2013 Railway Supply Institute Annual Report & Membership Directory


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2013 Railway Supply Institute Annual Report & Membership Directory

  1. 1. Annual Report 2013 Rsi 12 RSI Annual Report 2013 2013 AnnuAl RepoRt & MeMbeRship DiRectoRy
  2. 2. Annual Report 2013 RSI 1 Table of conTenTs 2013 AnnuAl RepoRt & MeMbeRship DiRectoRy sUPPoRT 2 About Us 2 Leadership 4 Chairman’s Message 6 President’s Message 8 Strategic Goals 10 Our Membership 11 Scholarship Program 13 aDVocacY 14 Top Five Legislative Issues 14 Work in Washington 16 The Power of Coalitions 18 Operation Lifesaver 19 connecTIon 20 Conferences and Events 20 Industry Committees 24 ARCI’s Freight Car Statistics 28 MeMbeRsHIP DIRecToRY 30 advertising Index 48 Published for RSI by Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, 55 Broad Street, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10004. Art Director: Wendy Williams Design Assistant: Emily Cocheo Cover photos (clockwise, from top right) by: Shutterstock; Steve Glischinski; Bruce Kelly; Tom Tussey of D.A.S. Rail Enterprises; and Bruce Kelly. Photo, this page, by: Bruce Kelly.
  3. 3. About us BruceKelly RSI: Support, Connection, Advocacy The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) acts on behalf of suppliers to North American railroads and their employees. RSI connects members to their customers and partners, supports industry improvement, assists members in the global marketplace, and represents the industry during the regulatory and legislative process. RSI is the only all-inclu- sive trade association for the entire railway supply industry. RSI represents a diverse group of railway suppliers involved in the manufacture of products and services in the freight car, locomotive, maintenance-of-way, communications and signaling, leasing, and passenger rail industries. Support . . . Support of railway suppliers is important to the railroad industry.  RSI organizes eight industry committees on critical issues, such as safe transportation of hazardous materials, grade crossing safety, and technical standards. Our committees assist members in collaborating to resolve the technical, legislative, and regulatory issues unique to the railway supply industry (details, p. 24). Connection . . . Railway suppliers are connected and strengthened by RSI. RSI members meet and do business with freight and passenger railroads and other suppliers at trade shows and industry events in the United States and abroad. RSI is the center of the industry network, giving members an opportunity to connect with the true decision-makers in the rail industry (details, p. 20). Advocacy . . . RSI is your voice in Washington, D.C. RSI is the premier voice for the railway supply industry on Capitol Hill and among the regula- tory agencies. RSI diligently advocates for safe, sensible, and efficient solutions that work for rail, suppliers, and the people who depend on the industry to move goods. RSI aids members in communicating their interests to legislators, regulators, and other industry stakeholders (details, p. 14). 2 RSI Annual Report 2013
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  5. 5. 4 RSI Annual Report 2013 Leadership Through forward thinking and collaboration, the RSI Board of Directors is poised to handle our diverse industry and its chang- ing needs. The board shares in the responsibility of developing short-term goals and long-term strategy; overseeing confer- ences and events; and manag- ing financial and policy issues. The combination of leadership, experiences, and resources pro- duces a unique and well-round- ed governing body. Officers • Chair Fred R. Sasser, Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company • Vice Chair Michael Foxx, Strato, Inc. • Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Stearns, Wabtec Corporation DirectOrs • Patrick T. Ameen,  Amsted Rail Company, Inc. • Patrick Casey, TTX Company • Thomas F. DeJoseph, Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. • Thomas Ellman, GATX Corporation • Jim Frantz, Graham-White Manufacturing Company • Jessica Kramer Havens, Diesel Supply Co., Inc. • Michael Ogden, Morton Manufacturing Co. • John Paljug, Siemens Industry, Inc.  • Edward Whalen, FreightCar America, Inc. • Michael J. Mitrovich, MPL Technology Inc.  (Honorary Director) • John Fox, NARSTCO Steel  (REMSA Representative) • Thomas J. Ulrich, Arthur N. Ulrich Company (RSSI Representative) Newly electeD fOr 2014 • David Brabb, Sharma and Associates • Dan O’Neal, The Greenbrier Companies • Patrice Powers, GE Rail Car Services staff The RSI staff is dedicated, knowl- edgeable, and eager to serve the railway supply industry in all aspects of association management. Guided by the RSI mission of supporting, connecting, and advocating for the railway supply industry and its members, the RSI staff promotes the industry by working in government relations, hosting trade shows and marketing events, connecting mem- bers to their customers, and creating a forum for industry collaboration. thomas D. simpson President simpson@rsiweb.org robyn M. leach, ceM Vice President of administration leach@rsiweb.org Nicole B. Brewin Vice President of Government affairs brewin@rsiweb.org amanda t. Patrick trade shows & Marketing patrick@rsiweb.org Brian Kellman Membership & Grassroots coordinator kellman@rsiweb.org Railway Supply Institute, Inc. 425 third street, sw, suite 920 washington, D.c. 20024 (p) 202-347-4664 | www.rsiweb.org RSI Staff (pictured left to right, from top): Thomas D. Simpson; Robyn M. Leach; Nicole B. Brewin; Amanda T. Patrick; and Brian Kellman.
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  7. 7. Chairman’s message 6 RSI Annual Report 2013 RSI: Moving the Industry Forward As we reflect on RSI’s activities in 2013, we can see that RSI has con- tinued to move the railway supply industry forward by affecting policy through our advocacy program in Washington, D.C.; our trade shows that allow members to market their products directly to their customers (in the United States and abroad); and the collaboration of our members through our industry committees. Our 280-plus members continue to keep our association strong, and for that, I am thankful. In early 2013, RSI commissioned a membership survey designed to mea- sure service quality and the value of RSI programs, and to gauge interest in new programs (details, p. 11). The survey results were gratifying, with members giving high marks to RSI’s performance on trade shows, com- munications, and government relations. With the survey results in hand, the RSI Board and staff are making strides to implement programs that reflect the needs and interests of our membership. We learned there is strong interest in international marketing. Our suc- cess with the USA Pavilion at Business on Rails 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil, solidified that enthusiasm, and we look forward to providing more of these opportunities in 2014 and beyond. We also learned that our members want to know the needs of the Class I railroads. We are exploring the possibility of a marketing event with a Class I. Look for an announcement about this exciting opportunity in early 2014. This past year, RSI was pleased with the success of Railway Interchange 2013, which welcomed over 7,800 attend- ees and 657 exhibitors. For the first time ever, we cohosted a USA Pavilion at Business on Rails in Brazil. My com- pany participated in the pavilion and was very satisfied with the event and the quality of new prospects we met. We were happy to learn that the USA Pavilion at Business on Rails will be bigger and better in 2014. Please see the Conferences and Events section (p. 20) to learn more about this and our upcoming trade shows, including RSI/ CMA (Coordinated Mechanical Associations) 2014 in Montreal and Railway Interchange 2015. RSI continues to be the premier advocate for the railway supply industry in Washington, D.C. In 2013, we visited over 100 congressional offices, covering issues such as the Section 130 highway-rail grade crossing program, big trucks, investment in passenger rail and freight, and tank car issues (see p. 14). We also created a passenger- specific committee for those companies doing business with passenger rail (see p. 24). Look for a renewed effort in 2014 as Congress debates transportation funding, rail safety, and the future of intercity passenger rail. Finally, I encourage all of our members to get involved and take advantage of what RSI has to offer. RSI is only as strong as the members it serves, and your voice is a critical part of our association. I have been honored to be the chairman of the RSI Board of Directors this year. I know that under the leadership of 2014 Chairman Mike Foxx and RSI President Tom Simpson, RSI will continue to serve its membership well. Fred Sasser, Chicago Freight Car Leasing, 2013 RSI Chairman
  8. 8. president’s message 8 RSI Annual Report 2013 Growth Plus Constants Equals Success Last January, I celebrated my 25th year at RSI and its predecessor orga- nization, the Railway Progress Institute (RPI). Much has changed in those 25 years, but much remains the same. In 1988 at RPI, we were working on legislative goals, which included advo- cating for the Section 130 grade crossing program, supporting investments in high speed rail, preventing an increase in truck sizes and weights, work- ing to prevent railroad reregulation, and opposing coal slurry pipelines. Today, while we beat back the coal slurry pipeline proposal, many of our goals and efforts remain intact. We are still fighting for the Section 130 program, asking for investment in high speed rail, and diligently touting rail as the best method for carrying freight, not bigger, heavier trucks. Our annual trade show and conference continues to grow in attendance, in number of exhibits, and in those attending the Coordinated Mechanical Association (CMA) technical sessions. This year, we added the League of Railway Industry Women as the fifth CMA, and we couldn’t be more delighted. Finally, our industry committees, such as Tank Cars and State Tax, continue to serve our industry and our customers. A constant at RSI through much of our growth has been the RSI staff: Robyn Leach, vice president of administra- tion (12-plus years), Nicole Brewin, vice president of government affairs (10-plus years), Amanda Patrick, direc- tor of trade shows (five-plus years), and Brian Kellman, membership coordinator (two-plus years). Their talents, knowledge, and commitment to our members has helped RSI to grow. Another constant has been the support of the Board of Directors. Their leadership, guidance, and support has been an integral part of our success. We strive to have broad-based representation on our board both in company size and dis- cipline, and I am pleased to say that our leadership reflects the diversity of the industry and our membership. Our 2014 chairman is Mike Foxx, president and CEO of Strato Inc., a small company; vice chairman is Jeff Stearns, vice president, sales and marketing, Locomotive and Electronic Group at Wabtec Corp., a large and diverse company; and secretary- treasurer is Tom DeJoseph, vice president, marketing and sales, Loram Maintenance of Way, from the track side. The final and most important constant: continued interest in our activities from our membership. One of our most successful years was 2013, with 284 total member companies (see p. 30) and the largest trade show in our history, in terms of booth sales and attendance. Interestingly, over 80% of our membership comprises small businesses with revenues of less than $11 million. It is clear to me that RSI’s strength comes from our membership’s diversity. As you read the 2013 Annual Report & Membership Directory and reflect on the activities that RSI undertakes for its members, I think you will agree that RSI is poised to continue to grow in 2014 and beyond. Tom Simpson, President, Railway Supply Institute
  9. 9. 10 RSI Annual Report 2013 Our Strategic Goals In 2013, under the guidance of the board of directors and using the results of a membership survey, RSI developed a strategic plan. It identified current strengths, areas for improvement, and additional benefits. The plan covers the following areas: Communications & Publications: Enhance RSI website (www.rsiweb.org) with members-only section; implement social media program; and continue industry profiles and other articles highlighting membership in RSI newsletter. Government Relations: Provide leadership on policy goals; work with industry coali- tions; increase member participation in advocacy efforts; and market and publicize efforts to industry. Industry Committees: Provide a profes- sional forum for members to meet and dis- cuss issues collectively; promote notable committee findings; and continue to be a liaison between members and industry decision-makers. International Events: Host USA pavilions at international trade shows; assist exhibitors in achieving success; work to keep pavilion costs reasonable for exhibitors; and look for other opportunities for international member exposure. Membership: Increase member participa- tion in events and committees; expand RSI benefits; enhance marketing efforts; and continue to evaluate benefits with the help of member feedback. Member-Only Events: Host events with pur- chasers and rail industry decision-makers, such as Class I railroads and Amtrak; provide marketing seminars; and increase opportunities for member networking. Member Relations: Encourage more interaction among members through par- ticipation at RSI events and committees; enhance online membership directory; and connect members through new member- only web page and social media.. RSI Staff: Work to accomplish strategic goals; keep up with association and industry trends; develop new skills, as necessary; and continue to enhance the member experience through positive and timely interaction. Trade Shows: Assist exhibitors in promot- ing their products; encourage high-value attendees through marketing and promo- tions; enhance event technology; and continue to work with the Coordinated Mechanical Associations. www.ttx.com Railcar Pooling Experts. TTX is North America’s leading provider of railcars and related freight car management services. With a pool of cars 200,000 strong, we have the capacity – and expertise – to support the industry. POOLING I ENGINEERING & MAINTENANCE I FLEET SERVICES I RESEARCH I LOGISTICS ttx168919_RSI_Ad-7x4.937_rsg 12/7/11 1:22 PM Page 1
  10. 10. Annual Report 2013 RSI 11 our membership RSI prides itself on being the voice for all railway suppliers. It is able to do so through the many com- panies it represents. RSI members range from small businesses with fewer than five employees to large corporations with more than 10,000 employees, offering a wide range of products and services that support the world’s rail trans- portation needs. RSI’s leadership represents this diverse member- ship, which allows RSI’s goals and direction to support and represent the entire railway supply industry. RSI members are able to connect and do business with one another, openly discuss key issues and reg- ulations affecting their businesses, and act as one railway supply voice on Capitol Hill. Strength in Diversity Strength in Small Business More than 80% of RSI’s member- ship is made up of businesses with annual rail-related revenues of less than $11 million, and this has been consistent through the years. Such companies—located throughout the United States and Canada—provide jobs and innovation in every seg- ment of the rail industry and are of great importance to RSI as well as industry customers and stakehold- ers. RSI’s corporate policies reflect this, as the association strives for a balance between large and small companies on its board of directors and in leadership positions. Small businesses bring strength to RSI’s advocacy efforts and energy to its trade shows. RSI is proud to represent them and encourage mem- bers, big and small, to get involved. Results of RSI’s Membership Survey In early 2013, with the help of RSI member SMS Marketing, RSI asked its members to complete an online survey regarding their member- ship experience. The results have helped RSI to better understand member expectations, identify ways to improve services, measure the value of certain programs, and gauge interest in activities and pro- grams RSI is considering. While gratified with the results, RSI is looking forward to enhancing the value of the association for its members and their customers in the following areas: • Increasing connectivity between members through online plat- forms, such as social media, and hosting special events to encour- age networking. • Continuing to expose members to the global market through USA Pavilions and other international learning experiences. Members indicated their main areas of interest were Asia, Europe, and South America. • Introducing members to high- value connections, such as Class I railroad purchasers and executives. • Increasing membership participation in our Washington, D.C., advocacy program. 10% 7% 83% RSI Members Breakdown in size by annual revenue Large Organizations  Medium Sized  Organizations  Small Organizations  10% 7% 83% RSI Members Breakdown in size by annual revenue Large Organizations  Medium Sized  Organizations  Small Organizations  10% 7% 83% RSI Members Breakdown in size by annual revenue Large Organizations  Medium Sized  Organizations  Small Organizations    7%  23%  30%  7%  13%  20%  RSI Members' Industry Segments *Many members represent more than one segment Communica0ons &  Signaling  Freight Rail  Locomo0ve  Maintenance of Way  Passenger Rail  Other Rail‐Related    7%  23%  30%  7%  13%  20%  RSI Members' Industry Segments *Many members represent more than one segment Communica0ons &  Signaling  Freight Rail  Locomo0ve  Maintenance of Way  Passenger Rail  Other Rail‐Related    7%  23%  30%  7%  13%  20%  RSI Members' Industry Segments *Many members represent more than one segment Communica0ons &  Signaling  Freight Rail  Locomo0ve  Maintenance of Way  Passenger Rail  Other Rail‐Related    7%  23%  30%  7%  13%  20%  RSI Members' Industry Segments *Many members represent more than one segment Communica0ons &  Signaling  Freight Rail  Locomo0ve  Maintenance of Way  Passenger Rail  Other Rail‐Related    7%  23%  30%  7%  13%  20%  RSI Members' Industry Segments *Many members represent more than one segment Communica0ons &  Signaling  Freight Rail  Locomo0ve  Maintenance of Way  Passenger Rail  Other Rail‐Related    7%  23%  30%  7%  13%  20%  RSI Members' Industry Segments *Many members represent more than one segment Communica0ons &  Signaling  Freight Rail  Locomo0ve  Maintenance of Way  Passenger Rail  Other Rail‐Related 
  11. 11. our membership Jim Higginbottom Executive Consultant (retired), Okonite Company Founded in 1878, Okonite manufactures high-quality insulated electrical wire and cable. Jim was born into a railroading family. He joined Okonite in 1980 as vice president of railroad and transit sales, and held that position for 33 years. In 1994, he took early retirement, and soon afterwards became a consultant for the company. (He has now officially retired from Okonite.) Higginbot- tom has a long history of involvement in RSI’s leadership, having served as chair- man of what was then called the Railway Progress Institute (1988-1989) and on the RSI Board of Directors (1977-2012). “I am very positive about the future of this industry. Even with the uncertain economy over the last 10 years, the rail- road industry has undergone a major renaissance, so suppliers are also going through a renaissance of their own. We’ve seen an increase in jobs in the railway sup- ply industry. Energy issues also have made railroads a more economical alternative.” Tim Gillespie Washington Representative, Alstom Transportation, and Partner, BGL Associates (a government affairs firm) Alstom provides equipment, services, and technology for power generation, rail transportation, and power transmission and distribution. Tim started his career working on Capi- tol Hill as a legislative staff member for then-U.S. Representative John Heinz of Pennsylvania. He worked on the Heinz Senate campaign and briefly as a Senate staffer after Heinz was elected. Tim joined Amtrak’s government affairs office in 1979 and served as vice president, government and public affairs, until 1998. After leaving Amtrak, he founded the government affairs firm BGL. He has represented Alstom’s rail interests in Washington since 1998. “The railroad industry has a lot going for it because of its contribution toward reduc- ing carbon emissions and reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil; reducing high- way and airport congestion; and improving transportation safety.” Jessica Kramer Havens President, Diesel Supply Company, and Member, RSI Board of Directors Jessica is a fourth-generation railroader and owner of Diesel Supply Company, a locomotive parts company based out of western Wisconsin. When health issues forced her father into early retirement in 2004, Jessica stepped in to help run his locomotive and parts busi- ness. What she thought was going to be a short-term commitment turned out to be a full-blown crash course in railroading, and ultimately a career change. After buying the company from her father, Jessica stream- lined the business to manage it herself. “Even though railroading is one of the oldest industries in our country, it’s con- stantly evolving. If you don’t keep up with change and adjust your business plan accordingly, you’re going to be left behind. RSI provides a network of people and companies by which you can stay apprised of products, regulations, and news that directly affect railroaders.” Jeff Menz Eastern U.S. Sales Manager, Motive Equipment Inc. (Milwaukee, Wisc.) Motive Equipment Inc., founded in 1985, is a rail-oriented manufacturer providing cab-comfort products and custom-engi- neered solutions. MEI was one of the exhib- itors in the 2013 RSI/REMSA-hosted USA Pavilion at Brazil’s NT Expo in Sao Paulo. Jeff, an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, joined the company in 2012 after serving in sales capacities with several companies, including the consumer grocery products industry. Although commissioned as a mili- tary police officer, most of his Army Reserve experience was in transportation. One of his assignments while on active duty was with the Army’s only railroad battalion, where Jeff handled all phases of rail opera- tions, including car and locomotive repair, maintenance-of-way, and train operations. “One way that companies can leverage their membership in RSI to find interna- tional opportunities is to network, network, network. Relationships with other firms may lead to increased international sales for your company.” Railway Supply Industry Profiles The railway supply industry has many innovative, successful people who are dedicated to the railroading sector. Among them are: Havens stands on a Wisconsin Northern locomotive fitted with her company’s brake shoes. Tim Gillespie (right) speaking with Amtrak President & CEO Joe Boardman. Jeff Menz (left) poses with colleagues at MEI’s booth at the USA Pavilion in Brazil. 12 RSI Annual Report 2013
  12. 12. Annual Report 2013 RSI 13 RSI Welcomes New Members in 2013 ALB Klein Technology Group Inc. American Motive Power Inc. American Turbocharger Technologies, LLC Anchor Fabrication Argus Media Baulter Concept Inc. Bharat Forge America Inc. Chicago Heights Processing Clear-Vu Lighting CM International Industries Corp. Collis CraneWorks LLC Diamond Wire Spring Company DLL Inc. Edwin Bohr Electronics, Inc. Electric Motor Services Electro-Wire, Inc. Fenton Rigging and Contracting GatorHyde Protective Coatings Global Finishing Solutions, LLC (GFS) Greenfield Products LLC Halfen USA Inc. ICL Performance Products LP - Phos-Chek ITW Professional Brands J&L Consulting LTD Keybanc Capital Markets Knoxville Locomotive Corporation MAE of America Inc. Magnetech Industrial Services Maser Consulting P.A. Matric Mecco Marking & Traceability Merchants Gate Capital Nichols Electronics, Inc. NMI Industrial Norbar Torque Tools Nylok LC Partsmaster Pennsylvania Rail Car Co. Polaris Laboratories, LLC. PowerBlanket Prime Railroad Products Promac Mfg. Ltd. Quality Tool and Stamping RB Railway Group Inc. Rexquote Ltd. Romell, Inc. Rud Chain Scopia Capital Management LLC Seastone Capital Management Smith Marketing Services, LLC Southpoint Capital Advisors Stage 8 Locking Fasteners Inc. Stirling Lloyd Products, Inc. Strategic Global Sourcing Inc. TCMax Systems The Indiana Rail Road Company The Sherwin-Williams Company Therm Tech, Inc. TMV Control Systems Trackmobile LLC Tunnel Radio Wallace International Walz Scale Western Railway Devices Western Sierras WID Inc. WT&L Corp. RSI Scholarship Program In 2013, the RSI Scholarship Committee selected 10 students to each receive a $3,000 scholarship for the 2013/2014 academic year. Two of this year’s scholarships are sponsored by the Mechanical Association Railcar Technical Services (MARTS). “Each year, the RSI Scholarship Committee awards a minimum of four scholarships to children of members of RSI or our affiliates, the Coordinated Mechanical Associations. This year, we had 10 outstanding applicants,” said Tom Simpson, RSI president. The scholarship recipients and their home- towns, colleges, and company affiliations are: Susanna Cai, Portland, OR Duke University The Greenbrier Companies Angelica Chapman, Hoover, AL University of Alabama The Greenbrier Companies Anthony DeVito, Gilbertsville, PA Penn State University USSC Group Jennifer Hermenet, Grand Rapids, MI Hope College MAHLE Behr Industry Crystaline Hoover, Mt. Prospect, IL Beloit College Union Tank Car Company (UTLX) Ryan Johnson, Kansas City, MO University of Missouri Orr Safety Kevin Li, Pueblo, CO Yale Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (MARTS Scholarship) Daniel Olvera Lopez, Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, Mexico Eastern Technological Institute of the State of Hidalgo The Greenbrier Companies Rene Smith, Buchanan, VA  Virginia Tech Graham-White Manufacturing Company (MARTS Scholarship) Hannah Toms, Naperville, IL University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign UTLX Additional donations for the RSI scholar- ships came from the following RSI member companies: Air Brake Association, Amsted Rail Group, Diesel Locomotive Company, Ebenezer Railcar Services, GLNX, Pennsyl- vania Rail Car. Co., Railhead Corporation, and Williams-Hayward Protective Coatings.  More than 100 students have received an RSI scholarship since the program began in 1989. They have pursued degrees in a vari- ety of fields, including engineering, busi- ness, nursing, teaching, and transporta- tion. More information about RSI’s scholar- ship program, including how RSI members can contribute, is available at http://rsiweb. org/rsi-scholarship/.
  13. 13. AdvocAcy 14 RSI Annual Report 2013 Thispage:Amtrak,MattDonnelly.Oppositepage:Capitolimage,Shutterstock. Top Five Legislative Issues Railway suppliers employ thousands of people and operate in most states and a majority of Congressional districts. Under RSI’s leadership, the industry can be mobilized to support legislative initiatives that promote rail industry growth. RSI, which includes members from Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) and Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA), is recognized as the voice of railway suppliers and has an active role in the legislative and regulatory matters that impact the industry.
  14. 14. Annual Report 2013 RSI 15 Based on the railway supply industry’s segments, RSI’s top five legislative interests are: • Rail Infrastructure and Capacity Investment: The short line tax credit. • Rail Safety: The reauthorization of the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA). • Passenger Rail: The reauthorization of the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA), Funding for High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail, and Buy America. • Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21): Truck sizes and weights, grade crossing safety, and Operation Lifesaver. • Preserving Balanced Regulation: RSI opposes any efforts that would adversely impact the economic and antitrust regulatory balance currently established under federal law. The Obama Administration and the first session of the 113th U.S. Congress in 2013 had a full transportation and infrastructure agenda. RSI continues to actively pursue its legislative priorities on Capitol Hill, and rail issues will con- tinue to be an important part of the Congressional agenda in 2014. Congress is once again confronting the need to reauthorize or extend surface transportation legislation, as MAP-21 expires in 2014. The fundamental question of how to pay for transportation infrastructure has yet to be answered. PRIIA and RSIA expired on September 30, 2013, and are up for reauthorization. Legislative issues in these upcoming bills for the railway supply industry will focus on the debate to fund intercity and high speed passenger rail; improvements to the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improve- ment Financing program; rail safety; the impending dead- line for positive train control; the Section 130 highway-rail grade crossing program; and truck sizes and weights. RSI is following all these issues, but two are of primary concern: intercity passenger rail and big trucks. Depending on whether Congress proceeds to advance separate legislation for passenger rail or includes rail policies and programs in MAP-21 reauthorization, provid- ing sustainable and dedicated funding for passenger rail is essential to achieving a balanced transportation sys- tem. There also is a business and public-necessity case to continue to fund and operate a national passenger rail system—points that RSI makes during Capitol Hill visits. RSI also is continuing to work closely with the Coali- tion Against Bigger Trucks and industry partners on combating attempts to increase the weight and length of bigger trucks. MAP-21 required USDOT to conduct a two- year study of truck sizes and weights; RSI has been advo- cating that members of Congress refrain from cosponsor- ing any legislation that would increase truck sizes and weights until the study is complete. RSI will continue to work on behalf of its members to represent their interests on all these critical issues. Representative Roger Williams (R-TX; left) with RSI Consultant Honorable Bob Clement.
  15. 15. AdvocAcy 16 RSI Annual Report 2013 As the recognized voice of the railway supply industry in Washington, D.C., RSI works diligently on legislative and regulatory issues that affect the industry. Every year, RSI staff and association members visit Congressional offices, regulatory agencies, and other industry stakeholders. In 2013, RSI Vice President-Government Affairs Nicole Brewin and RSI consultant and retired Congressman Bob Clement (D-TN) made over 200 visits to Capitol Hill to promote the rail agenda. Following are highlights from RSI’s work in Washington. RSI’s Work in Washington Alliance Castings Hosts Congressman Tim Ryan In August 2013, Alliance Castings hosted Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) at its Alliance, Ohio, foundry. The Congressman toured the facility, which manufactures specially engineered castings for heavy-haul freight railroad operations worldwide, and he met with some of its 450-plus employees. Congressman Ryan witnessed the latest manufacturing technologies as well as a highly trained workforce, which helps paint the picture of why a healthy economic environment for suppliers to the rail industry is so vital to our nation. Alliance Castings is a joint Amsted Rail, American Railcar Industries, and Greenbrier Companies venture. RSI encourages all its members to host similar events and educate the decision-makers in Washington, D.C., about the railway industry. RAIlROAD DAy ON CAPITOl HIll In March, over 400 representatives from the nation’s freight rail- roads, rail suppliers, and labor groups, plus state and local officials joined together for Railroad Day on Capitol Hill to press the need to preserve the current regulatory framework, which has allowed the industry to invest billions of dollars in the nation’s rail infrastruc- ture. Among other issues, participants discussed the need to reject potentially dangerous and unfair proposals to increase truck size and weight allowances. Representatives from the RSI Board also had individual meetings with the senior staff of Senators Patrick Toomey (R-PA), Kirsten Gil- librand (D-Ny), and Dick Durbin (D-Il), and Congressmen Richard Hanna (R-Ny), vice chair of the House Railroad Subcommittee, and Jim Gerlach (R-PA). They met personally with Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA), a champion against bigger trucks. RSI sponsors Railroad Day on the Hill in cooperation with the Association of American Railroads (AAR), American Short line and Regional Railroad Association (ASlRRA), and other rail organizations. OPERATION lIFESAVER As part of its advocacy efforts, RSI participates in educating the public on how to behave at and around highway-rail grade cross- ings. Throughout 2013, RSI joined Operation lifesaver (OlI) leader- ship in visiting House and Senate staff members to educate them on the importance of continuing funding for OlI. OlI has helped decrease the number of highway-rail grade crossing collisions, injuries, and fatalities. AMTRAK ROuNDTABlE, PASSENGER RAIl DAy In May, RSI staff members and more than 30 representatives from member companies met with high-level Amtrak employees, including Joseph Boardman, president. At the annual roundtable event, MeMbeR HigHligHT Congressman Tim Ryan (center) toured Alliance Castings’ foundry with Production Manager Sam Mitchell (left) and General Manager Doug Battershell.
  16. 16. Annual Report 2013 RSI 17 RSI PAC - SUPPORTINg THe SUPPlIeR AgeNDA RSI created its political action committee, RSI PAC, in the early 1990s to enhance its influence on behalf of the entire railway supply community by helping to elect members of Congress who support the rail industry. The RSI PAC, with the support of its members, makes contributions to candidates who under- stand that freight and passenger rail strengthens America’s economy and relieves congestion. Through RSI PAC, the association can enlist support from its membership to better educate federal policy-makers about the economic and social importance of freight and passenger rail, while working toward its mission of promoting rail suppliers and the rail industry in the United States. RSI PAC is essential for strengthening the supplier voice and increasing supplier engagement in political activities by opening additional lines of communication with members of Congress. It also allows RSI to compete with other groups that support candidates whose efforts would impede the economic health of the rail industry. discussions covered the current state of the nation’s passenger railroad, its near- and long-term funding situation, and its future procurement plans. Attendees also participated in a well-charged question and answer period with Boardman and his staff. Afterwards, RSI members attended several meetings on Capitol Hill with Congressional appropriators to discuss funding of federal rail programs and its impact on the railway supply industry. ONE RAIL, FRA MEETING RSI and OneRail Coalition representatives met with high-ranking Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) officials, including Admin- istrator Joseph Szabo, to discuss FRA’s Fy 2014 budget proposal and PRIIA/RSIA/MAP-21 preparation and guidance. The group also discussed Buy America provisions. Participating in such industry coalition meetings gives RSI an opportunity to join colleagues and educate federal regulators on the rail industry perspective—from a united front. TRUCK SIzES AND WEIGHTS FLy IN In July, suppliers joined GoRail and the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) on Capitol Hill to lobby against increases in truck sizes and weights. Over 120 meetings were scheduled, and the supply industry was well represented. Attend- ees reported favorably on meetings with members of Congress and staff. RSI’s Nicole Brewin participated along with RSI Board Member Pat Ameen of Amsted Rail and RSI members from Standard Steel, GE Transportation, GE Capital-Rail, Greenbrier, Freight Car America, GATX, Ansaldo STS US, Progress Rail Services, and TTX. RSI TANK CAR COMMITTEE’S D.C. VISIT RSI Committee on Tank Cars’ (RSICTC) leaders visited Washington, D.C., in November to discuss tank car safety. The RSICTC is a major stakeholder in the outcome of a rulemaking that could affect both new-built, DOT-111 tank cars and the modification of existing DOT- 111 tank cars. RSICTC, along with RSI staff, visited with 23 members of Con- gress, the professional staff from the Senate Committee on Com- merce, Science & Transportation, Subcommittee on Surface Trans- portation, and Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazard- ous Materials, as well as senior staff from the FRA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. During a lobby against bigger trucks on Capitol Hill, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX; center) visited with (from left to right) Ed Merlis, GATX; Paul Sugg, Texas Association of Counties; Ken Mayfield, GoRail; and Nicole Brewin, RSI.
  17. 17. AdvocAcy 18 RSI Annual Report 2013 The Power of Coalitions RSI represents the supply industry in Washington, D.C., but does not act alone in its efforts to advocate for the rail industry. To strengthen its influence, RSI often works with other organizations and coalitions to advance railway supply and rail industry goals. These groups include the Federal Railroad Administration Rail Safety Advisory Committee, Trans- portation Technology Center, Inc., Operation Lifesaver, the OneRail Coalition, Interested Parties for Hazardous Materials, the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, GoRail, and the joint AAR/RSI Tank Car Safety Project. Forming coalitions with groups that have similar val- ues, interests, and goals allows members to combine resources and become more powerful. The rail industry can’t achieve its goals by operating in a vacuum and needs an extended community to help advocate on issues impacting the entire industry. The Class I railroads, short line and regional rail- roads, and Amtrak all look to RSI to support the issues that impact suppliers and their customers. For example, excessive regulation could lead to a $5 billion revenue loss for Class I’s, and in Fy 2013, 21 rail-related projects were awarded $200 million in competitive TIGER V grants. The railway supply industry has a powerful voice and is recognized as having a big impact on the nation’s economy and security. Continued communication among RSI, the railroad community, and Capitol Hill and the Obama Administration is crucial to success. KansasCitySouthern
  18. 18. Annual Report 2013 RSI 19 Operation Lifesaver RSI supports Operation Lifesaver (OLI) and its nationwide volunteer effort to end collisions, deaths, and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on rail property. OLI supports state programs and develops videos, educa- tional brochures, instructional information, and other materials for audiences of all ages. Its state coordinators are located in all 50 states. Cofounded in 1986 by RSI, the Association of Ameri- can Railroads, and Amtrak, OLI has been successful in its efforts to help decrease the number of highway-rail crossing collisions, injuries, and fatalities. However, it still has many challenges ahead, particularly in educat- ing the public about the dangers of trespassing on rail rights-of-way. RSI has been contributing to the organization for over 25 years, with RSI members volunteering and donating more than $500,000 to the organization. RSI Vice Presi- dent of Government Affairs Nicole Brewin sits on the OLI Board. To learn more about Operation Lifesaver, visit www.oli.org. 2013 OLI DONORS American Railcar Industries, Inc. Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. Diesel Locomotive Company Ebenezer Railcar Services The Okonite Company Pennsylvania Rail Car Co. Railhead Corporation Williams-Hayward Protective Coatings For The Best In Railcar Valve Performance and Quality, Specify Midland. Midland Railcar Valves have been delivering superior and durable performance for more than 60 years. Time tested. Market approved. LPG Liquid & Vapor Valve Fewest possible leak paths in the industry Crude Oil Hi-Flow Valve Performance exceed P-1577 requirements Crude Oil Bottom Outlet Valve High flow rates for faster unloading Crude Oil Vacuum Relief Valve Prevents NARs PHONE: (847) 677-0333 • Fax: (847) 677-0138 7733 Gross Point Road • Skokie, IL 60077 www.midlandmfg.com
  19. 19. Railway Interchange 2013 More than 7,800 rail industry representatives from 42 countries gathered in Indianapolis for Railway Interchange 2013. Hosted by RSI, AREMA, REMSA, and RSSI, the show included over 650 exhibitors and 120 technical sessions, taking up nearly all of the Indiana Convention Center. Exhibitors displayed innovative technologies in the mechanical, signaling, and maintenance-of-way industries. There were many opportunities to make connections on the packed show floor. Railway Interchange 2013 offered attendees more than 120 technical sessions and 650 exhibits, like GE Transportation’s (pictured). 7,800+Total Attendees at Railway InterchangeH Conferences and events Supplier participation continues to grow. “While RSI, RSSI, and REMSA each hosted exhibition space, the net result was a seamless display of goods and service throughout.” — Railway Age 20 RSI Annual Report 2013
  20. 20. Annual Report 2013 RSI 21 Exhibits • Railway Supply Institute (RSI) • Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) • Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) Technical & Educational Presentations • American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) • Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA), which include the Air Brake Association, Inc. (ABA); International Association of Railway Operating Officers (IAROO); League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW); Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA); and Mechanical Association RailcarTechnicalServices (MARTS). EvEnT HosTs Railway Interchange attendees participated in technical presentations from the Coordinated Mechanical Asso- ciations (CMA) and AREMA. Industry trailblazers spoke about a broad range of topics, such as engineering; information technology; economic issues; structures; passenger and transit; maintenance; communications and signaling; and cutting-edge safety technologies. Railway Interchange 2013’s packed show floor (pictured above, below) provided attendees with numerous networking opportunities. Top Job Categories 18% CEo/director/Executive 22% Manager 850+ Railroaders in Attendance 88% U.S. Attendees vs. 12% International Countries Total Attendance (Plus U.S.)42 IL Key States PA TX In Attendees
  21. 21. 22 RSI Annual Report 2013 ConferenCes and events It was a watershed year for RSI’s international activities. With the U.S. railway supply industry increasingly finding value in international markets, RSI expanded its international presence at trade shows and other events in 2013. Global demand for passenger and freight rail equipment, infrastructure, and related services is projected to grow to $214 billion by 2016, according to a 2010 report by the WorldWatch Institute.* In November 2013, RSI and REMSA cohosted a USA Pavil- ion at the Business on Rails (NT Expo) trade show in São Paulo, Brazil (pictured below). Ten exhibitors, represent- ing companies both large and small, had booth space in the pavilion—the first organized international venture for RSI and its members. The USA Pavilion was such a suc- cess that the associations will expand the space at the 2014 event. other international events for RSI in 2014 include: • RSI/CMA 2014, RSI’s meeting and trade show, Septem- ber 21-23. Held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal in Montreal, Canada, it will be the association’s first annual meeting held outside the United States. • InnoTrans 2014, September 23-26, and NT Expo, Novem- ber 11-13. RSI and REMSA will partner on a USA Pavilion at InnoTrans, Berlin, Germany, and NT Expo, São Paulo, Brazil. International Activities Take Center Stage Ten companies exhibited and made new connections at the first USA Pavilion at NT Expo, Brazil. PhotoscourtesyofNTExpo
  22. 22. Annual Report 2013 RSI 23 RSI continues to work with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration on the events in Brazil and Berlin. RSI members benefit from such events in many ways, including the opportunity for personalized introductions to potential business part- ners and customers. RSI also is a host organization for the Railway Inter- change Exhibition and Technical Conferences. The 2013 event in Indianapolis was a great success, with 12% of attendees coming from outside the United States. Future Railway Interchange events are scheduled for 2015, 2017, and 2019 (alternating between Minneapolis and Indianapolis). The Railway Interchange exhibitions attract international companies looking to display their products and services to the U.S. market. RSI sees enormous potential for its member compa- nies in the United States and, increasingly, in the global marketplace, allowing us to advance the interests of our members and the U.S. railroad industry internationally. (* Source: Worldwatch Institute: http://www.worldwatch.org/ system/files/GlobalCompetitiveness-Rail.pdf) RSI/CMA 2014 September 21-23, 2014 Palais des congrès | Montreal, QC, Canada Hosts: RSI, CMA, CARS, RAC USA Pavilion at InnoTrans 2014 September 23-25, 2014 Berlin, Germany | Messe Berlin Host: REMSA USA Pavilion at NT Expo 2014 November 11-13, 2014 SãoPaolo,Brazil|ExpoCenterNorte Hosts: RSI, REMSA Railway Interchange 2015 October 4-7, 2015 Minneapolis, Minnesota | Minneapolis Convention Center Hosts: RSI, CMA, AREMA, REMSA, RSSI RSI/CMA 2016 October 2-4, 2016 Omaha, Nebraska | CenturyLink Center Hosts: RSI, CMA UPCoMINg TRAdE ShowS & INTERNATIoNAl PAvIlIoNS Mark your calendar for NT Expo 2014. like NT Expo 2013 (pictured), which wel- comed 8,000 attendees and over 200 exhibitors, it’s a can’t-miss event. NT Expo 2013: RSI/REMSA Exhibiting Companies • Arkansas Industrial Computing • Diversified Metal Fabricators, Inc. (DMF) • Georgetown Rail Equipment Co. • IONX LLC (Amsted Rail) • Koppers, Inc. • Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. • Motive Equipment Inc. • NxGen Rail Services • Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) • Whitmore Rail USA Pavilion at NT Expo 2013 in Brazil In 2013, RSI hosted its first USA Pavilion at Business on Rails (NT Expo) with the Railway Engineering- Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA). Held on November 5-7, 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil, NT Expo wel- comed 8,300 attendees and 210 exhibitors, including the ten companies in the USA Pavilion. “Our exhibitors told us they were happy with the turnkey service our USA Pavilion provided, which let them focus on selling their products—not managing the exhibit space,” reported RSI President Tom Simp- son. “With the knowledge gained this year, we will focus on enhancing the overall experience for exhibi- tors in the future.” RSI and REMSA will be expanding the USA Pavilion at NT Expo 2014, which will be held November 11-13, in São Paulo, Brazil.
  23. 23. RSI InduStRy commItteeS 24 RSI Annual Report 2013 Thispage:NorfolkSouthern.Oppositepage:WilliamC.Vantuono. A Collaborative Voice for Suppliers RSI’s policy goals are directed by the work and collaboration of its industry committees, which support the different disciplines and issues of the supply industry. These committees provide an opportunity for member involvement, and support and advance railway supply industry goals in the public and private sectors.
  24. 24. Annual Report 2013 RSI 25 Standard Coupler Manufacturers Committee Chair: Steve Becker, Amsted Industries This committee promotes AAR standard coupler technology worldwide and meets periodically to discuss the technical mat- ters confronting standard coupler manufacturers. The committee also works with the rail industry to develop coupler standards that reflect the latest in technology and foundry practices. State Taxation Committee Chair: William Gannon, GATX Corporation The State Taxation Committee, consisting of companies that own and lease railroad freight cars, monitors and acts on state legisla- tive and regulatory issues that affect the taxation of privately owned freight cars. Over the years, it is estimated that the committee has saved private car owners several million dollars in excess taxation. (For more details, see p. 27.) Committee on Tank Cars (RSICTC) Chair: Dave Maechling, American Railcar Leasing RSICTC addresses issues of importance to tank car builders and owners and regularly reviews tank car requirements through its membership to the AAR Tank Car Committee. RSICTC remains at the forefront of the latest research to improve tank car safety and represents tank car manufacturers in federal, legislative, and regu- latory matters. The Engineering/Technical Subcommittee oversees the RSI/AAR tank car safety research project and meets quarterly with the AAR Committee on Tank Cars to discuss tank car security, packaging, and operational issues. (For more details, see p. 26.) Washington Affairs Committee (WAC) Co-Chairs: John Paljug, Invensys Rail Group and Thomas Gillespie, Jr., ALSTOM Transportation, Inc. WAC is open to all members with an emphasis on member compa- nies in the communications and signaling, maintenance-of-way, and passenger industries. Legislative issues of interest include: support- ing the Section 130 highway-rail grade crossing program; supporting railroads in securing tax incentives to increase capacity; securing federal investment for positive train control and high speed rail; supporting Amtrak’s legislative goals; supporting the Class I efforts opposed to reregulation and lobbying against bigger trucks. American Railway Car Institute (ARCI) Chair: Ed Whalen, FreightCar America, Inc. ARCI has represented the North American freight car building industry for over 75 years and works in conjunction with the Associ- ation of American Railroads (AAR) on freight car design standards. In addition, ARCI tabulates and reports North American freight car statistics and represents the specific interests of railcar build- ers in legislative and regulatory matters. ARCI’s Engineering and Design Subcommittee meets several times a year to address freight car design and safety issues. ARCI quarterly freight car statistics are used by organizations—such as the Bloomberg news, Federal Reserve Board, financial analysts, component suppliers, and industry stakeholders—as a barometer on the state of the railway supply industry. (For more details, see p. 28.) Equipment Leasing Committee Chair: John Kieras, Union Tank Car Company Composed of representatives from prominent freight car leasing companies, the Equipment Leasing Committee evaluates and guides RSI in key regulatory and public policy issues affecting the leasing industry, which often involve railroad service relations issues. The committee also responds to AAR circular letters and other railroad proposals that affect private car owners. RSI member companies own and provide for lease over 700,000 railroad freight cars. Passenger Rail Committee Chair: Marise Stewart, Progress Rail Services | Electro Motive Diesel The newly formed Passenger Rail Committee consists of companies that provide equipment and services to intercity and high speed passenger rail systems. The committee works to increase supplier visibility in Washington, D.C., on intercity and high speed pas- senger rail issues, and to secure dedicated funding for rail infra- structure projects, which will help create jobs, reinvigorate the U.S. manufacturing base, and increase competiveness. Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) QAC advocates for quality and continuous improvement in the per- formance and safety of the rail supply industry’s products and ser- vices. QAC works closely with AAR’s Quality Committee to ensure that member companies receive the information they need to imple- ment superior quality programs and meet today’s marketplace chal- lenges. Over the years, working with AAR, QAC has sponsored train- ing programs for supplier companies that are new to the industry or whose employees need refresher courses on key quality issues.
  25. 25. 26 RSI Annual Report 2013 Committee SnapShot RSI Committee Addresses Tank Car Safety In response to an Advance Notice of Proposed Rule- making from the Department of Transportation seeking recommendations to improve the safety of hazardous materials transportation by rail in November 2013, the RSI Committee on Tank Cars (RSICTC) recommended that any rule incorporate safety standards for newly built tank cars already voluntarily adopted by the industry. RSICTC also proposes that the current tank car fleet be modified to allow them to continue to operate. Key components of the RSICTC proposal include that new cars can be built to the 286,000-pound Gross Rail Load standard and be constructed of normalized steel; be equipped with one-half-inch thick half-height protective head shields; have shell thickness of one- half-inch for non-jacketed cars and seven-sixteenths of an inch for jacketed cars; and have top and bottom outlet valve protection. The committee asked that cur- rent tank cars built to the industry standard be allowed to remain in service with the new safety relief valve installed. For the current tank car fleet, RSICTC asked PHMSA to allow tank car owners to modify, repurpose, or retire cars as appropriate. Depending on the car, modifi- cations could include half-height head shields, the new pressure relief valve, top fittings protection, and removal or additional protection of bottom outlet handles. In addition, RSICTC asked for a 10-year implementation period for the modification proposal. Members of RSICTC build more than 95% of tank cars operating in North America, and own and provide for lease over 75% of the cars. The committee proposal would enhance the safety of the North American tank car fleet with a minimum disruption to railroad transporta- tion of crude oil and ethanol. RSI INDuSTRy CoMMITTeeS Thispage:NorfolkSouthern.Oppositepage:BNSF.
  26. 26. Annual Report 2013 RSI 27 In Missouri, RSI State Tax Committee efforts have led to the state legislature passing a repair tax credit, which was recently extended by the state. However, the task now is to get the state to fund the credit through the state appropriations pro- cess. That will be one of the activities undertak- en by the committee in 2014. A success story is in Indiana, where State Tax Committee vigilance has stopped a proposed cross-subsidy of com- muter rail transit by taxing freight cars. State Tax Committee Efforts Pay Off CoMMITTEE SnAPShoT THANK YOU, SUPPLIERS, FOR HELPING US TRANSFORM THIS RAILROAD.More than 25 years of sustained investment, entrepreneurial thinking, and support from rail industry suppliers has transformed Indiana Rail Road from a neglected, spun-off branch line to one of America’s vital regional rail carriers. This year alone, we’ve inaugurated a new state-of-the-art locomotive maintenance facility, our Indianapolis intermodal terminal, and a southern Indiana transload facility. We salute the men and women in our supply chain who’ve helped make it possible. Thank you for keeping this railroad moving forward. INRD.com ©2014, The Indiana Rail Road Company
  27. 27. 28 RSI Annual Report 2013 UnionPacific By Edward Whalen, CEO, FreightCar America, Inc. The American Railway Car Institute (ARCI) was founded more than 100 years ago by a group of railcar man- ufacturers to improve railcar performance and safety, and standardize common components in cooperation with the railroads and the supply community. ARCI maintained sta- tistics on the number of railcars ordered, delivered, and on backlog. This data was useful in estimating demand. In 1994, ARCI combined with the Railway Progress Insti- tute—now known as RSI—and functions as an RSI com- mittee, moving forward the founding member objectives. ARCI’s Engineering and Design Subcommittee meets several times a year to address railcar design, safety, and standardization issues in coordination with the Association of American Railroads Equipment Engineer- ing Committee, the Federal Railroad Administration, and suppliers. ARCI represents the interests of railcar manu- facturers and suppliers with respect to federal and state legislative and regulatory matters. ARCI continues to be the sole source for vital statistics on railcar orders, deliveries, and backlog by railcar type (see charts). This information is of value to its members as well as the railroads and the investment community. Since 1970, more than two million freight cars have been added to the North American fleet. ARCI statistics have helped identify several major shifts in demand, including covered hoppers for grain and chemical service, intermodal cars, aluminum coal cars, and, more recently, tank cars for the movement of ethanol and petroleum. After more than 100 years, ARCI continues to serve the railcar community in the spirit of its founders. ARCI’s Freight Car Statistics: An Industry Barometer Freight Car Orders & Deliveries 1970 – Present Tank Car Deliveries 1970 – Present RSI INDUSTRy COMMITTEES
  28. 28. 30 RSI Annual Report 2013 A. Stucki Company Mr. Jeff Voder, General Manager / VP Sales 900 Commerce Dr., Ste. 906 Moon Township, PA 15108-4746 (412) 771-7300 jvodar@stucki.com; www.stucki.com Truck Components & Breaking Equipment AAF International (American Air Filter) Mr. Myles Bragg, Sales Manager 10300 Ormsby Park Pl., Ste. 600 Louisville, KY 40223-6168 (502) 637-0554 mbragg@aafintl.com; www.aafintl.com Locomotive engine intake air filters and housings, HVAC filters for cabs, railroad passengers and transit commuter cars. Absopulse Electronics Ltd Ms. Carole Lombard, Marketing Specialist 110 Walgreen Rd.; Ottawa, ON KOA 1LO (613) 836-3511 lombard.absopulse@gmail.com; www.absopulse.com Design and manufacture quality railway switching power supplies, inc. DC/DC converters. AC/DC power supplier and batter chargers. DC/AC sine-wave invert- ers, back-light inverters for LCD displays, complete power systems in 19 shelves. ACL International, Inc. Mr. Arthur Low, Chairman & CEO 165 Enfield Ln.; Grayslake, IL 60030-4418 (847) 752-8517 art.low@aclinternational.net Consultant to the international railway supply industry on how to increase business worldwide Aero Transportation Products, Inc. Ms. Tamara Hart, Sales Manager 3300 E. Geospace Dr.; Independence, MO 64051-0585 (800) 821-2376 thart@aerotransportation.com www.aerotransportation.com Covering systems in fiberglass, aluminum, and steel as well as outlet gates for covered hoppers. Through our West Rail Division; coal car parts, coil covers and custom fabrications. AGL Manufacturing Ltd. Mr. Franklin Deng, Sales Manager 8378 Prince Edward St.; Vancouver, BCV5X 3R9 (604) 639-2711 Turbocharger@aglmfg.com; www.dieselturboparts.com Since 1995, AGL has grown into a reliable and special- ized source for turbocharger components for ALCO, EMD and GE diesel engines. ALB Klein Technology Group Inc. Mr. Chris Doerschlag, President 8275 Estates Pkwy.; Plain City, OH 43064-8408 (614) 873-8995 cdoerschlag@albkleinco.com; albkleinco.com Stationary and mobile rail and locomotive sanding systems. Alcoa Fastening Systems Mr. Randy Rape, Director Sales & Marketing 8001 Imperial Dr.; Waco, TX 76712-6522 (254) 751-5229 randy.rape@alcoa.com www.alcoa.com/fastening_systems Fastening Systems for new railcar and locomotive construction, railcar and locomotive repair and track fastening systems. Alstom Transportation Inc. Mr. Scott Sherin, VP Marketing and StrategicPlan 1025 John St.; W Henrietta, NY 14586-9781 (585) 279-1403 scott.sherin@transport.alstom.com www.alstomsignalingsolutions.com Design & furnish signaling equipment ranging from communication based train control systems, vital pro- cessor interlocking control systems. American Equipment Company Mr. Bradley McCall, President 4755 Technology Way, Ste. 208 Boca Raton, FL 33431-3343 (561) 997-2080 brad@ameco.net; www.ameco.net Export management comopany specializing in the sale of locomotive engine repair parts and tools and main- tenace of way equipment. American Motive Power Inc./MobilTech Mr. Karl Thielges, General Manager 9431 Foster Wheeler Rd.; Dansville, NY 14437-9178 (585) 313-2570 kthielges@americanmotivepower.com www.americanmotivepower.com American Motive Power, an AAR Certified Company offers locomotive engine rebuild and locomotive maintenance/general repair services. MobileTech offers customized service trucks equipped for railway maintenance and repairs. American Railcar Industries, Inc. Mr. Jeff Hollister, President 100 Clark St. Saint Charles, MO 63301-2075 (636) 940-6000 jhollister@americanrailcar.com www.americanrailcar.com New car manufacturing and leasing, railcar repairs, lining, & rebuilds. Mobile repair services, railcar parts, discharge gates & valves. Railcar management & engi- neering services. See our ad on Cover 3 American Traction Systems Mr. Larry Machak, General Manager 10076 Bavaria Rd.; Fort Myers, FL 33913-8521 (239) 768-0757 lmachak@americantraction.com www.americantraction.com Designs and manufactures IGBT Propulsion Systems and Accessories for the rail industry. A private, American-owned corporation headquartered in Fort Myers, FL since 2008. American Turbocharger Technologies, LLC Mr. Bob Kappesser, Product Manager 500 Muller Ln.; Newport News, VA 23606-1306 (757) 244-1456 bob@americanturbocharger.com www.americanturbocharger.com EMD, ALCO, GE, ABB Turbochargers and ALCO Engines and spare parts. Amglo Kemlite Laboratories Mr. John Fogel, Product Manager 8787 Enterprise Blvd.; Largo, FL 33773-2702 (727) 812-2000 jfogel@amglo.com; www.amglo.com Global manufacturer of specialty lamps and was established in 1935. It services O.E.M. equipment manufacturers and distributors in the fields of Aerospace lighting, Airfield lighting, Medical lighting, Vehicular lighting, Obstruction lighting, Locomotive Lighting and Laser lamp industries. Amsted Rail Company, Inc. Mr. Patrick Ameen, VP Industry Relations 311 S Wacker Dr., Ste. 5300 Chicago, IL 60606-6630 (202) 297-5962 pameen@amstedrail.com www.amstedrail.com Manufacturer of a complete portfolio of railcar compo- nents. System solutions inc. complete railcar truck & braking systems, various railcar devices such as pellet gate & empty load devices and end of car mgmt systems. See our ad on page 3 Anchor Fabrication Mr. Tra Willbanks, Chief Executive Officer 1200 Lawson Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76131 (817) 498-2521 jdw@anchorfarbrication.com www.anchorfabrication.com Custom parts manufacturer See our ad on page 5 Ansaldo STS USA Mr. Russell Glorioso, Head of External Communications - Americas 1000 Technology Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3120 (412) 688-2200 russell.glorioso@ansaldo-sts.us; www.ansaldo-sts.com Products/Services offered to the railway supply indus- try - Ansaldo STS designs, manufactures and services signaling automation and control systems, providing a wide array of products like the MicroLok II wayside control systems, relays, track circuits, M-style switch machines, MicroCab cab signaling, and dispatching and operation control centers. Argus Media Ms. Chloe Bazille, Sector Marketing Coordinator 3040 Post Oak Blvd., Ste. 550, Houston, TX 77056-6589 (713) 429-6343 chloe.bazille@argusmedia.com; www.argusmedia.com Argus provides a range of reports covering spot freight rates, pipeline, rail and port throughputs for petro- leum, coal, LPG and gas markets. RSI Membership Directory
  29. 29. Annual Report 2013 RSI 31 Arkansas Industrial Computing Inc. Ms. Teresa Lazenby, Marketing Director 6100 Getty Dr., Ste. N; N Little Rock, AR 72117-1636 (501) 834-9540 teresa.lazenby@wheelshopautomation.com www.wheelshopautomation.com Arkansas Industrial Computing, Inc (AIC Rail) provides software applications for wheel and repair shops. Keeping track of your shops has never been easier. From the comfort of your desk you can manage your Railcar Repair and Wheel Shops to ensure accuracy. Arrow Pin & Products, Inc. Mr. Charles Prucha, President 51 E 34th St.; S Chicago Hts, IL 60411-5501 (708) 755-7575 info@arrowpin.com; www.arrowpin.com Brake pins and miscellaneous brake rigging related components for locomotives and freight cars Arthur N. Ulrich Company Mr. Thomas Ulrich, President 10340 Palmer Rd. SW; Pataskala, OH 43062-9449 (740) 927-8244 tulrich@anu-co.com; www.anu-co.com Batteries: lead acid, nickel cadmium and advance technology types. Battery chargers, lightning mitiga- tion systems, photovoltaic, wind and other renewable energy power systems for remote site and grid interac- tive applications. Atlas Copco Compressors Mr. Jeff Amburn, Business Development Manager 1800 Overview Dr.; Rock Hill, SC 29730 (847) 981-2601 jeff.amburn@us.atlascopco.com; www.atlascopco.us Air compressors, dryers, filters, compressed air piping Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems, Inc. Ms. Tammy Bakker, Director of Sales 84 Hubble Dr., Ste. 500; O’Fallon, MO 63368-8708 (636) 532-1144 tbakker@armspower.com; www.armspower.com Communication and Signaling, Freight Car Component Parts, Passenger Component Parts , Locomotive Component Parts, Measurement & Maintenance Systems Avondale Partners Ms. Kristine Kubacki, Senior Analyst 3 Cityplace Dr., Ste. 1060; Saint Louis, MO 63141-7081 (314) 218-4958 kkubacki@avondalepartnersllc.com www.avondalepartnersllc.com Financial Institution / Investment Banking Axalta Coating Systems Ms. Janine Little-Stoms, Marketing Services Manager 50 Applied Card Way, Ste. 300; Glen Mills, PA 19342 (302) 992-2959 Janine.Little@dupont.com www.industrialcoatings.dupont.com A complete system of high quality, high performance, polyurethane products delivering the lowest environ- mental impact to protect your most valuable assets. Baulter Concept Inc. Mr. Denis Robillard, Strategic Mkt Director - Transport 101 Principale Sud.; Val-Joli, QC J1S 0H2 (819) 845-7110 denis.robillard@baulter.com; www.baultar.com Standard and lowback seat desing for narrow cabins. Wall track or pedestal mounted Gas spring cylinder raising system. Shock absorbing feature.Seat.infinite position side to side or fore-aft seat travel, upper seat with gas spring cylinder backrest infinite adjustment, retractable armrests, headrest optional and adjust- able seat pan optional. Retractable and folding seats. Durable flooring system, quick to install in a rail car. Cab accessories. BBM Railway Equipment, LLC Ms. Katie McMenamin, Sales and Marketing Coordinator 3200 Innovation Pl.; P.O. Box 779 Youngstown, OH 44509-4025 (330) 259-8516 kmcmenamin@bbm-railway.com www.bbm-railway.com Specializes in engineering and manufacturing of roll- ing stock assembly/maintenance/testing equipment. This equipment includes wheelset presses, bogie test- ing benches, turn tables, lifting systems and spring test machines. Beckmann Volmer North America Mr. Mark Wester, General Manager 2100 S. Hwy. 61; Osceola, AR 72370 (870) 563-0607 markwester@beckmann-volmer.us www.beckmann-volmer.us Beckmann Volmer North America is a fabricator of weld- ments and machined components up to 30 tons spe- cializing in build-to-print and custom projects in accor- dance with AWS, ASME, and customer specifications. AlaskaRailroad
  30. 30. RSI membeRShIp DIRectoRy 32 RSI Annual Report 2013 Beena Vision Systems, Inc. Mr. Kambiz Nayebi, President and CEO 600 Pinnacle Ct., Ste. 635; Norcross, GA 30071 (678) 597-3156 knayebi@beenavision.com; www.beenavision.com Leading manufacturer of automatic wayside inspec- tion, measurement, and monitoring systems, as well as a number of handheld and track inspection systems. Bharat Forge America Inc. Mr. Ashish Tholia, Country Manager Sales 950 W Monroe St., Ste. 600; Jackson, MI 49202-2083 (517) 927-5493 atholia@bharatforgeamerica.com www.bharatforgeamerica.com Forged and machined components - crankshafts, con- necting rods, pistons, etc. Bosch Rexroth Corporation Mr. Michael Haskin, Market Segment Manager 1953 Mercer Rd.; Lexington, KY 40511-1021 (859) 254-8031 michael.haskin@boschrexroth-us.com www.boschrexroth-us.com Pneumatic systems and components for hopper dump railcars consisting of directional valves, cylinders, filters, accessory valves, protection boxes, etc. Brookville Equipment Corporation Mr. Christopher Rhoades, Director of Sales 175 Evans Street; Brookville, PA 15825-9411 (814) 849-2000 chroades@brookvillecorp.com www.brookvillecorp.com OEM and rebuilder of EPA-compliant freight, multi- purpose and passenger locomotives, including single- engine and multi-engine units ranging from 500 to 4000 horsepower. CAM Innovation, Inc. Mr. Charles McGough, President 215 Philadelphia St.; Hanover, PA 17331-2039 (717) 637-5988 sales@caminnovation.com; www.caminnovation.com Machinery to repair traction motors (AC & DC) on locomotives. Cardinal Valley Industrial Supply, Inc. Mr. Ab Jones, President 1125 Intervale Dr.; Salem, VA 24153-6417 (540) 375-4622 ajones@cviairstarters.com; www.cvisairstarters.com Carinal Valley provides locomotive air starting systems and starting system design, air starter sales, service and repairs, and air starter related components and accessories. Central Sales & Service, Inc. Ms. Grey Collier, Quality Assurance P.o. Box 649; Waverly, TN 37185-0649 (931) 296-1940 greycss@accessive.net; www.centralsales-service.com Manufacturer of custom extruded and molded rub- ber. Our production facility is centrally located in the United States. Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. Mr. Fred Sasser, Chair 8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave., Ste. 1150 Chicago, IL 60631-3517 (847) 318-8000 fred.sasser@sasserfamilyholdings.com www.crdx.com Full service leasing of covered hopper and tank cars. Also lease of wagons and locomotives in Australia. Chicago Heights Processing Mr. Anthony Smith, CEO 2710 State St.; Chicago Hts, IL 60411-4846 (708) 983-6100 tsmith@belsonsteel.com www.chicagoheightsprocessing.com Chicago Heights Processing specializes in locomotive and rail car dismantling and parts recovery. Chromium Corporation Mr. Frank Jalili, President & CEO 14911 Quorum Dr., Ste. 600 Addison, TX 75254-1491 (972) 851-0551 frank.jalili@chromcorp.com; www.chromcorp.com Supplier of cylinder liner, piston and services used in locomotives, marine and stationary power units for GE, EMD, ALCO and other engines. CIT Rail Mr. Mel Kusta, SVP Operations 30 S Wacker Dr., Ste. 2900; Chicago, IL 60606-7459 (312) 906-5710 Mel.kusta@cit.com; www.cit.com Full service leasing options on railcar and locomotive fleets in North America. Fleet and industry knowledge spans agriculture, automotive, aggregates/construc- tion, chemical, energy, forest products, plastics, steel, and waste industries. Clark Industrial Power Mr. Rick Clark, President 104 E. Butterfield Trail, P.O. Box 127 Gilman, IL 60938-0127 (815) 265-7210 clarkip@earthlink.net; www.clarkipinc.com Manufacturer of cylinder heads, pistons, liners. Power assemblies and components. Clear-Vu Lighting Mr. Daniel Lax, Vice President 29 New York Ave.; Westbury, NY 11590-4908 (516) 333-8880 dlax@clear-vu.com; www.clearvulighting.com LED lighting for temporary construction and mainte- nance, and permanent tunnel and station applications Clifton Steel Company Mr. Bruce Goodman, VP, Director of Customer Service 16500 Rockside Rd.; Maple Heights, OH 44137-4324 (216) 662-6111 bgoodman@cliftonsteel.com; www.cliftonsteel.com Hammer pins, shredder parts, military armor plate, manganese steel, railroad parts CM International Industries Corp. Ms. Emily Chen, CEO 661 Executive Dr.; Willowbrook, IL 60527-5603 (630) 920-8281 echen@cmiic.com; www.cmiic.com Provide forged, casting, and machined metal parts to railway equipment manufacturers. Collis CraneWorks LLC Mr. David Collis, Chairman 100 S. Paniplus Dr.; Olathe, KS 66061-9406 (913) 764-1315 dcollis@colliscw.com; www.colliscw.com Track Maintenance Equipment, Service Bodies, Cranes, Grapple Trucks, Hy Rail Gear. Columbus Steel Castings Co. Mr. Jeff Laird, Vice President of Rail Sales 2211 Parsons Ave.; Columbus, OH 43207-2448 (614) 445-2212 jelaird@columbuscastings.com www.columbussteel.com Columbus Castings is the premier American supplier of undercarriage components and systems for railcar OEM’s, private railcar owners, and railcar repair main- tenance service providers Control Chief Corporation Mr. David Tenney, Locomotive Products Manager 200 Williams St.; Bradford, PA 16701-0141 (814) 362-6811 dtenney@controlchief.com; www.controlchief.com For over 40 years Control Chief Corporation has been providing rugged, dependable and safe wireless radio remote controls for the rail industry; leading the way in unmatched portability and transportable systems. Crouzet Switches North America Ms. Jill Wagar, Sales and Marketing Support 1415 South Roselle Rd.; Palatine, IN 800-677-5311 (847) 925-3238 jill.wagar@cstsensors.com; www.crouzet.com Crouzet is a specialist in snap-action technology with its switching and detection solutions, and offers ranges of microswitches, limit switches, manually con- trolled switches and sensors. Cummins Inc. Mr. Glen Rees, Business Manager - Rail, Americas 1850 Sw Heiney Rd.; Gresham, OR 97080-9714 (503) 666-8130 glen.e.rees@cummins.com; www.cummins.com Cummins complementary business units design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electri- cal power generation systems. Curry Supply Company Mr. Brendan Perretta, Sales Coordinator 1624 Curryville Rd.; Martinsburg, PA 16662-8733 (814) 224-0355 bperretta@currysupply.com; www.currysupply.com Manufacturing of locomotive cabs, fuel tanks, hoods, electrical boxes, doors, battery boxes, and miscel- laneous parts. Custom Engineering Company Mr. Michael Whelan, Sales Manager 2800 Mcclelland Ave.; Erie, PA 16510-2544 (814) 898-2800 mike@customeng.com; www.customeng.com Products/Services offered to the railway supply industry - In business since 1954, we supply both long and short run fabricated and machined components to the transportation, mining, power generation and petrochemical industries. We’re ISO certified and weld to ASME and AWS requirements. We’re known for both quality and on-time delivery
  31. 31. Annual Report 2013 RSI 33 Cyclonaire Corp. Mr. Jerry Elfring, President P.O. Box 366; York, NE 68467-0366 (402) 362-2000 jelfring@cyclonaire.com; www.cyclonaire.com Manufacturer of sand dispensing technology for loco- motives on Class 1, regional and shorline railroads. Also services all sanding needs for passenger rail, light rail and commuter rail. Dalko Resources Inc. Mr. Leonard Grandy, CEO / Owner P.O. Box 98, 255 E. High St.; Sharpsville, PA 16150 (877) 707-4286 ldgrandy@driworldwide.com www.dalkoresources.com Third Party logistics company offering truckload, LTL’s, air freight and international shipments through our strategically located offices. Davanac, Inc. Mr. Luigi Covello, President 1936 Saint-Regis; Dorval, QC H9P 1P6 (514) 421-0177 lcovello@davanac.com; www.davanac.com Canadian distribution covering the four main areas of railway activities, i.e. maintenance of way, locomotive, freight car and signal & communication. Dayton Phoenix Group Mr. Charles F. Rivera, Director of Sales & Marketing 1619 Kuntz Rd.; Dayton, OH 45404-1240 (937) 913-3502 crivera@dayton-pheonix.com www.daytonphoenix.com Dayton Phoneix Group manufactures HVACs, A/ Cs, Rotating Electrical Equipment, DPG Mechanical Components, and Dynamic Brake Grid Resistors. DPG also has nine (9) locations throughout North America where products can be refurbished and units exchanged. Delta Manufacturing Mrs. Jean Ross, President 3707 19Th Ave. N; Escanaba, MI 49829-2525 (906) 233-1500 j.ross@deltamfg.net; www.deltamfg.net Low profile CNC wheel lathe, railcar wheel truing system, gear cases, pilot plows, wear plates, specialty fabrication. Diamond Wire Spring Company Mr. Kelley Christy, Director of Sales 1901 Babcock Blvd.; Pittsburgh, PA 15209-1303 (412) 821-2703 KLC@diamondwirespring.com www.diamondwirespring.com Experienced spring manufacturer with over 70 years in the spring industry. We have capabilities to coil springs ranging from .008” - .625” in wire diameter and are also equipped to create wire forms ranging from .010” - .196” wire diameter.  In addition to manu- facturing custom compression, torsion, extension and die springs and wire forms, we also have an extensive catalog with over 11,000 parts with a wide assortment of compression, extension and die springs.  Diesel Electrical Equipment, Inc. Ms. Susan G. Pappas Gregory, President 139 N Griffith Blvd.; Griffith, IN 46319-2153 (219) 922-1848 susan@dieselelectricalequipment.com www.dieselelectricalquipment.com Diesel Electrical Equipment, Inc. prides itself in providing quality servicing and supply of electrical components and material for locomotive and transit application. Diesel Locomotive Co., Inc. Mr. David Kramer, VP Operations 1551 100th St.; New Richmond, WI 54017-6302 (715) 246-0001 diesellocomotiveco@frontiernet.net www.diesellocomotivecompany.com Locomotives for sale and lease, locomotive parts, locomotive appraisals, connections across the U.S. and Canada. Maintenance contacts, pre-heater and remote installs. Diesel Supply Co., Inc. Ms. Jessica Kramer Havens, President P.O. Box 1075; Hudson, WI 54016-5075 (715) 386-3901 dieselsupply@sbcglobal.net www.dieselsupplycompany.com Manufacturer of American made locomotive brake shoes, authorized distributor of Surrrette locomotive starting batteries, Osram Sylvania locomotive light- ing, and Grammer locomotive seating. Serving the rail industry since 1972. DLL Inc. Mr. Michel Mailloux, Technical Director 370 St-Louis; St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 1Y4 (450) 346-7044 mmailloux@dllinc.com; www.dllinc.com Designing, manufacturing and supplying electrical and electromechanical components for locomotives Ebenezer Railcar Services Mr. Jeffrey Schmarje, President 1005 Indian Church Rd.; West Seneca, NY 14224-1305 (716) 674-5650 jfs@ersindustries.com; www.ebenezerrailcar.com Manufacturing new railroad freight cars, car body kits, repair, rebuilding services, engineering. Ecofab Maintenance LTD Mr. Douglas Bock, VP Sales & Marketing 1645 Lonsdale Ave.; North Vancouver, BC V7M 2JS (800) 222-3130 dbock@ecofab.com; www.ecofab.com Rigid fiberglass covers for open topped railcars and high speed cover handling systems. Edwin Bohr Electronics, Inc. Mr. Dan Myers, Quality Assurance Manager P.O. Box 15065; Chattanooga, TN 37415-0065 (423) 877-8207 danmyers@bohr.com Elcon Inc. Mr. Frank Garrone, President 600 Twin Rail Dr.; Minooka, IL 60447-9465 (815) 467-9500 fgarrone@elconinc.net; www.elconinc.net Electrical components for locomotives Electric Motor Services Mr. Albert Burgos, Vice President, Business Development 6350 Indianapolis Blvd.; Hammond, IN 46320-2231 (219) 931-2850 aburgos@elecmotors.net www.electricmotorservicesinc.com Rebuild and Recondition traction motors D77, D78, D90, GE752 as well as Generators AR10, 11, 15, 17, 20’s D12/32 and 15/25’s. We rewind & rebuild armatures and stators. We have VPI & Expoxy Resin Tanks CN
  32. 32. RSI membeRShIp DIRectoRy 34 RSI Annual Report 2013 Electro-Wire, Inc. Mr. Michael Schmidt, Vice President 933 Remington Rd.; Schaumburg, IL 60173-4515 (847) 944-1500 mschmidt@electrowire.com; www.electrowire.com Electro Wire is the master distributor of Exane and offers complete power solutions—including signal, communication, wayside power, rapid transit, diesel locomotive, trackside and traction, fiber optics and wireless products to meet your rail and transit cable needs. Ellwood Crankshaft Group Mr. Donald Fissel, Sales Manager One Front St.; Irvine, PA 16329 (814) 563-8714 dfissel@elwd.com www.ellwoodcrankshaftgroup.com New and reconditioned crankshafts for all types of locomotives. Enerpro, Inc. Mr. Bob Theis, Operations Manager 5780 Thornwood Dr.; Goleta, CA 93117-3802 8.0057621141e+012 bobt@enerpro-inc.com; www.enerpro-inc.com Locomotive power electronics products including recti- fier/ battery chargers and auxiliary generator regula- tors for both OEM and aftermarket. Ensco, Inc. Mr. Jeff Stevens, Dir. Commercial Business Operations 5400 Port Royal Rd.; Springfield, VA 22151-2301 (703) 321-4475 stevens.jeff@ensco.com; www.ensco.com Provides advanced track inspection systems and ser- vices, vehicle/track interaction consulting services and track data management systems. Fenton Rigging and Contracting Mr. Tommy Wallace, Vice President - Contracting 2150 Langdon Farm Rd.; Cincinnati, OH 45237-4711 (513) 758-1276 towallace@fenton1898.com; www.fenton1898.com Bridge repair, replacement steel repairs, concrete pile driving, granite, shotcrete, grouting, soil stabilation, soil nailing, epoxy injection, hydrophobic grouling, etc. First Union Rail Mr. Richard Seymour, VP, Sales & Marketing One O’Hare Center, 6250 River Rd., Ste. 5000 Rosemont, IL 60018-4214 (847) 384-5323 richard.seymour@firstunionrail.com www.firstunionrail.com Second largest general purpose freight car lessor offer- ing both short term and long term finance leases. Formcrete Fiberglass Products, Inc. Mr. Scott Sutcliffe, President 1900 Ray Davis Blvd.; Seminole, OK 74868-3558 (405) 382-7700 sales@formcrete.com; www.formcrete.com Lightweight composite commuter locomotive exteriors, lightweight composite freight locomotive exterior compartment doors, and any application for custom molded fiberglass composites. FreightCar America, Inc. Mr. Joseph E. McNeely, President and CEO Two N. Riverside Plz., Ste. 1300 Chicago, IL 60606-2634 (312) 928-0850 jmcneely@freightcar.net www.freightcaramerica.com Manufactures, rebuilds and leases aluminum, steel and hybrid coal cars and other railcar types. Supplies railcar parts, kits and railcar maintenance, repairs and management through its FreightCar Rail Services subsidiary. See our ad on Cover 2 FTR Associates Ms. Helen Lile, Business Manager 1720 N. Kinser Pike; Bloomington, IN (888) 988-1699 hlile@ftrassociates.com; www.ftrassociates.com FTR forecasts rail equipment, intermodal, shipping, etc. GARD Specialists Co., Inc. Ms. Margaret Everett, Vice President / Treasurer P.O. Box 2229; Eagle River, WI 54521-2229 (715) 479-9365 marge633@yahoo.com; www.gardspecialists.com Maintenance Products - Thread repair inserts, abra- sives, cutting tools, etc. Gardner Denver Mr. Richard Hugenberg, Railroad Product Manager 1800 Gardner Expy.; Quincy, IL 62305-9364 (217) 228-8237 Rob.Phillips@gardnerdenver.com www.gardnerdenver.com New and remanufactured air compressors for use in locomotives. After market parts for locomotive compressors. GatorHyde Protective Coatings Mr. Neil Moon, Marketing 5151 Natural Bridge Ave.; Saint Louis, MO 63115-1504 (314) 664-2230 nmoon@elastomer.com; www.gatorhyde.com Manufacturers of high performance polyurethanes and polyuria fast set spray coatings for corrosion and abrasion protection of steel, fiberglass, concrete and wood surfaces. GATX Corporation Mr. Thomas Ellman, EVP and President, Rail North America 222 W Adams St., 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60606-5312 (312) 621-4560 thomas.ellman@gatx.com www.gatx.com GATX Corporation controls one of the largest railcar fleets in the world and has been providing quality rail- cars and services to its customers for 115 years. See our ad on page 35 Thispage:KansasCitySouthern.Oppositepage:CN.
  33. 33. Annual Report 2013 RSI 35 w w w . g a t x . c o mw w w . g a t x . c o m EXPERIENCE DEDICATION INNOVATION OUR STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE drives us to focus on safety first, and to never waver from our commitment to be the best. From our account managers, to our engineers, to our maintenance team, GATX provides industry- leading railcar leasing and support to a broad range of customers who depend on our 136,000 railcars and 600 locomotives. GE Rail Services Corporation Ms. Patrice Powers, EVP Government Relations 161 North Clark St.; Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 853-5649 patrice.powers@ge.com www.gecapital.com GE owns & manages 155,000 railcars, 2000 loco- motives and 20,000 intermodal units that include containers & trailers. Offers full service and net leases utilizing operating, finance and per diem lease struc- tures. Offers leases with management services. Geislinger Corporation Mr. Dwayne Berger, Sales Manager 200 Geislinger Dr.; Battle Creek, MI 49037-5622 (269) 441-7002 berger@geislinger.com; www.geislinger.com Manufactures products to reduce torsional vibration of combustion engines and driveline components. GLNX Corporation Mr. Warner Abel, President 2201 Timberloch Pl., Ste. 125 The Woodlands, TX 77380-1139 (281) 363-7050 warnera@glnx.com; www.glnx.com Full Service Railcar Lease & Management Company Global Finishing Solutions, LLC (GFS) Mr. Ronnie Guindon, Marketing Specialist 12721 Norway Rd.; Osseo, WI 54758-7780 (705) 719-4007 rguindon@globalfinishing.com www.globalfinishing.com GFS’ finishing equipment are used in a wide spectrum of industries, including the rail industry Globe Turbocharger Specialties, Inc. Mr. Shaawn Cannon, President 201 Edison Way; Reno, NV 89502-2305 (775) 856-7337 shaawn.cannon@globeturbocharger.com www.globeturbocharger.com Exclusive OEM for ALCO turbochargers. Supplier of parts and service for ALCO, Elliott, EMD, GE, and Napier turbochargers. All Turbocharger products are manufac- tured to the highest precision and quality standards. GNB Industrial Power Mr. Micheal Matson, Marketing Services Manager 3950 Sussex Ave.; Aurora, IL 60504-7932 (630) 862-2238 michael.matson@exide.com; www.gnb.com Industrial batteries and chargers
  34. 34. RSI membeRShIp DIRectoRy 36 RSI Annual Report 2013 Graham-White Manufacturing Company Mr. Jack Kuhns, Vice President Sales North America 1242 S Colorado St. Salem, VA 24153-6931 (540) 387-5600 jkuhns@grahamwhite.com www.grahamwhite.com Provides reliable transportation solutions. Electro- pneumatic and pneumatic valves, air drying systems, electro locomotive parking brakes, electronic bells, AFM indicators, alalog gauges and remanufacturing services inc. 26L, freight break, G-W components. See our ad on page 37 The Greenbrier Companies Mr. Thomas Jackson, VP Marketing One Centerpointe Dr., Ste. 200 Lake Oswego, OR 97035-8623 (503) 937-1522 Tom.jackson@gbrx.com www.gbrx.com Supplier of transportation equipment and services to the railroad industry. Owns approx. 11,000 railcars and performs management services for approx. 215,000 railcars. Repairs freight cars and provides wheel sets and railcar component parts. See our ad on page 29 Greenfield Products LLC Mr. Anthony Calomino, Port and Rail Products Account Manager 3920 Greenfield Dr.; Union City, TN 38261 (708) 331-3115 acalomino@greenfieldpi.com; www.greenfieldpi.com Design, engineer, and build steel products used for lifting and transportation. Products can be built to spec and include railcar Jacks and forklift attachments. Hadady Corporation Mr. Tom Casper, VP Sales & Marketing 510 W. 172nd St.; South Holland, IL 60473-2717 (708) 596-5168 caspert@hadadycorp.com; www.hadadycorp.com Hadady Corporation custom builds locomotive truck overhaul kits for EMD and GE locomotives. Hadady Corporation’s parts offering includes brake hangers and levers, brake heads, slack adjusters, elliptic springs and assemblies, rubber suspension springs and assemblies for bolsters and traction motor nose, dampers and shock absorbers, plastic wear plates for bolsters and side frames, pedestal liners, pins, steel and plastic bushings, bearing blocks, and other loco- motive truck related replacement parts. Halfen USA Inc. Mr. Mark Lesher, Engineering Representative 8521 FM 1976; Converse, TX 78109 (800) 428-9140 mlesher@halfenusa.com; www.halfenusa.com Halfen USA Inc. is an engineering and steel manu- facturing firm based outside of San Antonio, TX. We design, supply and manufacture specialized fasteners for the civil and mechanical engineering industries. The Halfen channel and t-bolt fastening system has been used by designers for over 80 years as an alter- native to welding or drilling to mechanically connect the components of complex machines. Hammonds Fuel Additives Mr. Blake Rampy, Additive Sales 910 Rankin Rd.; Houston, TX 77073-4604 (281) 951-1431 brampy@biobor.com; www.hammondscos.com Manufacturer of Biobor JF, the worldwide standard diesel biocide additive since 1965. Develops/manu- factures additive injection systems providing fluid powered precision additive injection for all fueling systems. HARTING, INC North America Ms. Jill Shea, Marketing Director 1370 Bowes Rd.; Elgin, IL 60123-5538 (847) 741-1500 jill.shea@harting.com; www.harting-usa.com Develops electrical & electronic connector technolo- gies solutions with a focus on power and data trans- mission applications and network solutions. Includes a full line of Ethernet switches and connectivity suit- able for fiber and copper application. Hatch & Kirk, Inc. Mr. Michael Korotkin, President & CEO 5111 Leary Ave. NW; Seattle, WA 98107-4820 (206) 789-9470 mkorotkin@hatchkirk.com; www.hatchkirk.com Hatch & Kirk is a leading global manufacturer of aftermarket diesel engine parts for EMD, ALCO, and Fairbanks-Morse engines. We serve leading railroads globally from our AAR M1003 registered facilities Seattle with warehouses in Houston and St. Louis Haynes Corporation Mr. Greg Schultz, VP Sales 3581 Mercantile Ave.; Naples, FL 34104-3309 (239) 643-3013 greg@haynescorp.com; www.haynesco.com Fuel injection systems and parts for locomotive engines specializing in emission reduction solutions Hetronic USA Ms. Shelby Ryan, Marketing 3905 NW 36th St.; Oklahoma City, OK 73112-2953 (405) 749-1270 s.ryan@hetronic.com; www.trainremote.com Radio remote control systems and solutions WilliamC.Vantuono
  35. 35. © 2014 GRAHAM-WHITE MFG. CO. You Have Relied On Graham-White Branded Solutions For 100 Years! We Are Not About To Change That Now. grahamwhite.com 6,000 WOrLDWIDE With over 300 employees ready to help, We've Got Your Back!
  36. 36. RSI membeRShIp DIRectoRy 38 RSI Annual Report 2013 Hilliard Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Timothy Loveless, V.P. Marketing & Business Operations 25221 Highway 365 N; N Little Rock, AR 72113-9168 (501) 851-0510 tim@heiparts.net; www.heiparts.com Supplier of EMD, GE and ALCO Locomotive spare parts. An extensive on-hand inventory and network of sup- pliers. HEI can fulfill all of your locomotive parts needs including hard-to-find parts. HK Engine Components, LLC Mr. Cullen Burdette, Vice President 9411 Earley Dr.; Hagerstown, MD 21740-1738 (240) 313-3611 cburdette@hkec.com; www.hkec.com Power assemblies for EMD 710, 645, and 567 engines. AAR M-1003 certified. Holland, LP Mr. Leonard O’Kray, Group VP, Mechanical 1000 Holland Dr.; Crete, IL 60417-2120 (708) 672-2373 lokray@hollandco.com; www.hollandco.com Design and manufacturer of components and systems that secure and protect lading. Products include chocks for autoracks, door edge protection, bridge plates, heavy duty and military chain assemblies, automatic container locks, interbox container locks, anchor systems, 4” polyester strapping and other related securement devices. HOTSTART Mr. Josh Erickson, Market Manager Shortline/ Class 1/Leasing 5723 E Alki Ave.; Spokane, WA 99212-0965 (509) 534-6171 jerickson@hotstart.com; www.hotstart.com Hotstart manufactures electric engine heating systems and diesel powered APU’s allowing locomotives to be shut down and easily restarted. Benefits include reduced idling, fuel/oil savings, lower emissions and less engine wear. Hydra-Tech International Corp. Mr. Dan Lauzier, Sales and Marketing 6060 86 Ave. S.E.; Calgary, AB T2C4L7 (403) 720-7742 dan.lauzier@hydra-tech.net; www.hydra-tech.net Manufacturer of large hydraulic jacks and special- ized hydraulic tools providing lifting and specialized hydraulic tool solutions for the Railway, Mining, and Construction Industries. ICL Performance Products LP - Phos-Chek Mr. Gordon Springell, Equipment Systems Engineering Manager 5980 E Commerce Loop; Post Falls, ID 83854-5901 (909) 821-1331 gordon.springell@icl-pplp.com; www.phoschek.com Fire prevention and fire fighting chemicals and spe- cialize mixing delivering systems equipment. Phos- Chek brand retardants, foams and gels, PCCode. Independent Machine Company of Gladstone, Inc. Mr. Nicholas Sandstrom, CEO/President 707 Clark Dr.; Gladstone, MI 49837-8966 (906) 428-4524 nsandstrom@imc-mi.com; www.imc-info.com Steel Fabrication Specialists for the Railroad Industry: Pilot plows, gear cases, wear plates, draft gear pock- ets, shims, Iron Horse wheel lathes The Indiana Rail Road Company Mr. Bob Babcock, Vice President Business Development 101 W Ohio St., Ste. 1600 Indianapolis, IN 46204-1994 (317) 822-7716 bob.babcock@inrd.com www.inrd.com Locomotive maintenance facility capable of doing contract repairs/rebuilds on all types of locomotives. Direct connections at Chicago to all major railroads. See our ad on page 27 Industrial Maintenance & Engineering Corporation Mr. Greg Szymanski, Sales Manager 1351 J.P. Jennessey Dr.; La Vergne, TN 37086 (615) 641-9474 gszymanski@ime-corp.com; www.ime-corp.com Utex repair and return on the following: 36” & 48” cool- ing fans – Standard, Single Speed Q, Grid Fans – 18HP, 36HP & 100HP, Main Generators, AR-10 Alternators, Traction Motors, Auxillary Generators -10KW (DC), 14KW (DC), 18KW (DC) & 18KW (AC), Air Discharge Motors, TM Blowers Motors, Starter Pumps, Fuel Pump Motors. Inter Swiss, Ltd. Mr. James Reese, President 5410 W Roosevelt Rd.; Chicago, IL 60644-1478 (773) 379-0400 jim@interswiss.com; www.interswiss.com Air Brake testing technology. International Name Plate Supplies Ltd. Mr. Stefan Nilsson, Sales Manager 1420 Crumlin Rd.; London, ON N5V 1S1 1 (800) 565-3509 snilsson@inps.ca; www.inpsusa.com Complete graphics kit for locomotives and railcars designing, engineering and styling of all graphics components: Control panels, road numbers, complete railcar vinyl kits. Interstate-McBee, LLC Mr. Patrick Roach, VP Sales & Marketing 4901 Lakeside Ave. E, Cleveland, OH 44114-3931 (216) 535-0264 proach@interstate-mcbee.com www.interstate-mcbee.com Diesel fuel injectors IRECO, LLC Mr. Robert Grandy, Vice President 805 Golf Ln.; Bensenville, IL 60106-1512 (630) 741-0155 rgrandy@railwaysupplygroup.com; www.ireco.com/ Specialty products for the railroad industry includ- ing pipe anchors, lading anchors, cable supports, winches, webbing, tag brackets, corner protectors and hatch cover locks as well as custom designed bracket assemblies. ITT Koni North America Mr. James Mohn, Director of Sales and Marketing 7 Centre Dr.; Orchard Park, NY 14127-2281 (716) 740-9417 james.mohn@itt.com; www.koni-na.com Manufactures dampers, suspension damping and rail transportation products such as friction snub- bers, rebuildable dampers rotary shock absorbers and more, customer specific applications are also available. Cusstom products are provided by our team of engineers, who are supported by our committed suppliers, enabling them to prepare the most suitable proposals to meet your needs ITW Professional Brands Ms. Debbie Kenny, Market Development Manager 805 East Old 56 Hwy.; Olathe, KS 66061 (919) 489-3034 dkenny@itwprobrands.com www.itwprofessionalbrands.com SCRUBS Brand Towels and Wipes for hand hygiene, skin protection and surface cleaning and disinfection. DYKEM paint markers and layout fluids. Spray Nine and Dymon cleaners and degreasers. J&L Consulting LTD Mr. Jason Tarasenko, President 5785 244B St.; Langley, BC V2Z IG7 (604) 607-6613 jlconsulting@uniserve.com; jlconsulting.ca Locomotive and locomotive components procurement specialists. Locomotive sales and service. Large inven- tory of locomotives for sale or lease. Large inventory of locomotive components used, RTO, Cores qualified, new and rebuilt. Outright or UTEX. J.W. Speaker Corporation Mr. Gary Durian, Engineering Director N120 W19434 Freistadt Rd., Germantown, WI 53022-9761 (262) 532-2125 duriang@jwspeaker.com; www.jwspeaker.com A world leader in engineered lighting solutions for locomotives and MOW vehicles. Designer and manu- facturer of LED lighting products for OEM and aftermar- ket railway applications. Jackson International, Inc. DBA Jaxon Mr. Bob Jackson, CEO 635 Franklin St.; Constantine, MI 49042-1268 (866) 379-2009 jaxonusa@msn.com; www.jaxonusa.com Uncoupling devices and imported casting & machine parts. JMA Railroad Supply Mr. Jack Matthews, Owner / President 381 S Main Pl.; Carol Stream, IL 60188-2427 (630) 653-9224 jack@jmarail.com; www.jmarail.com Locomotive repair and replacement parts including: EMD Blowers, Intercoolers, ditch light kits, batteries, camshafts, dryers, prefiltration systems, abloy locks, cast iron & composite brake shoes, car dumping & positioning systems, etc.