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Bill Carlson's presentation on Moose Lake's portal that focuses on public safety, community information and visitor info given at the Blandin Broadband conference 2007.

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Bill Carlson

  1. 1. PRESENTATION Community Broadband: Making the Right Choice Blandin Foundation Broadband Initiative Bill Carlson City of Moose Lake Public Access and Technology Coordinator
  2. 2. RURAL COMMUNITY We Can Do This Attitude   You Can Always Depend on Community Support and Volunteers  Proven Model – Locally Accessible • The more the people use technology, the more they feel comfortable with it i.e. The Local Public Access Channel has a twenty five year  history of live local television broadcasts from seven locations. Literally runs itself and user conflicts are settled with an apology
  3. 3. Opening the Community up to GLOBAL CHALLENGES We need to prove that the potential  local benefits are worth the effort  We need to be assured that we can control the risks with Rules & Policies  The Local Comfort Zone of a small Rural Community, like Moose Lake, will not change
  4. 4. PUBLIC SAFETY Three Part Objective What does the Community Need to Know and 1. how do they Access this Information using Broadband Technologies ? What do our Visitors Need to Know and how do 2. they Access this Information using Broadband Technologies ? What do our First Responders Need to Know and 3. how do they Access this Information using Broadband Technologies ?
  5. 5. COMMUNITY First Stop Website Posting of Scheduled & Pending Events Public Notification Capabilities Community Portal Access and Links
  6. 6. VISITORS “Linking Up North” Concept • High Speed Internet Access in the Moose Lake Public Library • WiFi in the Downtown Corridor and Public Campgrounds • Wireless Internet in Mercy Hospital & Health Care Center • E Information Center Community Server Wireless Internet & Printer Full Featured Computer w/ connections to Mediacom Public Access Television Dedicated on May 22, 2007 Mayor Ted Shaw, Bill Carlson, Carmen Palazzari, Keith Carlson
  7. 7. FIRST RESPONDERS Secure Network Interoperable Community Surveillance System Plus Data Network HRA MLW&L Mobile City Hall & Library Broadband Computers Note: Muni The Incident Communications Center with Surveillance Chamber Monitoring and Emergency Emergency Server will be Response Center located in the Emergency Response Center
  8. 8. SUMMARY The City of Moose Lake will add these  communications features into its Emergency Management Plan An Emergency Communications Training  Session will be conducted to test the Broadband System and familiarize the First Responders with its capabilities A Community-Wide Emergency Drill will be  scheduled to determine whether the Broadband Communications System works as envisioned
  9. 9. SPECIAL THANKS To the Blandin Foundation Broadband Initiative and the Moose Lake Community Sponsors for providing the matching funds and the incentive to make this Project a Reality