Annual ReportMembership Directory   2012
IMPROVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY& INCREASE PAYLOAD! VersaFlood™ automatic unloading aggregate car with aluminum sidesFreight...
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                  SUPPORT	2                                              ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012                                           | SUPPORT |ABOUT US                             RSI is ...
VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING                     UNDER THE BOX.                  Amsted Rail, the global leader in fully integrate...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012                                                         | SUPPORT |CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE            ...
Strato Solutions         Keep Your Cars Connected                             (and Your Trains Running!)                  ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012                                                          | SUPPORT |LEADERSHIP     RSI Board of D...
My employees don’thave time for training.Flexible Scheduling. Anytime. Anywhere.CorrespondenCe Training                   ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012                                                             | SUPPORT |TESTIMONIAL               ...
RSI, REMSA, RSSI PARTNERSHIP                Working Together on Behalf of the Industry                RSI, Railway Enginee...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012RSI INDUSTRY COMMITTEES 						 A Collaborative Voice for Suppliers                                ...
| SUPPORT |                                                                    The RSI ARCI Committee reports that, due pr...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012RSI INDUSTRY COMMITTEES                                                                           ...
| SUPPORT |                                                                                     The North American railway...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012RSI MEMBERSStrong Global Suppliers, Staunch Rail AdvocatesRSI members represent a diverse spectrum...
| SUPPORT |               RSI Welcomes New Members in 2012               Arkansas Industrial Computing Inc.               ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012CONFERENCES AND EVENTS                                                    A                       ...
| CONNECTION | The Coordinated Mechanical Associations (Air Brake Association, Inc.; International Association of Railway ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012      CONFERENCES AND EVENTS      •  any of RSI’s members are small        M        businesses, an...
| CONNECTION |Railway Interchange/2013September 29 – October 2, 2013 | Indianapolis, INWe are looking forward to what is s...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012WORK IN WASHINGTON      Influencing Issues, Promoting Rail Supply Interests      RSI is the railwa...
| ADVOCACY | MAP-21 includes several provisions of importance to the rail supply industry, including a study of truck     ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012WORK IN WASHINGTON      Suppliers Gather for Railroad Day on the Hill             its yearly fundi...
| ADVOCACY |                                               RSI’s Tom Simpson chaired                                      ...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012BOB CLEMENT REPORTS                                              Congress Heard Us in 2012 —      ...
| ADVOCACY |  OPERATION LIFESAVER  RSI Supports Operation Lifesaver,  Holds Leadership Position  RSI is a cofounder and lo...
| RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012      RSI MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY      RSI MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY      A. Stucki Company               ...
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory
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RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory


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Railway Supply Institute, Inc. Annual Report & Membership Directory.

The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) acts on behalf of suppliers to North American railroads and their employees. Made up of companies throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad, RSI is the only all inclusive trade association for the entire rail supply industry and represents a diverse group of rail suppliers involved in the manufacture of products and services in the freight car, locomotive, maintenance-of-way, communications and signaling, leasing, and passenger rail industries.

RSI connects members to their customers and partners, supports the improvement of the industry, assists members in the global marketplace, and represents the industry during the regulatory and legislative process.

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RSI 2012 Annual Report & Membership Directory

  1. 1. Annual ReportMembership Directory 2012
  2. 2. IMPROVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY& INCREASE PAYLOAD! VersaFlood™ automatic unloading aggregate car with aluminum sidesFreightCar America’s new VersaFlood™ high payload aggregate hopper car advances operatingefficiency for moving sand, rock or minerals while increasing payload through the use ofaluminum in select areas of the car.Available with an independent or fully automatic door system, VersaFlood uses our All-in-Onetouch pad control panel. Doors can be opened individually, in pairs or all at once. VersaFloodcan also be equipped for manual door operation.This versatile design offers a mechanically fastened car body and our patented, high strengthcold-rolled steel center sill. 308-382-3880 312-928-0850 800-458-2235
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS SUPPORT 2 About Us 2 Chairman’s Message 4 Leadership 6 Testimonial: The Value of RSI 8 RSI, REMSA, RSSI Partnership 9 RSI Industry Committees 10 RSI Members 14 Scholarship Program 15 CONNECTION 16 Conferences and Events 16 ADVOCACY 20 Work in Washington 20 Bob Clement Reports 24 Operation Lifesaver 25 Membership Directory 26 Advertising Index 40 Published for RSI by Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, 55 Broad Street, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10004. Design by Emily Cocheo. Cover by Sarah Vogwill. Cover photo by Steve Schmollinger. Photo, this page, from BNSF.RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 1
  4. 4. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | SUPPORT |ABOUT US RSI is Your Voice in Washington The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) acts on behalf of suppliers to North American railroads and their employees. Made up of companies throughout the United States and Canada, RSI is the only all-inclusive trade association for the entire rail supply industry. RSI represents a diverse group of rail suppliers involved in the manufacture of products and services in the freight car, locomotive, maintenance-of-way, communications and signaling, leasing, and passenger rail industries. RSI connects members to their customers and partners; supports the improvement of the industry; assists members in the global marketplace; and represents the industry during the regulatory and legislative process. Support. . . Support of railway suppliers is important to the railroad industry.  RSI organizes seven industry committees on critical issues such as the safe transportation of hazardous materials, grade crossing safety, and technical standards. Our committees assist members in collaborating to resolve the technical, legislative, and regulatory issues unique to the rail supply industry. Connection. . . Railway suppliers are connected and strengthened by RSI. RSI members meet and do business with freight and passenger railroads and other suppliers at annual conferences, trade shows, and industry events. We are the center of the industry network, giving our members the opportunity to connect with the true decision-makers within the rail industry. Advocacy. . . RSI is your voice in Washington. RSI has a presence on Capitol Hill and among the regulatory agencies that write the rules for the rail industry—continually advocating safe, sensible, and efficient solutions that work for rail, suppliers, and the people who depend on us to move their goods. RSI aids members in communicating their interests to legislators, regulators, and other industry stakeholders. steve schmollinger2 RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  5. 5. VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING UNDER THE BOX. Amsted Rail, the global leader in fully integrated freight car systems for the heavy haul rail market. Slack Outlet Gates Adjuster (pellet) Empty Load Device ABU Brake Cylinder IONX Edge ® Asset Monitoring Device Preload Plus® Constant Contact SideHand Brake Bearings Axles Hollube® & Hollamax™ Bowl Liners ASF-Keystone® Brenco ® Bolster Bearing Griffin® Curved Plate Wheels Outer and Inner Load Coils Friction WedgeCoupler/Knuckle ASF-Keystone® Side Frame End of Car Hollube® & Hollamax™ System Truck Brake Beam Wear Adapter Mounted Liners Hollube® Plus® Brake System Coupler Carrier | +1.312.922.4501 | 311 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 5300, Chicago, IL 60606 © 2013 Amsted Rail Company, Inc.
  6. 6. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | SUPPORT |CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE Dear RSI Members and Friends, I have been privileged to serve as chairman this past year, but more privileged to sit on the RSI Board for the past six. We have seen the association get bigger and stronger—attributes that have helped us improve service to our members. Our iconic “Support, Connection, Advocacy” tagline was never more true than this year. By any measure—membership, trade shows, committee activities, and our advo- cacy program—RSI has continued to deliver for our members and their customers. The RSI Board directed RSI to develop a five-year strategic plan outlining concrete steps on how the organization can better serve its members and a course of action. As we implement and evaluate our plan, RSI President Tom Simpson will ask for member input on how we can meet our goals of increasing membership, enhancing the member experience, and better serving the industry. RSI also will explore marketing opportunities for its membership in North America and abroad. With RSSI and REMSA, our joint trade shows (Railway Interchange) will continue through at least 2019. The Board has determined that future even- year shows (RSI/CMA Trade Show and Technical Conference) will move to rail- road headquarter cities. You’ll find us in Montreal in 2014. If you do business withMichael J. Mitrovich CN or VIA Rail, you should be there. Finally, RSI and REMSA will be sponsoringPresident, MPL Technology, Inc., a USA Pavilion at Brazil’s Business on Rails in 2013 and Germany’s Innotrans inManaging Partner, SpillX, LLC 2014. Look for more opportunities for international marketing throughout the year. Highlights from 2012: RSI membership remains strong, and we are thankful for your support. With over 220 member companies, including 21 new ones, you can be assured that your membership is appreciated. All members and their contact information are listed in the mem- bership directory located in the back of this report (page 26). The RSI/CMA 2012 Exhibition and Technical Conference in Chicago (page 16) was record breaking for an even-year trade show, with well over 100 exhibiting companies and 1,300 attending. The event was enhanced by the opening session, where attendees heard from keynote speaker Carl Ice, President of BNSF Railway, and famed Wall Street analyst Tony Hatch. We are thankful to all RSI members who exhibited, sponsored, and attended. We hope to see you all at Railway Interchange/2013 in September. RSI is not just a trade show organization. With an active advocacy program that follows a wide array of legislative and regulatory issues, RSI is recognized as the voice of the supply industry in Washington, D.C. (page 20). In 2012, RSI met with over 250 members of Congress and their staff. Our overall strategy is simple: promote the interests of our industry by advocating rail-friendly leg- islation and working to prevent harmful regulations that stifle us. Our program committees (page 10) give members access to railroad officials, shipper customers, and federal regulators, with the opportunity to influence and improve the rail industry. The Association of American Railroads and its railroad members look to the RSI ARCI, Tank Car, Quality, Leasing, and Coupler committees for help on virtually every regulatory or technical issue. Also, the Washington Affairs Committee is the vehicle we use to gather member input on legislative issues. Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow Board members for their leadership and support. Next year’s leadership team of Fred Sasser, Mike Foxx, and Jeff Stearns will serve RSI and its membership well. Also, thanks to the RSI staff of Tom, Nicole, Robyn, Amanda, and Brian for their work.  This annual report can only briefly touch on the activities undertaken by RSI. I encourage you to reflect on these activities and ask you to take full advantage of what RSI offers to your company. I also ask you to peruse our membership directory (page 26), as it is the most important part of this report—without our members’ crucial support, RSI would cease to exist.4 RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  7. 7. Strato Solutions Keep Your Cars Connected (and Your Trains Running!) Long Life Knuckle Coupler Mounted Bracket Non-Cushioned Cushioned IntegradedDraft Lug Draft Lug Striker Casting Long Life Low Temperature EHS Strap Intermediate Hose Long Life E/F - Yokes (Keys, Wear Plate, Etc.) Braided End Hoses with Double Wide Gaskets Long Life Floating Yoke (External Retainer, Keys, Braces, Etc.) HOSE DISCONNECTS, UDE, and PART COLD WEATHER LEAKAGE FAILURE Solution # 1 Solution # 2 Strato ENDS train delays due to misaligned/ folded Strato’s “Lost Wax” process extends life, and greatly re- gaskets, hose hang-ups, and low pull apart forces. duces failure due to porosity / weak design. Better fit / tighter specs, avoiding coupler droop.• BRAIDED END HOSES - Most forgiving during hang-ups, no • KNUCKLES - Solid / no core. fold double wide gaskets, superior cold weather performance. • E / F YOKES - Designed for heavy loads and longer trains, longest life in industry• Trainline - CMBA best performance PERIOD. • FLOATING YOKES - Exclusive external key retainer system.• HOSE STRAP - Safest choice for personnel, long-lasting. • CMBA - Fastest / safest to install, low maintenance. 100 New England Avenue, Piscataway, N.J. 08854 Phone: (800) 792-0500 • Fax (732) 981-1222
  8. 8. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | SUPPORT |LEADERSHIP RSI Board of Directors The rail industry is diverse and the needs of an Officers association are many, thus decision-making Chair Michael J. Mitrovich, MPL Technology Inc., on behalf of the industry is a rewarding and SpillX, LLC sometimes difficult task. There are always challenges and the need for forward-thinking Vice Chair Fred R. Sasser, and collaboration. The RSI Board of Directors Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company shares in the responsibility of developing short-term and long-term goals, overseeing Secretary/Treasurer Michael Foxx, Strato, Inc. events, and managing financial and policy issues. The directors’ leadership, experiences, Directors and resources provide for a unique and well- Edward Whalen, FreightCar America rounded governing body. Jeff Stearns, Wabtec Corporation RSI strives to make its Board as diverse as the members it serves. It includes both large Jim Frantz, Graham-White Manufacturing Company and small companies that are involved in the manufacture of products and services in the John Paljug, Invensys Rail Corp. freight car, locomotive, maintenance-of- way, communications and signaling, and Michael K. Ogden, Morton Manufacturing Company passenger rail industries. Under the direction Patrick Ameen, Amsted Rail Company, Inc. of the Board of Directors and with member support, RSI continues to be a successful trade Patrick Casey, TTX Company association—representative of the industry it promotes. Thomas A. Ellman, GATX Corporation Thomas F DeJoseph, Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. . Honorary Director Gregory P Vogelman, GE Rail Services . REMSA Representative Phil Homan, Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. RSSI Representative Thomas J. Ulrich, Arthur N. Ulrich Company Staff President Thomas D. Simpson The RSI staff is a dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable team, eager to serve the rail Assistant Vice President Nicole B. Brewin supply industry in all aspects of association management. Guided by the RSI mission of supporting, connecting, and advocating for Office Manager Robyn M. Leach its members, the staff promotes the industry through government relations work, hosting Marketing & Trade Shows Amanda T. Patrick trade shows and marketing events, and creating a forum for industry collaboration. Membership & This year, RSI welcomed a new employee to Grassroots Coordinator Brian Kellman the team in Washington, D.C. Brian Kellman is the new Membership & Grassroots Coordinator. He is responsible for member Railway Supply Institute, Inc. services and outreach, and grassroots 425 Third Street, SW, Suite 920 data collection. Washington, D.C. 20024 (p) 202-347-4664 • (f) 202-347-0047 www.rsiweb.org6 RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  9. 9. My employees don’thave time for training.Flexible Scheduling. Anytime. Anywhere.CorrespondenCe Training • Work siTe Training • C o n s u lT i n g The Railway Educational Bureau, a sister company to Railway Age, offers time-tested courses that bring knowledge training direct to you and your employees. Our training services can support your OJT programs and refresher training. Choose among our correspondence programs, instructor-led worksite training, or a blended approach of both types. www.railwayeducationalbureau.comFor further information • (402) 346-4300 • Toll free (800) 228-9670 •
  10. 10. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | SUPPORT |TESTIMONIAL The Value of RSI Amsted Rail Company, Inc., is an ardent and active supporter of RSI. Some of our predecessor companies have roots going back over a century, and Amsted Rail has many globally recognized brands in the railroad industry. Throughout this long history, Amsted Rail has been an active member of both the former Railway Supply Association and the Railway Progress Institute, and since 2003, the combined organization that is now the Railway Supply Institute. RSI’s diverse membership comprises over 220 companies across the entire spectrum of North American freight and passenger railway suppliers (page 26). The size of the RSI member companies ranges from Patrick Ameen sole proprietorships to large conglomerates. Vice President Industry Relations Amsted Rail Company, Inc. Most RSI members either do not have a Washington presence or cannot afford one. RSI’s top leaders are both registered lobbyists and know their way around Capitol Hill, the government regulatory agencies, and the White House. RSI has an active government relations committee known as the Washington Affairs Committee (page 10). RSI is the railway supply industry’s singular voice on legislative and regulatory issues in Washington, D.C. That is a primary reason for Amsted Rail’s continued support. Whether it’s the threat of increased truck size and weight issues in Congress or contemplated Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations adversely affecting the industry, RSI is there for us. RSI conducts the largest freight railroad industry trade show in North America, bringing together, under one roof and in periodic outdoor track exhibits, thousands of customers, with a strong international flavor. In addition to the many exhibits, RSI sponsors the Annual Technical Conferences of the four Coordinated Mechanical Associations. This draws experts in freight cars, locomotives, air brakes, and railroad operating rules from railroads, leasing companies, government agencies, the Association of American Railroads (AAR), and the supply community (page 16). RSI has several standing committees which provide critical interface, liaison, and advocacy with AAR and the U.S. Department of Transportation (FRA, in particular) on tank car issues, other freight car types, and rolling stock and infrastructure components, with respect to governmental regulation and industry technical standards (page 10). Whether you have a single product or service, or offer a diverse portfolio to the industry, I urge you to join or rejoin and become active in all that RSI has to offer.8 RSI Annual Report 2012
  11. 11. RSI, REMSA, RSSI PARTNERSHIP Working Together on Behalf of the Industry RSI, Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers internationally, but might be reluctant to go alone. Association (REMSA), and Railway Systems The pavilion will be designed so companies can Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) are working collaboratively share a common area, but also have a private area for to support the general interests of the industry and literature and meetings. RSI and REMSA will invite their member companies. While the organizations foreign rail dignitaries to the pavilion to showcase have a long history of working together, they are the North American railway supply community. turning their sights to more international marketing opportunities at a shared cost and benefit. In addition, RSSI has joined RSI and REMSA in planning and marketing Railway Interchange. To At a joint leadership meeting of RSI and REMSA, help improve the upcoming trade show, Railway RSI Chair Mike Mitrovich and REMSA President Interchange/2013, the organizations will have a Phil Homan agreed that the two organizations “one show” look with exhibition halls open to all would work together on marketing the Railway attendees, and common themes and sponsorships Interchange event and government relations efforts, among the groups. There also will be joint social and promoting the North American railway supply events, including receptions and meal functions industry internationally.  throughout the event. Internationally, RSI and REMSA are planning to With REMSA and RSSI representatives on the RSI host a “USA Pavilion” at international railroad Board of Directors (page 6), both organizations industry trade shows such as Brazil’s Business on are intimately involved in RSI’s government Rails, scheduled for November 2013 in Sao Paulo, relations work. It was agreed at the meeting thatunion pacific Brazil, and Innotrans, slated for September 2014 in full membership understanding and participation in Berlin, Germany. RSI and REMSA are also looking RSI’s government relations effort was critical to the at international marketing/trade show opportunities industry’s goals in Washington, D.C.    in Asia and Africa. This effort is targeted at member companies that are interested in exhibiting RSI Annual Report 2012 9
  12. 12. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012RSI INDUSTRY COMMITTEES A Collaborative Voice for Suppliers The direction of RSI’s policy goals are determined by the work and collaboration of its industry committees, which support the One of the tasks undertaken different disciplines and issues of the supply by the RSI ARCI Committee is reporting quarterly freight car industry. Consisting of RSI member companies, orders and deliveries. Shown below are railroad the committees provide an opportunity for tank cars being built. (Source: American Railcar Industries, Inc.) member involvement and support, and   advance railway supply industry goals in the public and private sectors. Lead photo by bruce kelly 10 RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  13. 13. | SUPPORT | The RSI ARCI Committee reports that, due pri- marily to the boom in domestic oil production, orders for new tanks cars have increased dra- matically in the past few years. In 2012, orders for new railroad tank cars accounted for over half of all new freight cars ordered, and the num- ber of tank cars ordered but not yet delivered accounted for over 75% of the total backlog.AMERICAN RAILWAY CAR INSTITUTE (Source: American Railcar Industries, Inc.)Chair: Ed Whalen, FreightCar America, Inc.The American Railway Car Institute (ARCI) has repre-sented the North American freight car building indus- EQUIPMENT LEASING COMMITTEEtry for over 75 years. Membership consists of major Chair: John Kieras, Union Tank Car CompanyNorth American freight car manufacturers, and works inconjunction with the Association of American Railroads The Equipment Leasing Committee is composed of repre-(AAR) on freight car design standards. ARCI also tabu- sentatives from prominent freight car leasing companies.lates and reports North American freight car statistics, Its primary responsibility is to evaluate and guide RSI inand represents the specific interests of railcar builders in key regulatory and public policy issues affecting the leas-legislative and regulatory matters. In addition, ARCI’s En- ing industry, which often involve railroad service relationsgineering and Design Subcommittee meets several times issues. In addition, the committee responds to AAR circu-a year to address freight car design and safety issues. lar letters and other railroad proposals that affect private car owners. RSI member companies own and provide forARCI quarterly freight car statistics are used by organiza- lease more than 700,000 railroad freight cars.tions like Bloomberg news, the Federal Reserve Board,financial analysts, component suppliers, and others whofollow the freight car building industry, and is used as a QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMITTEEbarometer on the state of the railway supply industry. The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is an advocate for quality and continuous improvement in the perfor-ARCI AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP mance and safety of the rail supply industry’s productsThough membership on the ARCI committee is restricted and services. QAC works with the AAR Quality Committeeto North American freight car builders, anyone can be- to ensure that member companies receive the informa-come an affiliate member. Typical affiliate members are tion they need to implement superior quality programscomponent suppliers for the freight car industry, leasing and meet today’s marketplace challenges. Over the years,companies, and financial institutions. Affiliate members working with the AAR Quality Committee, QAC has spon-receive quarterly freight car statistics and have an oppor- sored training programs for suppliers that are new to thetunity to be on the Engineering & Design Subcommittee. industry or need refresher courses on key quality issues. RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 11
  14. 14. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012RSI INDUSTRY COMMITTEES STATE TAXATION COMMITTEE Chair: William Gannon, GATX Corporation The State Taxation Committee, consisting of com- panies that own and lease railroad freight cars, monitors and acts on state legislative and regulatory issues that affect the taxation of privately owned freight cars. Over the years, it is estimated the com- mittee has saved private car owners several million dollars in excess taxation. COMMITTEE ON TANK CARS Chair: Joseph Lattanzio, GE Rail Car Services The Committee on Tank Cars (RSICTC) addresses is- sues of importance to tank car builders and owners, and regularly reviews tank car requirements through its membership to the AAR Tank Car Committee. RSICTC is at the forefront of the latest research to im- prove tank car safety and represents tank car manufac- turers in federal, legislative, and regulatory matters. The Engineering/Technical Subcommittee oversees RSI’s Equipment Leasing Committee consists the RSI/AAR tank car safety research project and of 11 companies that own and provide for lease meets quarterly with the AAR Tank Car Committee to more than 700,000 freight cars, out of a total discuss tank car security, packaging, and operational freight car fleet of almost 1.5 million. Covered issues. RSICTC publications can be found online at hopper cars (shown above) are an important facet of the lease fleet, providing shippers equip- ment to move their product quickly and efficient- Membership to this committee is restricted to compa- ly through the North American railroad system. nies engaged in the design, manufacture, ownership, (Source: Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.) or leasing of railroad tank cars. WASHINGTON AFFAIRS COMMITTEE STANDARD COUPLER Chair: John Paljug, Invensys Rail Group MANUFACTURERS COMMITTEE Chair: Thomas Gillespie, Jr., Chair: Steve Becker, Amsted Industries ALSTOM Transportation, Inc. This committee promotes AAR standard coupler The Washington Affairs Committee (WAC) is open to technology worldwide, and meets periodically to all members, with an emphasis on member compa- discuss the technical matters confronting standard nies in the communications and signaling, mainte- coupler manufacturers. The committee also works nance-of-way, and passenger industries. Legislative with the rail industry to develop coupler standards issues of interest include: supporting the Section 130 that reflect the latest in technology and foundry highway-rail grade crossing program; supporting rail- practices. This committee is restricted to companies roads in securing tax incentives to increase capacity; that produce standard AAR couplers. securing federal investment for positive train control and high speed rail; supporting Amtrak’s legislative goals; supporting the Class I railroads’ efforts op- posed to reregulation; and lobbying against bigger trucks. The committee also works very closely with Operation Lifesaver to reduce the deaths and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and along railroad rights-of-way through public education programs.12 RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  15. 15. | SUPPORT | The North American railway supply industry continues to become an international force in Europe, China, South America, and Australia. Chicago Freight Car Company’s Fred Sasser is the 2013 Chair of the RSI Board of Directors. This photo shows a Chicago Freight Car Leasing subsidiary operating a distinctly North American-looking unit train of covered hopper cars in Australia.  (Source: Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.) ttx168919_RSI_Ad-7x4.937_rsg 12/7/11 1:22 PM Page 1 Railcar Pooling Experts. TTX is North America’s leading provider of railcars and related freight car management services. With a pool of cars 200,000 strong, we have the capacity – and expertise – to support the industry. PO OLI N G I E N G I N E E R I N G & M A I N T E NANCE I F L E E T S E RVICE S I RE S E ARCH I L OGIS T ICS www.ttx.comRSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 13
  16. 16. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012RSI MEMBERSStrong Global Suppliers, Staunch Rail AdvocatesRSI members represent a diverse spectrum of rail-related members to always have a voice in the rail industry’sbusinesses that supply railroads across the globe. At RSI, regulation and the legislation on Capitol Hill.the strength of our membership is reflected in the strengthof the industry. With more than 220 members, RSI acts on In addition to committee participation, RSI continuouslybehalf of both the largest and smallest suppliers to North looks for ways to connect its members to the rail industryAmerican freight and passenger rail. and with other members to help their businesses grow.RSI’s many industry committees allow members to About Our Membershipparticipate and influence the direction of the rail industry RSI membership remained strong in 2012 (page 26).(page 10). Committees are able to discuss regulations and Members are located across the United States and Cana-legislation affecting the daily business of our members, da, and as far away as India and China. They represent aand seek solutions to many of the obstacles preventing wide range of rail-related services and productsgrowth in the rail industry. This, along with RSI’s strong (see chart and map below).grassroots and advocacy involvement, allows our Segment of the Industry Number of RSI Members North American Members (Headquarters Only) Communications and Signaling 31 Freight Car / Locomotive Repair 71 Freight Car Component Parts 76 Freight Car Leasing 15 Freight Car Manufacturer 20 Locomotive Manufacturer / Component Parts 140 Maintenance-of-Way 37 Passenger Manufacturer / Component Parts 70 Trade Association 2 Industry Publications / Press 4 Banks / Financial Institutions 10 Other (Rail-Related) 43 GOOGLE MAPS * Note: Data taken from primary business section of 2012 RSI membership forms. Some members represent more than one segment of the industry. 14 RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  17. 17. | SUPPORT | RSI Welcomes New Members in 2012 Arkansas Industrial Computing Inc. Beckmann Volmer North America Bhilai Engineering Corp. Bocage Capital BSM Wireless Formcrete Fiberglass Products Hammonds Technical Services IMPCO EcoTrans Technology Longbow Research Mikes Inc. Minmetals International Advertising and Exhibition Morton Suggestion Inc. Motive Power Resources Inc. Professional Pavement Products Rail Management Systems Rollon Corporation SAFT SpillX, LLC Stevenson Crane Service, Inc. Stifel Nicholas & Company Transhield SpillX, LLC, a new RSI member, is one of many UBS suppliers that have demonstrated new technolo- Westermo Data Communications gies at RSI conferences and exhibitions. RSI SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM For more than 20 years, the RSI Scholarship Program has Robin K. Pokorski, George Washington University – provided financial aid to exemplary students pursuing Miner Enterprises, Inc. bachelor or associate degrees. • Recipient of the Mechanical Association In 2012, the RSI Scholarship Committee selected six Railcar Technical Services (MARTS) Scholarship students to receive academic scholarships of $3,000 each. Applicants were ranked by academic record, community service activities, essay, and letters of recommendation. Thanks to the Following Member Companies The winners are pursuing degrees in a variety of profes- that donated to the 2012/2013 RSI Scholarship Program. sions, including education, engineering, and medicine. These generous donations allowed for two additional $3,000 scholarships. 2012/2013 RSI Scholarship Recipients • MAC Products, Inc. Courtney Biscan, Notre Dame – • Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. Union Tank Car Company • GLNX Corporation Elise Browne, Bethany Lutheran College – • Air Brake Association (ABA) Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. • echanical Association Railcar M Carly Lave, Stanford University – Technical Services (MARTS) The Greenbrier CompaniesSpillX, LLC Erica A. Lauritsen, Western Oregon University – The Okonite Company RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 15
  18. 18. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012CONFERENCES AND EVENTS A mong the 110 international exhibitors at RSI/CMA 2012 was this group from India’s Bhilai Engineering Corporation Ltd. RSI/CMA 2012 September 22-25, 2012 Sheraton Chicago Hotel Towers | Chicago, IL RSI and the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA) welcomed 110 exhibitors and over 1,300 attendees to RSI/CMA 2012. By any measure, the trade show and technical sessions were a success and record setting for an even-year, smaller exhibition. The Chicago Sheraton proved to be an ideal event location for RSI/CMA 2012, offering a wonderful backdrop for our show and providing ample opportunities for after-hours networking. Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA)16 RSI Annual Report 2012
  19. 19. | CONNECTION | The Coordinated Mechanical Associations (Air Brake Association, Inc.; International Association of Railway Operating Officers; Mechanical Association Railcar Technical Services; and Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association) Technical Sessions gave attendees an opportunity to hear from industry innovators on new technologies bringing in railroad customers, and opportunities to collaborate with industry colleagues. An added bonus was the opening session where attendees were treated to the fresh insights of industry insiders Carl Ice, President and Chief Operating Officer of BNSF Railway, and Tony Hatch, Wall Street Senior Transportation Analyst. RSI members also were treated to three timely and informative seminars: These exhibitors from Motive Equipment, Inc., (Wisconsin) displayed products and services for • SI President Tom Simpson provided a R more than 1,300 conference attendees. briefing on Railway Interchange/2013, along with how to get the most out of the experience at the event. In addition, Doug Smith, President of Smith Marketing Services, LLC, showed attendees how to receive maximum results that save time and money at future RSI trade shows. • he Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, GoRail, T and RSI teamed up to give suppliers an opportunity to hear from Class I officials and other industry stakeholders about truck size and weights and where the issue stands. RSI Chair Mike Mitrovich, MPL Technology and SpillX, LLC, (left) and RSI Vice Chair FredSasser, Chicago Freight Car Leasing, gave ajoint presentation at RSI/CMA 2012.RSI Annual Report 2012 17
  20. 20. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 CONFERENCES AND EVENTS • any of RSI’s members are small M businesses, and for the small business owner, financial statements can be confusing but also highly informative. The RSI-hosted financial seminar was a great source of information about business performance. Tony Allen, CPA, shared insights and tools to assist suppliers in maximizing their companies’ financial resources.  RSI Board Member Pat Ameen of Amsted Rail (right) with his colleague at the Amsted exhibit booth. RSI/CMA 2012 Sponsors Thank you to our sponsors at RSI/CMA 2012 Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. - General Session Breakfast on September 24 The Greenbrier Companies - Exhibit Hall Lunch on September 24 NS Thoroughbred Mechanical Services - Refreshment Break on September 24 GATX - Exhibit Hall Cocktail Reception on September 24 New York Air Brake Corp. - Sheraton Hotel Key Cards Sterling Rail, Inc. - Registration Tote Bags Graham White Manufacturing Company - LMOA A/V Sponsorship18 RSI Annual Report 2012
  21. 21. | CONNECTION |Railway Interchange/2013September 29 – October 2, 2013 | Indianapolis, INWe are looking forward to what is sure to be another successful joint trade Exhibit Hoursshow and technical conference at Railway Interchange/2013 in Indianapolis, • unday, September 29 SIndiana (September 29 - October 2, 2013). Sponsored by RSI, Railway 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Engineering Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA), and Railway • onday, September 30 MSystems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI), Railway Interchange/2013 will be three 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. trade shows in one, featuring hundreds of exhibits from domestic and • uesday, October 1 Tinternational rail suppliers. With a wide array of technical programs hosted 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. by American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association(AREMA) and the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA), the showwill be a great opportunity to network with your industry colleagues and Mark Your Calendars –learn about new technologies in the industry. Future RSI Trade ShowsThe Indiana Convention Center (ICC) has been chosen as the venue for RSI/CMA 2014Railway Interchange/2013. Located in downtown Indianapolis, the ICC is Montreal, Quebecbordered by the State Capitol, Union Station, Circle Centre shopping and September 20 – 23, 2014entertainment complex, and Victory Field (Triple A Baseball). The RSI hosthotels will be the Hyatt, Conrad, and Embassy Suites, which are all located Railway Interchange/2015near the Indiana Convention Center. There will be 4,000 hotel rooms Minneapolis, MNavailable in downtown Indianapolis. Check for more details online Expertise earned over a century at the forefront of the rail industry guides us to deliver the perfect assets for specific commodities, facilities, locations, and industries. We understand the maintenance plan and current regulatory environment surrounding each asset. GATX provides the skills, quality and reliability critical to meeting the needs of our customers. By providing financial, operational, management and support expertise, GATX has kept North America on track for more than 110 years.RSI Annual Report 2012 19
  22. 22. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012WORK IN WASHINGTON Influencing Issues, Promoting Rail Supply Interests RSI is the railway supplier voice in Washington, D.C., RSI: Washington activities in 2012 and within the rail industry. With access to decision- makers in the U.S. Congress and Obama Admin- President Signs Surface Transportation istration, RSI works with regulatory agencies and Reauthorization Bill into Law – Success for Suppliers congressional lawmakers and their staff members to On July 6, 2012, President Obama signed into law promote rail supply industry interests. MAP-21, reauthorizing federal surface transportation programs through September 30, 2014. With President Obama having been reelected and the Senate and the House having stayed in Demo- On Capitol Hill, getting a surface transportation crat and Republican hands, respectively, the Obama reauthorization bill was not a given. Many political Administration and the new 113th Congress will have observers had nearly written it off. The fact that it a full transportation and infrastructure agenda. On passed with so many rail industry priorities intact is the heels of the passage of two-year surface trans- no less than amazing—thanks to the keen strategy portation reauthorization legislation, Moving Ahead and focused efforts of the staff in RSI’s Washington for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), Congress office as well as industry stakeholders. will again confront the need to reauthorize or extend the program, and the fundamental question of how RSI President Tom Simpson, RSI Assistant Vice Presi- MICHAEL SCHALLER to pay for it. Rail issues also will be an important dent of Government Relations Nicole Brewin, and RSI part of the agenda, including truck size and weights; Consultant and former Congressman Bob Clement Amtrak funding and operational issues; the future of worked together building coalitions with other key indus- high speed rail; reforms to the Railroad Rehabilita- try groups, and personally met with key congressional tion and Improvement Financing program; and the members and staffers month after month. In all, they impending deadline for Positive Train Control. called on key legislators or staffers more than 200 times.20 RSI Annual Report 2012
  23. 23. | ADVOCACY | MAP-21 includes several provisions of importance to the rail supply industry, including a study of truck RSI Champions Highway-Rail size and weight issues; a continued set-aside for the Section 130 grade crossing program; and funds for Grade Crossing Safety operation lifesaver activities. The measure does not Over the years, RSI has advocated on behalf include proposed language in a separate rail title that of the Section 130 highway-rail grade crossing had extended the deadline for the implementation of safety program. Since 1973, Congress has Positive Train Control. provided dedicated funding for states to implement safety improvement projects • Truck size and weight issues. The legislation at highway-rail grade crossings. Such requires the U.S. Department of Transportation improvements include flashing lights, gates, (USDOT) to conduct a two-year study of truck size or other warning devices, and upgraded and weights. The study must begin in mid-August, surfacing material. This funding has been a and a report on its findings is due to Congress no part of every surface transportation act since later than July 1, 2014. The study must examine 1973. It was continued through Moving Ahead the impact of trucks exceeding current federal size for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), and weight limits on accident data; potential effects which will provide some $220 million per fiscal on infrastructure (costs and benefits; percentage of year (FY 2012-FY 2014). trucks operating in excess of federal limits; ability of states to recover costs); frequency of weight or RSI works closely with state officials and size violations and the cost of enforcement; impact appropriate railroad authorities to maximize on bridges; and impact on safety. The scope of the the benefits of MAP-21’s Section 130 highway- study will be comprehensive, covering all states, and rail grade crossing program. RSI staff and include an evaluation of the impact on modal diver- members travel around the country each sion. Under the law, USDOT also must compile a list year to discuss this important program of existing state truck size and weight laws. with state and federal officials, and ensure that the funds are used in the most efficient The short, two-year time frame of the transportation manner. In addition, RSI engages in rail policy bill and expected large turnover in membership on development, with particular emphasis on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Commit- the Section 130 program. Finally, RSI works tee means that the battle over truck size and weights closely with Operation Lifesaver to reduce will start early in the 113th Congress and will be a the deaths and injuries at highway-rail grade heated battle. crossings and along railroad rights-of-way through public education programs. In the meantime, RSI is partnering with the Coalition against Bigger Trucks to commission an independent study on truck size and weights. The Rahall Appala- chian Transportation Institute will conduct the study. The study, to be completed by July 2013, is intended The law does declare freight movement and eco- to ensure that our side has the most up-to-date and nomic vitality a national goal, and calls on USDOT to substantive information available and to supplement establish performance measures and targets to that any conclusions of the congressional study. end. It calls for the development of a National Freight Strategic Plan and encourages, but does not require, • Section 130 grade crossing set-aside. The current state freight plans and freight advisory committees. funding set-aside for grade crossing safety improve- ments remains unchanged. States will continue to • Operation Lifesaver. The law requires a minimum of receive a total of $220 million per year and must $3 million annually for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 and FY include grade crossing safety in their highway safety 2014 to be spent on the Operation Lifesaver program plans and strategies. and work zone safety grants. • Freight provisions. Projects of national and regional • Hazardous Materials Transportation Act. The law significance such as CREATE are retained, but are reauthorizes the hazmat statute through September now subject to annual funding appropriations. 30, 2014.RSI Annual Report 2012 21
  24. 24. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012WORK IN WASHINGTON Suppliers Gather for Railroad Day on the Hill its yearly funding. Also, Boardman’s presentation On March 8, 2012, more than 400 Class I and short covered Amtrak’s steady increase in ridership; the line railroaders, their suppliers, and others converged railroad’s five-year capital plan and fleet replacement on Washington, D.C., for the annual Railroad Day on strategy; Amtrak’s contribution to corridor the Hill. With more than 375 meetings with mem- development; high speed rail benefits; transportation bers of the Senate and House of Representatives, constraints in the northeast region; and Amtrak’s Congress heard strong arguments for preserving NEC NextGen High Speed Vision Report and the planning results, next steps, and challenges. the existing, reasonable regulatory structure under which railroads operate; extending the short line infrastructure investment tax credit; maintaining Attendees participated in a well-charged question existing federal truck size and weight limits; and and answer period with Boardman. RSI Assistant including the Section 130 grade crossing safety pro- Vice President Nicole Brewin made a plea to those gram in any surface transportation reauthorization supply companies in attendance to encourage law- legislation. That evening, participants convened for makers in Washington, D.C., to continue to fund a reception and dinner with Members of Congress, Amtrak at its requested funding level and to host congressional staff, and federal agency employees. their Members of Congress at their facilities. Rail sup- pliers must continue to spread that word that sup- RSI is a sponsor of Railroad Day on the Hill, along porting Amtrak and its efforts to grow and purchase with the Association of American Railroads (AAR), equipment would provide many American jobs. American Short Line and Regional Railroad Associa- tion (ASLRRA), International Association of Machinists Harriman Awards Recognize Rail Safety and Aerospace Workers, National Railroad Construc- On May 8, 2012, at the culmination of the 2011 tion and Maintenance Association, Railway Engineer- E.H. Harriman Rail Safety Awards ceremony, AAR ing-Maintenance Suppliers Association, Railway Sys- President and CEO Ed Hamberger asked RSI Chair tems Suppliers, Inc., Railway Tie Association, Trans- Mike Mitrovich and RSI President Tom Simpson to portation Communications International Union, Sheet join representatives of the railroad industry and rail Metal Workers’ International Association, United labor in celebration of a century of rail safety. Transportation Union, and other rail industry groups. RSI, AAR, and ASLRRA received a special E.H. Harri- RSI Meets with Amtrak Leaders man Memorial Centennial Award. The plaque reads: On April 12, 2012, RSI staff and more than 30 “The E.H. Harriman Awards Institute bestows this representatives from member companies met special award to America’s railroads and their work- with Amtrak President Joseph Boardman and ers in recognition of their outstanding contributions Vice President-Government Affairs and Corporate to railroad safety over the past century.” Communications Joe McHugh. The roundtable discussion covered the current state of the nation’s “I am honored and privileged to accept the award on passenger railroad, its near- and long-term funding behalf of all railway suppliers,” said Simpson, who situation, and its future procurement plans. also chaired the E.H. Harriman Memorial Awards Institute Board of Directors. Meeting highlights include McHugh reporting that Amtrak continues to work with Congress in securing This was the final E.H. Harriman Awards Ceremony. The Harriman awards will be replaced next year with an AAR-sponsored safety program. Amtrak President Joe RSI Equipment Leasing Committee Visits Boardman Surface Transportation Board (left) with In June 2012, RSI Equipment Leasing Committee RSI member members and RSI’s Simpson and Brewin met with Tim Gillespie Surface Transportation Board (STB) Chairman Dan (Alstom Trans- Elliott, Vice Chairman Frank Mulvey, and member Ann portation). Begeman to discuss the role equipment lessors play in providing railcars to the nation’s freight railroads. RSI Equipment Leasing Committee participants included: Bob Hulick, Executive Vice President at22 RSI Annual Report 2012
  25. 25. | ADVOCACY | RSI’s Tom Simpson chaired the E.H. Harriman Memorial Awards Institute Board of Directors. Receiving a spe- cial Harriman centennial rail safety award are Simpson (far right), Ed Hamberger Mobile Services | Tank Car Cleaning (AAR; second from right), Locomotive/railcar repair Maintenance Rich Timmons (ASLRRA; railcar Linings Coatings | inspection Services third from right), Mike Mitrovich (RSI chair; fourth from right), and rail labor. (Source: Ralph Alswang/Alswang Photography) Moving you Forward. CF Rail Services is a leading railcar Trinity Industries; John Kieras, Director Railroad and Industry Relations repair and maintenance provider, at Union Tank Car Company; Patrice Powers, Executive Vice President Government and Industry Relations at GE Capital Rail Services; Rick offering quality running repair and Grossman of First Union Rail; Paul F. Titterton, Vice President and program work for railroads, private Group Executive, Fleet Management, Marketing, and Government car owners and shippers in North Affairs at GATX Corporation; and Mark Brecht, Senior Vice President, America. Our many dynamic and Operations at Macquarie Rail, Inc. strategically located facilities ensure our customers receive convenient The RSI representatives pointed out that since the Staggers Rail Act of and prompt service to get them 1980, freight car ownership has shifted from railroads to shippers and lessors. The STB members were told that RSI member companies own back on track quickly. You can over 700,000 freight cars, almost half of the North American freight car count on us to keep your business fleet, and the replacement value of that fleet is more than $100 billion. running smoothly while keeping In discussing future freight car deliveries—expected to be roughly 60,000 your expenses down. per year through 2017, according to the April 2012 Outlook for Rail Cars, Quarterly Report, Economic Planning Associates, Inc.—the group noted Our roots run deep - dating back to that the car ownership shift to leasing companies would continue.   1928. We are proud of our years of The STB was created after the termination of the Interstate Commerce experience and expertise, which is Commission, and continues to oversee rail service and economic the basis for all our transactions, issues. The RSI Equipment Leasing Committee meets regularly with and the reason for our success and STB board members to discuss issues of interest to the leasing industry. longevity. RSI Holds Passenger Day on the Hill We look forward to working with On July 19, 2012, RSI members joined RSI staffers Nicole Brewin and you. Visit our website or give us a Bob Clement in meetings with congressional appropriators to discuss funding of federal rail programs (high speed and intercity passenger call at 800-819-4214. rail, TIGER, FRA Research and Development) and its impact on the railway supply industry. Seven meetings were held, including one-on- one meetings with Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee; Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Transportation Appropriations; and Rep. John Olver (D-MA), Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Transportation Appropriations. Repairing railcars, our business. Exceeding expectations, our goal. In the past, RSI has hosted days such as these, and it would like to continue holding a lobbying day for overall funding issues that impact railway suppliers.RSI Annual Report 2012 23
  26. 26. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012BOB CLEMENT REPORTS Congress Heard Us in 2012 — Let’s Include Your Voice in 2013 Two years have come and gone, and after what many people thought was an exhausting election cycle, we know the makeup of the House and Senate will impact our industry and its customers for at least the next two. As a former Member of Congress who advocated for the rail industry, I am proud to represent RSI, its members, and the thousands of people this industry employs. I continue to enjoy working with the RSI Board of Directors, President Tom Simpson, and Assistant Vice President Nicole Brewin on issues affecting RSI members and their customers. As the 112th Congress comes to a close, let’s look back at the incredible legislative successes enjoyed by RSI and the rail industry. RSI promoted our industry vigorously and Congress heard us. Last summer when historic transportation bill MAP–21 was signed into law, it continued funding federal transit programs at SAFETEA-LU levels Honorable Bob Clement and the Section 130 Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Program, and made Operation Lifesaver, Inc., eligible for federal funding. More impor- Bob Clement is president of tant was what the legislation did not include: a rail title that might have Clement and Associates, LLC, a adversely affected high speed and intercity rail funding, and massive public affairs firm. He is a changes to federal truck size and weight (TSW) policy. TSW changes former Member of Congress were proposed by the House of Representatives and would have greatly (Democrat) from Tennessee, expanded the use of longer and heavier trucks nationwide. serving from 1988 to 2003. While in the House of The TSW fight is a case study on how effective the railway supply indus- Representatives, Clement try can be as a lobbying force. In addition to facilitating a “Write Your served as a senior member of Member of Congress Campaign,” RSI helped coordinate over 200 visits the Transportation and Infra- to Congressional offices where supply industry representatives argued structure Committee. He also against changes in federal TSW policy. With no hearings on the issue or served on the Budget Com- adequate understanding of the ramifications, RSI argued that not only mittee, giving him significant would this policy have negatively impacted the railroads and railway insight into funding procedures supply community, but it would have caused further damage to our in Congress. highways and compromised safety on the roads. Thanks, in large part,   to the work done by RSI, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Among his notable legisla- Committee voted to remove this onerous language, and instead direct- tive achievements in Congress, ed the Federal Highway Administration to study the issue—language Clement initiated significant that was included in the legislation enacted into law. changes to the Transportation Reauthorization Act, includ- Looking forward, we can expect the 113th Congress to consider and ing revising the distribution debate rail safety, passenger rail, and rail reregulation legislation. You formula for state funding to also can be assured that the trucking industry will again ask for an ensure federal dollars are more increase in truck size and weight. We need to begin our work early and equitably distributed—a formu- continue to be heard, and we need your help in doing it. You can expect la policy that continues today. our opponents to do the same. Clement and his wife live in Nashville, Tennessee. These issues, along with the MAP-21 transportation bill that expires in They have four children. 2014, mean that our work in Washington continues, and we’ll be back on Capitol Hill advocating for issues that are important to RSI members. I ask you to evaluate how each piece of legislation impacts your busi- ness, let RSI know your position on this legislation, and, when asked, participate in the RSI government relations process so your voice can be heard. These issues are too important to ignore.24 RSI Annual Report 2012
  27. 27. | ADVOCACY | OPERATION LIFESAVER RSI Supports Operation Lifesaver, Holds Leadership Position RSI is a cofounder and long-time supporter of Brewin’s experience advocating for adequate Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI), a nationwide volun- funding of grade crossings and knowledge of the teer organization dedicated to reducing crashes at industry will be an asset to the Board. highway-rail grade crossings and trespasser fatalities along railroad rights-of-way. RSI’s predecessor orga- Learn more about Operation Lifesaver at nization, the Railway Progress Institute, was a found- ing member of OLI. RSI has been contributing to the organization since 1985, with RSI members donating 2012 RSI Contributors over $500,000 to the organization and volunteering to • American Railcar Industries serve on OLI committees. • Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company • Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers RSI President Tom Simpson has served as Secretary- Association (REMSA) Treasurer, Vice Chair, and Chair of the organization • GLNX Corporation over the years. In 2012, Nicole Brewin, RSI Assistant • Relay Systems of America Vice President of Government Relations, was elected • SIMPACK US Inc. to a two-year term on the OLI Board of Directors.  Wabtec... Your Transportation Equipment Service Provider – Adantech – Bach-Simpson – Barber Brake Beam – Barber Spring – Bearward Engineering – Becorit – Brush Traction – Cardwell Westinghouse – CoFren – Durox – FIP Pty Australia – Fulmer Company – G B Specialties – LH Group – Microphor – Mors Smitt – MotivePower – Pioneer Friction – Poli – Railroad Friction Products Corporation – Ricon – Ricon Europe – Schaefer Equipment – Shenyang CNR Wabtec Railway Brake Technology Company – Standard Car Truck – Swiger Coil Systems – TecTran – Triangle Engineered Products – Unifin – Vapor Bus International – Vapor Europe – Vapor Stone Rail Systems – Vapor Stone UK – WABCO Freight Car Products – WABCO Locomotive Products – Wabtec Australia – Wabtec China – Wabtec de Mexico – Wabtec Foundry – Wabtec Global Services – Wabtec Golden Bridge Transportation Technology Company – Wabtec Huaxia Technology Company – Wabtec Japan – Wabtec MZT – Wabtec Passenger Transit – Wabtec Rail Limited – Wabtec Railway Electronics – Wabtec Rubber Products – Wabtec South Africa – Wabtec South America – Winco Equipamentos Ferroviários – Xorail – Young Touchstone – ZefTek R 412-825-1000RSI Annual Report 2012 25
  28. 28. | RSI ANNUAL REPORT 2012 RSI MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY RSI MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY A. Stucki Company AGL Manufacturing Ltd. American Equipment Company Mr. Jeff Voder, General Manager / VP Sales Mr. Franklin Deng, Sales Manager Mr. Bradley McCall, President 900 Commerce Drive, Ste 906 8378 Prince Edward Street 4755 Technology Way, Ste 208 Moon Township, PA 15108-4746 Vancouver, BC V5X 3R9, Canada Boca Raton, FL 33431-3343 (412) 771-7300 (604) 639-2711 (561) 997-2080 Truck Components Breaking Equipment Since 1995, AGL has grown into a reliable and An export management company specializing in the specialized source for turbocharger components for sale of locomotive engine repair parts and tools and Absopulse Electronics Ltd ALCO, EMD and GE diesel engines. maintenance of way equipment. Ms. Carole Lombard, Marketing Specialist POB 530035, Rideau Center Alcoa Fastening Systems American Railcar Industries, Inc. Ottawa, ON K1n1c5, Canada Mr. Randy Rape, Director Sales Marketing Mr. James Cowan, President CEO (613) 836-3511 8001 Imperial Drive 100 Clark Street Waco, TX 76712-6522 Saint Charles, MO 63301-2075 (254) 751-5229 (636) 940-6065 Design and manufacture quality railway switching power supplies, including DC/DC converters. AC/DC power supplier and battery chargers. DC/AC sine- Fastening Systems for new railcar and locomotive New car manufacturing, railcar repairs and rebuilds. wave inverters, back-light inverters for LCD displays, construction, railcar and locomotive repair and track Mobile repair services, railcar parts, discharge gates complete power systems in 19 shelves. fastening systems. outlets. Railcar management consulting services. See our ad on Cover 3 ACL International, Inc. Alstom Transportation Inc. Mr. Arthur Low, Chairman CEO Mr. Charles Wochele, VP Industry Gov. Relations American Traction Systems 165 Enfield Lane 1025 John Street Mr. Larry Machak, General Manager Grayslake, IL 60030-4418 W Henrietta, NY 14586-9781 10030 Amberwood Road (847) 752-8517 (585) 279-1462 Fort Myers, FL 33913-8521 (239) 768-0757 Consultant to railroad supply industry on how to do business internationally. Develop international Design furnish signaling equipment ranging from businesses through 23 offices worldwide, Do market communication based train control systems, vital Designs and manufactures IGBT Propulsion Systems and competitive research for international financing processor interlocking control systems. and Accessories for the rail industry. A private, and logistics. American-owned corporation headquartered in Fort American Air Filter Company, Inc. Myers, FL since 2008. Aero Transportation Products, Inc. Mr. Myles Bragg, Sales Manager Ms. Tamara Hart, Sales Manager 10300 Ormsby Park Pl, Ste 600 Amglo Kemlite Laboratories P.O. Box 1085 Louisville, KY 40223-6168 Mr. Bob Reynolds Independence, MO 64051-0585 (502) 637-0554 8787 Enterprise Boulevard (816) 257-5450 Largo, FL 33773 Locomotive engine intake air filters and housings, Supplier of quality covering systems, outlet gates and HVAC filters for cabs, railroad passengers and transit Long life halogen lamps for the freight and repair components for covered hopper cars, aluminum commuter cars. passenger railroads. and steel coal car parts. Custom fabrication projects. bruce kelly26 2012 RSI MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY