spiritual growth. Be inspired by the stories of people who have not just survived, but have thrived, while finding meaning and purpose within challenging situations. It’s time for hope to return and healing to begin. Join us.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (8/29/12 19:32) -----Thankyou for joining me today for this brief orientation to holistic health, the importance of self-care, and an overview of our programs and services. I do hope that you come visit our center soon. We look forward to walking the path with you to Becoming Well Within.

Fall orientation 9.11.12 Fall orientation 9.11.12 Presentation Transcript

  • WELL WITHINA Path to Holistic Healing in Body, Mind, &Spirit
  • Our Mission Well Within is a warm and welcoming nonprofit wellness resource center that offers innovative programs, support and services to those who seek well-being and healing of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Our Vision To empower individuals to embrace self- directed holistic healing, build upon their personal strengths, and achieve wellness no matter what stage of health or disease is being experienced.
  • Our Wellness Model…Education Awareness Accessibility Transformation Empowerment
  • Education – Today’s Orientation Optimal Health – Self Care at the Core 3 Keys to Becoming Well Within Overview of our Programs How to get engaged
  • Becoming Well Within Wellness is inherent in everyone, no matter what level of health or disease is being experienced
  • Well Within: Holistic Model ofWellness
  • Surgery Pharmaceutical Self-Care sOptimal HealthHealth is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, andnot merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~World HealthOrganization, 1948
  • Dr : We can cure your condition with surgery or a strict diet.Patient: Better go withsurgery, doc, my insurancewon’t cover strict diet.
  • AwarenessI hear, and Iforget.I see, and Iremember.I do, and Iunderstand.-ChineseProverb
  • The Circle of Life Self Assessment - Instructionsthe assessment can download from our website or you can pick it up at WellWithin Use the Circle of Life Assessment to measure your current(within the last month or two) satisfaction in 12 aspects of yourlife.Rather than giving yourself a score based on how well youthink you are performing (or how others might judge you), thepurpose of this assessment is to measure how you feel orwhat your level of satisfaction is with each area of your life atthis time. Allow 10 minutes in an undisturbed place, perhapswith relaxing music, while you fill in your circle assessment.Your responses are just for you and your use at Well Within.Using colored pencils or crayons, shade in each sectionmeasuring your satisfaction in each area on a scale of 1-10with 10 being the highest.When finished please write on the back of your
  • Consider your top 3 strengths… What makes these areas of my life with the highest score (your strengths) work so well in my life? What am I doing to make it successful?
  • Stress Nonspecific response of the body to any demand placed upon it. The body responds in the same manner whether the stressor is + or – Eustress – positive stressors Distress – negative stressors
  • Eustress – Positive Stress?!
  • Stress Response Stress Response  Relaxation Response Metabolism Metabolism Heart Rate Heart Rate Blood BloodPressure Pressure Breathing BreathingRate Rate Muscle MuscleTension Tension
  • Relaxation Response  The relaxation response has been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for a wide range of stress-related disorders.  In fact, to the extent that any disease is caused or made worse by stress, the relaxation response can help.
  • 1st Key to Becoming Well Within Relaxation Response
  • 2nd Key to Becoming WellWithin Relaxation Response Positive Emotion
  • Third Key to Becoming WellWithin Relaxation Response Positive Emotion Provide Support
  • Complementary Medicine Complementary Medicine - specifically the field of mind-body medicine. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, http://nccam.nih.gov/
  • Well Within Programs IntegrativeWellness Individual Practice Wellness Additional HealingCoaching sessions Groups Circles Services Programs Integrative Wellness Support CircleIndividual/Group Spring Forest Energy Theapies Outreach Coaching Qigong Volunteer guest experts from a variety of Renewing Life holistic disciplines offer programs Premiere that supportProgram: Holistic Self-care for Holistic Movement wellbeing. Prayer Support Psychotherapy Meditation Cancer Smoking Survivorship Cessation
  • Additional Resources… On the Radio On the Web• Hope, Healing & Wellbeing • Becoming Well Within with Mary Treacy O’Keefe Resource Directory• Learn to live each day to the • http://www.becomingwell.org/ fullest by enhancing mental, • a directory of integrated or physical, and spiritual healing complementary medicine and as well as overall wellness. other resources in Minnesota.
  • Next steps… Register for our programs by calling the office Financial Assistance is always available Stay connected with your wellness goals by staying connected to Well Within  Follow us on Facebook  Regularly check our website for current programs  Follow our e-newsletter for updates and wellness information
  • WELL WITHINA Path to Holistic Healing in Body, Mind, &Spirit