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Il ruolo della mobilità internazionale ed intersettoriale nel Programma Specifico PEOPLE - by Angelo D'Agostino

Il ruolo della mobilità internazionale ed intersettoriale nel Programma Specifico PEOPLE - by Angelo D'Agostino



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Talents up d_agostino angelo_20_05_2013 Talents up d_agostino angelo_20_05_2013 Presentation Transcript

  • APREAGENZIA PER LA PROMOZIONEDELLA RICERCA EUROPEAAREA Science Park, Padriciano 99 ‐ Trieste20 maggio 2013“Il ruolo della mobilità internazionale edintersettoriale nelProgramma Specifico PEOPLE”Angelo D’AgostinoPunto di Contatto NazionalePEOPLE & Scienza nella Società
  • [The 7th Framework Programme]
  • To strengthen, quantitatively and qualitatively,the human potential in R&D in Europe:• by stimulating people to take up the profession of aresearcher,• encouraging European researchers to stay in Europe,• attracting to Europe the best researchers from theentire world[PEOPLE: objective]the overall strategic objective is to make Europemore attractive for researchers
  • [Marie Curie Actions]
  • [Marie Curie Actions]Mobility, both trans-national and intersectoral, is fundamental to thisprogramme.The enhancement of industry-academia cooperation in terms ofresearch training, career development and knowledge sharing,taking into account the protection of intellectual property rights, isencouraged throughout.The international dimension, as a fundamental component ofhuman resources in research and development in Europe, will beaddressed in terms of career development withoutdiscrimination, as well as of strengthening and enrichinginternational cooperation through researchers and attractingresearch talent to Europe.
  • [FP7 MCA Achievements] ~ 60 000 researchers financed since creation of MCAs >10 000 PhD supported in FP7050001000015000200002500030000350001996-1998 1999-2002 2002-2006 2007-2010 2011-20131996-201050 000 Marie Curie Researchers
  • FP6 and FP7 Marie Curie host organisations050010001500200025003000UK DE FR ES IT NL CH SE BE EL US IL12 MAIN DESTINATIONSMarie Curie host organisationsin around 80 countriesMarie Curie researcherscoming from all over the world(~ 130 nationalities)38% women participation inFP7 MCA (target: 40%)
  • [Individual Fellowships (IxF)]statistics FP7 More than 4 000 Marie Curie fellowship grants have beenawarded Fellows working in 50 countries and representing morethan 90 nationalities Nearly €780 million allocated so far Average grant of around €195 000 Around 37% of the fellows are women The leading destinations are the U.K., the U.S., France,Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands and Italy
  • MCA 2013 Deadline BudgetFP7-PEOPLE-2013-IOF 14 August 44,5M€FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IIF 14 August 44,5M€[International dimension]
  •  For experienced researchers! Of any nationality!be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalentresearch experience Mobility: at the time of the deadline for submission ofproposals, researchers must not have resided or carried outtheir main activity in the country of their host organisation formore than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to thereference date “bottom-up” approach The project proposals are submitted by experiencedresearchers in liaison with a host organisation; the GrantAgreement signed between the host organisation (MS/AC) andthe REA[IxF: basic rules]
  • International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF)Expected impactSignificant advances in such researcherscareersAcquisition of complementary researchcompetences at an advanced levelReach a position of professional maturityInternational collaborationsObjectiveto reinforce the internationaldimension of the career ofEuropean researchers by givingthem the opportunity to betrained and acquire newknowledge in a high-levelorganisation active in research,established in an other thirdcountry (outgoing phase)to transfer acquired knowledgeto Member States (MS) andAssociated Countries (AC)
  • Expected impactSignificant advances in suchresearchers careersAcquisition of complementaryresearch competences at anadvanced levelAttain a leading INTERNATIONALand independent positionInternational Incoming Fellowships (IIF)Objectiveto reinforce the researchexcellence of MS/AC throughknowledge sharing withincoming top-class researchersactive in an other third countryworking on research projectsin Europe,to develop mutually beneficialresearch co-operation betweenEurope and an other thirdcountryto transfer knowledge throughresearch cooperation
  • [Funding rates (IOF, IIF)]• Salary contribution (experience) & Mobility allowance(700/1000 € month)• Contribution to Training and Research costs (800 € month)• Overheads (max. 700 € month)• Also: X Country coefficient
  • Industrial Leadership Leadership in enabling and industrialtechnologies ICT Nanotechnologies Advanced materials Biotechnologies Advanced manufacturing andprocessing Space Access to risk finance Innovation in SMEsExcellence in Science Frontier research (ERC) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Skills and career development (Marie S Curie) Research infrastructuresShared objectives and principlesCommon rules, toolkit of funding schemesEuropean Research AreaSimplified accessCoherent with other EU and MSactionsSocietal Challenges Health, demographic change andwellbeing Food security, sustainable agriculture,marine and maritime research, and thebioeconomy Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green and integrated transport Climate action, resource efficiencyand raw materials Inclusive, innovative and securesocietiesEIT will contribute to addressing thesechallengesEurope 2020 prioritiesMarie Skłodowska-Curie Actions in H2020
  • RationaleEncourage new, creative types oftrainingIdentify excellent talents inresearch and innovation ininternational competitionMake best researchers in Europeand the world work togetheracross countries, sectors anddisciplinesCreate a whole new mind-set inEurope, crucial forentrepreneurship and innovation[MSCA]Main objectiveEnsure the optimumdevelopment anddynamic use ofEurope’s intellectualcapital in order togenerate new skillsand innovation
  • InnovativeTrainingNetworks(ITN)IndividualFellowships(IF)R&I StaffExchange(RISE)COFUNDDoctoral and initial training ofresearchers proposed by internationalnetworks of organisations from publicand private sectorsIndividual fellowships for mostpromising experienced researchers todevelop their skills throughinternational or inter-sector mobilityInternational and inter-sectorcooperation through the exchange ofresearch and innovation staffCo-funding of regional, nationaland international programmesITN(including EID and IDP)IEFIOFIIFCIGIAPPIRSESCOFUND[MSC Actions]
  • http://ec.europa.eu/mariecurieactions[Web links]Marie Curie Actions WebsiteParticipant Portalhttp://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/
  • THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!APREAgenzia per la Promozione della Ricercaeuropeavia Cavour, 7100184 - Romawww.apre.itTel. (+39) 06-48939993Fax. (+39) 06-48902550Angelo D‘Agostinodagostino@apre.itKatia Insognainsogna@apre.it