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Abortions:Antoinette.docx abortions slide

  1. 1. Abortions Antoinette Tomlinson
  2. 2. What is abortion • The deliberate termination ending of pregnancy”. (Guernsey, Joan B., Pg. 106)
  3. 3. Abortions • “When you are aborting a fetus you are killing a human being” (www.debates.org, 2011 Juggle). • Having an abortion is brutality according to Catherine Whitney pg. 55. “Abortions are performed before twenty weeks, most in the secondtrimester”(Runkle, Anna., Pg 21, 1998).
  4. 4. Procedures of Abortions • The tools that are used to perform an abortion are “speculum-a plastic or metal tool inserted in the vagina” (Runkle, Anna. Pg. 26). • A “Vacuum Aspiration is used when the women is 7 to 12 weeks pregnant” (Runkle, Anne pg. 31). According to Runkle abortions have some risk factors.
  5. 5. Abortions • Researchers have found other reasons why women have abortions according to (abortion Overview Series, Nelson, Joan Pg. 38). Rape and incest, “about sixteen thousand women have abortions because they were raped or incest” (Nelson, Joan Pg38) • Nelson also stated that women have abortions because of their life styles, can’t afford another child, messed up relationship, not responsible, embarrassed, n ot old enough, have children already boyfriend or husband don’t want children, baby may not be healthy or because of the parents (Pg40).
  6. 6. Women rights • It’s a difficult choice for a woman if they are not ready for motherhood. • Mothers right are just as important as the fetus” and that abortion is murder” (pg. 8). • In 1970 abortions were legalized and it became safer and accessible to all women according to Williams. • “A women’s right to carry a pregnancy to term is protected just as her right to have an abortion is” (William Mary E., Pg. 17)
  7. 7. Women Choice • A women’s choice to carry a full term pregnancy is her choice (women’s choice to have or not have children is a right that government should protect” (William, Mary E., Pg. 17). • A woman body belongs to herself alone” (Lawrence Lader pg. 25). • Legal abortion has given woman a choice. • “For women and others, any restrictions on abortion place women in extremely difficult position of being responsible for a child they do not want. Because it is women that have to bear the responsibility of children it is their right to have an abortion”(Nelson, Joan pg. 74-75).
  8. 8. Prevention To avoid pregnancy women should use birthcontrol or sex education class. (Abortion Understanding the Controversy, Guernsey, Ja Anna B, Pg8)
  9. 9. Prevention Cont. • But back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries birth control was not legal, this is when they started giving “birth control to teens and young unmarried adults” (William, Mary E., Pg. 19). • Even if you are on birth control that still don’t make a woman choice to have or not have a child according to Williams Mary, E.
  10. 10. Facts • Like there are “2 percent of women that experience depression, high stress levels, poor relationship with partner and low self-esteem” (Runkle, Anne., Pg. 33). • “Abortion-related maternal deaths rose dramatically from 20 per 1,000 live births in 1965 to between 120 and 150 in the 1980’s. • Abortion-related deaths as a percentage of deaths from all causes rose from about 20 percent to nearly 90 percent.”(Lawrence, Lader., pg. 240, 1995).
  11. 11. Teen Pregnancy • According to Guernsey there are 400,000 teen girls that are getting pregnant and having abortions. • “Accounting for roughly one-fourth of the approximately 1.6 million abortions performed each year” (Guernsey, JoAnn b.,pg 92.)
  12. 12. Work Cited Page • Abortion Understanding the Controversy, JoAnn Bren Guernsy, 1993 • Whose Life?, Catherine Whitney, 1991 • In Good Conscience, Ann Runkle, 1998 • A Private Matter: RU 486 and the Abortion Crisis, Lawrence Lader, 1995 • Abortion Overview Series, Joan Nelson, 1955 • Abortion an Opposing viewpoints, Mary E. Williams, 2007 • www.debates.org, 2011