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Presentation of the VITO Oil Filter System
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Presentation of the VITO Oil Filter System


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VITO is a German made portbable handheld oil filtration system that removes excess food and carbonized particles from cooking oil, doubling the life of cooking and saving on average 50% on oil …

VITO is a German made portbable handheld oil filtration system that removes excess food and carbonized particles from cooking oil, doubling the life of cooking and saving on average 50% on oil costs.

Once you place the VITO in your deep fryer, it only takes 5 to 8 minutes to work, depending on the size of the fryer and the amount of type of food fried. The system forces the oil through a patented 5-micron filter and on a 6 minute cycle any deep fryer will be filtered 15 to 20 times.

VITO is currently used in over 21,000 restaurants in 72 countries. VITO is easy to use, easy to clean and easier to maintain. By removing 95% of all particles VITO not only saves up to 50% on oil costs, it also improves food quality, taste, appearance, removes bad odors from the kitchen and is good for the environment.

To view on online video showing how the VITO works visit

If you are located in New York State contact my office for an onsite demonstration of the VITO Oil Filter System.

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  • 1. Vito Systems, LLC VITO Oil Filter System Reduce oil costs by 50% Improve quality and taste of fried food Takes minutes to use Used in over 21,000 restaurants across 72 countriesVito Systems LLC | 32 East 32nd Street New York, NY 10016 | (646) 380 5061 |
  • 2. Current Clients
  • 3. Table of ContentsBackground and General Information 1History 24-Step Process 3The Effects of VITO 4Sample Return on Investment 5Comparison to Competitors 6Product Specifications 7Product Pricelist 85 Year Warranty 9Testimonials 10
  • 4. Background and General InformationWhat is VITO?VITO is a German made oil filtration system that removesparticles from cooking oil, doubling the life of oil medium andsaving on average 50% on oil costs. VITO filters out 95% of excessfood and carbonized particles that would normally speed up thebreakdown process of any cooking medium.How it WorksVITO only takes 5 to 8 minutes to work, depending on the size ofthe fryer and the amount and type of food fried. The systemforces the oil through a patented 5-micron filter at a force of 40psi, filtering roughly 180 pounds of oil per minute. On a 6 minutecycle any deep fryer will be filtered 18 to 25 times.Why VITO?VITO is currently used in over 21,000 restaurants in 72 countries.VITO is easy to use, easy to clean and easier to maintain. Byremoving 95% of all particles VITO not only saves 50% on oilcosts, it also improves food quality, taste, appearance, removesbad odors from the kitchen, and is good for the environment. 1
  • 5. History2000Development and patent filing of VITO oil filter system2002Endorsed by the German NSFNational Food Quality Control Association recommends oil filtration with VITOGastronomic Innovation Prize at the Intergastra in Stuttgart20031st prize for product innovation by Stiftung der Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen2005VITO is awarded as product of the fair at the CATEX in Dublin Ireland2007Distinguished Euro-Toques VIP companyCommercial launch of the VITO 802009KSK Product Innovation Award, Best Green Equipment20103rd Generation of the VITO 50 and 80 are releasedIHMRS Editors Choice Award: Best New Green Product2011Gul-Food Best New Equipment AwardWorld-Toques Distinguished Star Product 2
  • 6. 4-Step ProcessPlace the VITO into VITO filters andyour fryer and press purifies your oil in 5start minutes and stops automatically1. 2.Remove VITO from Clean VITO easily inyour fryer, your oil your dishwasheris now clean3. 4. 3
  • 7. The Effects of VITO Doubles lifetime of cooking oil With VITO Reduces costs of removal and storage Without VITO Cuts all oil-related costs by 50% • Cleans heating elements • Reduces energy costs • Minimizes repairs to the fryer • Minimizes maintenance to the fryer • Filters 95% of harmful particles that cause deterioration and poor food • Maximizes quality and longevity of cooking oil • Easy handling • No draining necessary • Improves worker safety, not required to handle hot oil • Saves labor time with fewer oil changes and no maintenance to the filter system 4
  • 8. Sample Return on Investment Sample ROI for a 35 Gallon Fryer changed twice per weekType of Oil Used CanolaSize of Container 5 Gallons (35 pounds)Number of Containers Used per Week 14Price per Container $ 30.00Cost per Day $90.00Cost per Month $2,700.00Cost per Year $32,400.00Projected Annual Savings (Avg = 45%) $14,580.00Projected Savings per Month $1,215.00Cost of VITO 80 $3,190.00Box of Filters (100 filters @ $1.95 each) $209.00Total Cost $3,339.00Return on investment in Months 2.74 5
  • 9. Product Comparison VITO Filtration Built-In and Floor ModelsFilter Design Patented 5-Microns 20-100 Microns (.0005 cm) (.002 - .01 cm)Filter Use Reusable for multiple fryers Change after every fryerFiltration Automatically cycles 18-25 times in 6 Cycles 1-3 times in 10 minutes minutesLabor Time Operation takes seconds and no Takes 10 to 15 minutes per fryer, constant supervision required supervision requiredCleaning Simple disassembly, run easily Requires hand washing and removal of build- through dishwasher upSafety No handling of oil Employee lifting, filtering, and cleaning hot oilConvenience Filtration can be done whenever Filtration requires draining the fryer, needs to regardless of oil temperature be done during off-hoursMaintenance No maintenance Hand cleaning, pump replacementCompatibility VITO customers who use a built-in and VITO still see 25% – 30% in savings on oil costs 6
  • 10. Product Specifications VITO 50 VITO 80Filtration Power 110 pounds per minute 180 pounds per minutePower Consumption .021 kW per cycle .032 kW per cycleWork Cycles Max of 6 consecutive Max of 12 consecutive cycles cyclesFiltration Quality Up to 5 microns (.0005 cm)Suction Depth 12 inches 18 inchesDimensions 4.4 x 14.3 x 7.1 inches 7.5 x 19.3 x7.5 inchesMax Temperatures Motor house maximum temperature: 167° F Filter box maximum temperature: 400° FMaterial Motor house and Filter Box: Stainless steel 1.4301 Particle Filter: Cellulose FDA-CFR 21Weight 16 pounds 17 poundsTypical Application Up to 50 gallon volume 50+ gallon volume 7
  • 11. Product Pricelist Product Retail Price VITO 50 $2,660 Filtration device for 35 – 50 gallon fryers VITO 80 $3,190 Filtration device for 50+ gallon fryers Product Retail Price Filters (100 per Box) $209 100 spare filters for VITO 50 and VITO 80 Oil Tester TPM measuring instrument for fast and precise $550 quality control 8
  • 12. Warranty InformationThis guarantee only comes into effect after reading the user manual. Failure to do so voids the warranty and guarantee .SYS Systemfiltration machines are built and tested according to the most up-to-date production methods and standards.By using high quality materials and advanced technologies in our production, we aim to make faultless machines that willlast a long time.Verification of the warranty period requires copies of receipts or other proof of purchase. Warranty can not be honoredwithout proof of purchase. 5 Year Limited Liability WarrantyOur five (5) year limited liability warranty is as follows: the first twelve (12) months from the initial purchase date hasyour product 100% covered. This includes any and all defects in materials or manufacturers workmanship. Your productwill be either repaired or replaced free of all charges including shipping and handling.From the second (2) to the end of the fifth (5) year, Systemfiltrations Inc. will repair each unit for a total cost not toexceed $300.00 per occurrence, excluding shipping and handling. Ex: If a repair cost $298, SYS Systemfiltration wouldcover the entire charge. If a repair cost $304, SYS Systemfiltration would cover $300 and the owner of the machinewould cover the remaining $4.In order to keep your warranty in force, only a certified Systemfiltration agent or repair center can repair your unit.Failure to adhere to this policy will null and void your warranty. SYS Sytemfiltration assumes no responsibility for damageof property, product or personnel resulting from willful neglect, inappropriate, untrained, or careless use of the VITO.This warranty shall be void if damage to the product(s) was due to improper installation, storage or usage, or use of non-Systemfiltration specified or approved components or replacement parts, connection to an improper power source,tampering, or if damage was caused by lightning, wind, fire, flood, insects, or other natural agents. 9
  • 13. TestimonialsChef Daniel RossiLe Cordon Bleu Schools of America Marriott Global Source Marriott Food and Beverage Newsletter561 E. Green St. March 2011Pasadena, CA 91101Tel.: 626-229-1300 “After extensive field testing in several markets, Global Food Safety is highly recommending an oil filtration system called VITO by SYS Systemfiltration. Test hotels realized as much as“With the VITO oil filter system the shortening is not only 45% savings in oil purchases. In addition, chefs using the system experienced increased quality attributes of the field foods.consistently cleaner, which gives a better end product, but the The VITO filter is to be used with a Food Oil Monitor thatsavings are substantial. I estimate that we save at least 40% of the determines the optimum frying condition. Color, smell and sightshortening we originally purchase. I would recommend the VITO are not the best criteria to judge when to discard oil. “oil filter system to anybody with high volume fryer use.” Chef Matthew J.Tetzner Johnson and Wales University 59 Chestnut Street Providence, RI 02903 Marc Bauer, Master Chef 401.598.2725 French Culinary Institute 462 Broadway New York, NY After using the VITO system, we have drastically reduced our 10013-2618 oil usage. We started with fresh oil in all four unit. We 212-219-8890 continued to use the built in filtering system twice a day, in Email: addition, after filtering we would use the VITO in each unit. We monitored the oil daily, we found little to no change in the appearance or loss of clarity in the oil until the seventh …” We find the VITO 50 practical, efficient, safe to use. The day. On the seventh day the blanching oil had darkened the equipment has been amortized through savings within a few fries too much. Using VITO reduced our usage by 50% to 10cs months.” a week. 10