MARIE - elena deambrogio_eos_udine_17.05.2013


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Public Procurement of Innovation. Torino's experience - by Elena Deambrogio

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MARIE - elena deambrogio_eos_udine_17.05.2013

  1. 1. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 1Pre-commercial procurement andprocurement for innovation:driving innovation to ensure energy efficient buildingsin the MED areaPublic Procurement of InnovationTorino’s experience
  2. 2. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 2• Cities around the world are now facing very similar concerns linked to the impactof urbanization and its pressures on the environment and onto the economicand welfare systems. However, they also represent centers of exchange,economic, knowledge and cultural resources.• To handle these urban challenges, city administrations have to find new ways tomanage complexity, increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and improve quality oflife.• There is a need, then, to redefine city operating models and develop new visionsand tailor-made strategies for the sustainable development of our cities, in linewith territorial traditional and new vocations.• And to do so, cities have to play a major role in territorial innovation processes,offering themselves as co-creators of urban solutions, as laboratories forinnovation and hubs for fostering new business opportunities in the growingareas such as that smart&clean technologies and new urban system models.The context: urban innovation within theInternational debate on “Smart Cities”
  3. 3. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 3• 2007  Integrated Territorial Programme “Sustainable energy aslocal competitiveness factor: a plan for Turin”: first urban integratedaction plan in the filed of energy, aimed at supporting both the demand(public and private) and the offering of smart&cleanproducts/services/technologies• 2009  Signature of the Covenant of Mayors• 2010 Approval of Turin Action Plan for Energy - TAPE whichincludes an inventory of main consuptions sources at city level and definesa set of interventions in the building and trasport sector (public and private)with the final objective to decrease Co2 emissions of up to 41,9% by 2020.• Today Torino Smart City Platform, represents the project framework forthe new urban innovation policy SMILE “Smart Mobility, Inclusion, Life&health and Energy”Project, Ongoing Strategic Planning Process.
  4. 4. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 4Torino Smart City is now perceived more as a project platform – both cultural andtechnical – than a rigid receipt to territorial development, specifically aimed atidentifying:• a collection of urban and metropolitan-scale problems to be addressed …aswell as new ideas to solve them• Strategic investment priorities, in line with endogenous territorial strengthsas well as with upcoming development trends• Social and economic inclusion paths• New Public / private engagement models• an innovative financial and management structure• Public sector innovation measures in the field of simplification,transparency, smart regulation, qualification and strategic procurementWHAT IS THE TORINO SMART CITY NOW?
  5. 5. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 5GOVERNANCEA NEW TERRITORIAL MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE•TORINO SMART CITY FOUNDATION - Founded in 2011, the FoundationTorino Smart City involves the City of Torino, the Polytechnic of Turin, Universityof Turin, the Chamber of Commerce, the municpalities of the metropolitan areaand other local key actors in the view to assure the territorial management andsupport the realization and evaluation of the TSM strategy (now more the 150attendees)3 MAIN INSTRUMENTS:•CRUSCOTTO URBANO (urban dashboard), in partnership with CSIPiemonte, it is a platform of business intelligence for the analysis of datacoming from the territory•PORTALE TORINO SMART CITY, in partership with CSI Piemonte, it is awebnetwork for sharing activities and strategies of Torino Smart City with thecommunity of citizens•MATCHING BOARD, in partnership with Fondazione Torino Wireless, it is astructured action plan for the involvement and the engagement of differenteconomic and productive realities on the territory
  7. 7. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 7Main objective: CONTRIBUTE TO DECREASE ENERGY CONSUMPTIONS ANDRELATED CO2 EMISSIONS THANKS TO THE ENHANCEMENT OF ENERGYEFFICIENCY, THE DIVERSIFICATION OF ENERGY PRODUCTION AND BETTERENERGY MANAGEMENT AT URBAN LEVEL• Towards and beyond “Zero energy Buildings”: Trigger energy efficiencyinvestments into the built environment (public and private buildings)• Smart Grids: improve the infrastructures for a more efficient energy production,management and distribution• Smart Consumers/Smart behaviours/Energy Management: to rationalizeenergy consumption patterns also thanks to energy management systems andbehavioural change measures• Smart & Clean Technologies/R&D : to support research, development andinnovation activities into the energy sector.ENERGY
  8. 8. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 8Strategic use of PPI in order to:- Better qualify the public demand to respond to the upcoming needs of thesmart city and of its usersImproved solutions to manage the territorial assets and offer improved services- More efficient use of existing financial resources in time of budget constraintsDo more and better with less!- Boost the market for innovative products/services/solutions for the smart cityAct as a launching customer to stimulate the market for technological andsocial innovations- Promote innovation and efficiency within the administrative structure itselfAdministrative/process innovation within the PAADMINISTRATIVE INNOVATION
  9. 9. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 9“Sci-network project” (CIP)•The project built up a network of European public authorities sharingexperiences in driving innovative and sustainable solutions for their publicconstruction projects.•Funded by the EU Lead Market Initiative•5 working groups have delivered a series of recommendations for publicauthorities to apply in construction procurement• A final guide was produced as a result of cooperation called“Procuring innovative and sustainable construction– A guide for European Public authorities”.It was accompanied by“European public authority snapshots”
  10. 10. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 10“Sci-network project” : Main outcomes for Torino• Training and Capacity building-> Improved administrative capacity in the field of public procurement, covering differentinternal sectoral expertise: technicians, legal advisors, market facilitators.75 internal Staff trained during the project• Cooperation & Networking at national and International level-> Participation to relevant working groups and think tanksEU Smart City Stakeholder Platform – Group on FinanceAdvisory Board of the EU PPI PlatformNational Working Group on PCP• Territorial cooperation: stimulus to the creation of an innovation-friendlyenvironment among local key-actors also thanks to the organization of a publicconference on PPI in June 2011• Political Commitment: PPI becomes part of Torino Smart City Strategy• Identification of real PPI case to be realized in different fields:Public LightingSustainable Construction (Building Renovation + Energy Management)School Catering
  11. 11. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 11Pro-LITE project (CIP)• Title: PROLITE - Procuring Lighting Innovation and Technology• EU Funds to the project: 2.058.766,00 € (95%), out of which355.761,56 € to the City of Torino, 142.500,00 for financing 20% ofan innovation tender• Partners: Greater London Authority - Transport for London, City ofBremen, Ente Vasco de la Energia, CONSIP, PIANO• Period: 48 months (September 2012 - September 2016)• Description: the projects aims at exploiting the leverage of publicdemand to stimulate the innovation on the market of public lighting.To this end the following activities are foreseen: demand analysis,market analysis and early market management, drafting of thedocuments for the call for tenders (with particular attention to thedevelopment of functional specifications and adequateinnovationorientated evaluation criteria), risk management, opening the call fortenders, supplying.• Torino takes part in cooperation and study activities finalized to thedefinition of procedures for and to the realization of an innovationtender for supplying new solutions in the field of school-building and takes also part in comparative and cooperationactivities in the field of innovative tenders for traffic lights.
  12. 12. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 12Pro-LITE: approach and main activities1 st step: DEMAND ANALYSIS
  13. 13. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 13Pro-LITE: scope of the “demand analysis"
  14. 14. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 14The objective will be to procure innovative school lighting systems that are able to:A. Respond better to both traditional and new functions of school buildings, with a view toimprove the overall performances of the lighting in the different school spaces (including,classrooms, common areas, recreational and educational spaces, gyms and externalspaces) acting not only on lighting technologies but also on other conditions(e.g. architectural; cultural; behavioral; etc).B. Reduce current energy consumptions – by at least about the 20-25% - from a direct(related to the technology performance) and indirect (related to the functional andeducational side of the proposed solutions) perspective. The technology innovationmay concern not only the “lighting body” (e.g. the lamp) but also the externalcoverage, the overall electrical systems as well as associated managementsystems. From an indirect point of view, we mean also process/organizational innovationsrelated to the energy management of the building as well as associated educationalactivities targeted to the building users.C. New functionalities:- integrating lighting systems with building automaton systems for monitoring andregulating lighting and heating consumptions and/or for monitoring security conditions- use of electrical systems to deliver data delivery services, access and use of internet-enabled contents and services in the view to improve the educational experience and fosteraccessibility for all.D. Opportunities to trial innovative contractual arrangements (e.g. energy performancecontracting).First outcomes of Demand analysis for Torino: a well definedfocus for next EME activities
  15. 15. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 15• creation of an internal working group which will follow the overall PPI cycle forinnovative solutions for the renovation of lighting systems in school buildingsInternal WG including: School Building Dpt; Energy Sustainability Dpt; Local publicutility in charge of the management of the overall lighting systems in Torino; MuncipalInstitution for education. To be integrated with the Legal Dpt.• experimentation of demand side analysis techniquesDelivery of a detailed state of the art report of Torino’s demand for lighting technology•Identification of further scopes and tools to deepen internal demand analysisDevelopment of an integrated audit model to be realized in school buildingsParticipative demand analysis with building occupants -> managers; teachers, pupilsFurther confrontation with sectoral experts (targeted demand analysis/state of the artworkshops)•Definition of a framework for activating early market engagement activities atlocal, national and international levelFirst outcomes of DA for Torino in terms of capacity building
  16. 16. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 16Next perspectives• Further experiment PPI - and maybe PCP - in the sustainableconstruction sectorPossible application areas:1. Energy management systems for the overall muncipal buildings (800building with different uses);2. Innovative and cost-effective solutions for energy retrofitting of publicbuildings• Develop capacities in PPI to mainstream the tool in other fields inorder to maximise benefits using the available funds, also in the viewto best use next Structural Funds Financial period(2014-2020)
  17. 17. EOS Fair Udine, 17th May 2013 17Elena DEAMBROGIO – City of TorinoElena.deambrogio@comune.torino.itFurther Info: