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On Sept. 21, 2010, Mr. Jet Li and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) formally announced that Jet Li has become a Goodwill Ambassador for the IFRC, marking the first time in history that the international humanitarian organization has granted such an appointment.

Mr. Li has always believed that humanity is one big family, and that we must all do our part to make this family better. In this spirit, he founded One Foundation in 2006. As a 21st century non-profit organization, One Foundation seeks to encourage social sector development and broad-based participation in philanthropy as a way of life. One Foundation has promoted a micro-philanthropy model, advocating “every 1 person + every 1 month + donates 1 dollar/yuan = 1 big family,” and has achieved meaningful recognition both in China and internationally.

Mr. Li also deeply respects the core principles and mission of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, especially its spirit of “Humanity, Universal Fraternity and Devotion.” In becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the IFRC, Mr. Li builds upon his extensive relationship with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, having served as “Philanthropic Ambassador” for the Red Cross Society of China since 2006.

As Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Li would like to share One Foundation’s experience and philanthropic model with the rest of the world. Each country’s Red Cross and Red Crescent societies are welcome to extract any useful lessons and adapt them to suit their particular culture, customs and needs. In sharing his ideas and experience, Mr. Li hopes to support the IFRC’s noble humanitarian goals, as well as strengthen international cooperation and caring as one global human family.

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20100921 jet li ifrc - vfinal

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Foreword • I have always believed that the world is a global family, and as family members we should all care for one another • I deeply respect the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’s core principles and spirit, in particular that of “Humanity, Universal Fraternity and Devotion” • Today, I am honored to become the inaugural Goodwill Ambassador for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies • In this role, I would like to share One Foundation’s concept of philanthropy with people across the world • While different countries have different histories, religions, languages and cultures, I believe we all seek a common goal – to be safe, healthy and happy • From One Foundation’s experience, I hope that the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world can extract any lessons they deem helpful, and adapt them to suit their country’s particular culture and needs -- Jet Li, Sept. 21, 2010 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents • Starting from One • Involving Your Friends • Respecting Every Yuan / Dollar 3
  4. 4. What is One Foundation? • In January 2006, Jet Li began serving as a “Philanthropic Ambassador” for the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) • In April 2007, One Foundation was officially launched – Formally the “Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation Project” – Operates independently but under the framework of the RCSC • One Foundation is a 21st century non-profit organization focused on encouraging social sector development and promoting a spirit of philanthropy to people from all walks of life • For over 3 years now, One Foundation has flourished with the continuous support of the Red Cross Society of China 4
  5. 5. Basic Concept of Philanthropy If everybody does just a little, together we can do a lot! 1 every person +1 every month +1 gives one yuan/dollar (or hour) 1 one big family 5
  6. 6. Individual Direct Donations People want to help, and One Foundation makes it easy Mobile Phone Internet • Send SMS to donate • Multiple online payment between 1 – 30 yuan platforms • Includes Alipay, Tenpay, Paypal, 99Bill, Yeepay Post Office Transfer Bank Transfer • Electronic wire transfer at • Direct bank-to-bank any post office location transfer • Online and in-person 6
  7. 7. One Family Online Platform Online platform makes it easy for people to donate time Activity Center Searchable database of volunteer events from non-profit organizations 7
  8. 8. The Power of One Family • An 8.0 earthquake struck Sichuan, China on 5.12.2008 • Over 730,000 individuals donated an unprecedented Rmb ~50 million for relief and reconstruction efforts • Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan on 8.8.2009 • Nearly 1 million students in China sent SMS donations on the first day of school (9.1.2009), raising over RMB 1 million in a single day 8
  9. 9. Table of Contents • Starting from One • Involving Your Friends • Respecting Every Yuan / Dollar 9
  10. 10. Friends of the Family Only with the continuous support of various partners was One Foundation able to succeed Public figures Corporate sector Media Social sector (traditional / new) 10
  11. 11. Celebrity Friends One Foundation receives strong volunteer support from star entertainers, athletes and fashion leaders 11
  12. 12. Leadership Friends Business leaders, political figures and well-respected humanitarians help raise global awareness 12
  13. 13. Traditional Media Friends Print and television news media, as well as magazine publishers help spread One Foundation’s message …and other media partners 13
  14. 14. New Media Friends New media platforms help extend One Foundation’s reach through online channels and social networks 14
  15. 15. Corporate “Caring” Friends Corporate partners help facilitate giving and remind people of philanthropy in their daily lives …and many other corporate partners 15
  16. 16. Caring: Caring All-in-One Card • One of the nation’s largest retail banks, China Merchants Bank (CMB) is a leader in financial product innovation in China • CMB donates 1 yuan for each credit / debit card issued • CMB and participating merchants donate based on user spending amounts • Card users elect to donate 1 or 11 or 111 yuan / month • Card users are invited to regular volunteer events 16
  17. 17. Caring: Tera Wellness Clubs • Tera Wellness is a leading fitness club network in China with over 250,000 members • All new members donate 1 yuan per month • Tera Wellness donates 1 yuan for every member per year • Tera Wellness clubs organize monthly philanthropic events for members 17
  18. 18. Caring: Huiyuan Group • Huiyuan Group is China’s largest maker of pure juice products • Huiyuan donates 1 yuan for every bottle of select fruit juice sold (C- she-V-he 100% pure fruit juice) • “One bottle of juice + one consumer + one yuan” can make a difference • Promotes model of incorporating charity into consumer products to encourage a philanthropic spirit in people’s daily lives 18
  19. 19. Caring: Huayi Brothers • Huayi Brothers is a leading media entertainment group in China • 10-year partnership with Huayi Brothers, beginning with “Forbidden Kingdom” in 2007 • Huayi donates 0.1 yuan per ticket for movies it produces • Participating theaters donate 0.01 yuan per movie ticket • “One movie ticket + one dime + one cent” can make a difference Note: “功夫之王” image rights belong to Huayi Brothers Media Group Corporation 19
  20. 20. Caring: Alibaba Group / Taobao • Taobao is the leading online retail platform in China with over 200mm registered users • Strategic cooperation with Taobao to promote internet philanthropy; broad-based partnership with Alibaba Group “Caring Products” on Taobao.com • One Foundation is a recipient of proceeds from sale of “Caring Products” on Taobao.com • One Foundation storefront on Taobao.com offers internet virtual and physical goods • Direct donations processed via Alibaba’s platform, Alipay One Foundation Storefront 20
  21. 21. Caring: Tencent / QQ • Tencent operates the leading Chinese Internet portal and messaging platform, and has over 567mm registered users • One Foundation partnered with Tencent to create an online monthly donation program • “Every month, every person, a small bit of love” • Donors receive a special virtual icon on their QQ interface • Donations made via Tencent’s payment platform, Tenpay QQ Charity Icon 21
  22. 22. Professional Friends Advisory and technology partners help make One Foundation transparent, sustainable and professional Advertising Consulting Legal / Accounting Technology 22
  23. 23. Table of Contents • Starting from One • Involving Your Friends • Respecting Every Yuan / Dollar 23
  24. 24. Fundraising History Since its founding, Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation Project has raised RMB 203.2 million 24
  25. 25. Transparency and Accountability • Respect each donation, no matter how large or small • Accounting must be clear and transparent • Provide audited financials at minimum every 6 months • Ensure all donors are informed of their impact 25
  26. 26. In Parting • I have always believed that each person should dream two dreams – An individual dream – A dream for humanity • The dream for humanity -- to make our world a better place -- carries too much responsibility for one person alone. However, we can divide this responsibility and share it as one global family • In essence, I believe that by amassing each family member’s contribution through an innovative and sustainable model, we can better prepare to face future challenges, both natural and man- made, together • For the sake of our global family, I hope that we can each persevere and do our part 26 For more information please visit http://www.onefoundation.cn
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