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How should organizations go about tackling BYOD schemes?

While it is true that BYOD programs can and most likely will liberate and motivate employees, giving them a sense of personal choice, they can also bring with them unforeseen consequences when it comes to cost and security, even productivity, which must be fully considered before a scheme can be implemented. At the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games, the international scope meant Atos had to deal with a vast array of mobile devices coming in from many different sources, each with the requirement of flawless and secure delivery of IT services over the Olympic and Paralympic Games’ vast network.

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London 2012 brochure - Smart Mobility

  1. 1. Smart Mobilityexplosioncontext-driven mobilitynew ideas, new customers, new revenuesYour business technologists. Powering progress
  2. 2. Gartner predicts: 2013 – mobile phones overtake PCs as web access devices. 2014 – three billion of the world’s population transact with mobile Internet. 2015 – ontext becomes as critical in mobile consumer services and relationships as search c engines are for the web. The direction is clear... „„How are you going to take advantage? „„How are you going to shake things up – creating new revenues for your company and new incentives for your customers and employees? „„How are you going to manage the disruption?2 Explosion context-driven mobility
  3. 3. Momentum formainstream mobilityEvery public and private sector organization is asking how to makethe most of mobile digital communications. In just about everyengagement, Atos now expects mobility to feature in both clients’business thinking and their technology requirement.Our customers demonstrate this every day: Your customer and employee expectationsBanking: How do I achieve consistentexcellence in a customer’s banking experience In all these examples, mobility causes ain the branch, from home or on the move? fundamental shift in both your customers’ and employees’ expectations:Healthcare: How do we ensure that mobilepublic health services feed results securely Expectation Implicationand instantly into healthcare systems? Customer wants anytime / anywhere access “ lways on” CRM and delivery – with reporting AEnergy and Utilities: How best can we track to service and to product information and business intelligence to matchglobally distributed assets, often in the Anytime purchase – with reward Agile payment and loyalty mechanismsmost extreme conditions, to optimizeresource deployment? Home-working and hot-desks shrink Secure remote access to company corporate real-estate data, processes and toolsManufacturing: How can we streamline Virtual team-working across the Location-independent,routing of supply and distribution in extended enterprise media-rich collaborationreal-time, according to changing demandand transit conditions? With this mobility shift, both the customer and Businesses and public sector organizationsAutomotive: How can we extend the service employee must be able to “put the world in of every kind now need providers capable ofrelationship and increase the value of the their pocket”. This requires smart devices, on delivering end-to-end from the cloud, so thatdriving experience with mobile technologies? the one hand, and a heavily virtualized and they can concentrate on adding core value. increasingly cloud-based delivery medium, on the other. Smart mobility is all about better connections with your customers. Adding mobile and context information underpins the switch from ‘product- centric’ to ‘customer-centric’ thinking.Explosion context-driven mobility 3
  4. 4. Ideas in actionAtos has the assets and skills to create Next2Me The Atos mobile solution for Environment,and deliver the applications you need for Health and Safety is a great example. Thisyour business. We have specialized Smart Next2Me satisfies the core contextual mobility winner of the SAP Mobility Showcase awardMobility delivery centers. Atos takes full requirement. When you are looking for a delivers real-time information to securityresponsibility across the project and service service, it will direct you to the nearest match officers on an iPad, ensuring that all essentialcycle. We provide consulting; design and to your search. You can enrich this with detail, such as the location of hazardoususability; application development and augmented reality too, helping searchers substances, is immediately on hand in thetesting; device management; and full make even better informed choices: event of a major incident.service outsourcing, including billingmediation. All these services can be „„Precise and meaningful information The app gets all of its information in severaldelivered in a transactional mode or in a for people on the move languages from SAP via Sybase.on-premises mode. All these services can „„Empower through self-servicebe offered as either on-premises solutions, „„Reduce cost and burden of Mobiretor as fully outsourced transactional services. assisted support. The Mobiret retail solution enables businesses to extend sales and marketing across mobileApplication market e-Car Management channels. Mobiret creates easily customizableThe Atos Application Market allows you to retail applications for smart devices, attractingcentralize the upload and management of For both privately owned and fleet new customers and boosting spend. Mobiretall apps. This offers families of associated e-cars, drivers need to learn new habits is highly modular, and helps you get brandedapplications from a single download point. for journey planning and preparation. apps to market faster, more easily and at lowerFor the enterprise, this means delivering all Our e-Car Management solution coordinates cost than functions according to user profile. multi-source e-car data sharing with driverThis empowers employees and reduces via smart phones and with fleet managers. What can retailers do with Mobiret?the management overhead associatedwith application provisioning. „„Show battery status and range before Develop new mobile marketing strategies the journey New customer engagement and loyalty„„Centralized application catalogue „„Optimize charge schedules tools: adverts, promotions, social„„Ease of user access „„Locate nearest available charge point. connections, capture points, coupon redemption and check-in.„„Simplified provisioning„„Centralize and automate updates. City Transport Added-value for physical products CityTransport gives people full, real-time Lift printed catalogs and product packagingFixThis transport information. Citizens can find with media-rich links. transport availability on the move, locatingWith the FixThis mobile solution, people can public bikes, metro, bus, tram and train stops, Sell your products across mobile channelsuse their Smartphones to report on incidences along with waiting times. Features include: Exploit the HD online iStore – specially adaptedof disrepair or vandalism, for example. These for the mobile experience.are sent automatically to the Local Authority or „„Preference and setting configurationother appropriate organization for logging and Streamline in-store checkout processescorrective action. FixThis features include: „„Geo-location „„Check nearest – map and text view Implement tag and NFC m-payments, of the closest transport stop use m-loyalty cards and self-checkout„„Preference and setting configuration in the store.„„Incident data-entry „„Bus waiting times„„Take and send photos „„Parking costs with rate-per-minute„„Geo-location „„Augmented reality visualizations.„„Reporting„„Incident status and history. Mobile SAP SAP is the foundation of business information management for thousands of companies. As mobility becomes part of mainstream business operations, the associated contextual data must be available for inclusion and processing. „„Feed real-time contextual data to SAP systems „„Ensure contextual access to SAP systems from mobile devices.4 Explosion context-driven mobility
  5. 5. Our mobility studiosOur studios develop and implement mobile solutions which improvebusiness processes and reduce costs for our customers.In this new era of Smart Mobility, our studios Mobile consulting Mobile webare solution and service innovators, helpingorganizations to mobilize the information Helping organizations define, implement and Designing and developing multi-devicethat customers, employees and citizens execute mobile strategies – developing Mobility mobile portals and web applications bothneed, transforming process and increasing Plans tuned to the needs and culture of each for consumer and enterprise value. individual client. Mobile testingSector-specific experience adds value, and Mobile design and usability Testing and Acceptance Management forour studios have delivered Smart Mobility Conceptualizing and crafting the graphic mobile applications, covering function, usability,solutions in financial services, for public design and interface for different devices performance and security. Testing is alwayssector organizations, in retail, manufacturing, (smartphones, tablets, …) and platforms. aligned with the client’s own security andtelecommunications and media. usage policies.Our studios have the capability, the expertise Mobile appsand the track record needed to develop mobile Designing and developing native applications Device managementsolutions on any platform or device, including: for different platforms (iPhone, Android, Managing and monitoring mobile devicesiPhone, Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian Blackberry, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, remotely, taking into account user-specificand Windows Mobile. etc.), and integrating these with any information settings and device security requirements, system. Most developments also require including security copies, device lock, and the mobile middleware needed to bridge to device wipe for secure data removal. existing or customized system back-ends.Explosion context-driven mobility 5
  6. 6. Changing behaviorMaking Smart Mobility an integral component of your businessmodel is in part about mastery of new processes and newtechnologies – and that’s where Atos steps in. But even moreimportantly, it’s about establishing the incentives needed toprompt those changes in behavior.When you partner with Atos, exploring the Thinking about people „„Mobile Employee – who wants access toimmediate potential of Smart Mobility, we will enterprise data and services in order towork with you to articulate and drive these Nobody just wears one hat: you can be a improve productivity and reduce stressmessages of change. parent, a student, an employee or an athlete – and all at the same time. When you think about „„Mobile Community Member – we are all Smart Mobility, you have to think about profiles members of different communities, andCustomers too. The following four macro-categories are a we want to interact with family, friendsYou need to create a buzz around new services useful starting point: and common interest groups while we’rewith your target customers – taking full on the move.advantage of the fact that today, word of mouth „„Mobile Consumer – who wants informationvia social networks becomes one of the surest on the nearest/best/cheapest product/routes to positive adoption, attracting new service, according to current status,sources of revenue. location etc „„Mobile Citizen – who wants servicePartnerships availability updates and alerts from bothYou need to attract new and profitable central and local government sourcesbusiness partnerships through the strengthof your proposition and the value of yourown contextual data. But first, you will need toopen new dialogue – often with organizationsunfamiliar with the idea of Smart Mobility.EmployeesYou need to get positive buy-in from your ownpeople, with innovative user experience, so thatthey become champions (and beneficiaries) ofSmart Mobility.6 Explosion context-driven mobility
  7. 7. Mobility plus contextequals Smart MobilitySmart Mobility turns context into direct and sustainable businessadvantage. The root of this advantage lies in your ability to identifywhat contextual data you own, and then to capitalize on it.Four aspects of context stand out: Context Broker Platform Total automation allows mass data to be sliced and combined for action in innovative mobile1. Where people are The Atos Context Broker Platform (CBP) is the applications. Most importantly, it manages both result of two years’ intensive analysis of our allocation and the transaction feeds needed for2. When they are there clients’ business requirement in our Research continuous monetization. and Development labs.3. What they are doing there This innovative platform is new to the market.4. Who they are (and who The CBP gathers all information associated For our customers, it makes new business they connect with). with a person’s actual situation in real-time, models, new services, and new monetization while complying with all requisite privacy opportunities possible. obligations. Our cloud-based CBP parses a„„How can you exploit these context streams mass of machine-to-machine data through This simple idea can result in major changes to in new ways to change behavior? a context rule engine. people’s everyday lives – thanks in part to the„„How can you enable people to do things fact that people are no longer chained to desks. they have never done before – things that will generate direct and sustainable revenue for your organization?Explosion context-driven mobility 7
  8. 8. Context brokerplatform showcaseAtos is constantly exploring Smart Mobility innovation, turning ideasinto actions. The five scenarios presented here offer a feel for their powerand potential to drive change. The moment that you begin to talk withAtos Smart Mobility specialists, you will rapidly begin to formulate yourown revenue-generating ideas. Context-driven mobility services changeour private and professional lives, in the way we live, play and work.Retail EnterpriseToday TodayYou buy something. You get loyalty points. Enterprises know more or less where theirIt’s all pretty static. people are and what they are doing. Employees expect to be monitored butSmart Mobility disrupts resent over-intrusive technologies.Bust that right apart – make everythingcontextual! Zoom right in on the individual Smart Mobility disruptsconsumer and adjust accordingly, making real- What happens when shared contextualtime loyalty integral to the retail relationship. information becomes the employee’s friend? This isn’t Big Brother – it’s aboutYou’re walking through the mall – BEEP BEEP satisfaction, efficiency, and ultimatelyBEEP – that new briefcase you wanted is about rewardable performance.available in the color you wanted – right now –15 meters away – at 20% discount (if purchased In the warehouse, for example, if you knowin the next 12 minutes) – buy direct from the exactly when that truck is going to arrive, andphone without wasting time. you know exactly what’s on it and where it is needed – then you know who is needed to get the job done.8 Explosion context-driven mobility
  9. 9. Museum Healthcare AutomotiveToday Today TodayYou may buy a postcard from whatever Many elderly people prefer living in their own Whether you drive an e-car, petrol/diesel or ais on offer at the exit. You may not. homes – but can feel vulnerable. hybrid, you need to get where you’re going. The warning light comes on. You begin lookingSmart Mobility disrupts Smart Mobility disrupts for a fuel station.Plan your visit in advance on your tablet or Replace an alarm worn on someone’s wristphone, profiling exhibits for a personal tour. with motion sensors in each room. Identify Smart Mobility disruptsReplace audio guides with tablets using anomalous movement, triggering voice and E-car drivers smart plan ahead. For otheraugmented reality. video, calling family or a support center when drivers, your engine talks to your on-board help is needed. journey planner, and flags the best fuel stationYou love an exhibit? Buy what you want from (not the closest) – the station where as a loyaltyyour phone/tablet – choose any format – Personal coaching and remote blood client you are going to get an e-coupon for apostcard, wall-size adhesive poster, beach monitoring become possible too. reduction on snacks – and maybe notificationtowel, duvet cover. of your personal favorite meal-on-the-run. Surely that’s good for everybody? (and costSome you can collect on exit, some are effective in times of exceptional pressure on Maybe then you’d stop before the fueldelivered to the desired address – or maybe healthcare budgets). light came on.just sent as wallpaper to your handheld!Explosion context-driven mobility 9
  10. 10. Atos andSmart MobilityIf what you have read so far interests you, then Atos can help youdevelop your own Smart Mobility propositions. We will helpyou differentiate your offerings with our focus on four specificareas of support.One: Contextual approach Two: Mobile Hi-Tech Four: Business and legalAll Smart Mobility initiatives are designed Transactional Services (HTTS) Atos is ready with the business and legal skillsaround context. Atos provides consultancy to Your Smart Mobility proposition will to help you develop your own Smart Mobilityhelp clients define smart mobility strategy. We generate massive transaction volumes. propositions. Access to highly specialized legalhave also developed the business and technical These span everything to do with CRM, knowledge is essential in an area in whichframework needed to act as a context broker. billing and payment. security, confidentiality and Digital Rights Management play such a prominent role.This ensures that: Our specialist unit Atos Worldline is Europe’s leading transactional services provider and Attitude Shift„„Every opportunity to suggest action has a special focus on mobile payment, loyalty is exploited Nobody wants to feel they are being spied and push marketing. We are already equipped on – but there is an attitude shift happening„„Every potential value connection is activated to help you to deliver innovative new context- with Smart Mobility. Without underestimating„„Every action is fully monetized driven services and to manage the staggering the absolute importance of respect for privacy, increase in data and transaction volumes.„„Every action contributes directly to Atos notices that in both people’s professional cumulative and timely business intelligence. and private lives, the convenience that comes Three: Machine-to-machine with Smart Mobility outweighs concern Atos has many years’ experience in for disclosure. managing the real-time data flows of both business and industrial systems. Real-time mastery is a foundation principle for Smart Mobility, especially as machine-to-machine communication increases in importance.10 Explosion context-driven mobility
  11. 11. Why Atos?Smart Mobility is an area of strategic focus for Atos. As we mature,we shift away from defining ourselves in terms of the IT serviceswe provide, and begin to ask, “How can we help our clients gainthe maximum return on the information available to them?”Engage with Atos, and you engage with a Next stepspartner with practical vision. We put contextat the core of Smart Mobility, and we will do What we do next depends on you.the same with you – whether the focus is on If you are already assessing the strategicmaximizing the benefit of mobility within your implications of mobility for your own company,own organization, or making it the catalyst for we’d like to suggest a small time-out. Spendnew market-changing revenue streams. some time with our Smart Mobility team to think about how these developments can helpWe also have depth of business and technology you capitalize on current initiatives.expertise in a wide spectrum of industrysectors, and this becomes especially valuable What we would really like to do, however, isin Smart Mobility. When you engage with Atos, start some discussion with a new page foryou engage with a partner who is constantly Smart Mobility. We’d like to show you some ofmaking positive connections between contexts the model scenarios we have developed. Mostand between sectors – a partner that knows importantly, we’d like to ask what raw data ishow to manage business delivery through hiding within your organization, which couldactive federation. be the catalyst you need for some seriously Smart Mobility.Atos brings a raft of complementarycapabilities to the new world of Smart Mobility. Your business technologists.Foremost among these is our Context BrokerPlatform, from which you launch your own Powering progressenterprise initiatives. But this is just the startpoint. Mobile payment; e-ticketing; and fullyoutsourced loyalty program management alladd exceptional value – and that’s before weconsider augmented reality and geo-location.Explosion context-driven mobility 11
  12. 12. About AtosAtos is an international information technologyservices company with annual 2010 proforma revenues of EUR 8.6 billion and 74,000employees in 42 countries. Serving a globalclient base, it delivers hi-tech transactionalservices, consulting and technology services,systems integration and managed services.With its deep technology expertise and industryknowledge, it works with clients across thefollowing market sectors: Manufacturing,Retail, Services; Public, Health Transport;Financial Services; Telecoms, Media Technology; Energy Utilities.Atos is focused on business technology thatpowers progress and helps organizations tocreate their firm of the future. It is the WorldwideInformation Technology Partner for the OlympicGames and is quoted on the Paris EurolistMarket. Atos operates under the brands Atos,Atos Consulting and Technology Services,Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.For more information, visit: atos.netFor more information, contact: Atos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere, Atos Cloud, Atos Healthcare (in the UK) and Atos Worldgrid are registered trademarks of Atos SA. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. December 2011© 2011 Atos.