RSI 2009 Annual Report


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Railway Supply Institute, Inc. 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory

The RSI Annual Report and Membership Directory is published once a year to inform our membership , rail industry leaders, and Congressional and regulatory staff about the Railway Supply Institute and the rail and rail supply industry.

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RSI 2009 Annual Report

  1. 1. RSI Annual Report 2009
  2. 2. Railway Supply 1 Institute Contents 2009 Report Table of Contents Message to the Membership . . . . . . . 2 RSI Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 RSI Committees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Tank Car Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 RSI About Us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 RSI Conferences & Events . . . . . . . . 13 Railroad Day on Capitol Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 RSI Meets with Amtrak CEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 RSI Meets with DOT Secretary LaHood . . . . 14 Selling to America’s Railroads . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Global Railway Tech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Railway Interchange 2011. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Our Work in Washington . . . . . . . . . 16 RSI Membership: Our strength . . . . 22 Membership Directory . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Advertising Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Published for RSI by Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, 345 Hudson Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10014. Design by Phil Desiere. Cover photo by Steve Schmollinger. Photo, this page, by Sean Kelly.
  3. 3. Message 2 to the Membership RSI Message to the Membership Dear RSI members and included in a meeting with mittees, and our Washing- friends, DOT Secretary Ray LaHood ton lobbying efforts. Armed Our membership struggled where we delivered our RSI with this information, we through an extremely diffi- message on the needs of unveiled our new logo and cult economy during 2009, the railway supply industry. new website at the Septem- while at the same time RSI’s Global Railway Tech ber annual meeting. investing in new technolo- 2009, with more than 1,200 The new logo’s triangle gies which show great railroaders and suppliers represents the three major promise in the future. Leg- attending the Coordinated segments of our industry: islative rail issues including Mechanical Association C&S, MOW, and mechani- Responsible Regulation, technical sessions and the cal. The tag line Support; High Speed Rail, Positive RSI trade show, was the Connection; Advocacy Train Control, and others most successful “off year” reminds us of our mission: have become hot topics in ever, and the busiest, most support our members and America at all levels of gov- productive trade show floor our customers; connection ernment. The Railway Sup- I can remember. Now let’s to our customers and to ply Institute plays an impor- look ahead to Railway each other; advocacy on tant role at the federal and Interchange 2011, when the behalf of our industry. The state level supporting our RSSI and REMSA trade asso- new webpage will be the members as these topics are ciations will join with RSI in focal point of our commu- debated and funded – Minneapolis Sept. 18-21, nications; I urge you to visit whether it is moving goods 2011. This show will be the www.railway or moving people. largest U.S. freight railway This 2009 annual report I am privileged to be supply trade show in our recounts some of the activi- Chairman of the RSI Gov- history, with indoor exhibits ties RSI undertook on your erning Board this year and at the Minneapolis Conven- behalf last year, as well as a gratified to see the organi- tion Center and outdoor membership directory list- RSI Chairman zation continue to mature, exhibits at CP’s Humboldt ing all RSI members. With- Marshall G. Beck grow, and better serve its Yard. At the same time, out your support, RSI would – New York Air membership. AREMA and CMA will hold not be as effective as it is. I Brake An important aspect of technical conferences in the thank you for that support RSI’s charter is to represent convention center. and trust. our industry in Washington, An important part of the My thanks to Tom Simp- D.C. We have a staff with RSI charter is maintaining son, Nicole Brewin, Robyn more than 30 years experi- and servicing our project Leach, and Amanda Patrick ence in Washington and committees. Whether it’s for their energetic work contacts inside the Beltway the ARCI, the Tank Car and commitment at RSI. A to prove it. We are also Committee, or the new special thanks to my fellow fortunate to have former Washington Affairs Com- members of the RSI Govern- Congressman Bob Clement mittee, all RSI members ing Board. Their input and (D-Tenn.) on our team. Bob have access to technical support this past year is served for eight years on committees that represent very much appreciated. the House Transportation our mutual interests. and Infrastructure Commit- Early in 2009, the RSI Sincerely, tee and has close ties to the Board hired a marketing House leadership. Those firm to survey the member- connections enabled us to ship and develop a new meet with senior members website and logo. We con- of Congress and senior firmed that RSI members members of the Administra- place high value on access tion. I was fortunate to be to customers, project com- Marshall G. Beck
  4. 4. 4 RSI Leadership RSI Leadership The RSI Board of Directors develops and implements association policy, and represents the diverse membership of the railway supply industry. Board mem- bers make up small and large companies involved in the manufacture of prod- ucts and services in the freight car, locomotive, maintenance-of-way, communi- cations and signaling, and transit industries. RSI Board Members are elected each fall by RSI membership at the RSI Annual Meeting. The Board, in turn, elects RSI’s officers, including the chairman, vice chairman, and secretary/trea- surer. The office term for RSI Board members is three years. The term for offi- cers of the Board is one year and special directors have a one year term. OFFICERS RSI STAFF Chairman Chris Ragot Thomas D. Simpson Marshall G. Beck, Sr. FreightCar America, Inc. Executive Director New York Air Brake Company Fred R. Sasser Chicago Freight Car Nicole B. Brewin Vice Chairman Leasing Company Assistant Vice President Robert J. Pokorski Miner Enterprises, Inc. HONORARY DIRECTOR Robyn M. Leach Secretary / Treasurer W. Matthew Tonn Office Manager Gregory P. Vogelman Standard Car Truck, GE Rail Services Zeftek Div. Amanda Trainor Patrick DIRECTORS Executive Assistant Robert L. Albritton SPECIAL TRADE Railroad Controls ASSOCIATION Limited DIRECTORS Terrence G. Heidkamp REMSA GATX Corporation Ronald C. Olds Plasser American Corp. James R. Higginbottom The Okonite Company RSSI Representative Thomas J. Ulrich Robert S. Hulick Arthur N. Ulrich Trinity Rail Company William R. Kiefer NON-VOTING A. Stucki Company PRESS Robert Matthews George S. Sokulski Tangent Rail Railway Age Michael J. Mitrovich Stephen W. Bolte MPL Technology Inc. Progressive Railroading
  5. 5. 6 2009 RSI Committees RSI Committees PROVIDING A VOICE FOR SUPPLIERS over 75 years. Membership is comprised of major North American freight car RSI’s goals are accomplished through manufacturers. the work of its committees, which serve Each quarter, ARCI prepares and dis- the RSI membership in a variety of tributes statistics on freight car orders, areas. Our committees encompass the deliveries, and backlogs by car type. many facets of the industry and provide ARCI was organized as an association members with an opportunity to get separate from RSI; however, since mid- involved by supporting and advancing 1994 it has functioned as a committee railway supply industry goals in both of RSI and has been administered by RSI the public and private sector. On aver- staff. age, our committees meet quarterly ARCI has three major roles: either in person or via teleconference. To work in coordination with the Some RSI committees are restricted to Association of American Railroads on companies that manufacture certain freight car design standards. products. To join a committee, call or To tabulate and report North Ameri- email us at (202) 347-4664 or rsi@rail- can freight car orders, deliveries, and backlogs. To represent the specific interests of AMERICAN RAILWAY CAR railcar builders in federal legislative and INSTITUTE COMMITTEE regulatory matters. Chair: Martin Graham, Trinity Rail ARCI’s Engineering and Design Sub- Group, LLC committee meets several times a year to The American Railway Car Institute address design and safety issues of (ARCI) has represented the North Amer- freight car. ican freight car building industry for Working with the AAR and TTCI, the
  6. 6. 7 2009 RSI Annual Report committee helps to fund freight car fatigue EQUIPMENT LEASING COMMITTEE tests of coal cars and well cars that have been Chair: Dave Edwards, President, completed. Macquarie Rail Inc. Equipment leasing companies, component Comprised of representatives from several manufacturers, and others can become affili- prominent freight car leasing companies, ate members of the committees. responsibilities include evaluating key regula- As members they receive the quarterly sta- tory and public policy issues affecting the tistics and participate in the Engineering and freight car leasing industry and to guide RSI Design Subcommittee activities. policy development in this area.
  7. 7. 8 2009 RSI Committees QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMITTEE STANDARD COUPLER MANUFACTURERS Chair: Ray Morgan, GATX Rail Corporation COMMITTEE The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is Chair: Patrick S. Wallace, Trinity Rail Group an advocate for quality and continuous This committee promotes Association of the improvement in the performance and safety American Railroads (AAR) standard coupler of the rail supply industry’s products and ser- technology worldwide and meets periodically vices. The QAC works closely with railroad to discuss the technical matters affecting its quality assurance professionals to ensure that use. member companies receive the information The committee also works with the rail they need to implement superior quality pro- industry to develop coupler standards that grams and meet the challenges for today’s reflect the latest in technology and foundry marketplace. In addition, this committee practices. This committee is restricted to com- cosponsors, with the AAR, an Quality Assur- panies that produce standard AAR couplers. ance Conference where RSI members can learn the latest quality of techniques from professionals in and out of the railroad indus- try, as well as have an opportunity to review current railroad quality procedures. Both the Quality Assurance Committee and the Standard Coupler Manufacturers Com- mittee offer guidance for improvements beneficial to both freight and passenger rail equipment.
  8. 8. 9 2009 RSI Annual Report STATE TAXATION COMMITTEE prised of companies that own and lease rail- Chair: Don Keplinger, Union Tank road freight cars, monitors and acts on state Car Company legislative and regulatory issues that affect The State Taxation Committee, which is com- the taxation of privately owned freight cars.
  9. 9. TANK CAR COMMITTEE to companies engaged in the tives to increase capacity, 10 Chair: William Constantino, Union Tank , manufacture, ownership, or leasing of railroad tank cars. securing federal investment for Positive Train Control and High Car Company Speed Rail, supporting 2009 RSI Committees The RSI Committee on Tank Amtrak’s legislative goals, sup- Cars is comprised of companies WASHINGTON AFFAIRS porting the Class I railroads that design and manufacture COMMITTEE efforts opposed to reregula- railroad tank cars operating in Co-Chair: John Paljug, Safetran tion and lobbying against big- this country and/or own, man- Systems Corporation ger trucks. In addition, the age, and lease approximately Co-Chair: Thomas J. committee works very closely 70% of the nation’s tank car Gillespie, Jr., ALSTOM with Operation Lifesaver to fleet. The committee regularly Transportation, Inc. reduce the deaths and injuries reviews tank car requirements Open to all members, but at highway-rail grade crossings through its membership on the with an emphasis on member and along railroad rights-of- AAR Tank Car Committee and companies in the Communica- way through education pro- remains at the forefront of the tion & Signaling, MOW and grams for the public. latest research to improve tank Passenger industries. This com- car safety. This committee rep- mittee and its working groups resents the tank car industry in represent these segments of This committee was formed federal, legislative, and regula- the industry in Washington, when the Maintenance of Way, tory matters. In addition, it DC. Legislative issues of inter- Grade Crossing Safety, Train jointly sponsors with AAR, the est include: supporting the Sec- Control and Passenger commit- RSI/AAR Tank Car Safety tion 130 highway-rail grade tees were combined in 2009. Research Project. Membership crossing program; supporting on this committee is restricted railroads in securing tax incen-
  10. 10. Tank Car Activities 11 2009 RSI Annual Report Hazardous commodities are a that has resulted in a safer and tank car industry. necessity in providing the valu- more secure tank car to carry The RSICTC continues to able goods and services hazardous commodities. work closely with the AAR and demanded by our society. The RSICTC recently joined government agencies on And there is no safer way to with the rail tank car commu- pending regulations and pro- transport these materials than nity to launch the Advanced vided input to the interim PIH by rail tank cars. More than Tank Car Collaborative tank car rulemaking that was 99.99% of hazardous com- Research Program. This initia- released in 2009. The work of modities shipped in tank cars tive will define the next gener- the member companies of the arrive at their destination without an incident. The record is clear that this mode of transportation out performs all others, and it is because of the strong commitment to safety by the RSI Committee on Tank Cars and rail tank car industry. The RSICTC has long been proactive in working with the AAR and government regula- tory agencies to continually develop safer and more secure tank cars. Since 1970, the RSICTC has partnered with the AAR to fund the Railroad Tank Car Safety and Research Pro- ject, this project collects data on tank cars that have been damaged in derailments and uses the information to incor- porate designs that enhance tank car safety. The Committee also funds research projects that are directed toward tank car per- formance improvements. This research is often done in con- ation tank car to carry ultra- RSI Committee on Tank Cars, junction with the Department hazardous materials, address- in conjunction with the AAR, of Transportation, Transport ing both safety and security government regulatory agen- Canada and, more recently, enhancements. Other mem- cies and chemical shippers has with the Department of bers of this collaborative been instrumental in achieving Homeland Security. In addi- effort include the AAR, Chlo- the outstanding safety record tion, the RSI Committee on rine Institute, Fertilizer Insti- of the tank car industry. Tank Cars has spent more than tute, American Chemistry $21 million on data collection Council, Department of Trans- and research, donated equip- portation, Department of ment for research testing, and Homeland Security and Trans- provided countless hours of port Canada. The Committee time in participating on indus- also participates in visits to try committees. This has been Capitol Hill to educate legisla- a major commitment, but one tors on issues that involve the
  11. 11. RSI About Us 12 RSI About Us The Railway Supply Institute Connection Advocacy acts on behalf of more than 200 Railway suppliers are con- RSI is your voice in Washing- of the largest manufacturers nected and strengthened by ton. and suppliers to North Ameri- RSI. The RSI is a presence on Capitol can freight and passenger rail- RSI members meet and do busi- Hill and among the regulatory roads, and their 150,000 ness with freight and passenger agencies that write the rules for employees. The RSI connects railroads and other suppliers at the rail industry, continually members to their customers and annual conferences, tradeshows advocating safe, sensible, and partners, supports the improve- and industry events. We are the efficient solutions that work for ment of the industry, assists center of the industry network, rail, suppliers, and the people members in the global market- helping to make contacts for who depend on us to move place, and represents the indus- our members with key players their goods. try during the regulatory and in the companies that work in legislative process. the rail and rail supply industry. Support Support of railway suppliers is important to the railroad industry. RSI organizes 7 project commit- tees on critical issues such as safe transportation of haz- ardous materials, passenger transportation, and grade cross- ing safety that meet to craft solutions that support our mem- bership’s continuing efforts to revolutionize the rail industry.
  12. 12. 13 2009 RSI Annual Report Conferences & Events The success of RSI depends largely on the ment for a discussion on our current trans- involvement of its membership. RSI offers portation policy and rail issues. Though “The opportunities throughout the year to provide Hill” can seem like a formidable place full of for its membership. Grassroots efforts, such conflicting ideas, Congressional Representa- as Railroad Day on Capitol Hill, marketing tives are often happy to speak to con- events such as Global Railway Tech, and giv- stituents in the rail industry. ing opportunities for our members to meet Across the board, those who attended with their customers as in the Amtrak CEO Railroad Day were pleased with their meet- meeting, help us to provide value to our ings and were fully prepared to discuss rail members. Below are just a few of the events issues in detail. Leo Ditewig, Chief Engineer that RSI sponsored in 2009. at Holland Company, shared his thoughts on the meetings he attended. “In some cases the February 26, 2009: Congress people wanted to know how many Railroad Day on Capitol Hill jobs we provided to their constituents. We More than 25 RSI members attended Railroad discussed how important we are to the envi- Day on Capitol Hill in 2009. They joined hun- ronment (436 miles per gallon and 280 trucks dreds of other railroad industry employees off the highway), re-regulation, and the on Capitol Hill to promote the rail industry economy.” and legislative issues being considered in Congress which will impact the rail and rail March 12, 2009: supply industry. More than 250 meetings RSI Members Meet with Amtrak CEO were scheduled on Capitol Hill with represen- Twenty-five RSI members took advantage of tatives from the House and Senate. a Meet & Greet coordinated by RSI with “It is a simple answer. The healthier and Amtrak President & CEO Joseph Boardman. more robust the railroad industry is, the RSI members spent time with the Amtrak more business will be available to its suppli- President as Mr. Boardman as he discussed ers,” replied John Kieras, Director of Railroad Amtrak’s short- and long- term capital plan, and Industry Relations at Union Tank Car as well as the national passenger railroad’s Company, when asked why suppliers should general plan for the economic $1.3 billion attend Railroad Day. Certainly, there is great stimulus money provided through the Ameri- momentum for rail on Capitol Hill this year can Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. and Railroad Day was the perfect environ-
  13. 13. 14 April 22, 2009: RSI Meets with DOT ger-car manufacturing capacity and alterna- 2009 RSI Conferences Secretary Ray LaHood tive fuels for locomotives. Members of the RSI Board met with Depart- ment of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Ray May 7, 2009: LaHood, urging him to keep railroads and Selling to America’s Railroads their suppliers free of new regulations that In early 2009, Congress passed the American prevent development of critical new trans- Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). It portation infrastructure and technologies. provided $9.3 billion for high speed and RSI Board Chairman Marshall Beck of New intercity passenger rail, which included $1.3 York Air Brake led the contingent, joined by billion for Amtrak and $8 billion for the Bob Hulick of Trinity Rail and Robert development of high speed rail. On May 7, Matthews of Tangent Rail. Dave Matsuda 2009, RSI, in association with the OneRail from the DOT Transportation Policy office Coalition and Women in Government Rela- and Karen Rae from the Federal Railroad tions, held a symposium with government Administration also attended. and industry authorities regarding the avail- Mr. Beck emphasized that rail capacity ability of stimulus money for rail. More than expansion depends on new technologies such 100 people attended the discussion. as Positive Train Control (PTC), safety pro- Attendees heard from several panels, grams like the Section 130 highway rail grade including decision makers within U.S. DOT. Karen Rae, Deputy Administrator at FRA, highlighted the Administration’s dedication to implementing high speed rail in America as well as the importance of freight rail. Represen- tatives from the Class I Freight Panel (NS, CSX, UP, and BNSF) discussed their individual railroad’s passenger principles, stimulus projects, non- stimulus public-private partnership projects, and corridors where they might be engaged with high speed rail. Stephen Gardner, Vice Presi- dent, Policy and Development for Amtrak, gave an overview of Amtrak’s goals. A panel weighed cor- ridor HSR programs in California, Vir- ginia, and the Northeast. In October 2009, FRA Administra- tor Joe Szabo announced that FRA has received numerous applications from states and groups of states for the development of high-speed and intercity passenger rail programs for Cutting the crossing program, and a robust railway sup- grant funding from ARRA. These include 45 ceremonial ribbon ply industry. Beck noted that railroads applications from 24 states totaling approxi- marking the already invest more of their revenues than mately $50 billion to advance high speed rail opening of Global Railway Tech 2009 any other industry in new assets, turning corridor programs. FRA also received 214 are (from left): would-be profits into new jobs and better, applications from 34 states totaling $7 billion Ed Hamberger, safer transportation, and that railway suppli- for corridor planning and smaller projects. AAR; Tom Simpson, ers are funding R&D programs to bring new FRA, citing the huge response, will announce RSI; Tim Heilig, equipment and technology needed by rail- all awards this winter with a deadline of Feb- Norfolk Southern; Marshall Beck, roads to increase velocity and throughput. ruary 17, 2010. NYAB; and John Mr. LaHood asked the RSI members to Sigler, Progress Rail continue supporting development and September 16, 2009: & MARTS. deployment of high speed rail. The Secretary Global Railway Tech Opening Session also expressed interest in a domestic passen- The Opening Session of Global Railway Tech
  14. 14. 15 boasted two great speakers, Mr. Timothy 2009 RSI Annual Report Heilig, Vice President of Mechanical at Nor- folk Southern, and Magdy el-Sabaie, Director of Research at the Federal Railroad Adminis- tration (FRA). Mr. Heilig emphasized “safety at the fore- front of any strategy we choose to adopt.” Mr. Heilig spoke to a standing room-only crowd to discuss NS’s business strategy during the current economic downturn. Anticipating a slow recovery, Mr. Heilig told the RSI-CMA meeting “our focus needs to remain in the strategic importance the rail industry has on our country’s future transportation needs.” He stressed the importance of working with the public sector on public-private partner- ships, citing NS’s Heartland and Crescent Cor- ridors. Mr. Heilig outlined areas that the rail- road is moving to cut emission and fuel con- sumption including the use of green locomo- RSI Chairman Marshall Beck of tives, ECP brakes, elimination of needless NYAB speaks to RSI members attending the RSI Annual Meeting. engine idling, and replacement of older, less fuel-efficient locomotives. September 16 – 18, 2009: give all attendees an opportunity to view the Global Railway Tech 2009 products and technologies on display. Thanks to all those who attended Global Rail- The technical meetings of the Coordinated way Tech 2009 at the Chicago Hilton & Tow- Mechanical Associations were also well ers Hotel. More than 1,100 railroaders and attended. The Air Brake Association, the suppliers came to see the exhibits and attend International Association of Railway Operat- the CMA technical programs. ing Officers, the Locomotive Maintenance Seventy three RSI member companies dis- Officers Association and the Mechanical Asso- played their latest products in the RSI-spon- ciation Railcar Technical Services covered top- sored trade show, held as part of Global Rail- ics as diverse as tank car safety, remote moni- way Tech. In a change from past years, all toring of equipment, ECP brakes, locomotive social events were held in the exhibition hall technology developments, and Positive Train to increase traffic on the exhibit floor and to Control. Railway Interchange 2011 September 18-21, 2009 cal sessions by the Coordinated 2010. Please visit our website fre- Minneapolis, MN Mechanical Associations. quently for updates regarding At Railway Interchange 2011, exhibit space, hotel information, Please join us at Railway Inter- our members can look forward to and hospitality suites. We expect change 2011 at the Minneapolis a World Class Venue with 480,000 to begin selling booth space in Convention Center. This trade square feet of trade show space summer 2010. show will be one of the largest rail and 87 conference meeting rooms. supplier trade shows held in the In addition, RSI host hotels will Location, Indoor Exhibits and United States and will feature be the Hyatt and Millennium, Technical Sessions: many facets of the industry. directly across the street from the Minneapolis Convention Center Railway Interchange 2011 will Minneapolis Convention Center. Location, Outdoor Exhibits: be hosted by RSI, AREMA, RSSI, RSI members can look for RSI Canadian Pacific's Humboldt Yard and REMSA. There will be indoor specific details for Railway Inter- and outdoor exhibits, and techni- change 2011 beginning in early
  15. 15. 16 2009 RSI Capitol Hill RSI Work in Washington The railway supply and railroad industry continue to face tough economic times that have forced personnel cutbacks and tough financial decisions. A Demo- cratic Administration and Congress have set a busy pace for rail and transporta- tion issues such as high speed rail and BELOW: RSI’s meeting with the reauthorization of the country’s sur- DOT on April 22, 2009 face transportation bill. RSI and others included (from left): For- in the industry are poised to provide mer Rep. Bob Clement, RSI the leadership necessary on rail issues Consultant; Karen Rae, facing the Obama Administration and Deputy Administrator, Federal Railroad Adminis- the 111th Congress. In 2009, RSI leader- events surrounding the deployment and tration; Tom Simpson, RSI ship met separately with the Secretary development of HSR in the U.S. and in Executive Director; Ray of the Department of Transportation the crafting of a national rail plan as LaHood DOT Secretary; Ray LaHood, as well as new FRA Admin- mandated by the Passenger Rail Invest- Marshall Beck, Vice Presi- dent, Sales, New York Air istrator Joseph Szabo, to give a brief on ment and Improvement Act of 2008. In Brake, and RSI Chairman; the state of the industry and to discuss July, RSI Chairman Marshall Beck partic- Robert Matthews, Vice current issues. ipated in a round table discussion spon- President, Tangent Rail; Due to the heightened interest in sored by House T&I Chairman Jim Ober- and Bob Hulick, Senior High Speed Rail, RSI was invited to par- star (D-Minn.) and House Railroad Sub- Vice President at Trinity Rail. ticipate in numerous FRA sponsored committee Chairwoman Corrine Brown (D-Fla.). The purpose of the discussion was to focus upon the ability of the domestic manufacturing base to respond to HSR development projects. RSI also continues to host its yearly CEO meeting with Amtrak where RSI mem- bers spent time with the Amtrak Presi- dent discussing the railroads short and long term capital plan. Continuing its work on Capitol Hill, RSI Senior Staff, along with RSI lobbyist Former Member of Congress Bob Clement (D-Tenn.), met with over 50 Members of Congress and their staff educating them on the rail supply industry as well as advocating our leg- islative positions on key issues. In addi- tion, RSI continues its good work in D.C.
  16. 16. 17 2009 RSI Annual Report by interfacing with additional appropriate tinue our annual Amtrak CEO meeting, quali- Administration officials within FRA, FHWA, ty face time with high ranking DOT officials FTA, STB, PHMSA, NTSB and DHS (TSA), par- and the hosting of marketing events for our ticipating in RSAC, as well as participating in members. professional organizations such as Women Transportation Seminar, Women in Govern- MAJOR LEGISLATIVE INTERESTS, ment Relations, Transportation Table and the FIRST SESSION, 111th CONGRESS Transportation Research Forum. RSI also sits on the board of Operation Lifesaver, Inc. RSI is the railway supplier voice in Washing- Finally, alliances are vital in Washington, ton, D.C. and within the rail industry. Below and currently RSI belongs to the OneRail are current legislative issues that affect our Coalition which consists of RSI, Amtrak, Sur- industry. With access to decision makers in face Transportation Policy Partnership, the the United States Congress and the Obama American Public Transportation Association, Administration, RSI works with regulatory AAR, ASLRRA, National Association of Rail- agencies, Congressional lawmakers, and staff road Passengers, National Railroad Construc- to promote rail supply industry interests. The tion & Maintenance Association, the Natural association works tirelessly to represent its Resources Defense Council, the States for Pas- membership. We keep the Advocacy Section senger Rail Coalition, and the United Trans- of our website current on these issues, so portation Union. The OneRail Coalition please check out our website for more details brings passenger and freight stakeholders and updates on this legislation. together to educate decision makers at the federal, state, and local levels on the benefits Rail Capacity and Infrastructure of rail transport, and to promote investment Funding in freight and passenger rail infrastructure. Looking ahead to 2010, RSI envisions H.R. 1806, the Freight Rail Infrastructure another busy year where we plan to “pound Capacity Expansion Act of 2008, would pro- the pavement” on Capitol Hill as well as con- vide a 25% tax credit for investments in new
  17. 17. 18 rail track, intermodal facilities, rail yards, High Speed Rail locomotives or other rail infrastructure Earlier this year, Congress passed the Ameri- 2009 RSI Capitol Hill expansion projects. All businesses, including can Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in railroads, ports, shippers, and trucking com- an effort to move our nation toward eco- panies, would be eligible for the credit. nomic recovery. ARRA provided $9.3 billion Examples of qualifying capacity: Expanding for high speed and intercity passenger rail, investments include adding new track to which included $1.3 billion for Amtrak and existing right of ways; adding or extending $8 billion for the development of high speed new sidings or spurs to existing right of ways; rail. Additional funds have been approved constructing new intermodal or transload by the House in their version of FY 2010 DOT facilities; and new technology-based expan- Appropriations with $4 billion designated for sion, including signaling in dark territory. high speed rail and $1.5 billion for Amtrak. New locomotives would qualify only if they Finally, the House T & I Committee released increased the total horsepower of a carrier’s its version of a Surface Transportation Bill, locomotive fleet. Finally, all freight rail infra- which would provide $50 billion over six structure capital expenditures would be eligi- years for high speed rail corridors. This mas- ble for expensing treatment. sive infusion of capital money for high speed rail provides the potential for revitalizing the U.S. manufacturing sector if it is done in the correct way. Short Line Tax Credit Extension FY2010 DOT Appropriations H.R. 1132 and S. 461 would extend the short line tax credit through December 31, 2012. RSI supports the following for Fiscal Year Currently this credit creates an incentive for 2010 Department of Transportation Appro- short line railroads to invest in track rehabili- priation Levels: tation by providing a tax credit of 50 cents High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail for every dollar the railroad spends on track (including $50 million for HSR R&D): $4.0 bil- improvements; however it was to expire on lion December 31, 2009. Amtrak: $1.84 billion Rail Safety Technology Grants (Would pro- vide Funding for PTC): $100 million Rail Line Relocation: $40 million National Infrastructure Investment Grants (extension of TIGER Grants): $1.1 billion MAJOR LEGISLATIVE INTERESTS, SECOND SESSION, 111th CONGRESS Surface Transportation Bill (SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization) The 2005 “Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Effi- cient Transportation Equity Act-A Legacy for Users” (SAFETEA-LU), approved by Congress and signed by then President Bush in August 2005, authorized $286.5 billion in federal Congressman. John Mica (R- investment for the highway, public trans- Fla., at left), Ranking Mem- portation and highway safety programs from ber of the House Transporta- fiscal years (FY) 2004-09. The law expired on tion and Infrastructure Com- September 30, 2009. The House and Senate mittee,listens to one rail industry employee during have so far passed two extensions of Railroad Day on Capitol Hill. SAFETEA-LU. The second was set to expire on December 18, 2009.
  18. 18. Issues that fall under this larger bill: 19 ■ Section 130 Highway-Rail Grade Cross- 2009 RSI Annual Report ing Safety Program ■ Truck Sizes and Weight Section 130 Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Program Since 1973 Congress has provided dedicated funding for states to implement safety improvement projects at highway-rail grade crossings. This funding has been a part of every surface transportation act since 1973 and, at the urging of RSI, was continued in SAFETEA-LU at $220 million per fiscal year. The Chairman of the House T & I Commit- tee, Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.), has introduced his version of SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization titled, the Surface Transportation Authoriza- tion Act of 2009. This bill would provide $500 billion in total transportation funding, with nearly $100 billion for public transporta- tion and $50 billion for high-speed rail. Unfortunately, this bill terminates the Section 130 highway-rail grade crossing program $220 million set aside over two years and consolidates the funding and its authority into the Highway Safety Improvement Pro- gram thereby forcing it to compete with 21 standing and successful Section 130 highway other major highway safety programs for lim- rail grade crossing program and enhance pro- ited federal safety dollars. ject prioritization requirements. Without a RSI has joined a coalition with groups such budgetary set-aside like the Section 130 pro- as AAR, ASLRRA, Norfolk Southern, Union gram, grade crossing needs would fare poor- Pacific, the Brotherhood of Railroad Signal- ly in competition with more traditional high- men, and others to combat this change in the way needs (such as highway construction and Section 130 program by supporting H.R. maintenance. If incorporated in the next sur- 2125, the Surface Transportation Authoriza- face transportation act (SAFETEA-LU reautho- tion Act. H.R. 2125 would extend the long- rization), the provisions of H.R. 2125 would RSI Supports Operation Lifesaver RSI is a cofounder and longtime the railroad and railway supply 2009 Contributors supporter of Operation Lifesaver industries, law enforcement agen- American Railcar Industries, Inc. (OLI), the nationwide volunteer cies, the trucking industry and Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. organization dedicated to reduc- other highway safety organiza- Diesel Electrical Equipment, Inc. ing crashes at highway rail grade tions. Operation Lifesaver and the Ebenezer Railcar Services crossings. With chapters in 49 federal Section 130 grade crossings GLNX Corporation states, OLI’s look, listen, and live improvement program have com- The Okonite Company message has been a major factor bined to create educational pro- PHW, Inc. in reducing the number fatalities grams that have saved lives. Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. associated with highway-rail grade (RSSI) crossing crashes and trespassing. Since its creation is 1985, RSI mem- Strato, Inc. OLI enjoys broad support from bers have donated their time and Union Tank Car Company Congress, the Department of more than $500,000 to Operation Transportation, individual states, Lifesaver.
  19. 19. prevent the Section 130 from remains in close contact with frozen by Congress since 1991. 20 disappearing. H.R. 2125 was referred to the House Commit- the supporters of the Section 130 Coalition Under current law, trucks oper- ating on most of the U.S. Inter- tee on Transportation & Infra- . state Highway System can have Truck Size & Weights 2009 RSI Capitol Hill structure, where it is pending a gross vehicle weight of no consideration. more than 80,000 pounds. RSI continues to solicit Truck size and weight limits on Attempts to thaw the federal cosponsors for H.R. 2125 and federal highways have been freeze have been rejected by Congress. The freight rail- roads and the trucking indus- try agreed to oppose changes in federal law regarding truck size and weight through Sep- tember 2009, the period when SAFETEA-LU was in effect. Some within the trucking industry have indicated that they will seek lifting existing Truck Size & Weight limits when SAFETEA-LU is reauthorized. Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act H.R. 1618 and S. 779 would extend the present freeze on longer and heavier combina- tion vehicles from the Inter- state Highway System to the entire National Highway Sys- tem. H.R. 1618 was referred to the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure where it is pending considera- tion. Its companion bill, S. 779, was referred to the Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works where it is also pending consideration. Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act H.R. 233 and S. 146, Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act, would repeal limited antitrust exemptions provided for freight railroads. The bills would allow the federal gov- ernment, States and private parties to file suit to enjoin anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions. The bills would also move the review of merg- ers to the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and to the Federal Trade Commission.
  20. 20. RSI Work in Washington: 21 Bob Clement Reports RSI Clement Lobbying Congress is a big Present and Future Roles, Railroads and its Class I Rail- part of what we do here at Performance, Benefits, and road members, the Ameri- RSI. Our goal is simple: to Needs."Tom noted the poor can Short Line and Regional support legislation that is state of economic growth Railroad Association and its good for railway suppliers in the car building industry members, OneRail, Women and their customers and to and the poor projections of in Government Relations oppose legislation that the industry as a whole. (WGR), or Women in Trans- harms railway suppliers and Tom's testimony was used portation (WTS). their customers. That simple by T&I Chairman Jim Ober- In my time with Congress, philosophy governs the star as he argued on the I always kept in mind the Capitol Hill work that Tom House importance of hearing Simpson, Nicole Brewin and floor for passage of trans- from constituents. RSI is I perform on a weekly basis. portation stimulus legisla- undertaking a new effort With the inauguration of tion. to better quantify the Barack Obama as President Of course, we don't limit size and scope of the rail- and the swearing in of ourselves to just the T&I way supply industry, and the 111th Congress in Janu- Committee. There are when we contact you for ary of 2009, we began a many committees and more detailed information, new time in Washington agencies that have a hand I urge you to share it with and were faced with new in the success of the rail us so that we can better challenges and new oppor- supply industry. We spend represent you and our tunities. We visited more time visiting members of industry at large. We will than 40 offices ranging the House Appropriations also begin a more effective from House leadership to and Ways and Means Com- grassroots effort. Expect the newest freshman. We mittees and the Senate updates from RSI about tracked legislation, includ- Appropriation, Commerce upcoming legislation affect- Bob Clement ing in the vitally important and Environment Commit- ing our industry and details House Transportation and tees. In addition, we have about contacting your Infrastructure (T&I) Com- paid visits to Obama Congressional representa- mittee, where most rail leg- Administration officials, tives. Your phone call, let- islation originates. including Secretary of ter, or email can make a Some of the major legisla- Transportation Ray LaHood difference, especially when tion we are following for and Federal Railroad all of our members partici- you, our members,includes: Administrator Joseph pate in this active role. • rail safety Szabo. We, of course, won't rest • reauthorization of the As an eight-term member on our laurels in 2010, an SAFETEA -LU transportation of the House of Representa- important year for RSI bill tives, I recognize the value members as Congress will • the Section 130 highway of coalition building to the consider transportation leg- rail grade crossing safety legislative process. When islation that will affect how program organizations and industry you and your customers do • truck sizes and weights stakeholders come together business. Our legislative • Amtrak funding on principles they can agree strategy outlined above • Surface Transportation on, members of Congress combined with the leader- Board reauthorization listen more closely. I am ship of your board of direc- In January 2009, Tom pleased at the efforts of RSI tors will govern our activi- Simpson was asked to testi- to build long lasting coali- ties in 2010, and RSI will be fy at a T&I hearing on tions whether it's with the a tireless advocate on your "Freight and Passenger Rail: Association of American behalf.
  21. 21. 22 2009 RSI Membership Membership Our strength in the industry RSI is committed to retaining and building mem- vide value to our over 200 members in the rail bership by bringing value to our members. Our supply industry in various ways, including: releas- programs, committee work, and advocacy in ing timely information in our newsletters and Washington, DC are key to retaining and growing legislative alerts, educational programming, our membership. trade shows and marketing events, and by creat- In 2009, our membership participated in a sur- ing opportunities for our members to meet with vey to better gauge the needs of RSI members. elected officials and other government decision This survey indicated that the RSI membership makers. places value on efforts to improve access to cus- RSI also seeks diversity in its membership and tomers and on our Washington lobby activity. It in its officers. Like our membership, our board of also reinforced the premise that we need to directors and committee chairs represent many increase the focus on communication within our facets of the rail supply industry from tank car membership on issues of importance. This infor- builders to maintenance of way manufacturers, mation helped us to develop a plan which focuses from large companies to small ones. With better on member satisfaction. In order to take RSI in a communication and outreach to customers, folks new direction, RSI hired SMS Marketing Services on Capitol Hill, and you, RSI continues to effec- to design a more modern logo to better repre- tively address your needs and bring value to your sent our corporate identity and the changing membership. direction RSI is taking. Balancing the needs and interests of the vari- Our new website is cleaner, easier to navigate, ous sized companies that belong to RSI is always and designed to be the main avenue of communi- a challenge. The vast majority of our members cation between RSI and its membership. It also are smaller companies, but most dues income includes more details on upcoming tradeshows comes from the larger members. and marketing events, legislation that affects All activities undertaken by RSI staff and com- your business, and other important information. mittees benefit the entire membership. Smaller Look for frequent changes; we look forward to companies especially value trade shows and other adding a Members Only Section in 2010. marketing events; larger companies value the RSI The value that RSI brings to its membership is Committee activities as well. important to our existence. We continue to pro- All RSI members benefit from our Washington,
  22. 22. D.C. activities in support of the railway supply Look for additional information about our industry and our customers. RSI is cognizant of the differing interests of its membership and members by looking at the Membership Directory on the following pages, or on our website at 23 strives to serve each segment appropriately. 2009 RSI Annual Report RSI Membership: Global representation Not only do RSI members span the many facets of the industry, they also span the globe with members in 32 states, Australia, Canada, China, and the Republic of Korea. Within the United States, a large percentage of RSI membership organizations hail from 10 states: Illinois Ohio Michigan Pennsylvania Minnesota Texas Missouri Virginia New York Wisconsin New RSI Members in 2009 Alcoa Fastening Systems Waco, Texas Bangor Metals Cambridge, Ontario Independent Machine Company of Gladstone, Inc. Gladstone, Michigan Innovative Scheduling Gainesville, Florida Kavi Associates Barrington, Illinois Lokring Technology LLC Willoughby, Ohio MAC Products, Inc. Kearny, New Jersey Megger Norristown, Pennsylvania Nathan Airchime, Inc.: Sub-Micro Precision Group South Windham, Connecticut Norgren Inc. Littleton, Colorado PI Engineering Inc. Williamston, Michigan Power Drives, Inc. Buffalo, New York StarTrak Systems, LLC Morris Plains, New Jersey Talgo, Inc. Washington, D.C. Therm-Omega Tech, Inc. Warminster, Pennsylvania Transportation Technology Inc. Yonkers, New York Ulven Forging Hubbard, Oregon US Railcar, LLC Columbus, Ohio 2009 RSI Membership: Dues revenue Membership by Class
  23. 23. 24 2009 RSI Membership Directory RSI Membership Directory A. Stucki Company covering systems for hopper cars, American Railcar Industries, Inc. Mr. William R. Kiefer including trough and round covers, Mr. James J. Unger 2600 Neville Road manufactured in aluminum and fiber- 1000 Clark Street Pittsburgh, PA 15225 glass, brackets, locks and batten bars. St. Charles, MO 63301 2081 P: (412) 771-7300-126 Replacement parts and gates for Key- P: (636) 940-6006 stone and Agrogate outlet gates. F: (636) 940-6044 Products & Services: Truck Compo- Alcoa Fastening Systems nents & Breaking Equipment. Mr. Randy E. Rape Products & Services: Control to switch 8001 Imperial Drive machines, circuit controllers, impedance Absopulse Electronics Ltd. Waco, TX 76714-8117 bonds, relays, and signals. Ms. Carole Lombard P: (254) 751-5229) See our ad on page C3. 110 Walgreen Road F: (254) 751-5259 Ottawa, Ont. K0A 1L0 CANADA American Railroad Equipment P: (613) 237-8481 Ms. Gina Baier Products & Services: Fastening System PO Box 611 for construction of new railcars, repair Roanoke, VA 24004 Products & Services: Designs and man- of railcars, & track and passenger car P: (540) 767-8000 ufactures high-performance, switch- construction. F: (540) 767-8888 mode power supplies. Our extensive product line includes AC/DC power Alstom Transportation Inc. supplies and battery chargers, DC/DC Mr. Charles R. Wochele Products & Services: Locomotive & converters, laboratory power supplies PO Box 20600 Parts Sales. and complete power systems deliv- Rochester, NY 14602 ered pre-wired in 19” or 23” shelves. P: (585) 279-1492 Amglo Kemlite We provide innovative cost-effective F: (585) 279-1430 Laboratories, Inc. solutions for almost any customer Mr. John Madzar requirements. 8787 Enterprise Boulevard Products & Services: Design & furnish Largo, FL 33773 ACL International, Inc. signaling equipment ranging from P: (727) 812-2000 Mr. Arthur C. Low communication based train control F: (727) 812-2001 1181 Hillside Road systems, vital processor interlocking Northbrook, IL 60062 control systems. P: (847) 498-2192 Products & Services: Quartz Halogen F: (847) 498-2191 American Equipment Ditch / Headlamp. Company Products & Services: Mr. Howard E. McCall, Jr. AMICO International Business Development / 4755 Technology Way, Suite 208 Mr. Roger Oberle Consulting. Boca Raton, FL 33431 5947 S. Shore Drive P: (561) 997-2080 Baton Rouge, LA 70817 Aero Transportation F: (561) 997-2110 P: (225) 753-4977 Products F: (225) 752-8625 Ms. Tamara Hart PO Box 1058 Products & Services: Independence, MO 64051 0558 Computer–based centralized traffic Products & Services: A & B end plat- P: (816) 257-5450 F: (816) 257-6910 control systems, and completely auto- form boards; running board top matic train. mounted, ends; dome platforms. Cus- tom built running boards—all avail- Products & Services: Complete line of able in bar grating and plank-type
  24. 24. RSI Membership Directory 25 safety grating. Products are supplied Carbone of America to new car manufacturers and repair Products & Services: Mr. Xavier Mlynek 2009 RSI Annual Report facilities. Event Data Recorders, Speed Indica- 225 Harwood Boulevard tor and Control Systems. Dorian, Quebec J7V 1Y3 Amsted Rail P: (450) 455-5728 Mr. Brian Hawkins Bangor Metals F: (450) 455-5052 6000A Sawgrass Village Circle Suite Mr. Owen Hennessey #7 1060 Fountain Street Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Cambridge, Ontario N3E 0A1 Products & Services: P: (904) 285-7111 CANADA Mfg: Carbon Brushes, Brush-Hold- P: (519) 650-6062 ers, and Ship Rings. F: (519) 650-9761 Products & Services: Tapered roller Cattron -Theimeg Inc. bearings, wheels, Bolsters, side Mr. James W. Kingerski frames, couplers & Draft Gear Sys- Products & Services: A Tier one sup- 58 West Shenango Street tems. plier to Original Equipment Manu- Sharpsville, PA 16150 See our ad on page 3. facturers and refurbishers or rail P: (724) 962-3571 locotmotives and other off-highway F: (724) 962-8249 Ansaldo STS USA, Inc heavy industrial vehicles and equip- Mr. Russell Glorioso ment. Capabilities offered include 1000 Technology Drive complex fabrication, assembly, weld Products & Services: Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3120 and precision machining. Products Radio Remote Controls. P: (412) 688-2200 include “PLug and Play Operator F: (412) 688-2589 Cabs, High Voltage Cabinets, Fuel Central Sales & Service, Inc. Tanks and other major operating Mr. Ed Kehrer modules. PO Box 649, 110 Industrial Court Products & Services: Manufacturer Waverly, TN 37185 0649 and service of signaling, automation Beena Vision Systems, Inc. P: (931) 296-1940 and control equipment and systems Mr. Kambiz Nayebi F: (931) 296-1949 for the railroad and mass transit 645 Hembree Park Drive, Suite K industries. Products include Mirolok Roswell, GA 30076 II wayside control systems, M-Style P: (678) 597-3156 Products & Services: (Gaskets) Plug switch machines, solid state code F: (678) 597-0156 door gasket, mounting, frame gas- transmitter relays, track circuits, kets, coil cover gaskets, air-slide, Digitair EOT systems, gate mecha- cleats, light metal parts, window nisms, MicroCab cab signaling sys- Products & Services: Non- contact and door gaskets for passenger cars, tems, and various carborne, high- measurement device. etc. Also, manufacturer of custom way crossing and wayside signaling extruded and molded rubber. systems. Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics Mr. John Bridges Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. Arrow Pin & Products, Inc. 1953 Mercer Road Mr. Fred R. Sasser Mr. Charles Prucha, Jr. Lexington, KY 40511 6250 North River Road, 51 E. 34th Street P: (859) 254-8031 Suite 7000 So. Chicago Heights, IL 60411 Rosemont, IL 60018 P: (708) 755-7575 P: (847) 318-8000 F: (708) 755-7975 Products & Services: Pneumatics, F: (847) 318-8045 Automated pneumatic hopper car outlet openers. Pneumatic Products & Services: Hardened Pins, Cylinders & Pneumatic Valves. Products & Services: Full service leas- Weldments, Assemblies. ing of covered hopper cars. Brookville Equipment Arthur N. Ulrich Company Corporation Chrome Crankshaft Mr. Thomas J. Ulrich Ms. Erin McKillip Company LLC 10340 Palmer Road, SW 175 Evans Street Mr. William F. Walen Pataskala, OH 43062 Brookville, PA 15825 4166 Mound Road P: (740) 927-8244 P: (814) 849-2000 Joliet, IL 60436 9009 F: (740) 927-6017 F: (814) 849-2010 P: (815) 725-9030 F: (815) 725-9930 Products & Services: Pocket plate, Products & Services: EM of new low maintenance nickek cadmium switchers, new line haul single or Products & Services: Remanufacturer batteries, lead acid batteries, batter multi-engine co-generation; reman- of locomotive/industrial crankshafts. chargers and complete design, man- ufacturers/rebuilder. ufacturing and integration of pho- Chromium Corporation tovoltaic power systems for remote CAM Innovation, Inc. Mr. Frank Jalili site applications. Mr. Charles A. McGough, III 215 14910 Quorum Drive, Ste 600 Philadelphia Street Dallas, TX 75254 Bach-Simpson Corp. Hanover, PA 17331 P: (216) 271-4209 Mr. Paul Weber P: (717) 637-598 F: (216) 271-4195 POB 5484, 1225 F: (717) 637-9329 Brydges Street London, Ontario N5W 2C2 Products & Services: GE crankshaft CANADA Products & Services: Machine tools reconditioning and ABS inspections. P: (519) 452-3200-124 to manufacture & repair locomotive F: (519) 452-3165 traction motors.