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02 bettini eramind trieste 27 05 10

  1. 1. EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion Services and Opportunities for the private sector Stefania Bettini, DG RTD C.4
  2. 2. Outline presentation A. What is EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion? Motion B. EURAXESS (Jobs and Services): what is in for the private sector?
  3. 3. 24 June 2008: Launch of the new brand EURAXESS – Researcher in Motion
  4. 4. A. What is EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion? What is behind it? EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion: 4 initiatives that, by supporting the mobility and careers of researchers, assist in establishing Europe as an area of excellence in scientific research 3 reference pillars: pillars ◦ Mobility issues ◦ European dimension in research careers ◦ Making Europe more attractive
  5. 5. 3 pillars and a main goal Researchers in Europe need to be provided with a single open, transparent and competitive labour market through actions stimulating: 1. Greater mobility of researchers in Europe - Circulation freedom for researchers, technologies and knowledge (the 5th freedom) freedom 2. Introduction of a European dimension into research careers ☺ 3. Europe’s attractiveness to researchers from all over the world ☺ - Internationally open and competitive - Facing globalisation
  6. 6. EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion 4 activities Recruitment tool with job opportunities, funding opportunities, grants, employment, etc. ☺ Relocation assistance for researchers and their family ☺ Information on the Charter and Code (i.e. rights and obligations in the research profession) ☺ A networking tool for European researchers abroad ☺
  7. 7. ☺ 1. EURAXESS Jobs: a virtual research job market (http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/jobs)
  8. 8. ☺ 2. EURAXESS Services: info and assistance services for all (http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/services)
  9. 9. ☺ 3. EURAXESS Rights: rights and obligations for all (http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/rights)
  10. 10. ☺ 3. EURAXESS Rights/The Code for the Recruitment of Researchers: principle N°1 « Recruitment » General Principles and Requirements for the Code of Conduct Recruitment: - Employers and/or funders should establish recruitment procedures which are open*, efficient, transparent, supportive and internationally comparable, as well as tailored to the type of positions advertised. - Advertisements should give a broad description of knowledge and competencies required, and should not be so specialised as to discourage suitable applicants. Employers should include a description of the working conditions and entitlements, including career development prospects. Moreover, the time allowed between the advertisement of the vacancy or the call for applications and the deadline for reply should be realistic. *All available instruments should be used, in particular international or globally accessible web-based resources such as the pan-European EURAXESS Jobs: http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess
  11. 11. ☺ 3. EURAXESS Rights: The Human Resources Strategy for Reseachers (HRS4R)
  12. 12. ☺ 3. EURAXESS Rights/The HRS4R ◦ HRS4R: the implementation mechanism of the European Charter and Code ◦ HRS4R: the pan-European sign of HR excellence in research ◦ ☺ VISIBILITY: Researchers can recognise easily good employers VISIBILITY
  13. 13. ☺ 4. EURAXESS Links: European researchers abroad (http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/links)
  14. 14. EURAXESS: a tool for all, from all over the world 5. UK 5. UK 6. Portugal 6. India 7. US 7. US 8. India 8. Poland 9. Poland 9. Belgium 10. Belgium 10. Greece
  15. 15. Outline presentation A. What is EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion? B. EURAXESS Jobs and Services: what is in for the private Services sector? 1) EURAXESS Jobs
  16. 16. ☺ EURAXESS Jobs: a virtual research job market. How to use it? Researchers can: - Look for jobs (according to: Country; Research Field; registered Research Organisation; Marie Curie Actions; all combinable!) - Look for fellowships & grants* (at national, international, Europen level) - Edit their CV on-line Res. Organisations can: - Publish on-line their job vacancies for free - Look for candidates to recruit for free - Gain and dramatically increase their visibility all around Europe (28 national EURAXESS portals) and the world (E. Links) * To be completely revamped by June 2010
  17. 17. Job search: 4 directories to enhance research organisations’ VISIBILITY 1) By Country 2) By publishing Research Organisation (listed in alphabetical order)
  18. 18. 3) By Research Field (Orthelius classification) 4) By Marie Curie Actions (published directly on E. Jobs or imported from CORDIS)
  19. 19. Editing CV and publishing jobs on-line 1) Researchers - New user or - Registered user 2) Res. Organisations
  20. 20. Research Organisations ◦ Registration (free of charge!) - by Org/Dep/Lab. ◦ Login ◦ Free publication of Research Job vacancies (displayed on the homepage’s section ‘List of the latest posted Research Job Vacancies’ and, Vacancies each of them, reachable through the 4 search directories) directories ◦ Free search of candidates to recruit ◦ (Soon) Free publication of funding opportunities (fellowships and grants)
  21. 21. What can Organisations do? - Publish their jobs on-line - Display their published job on their own web-site through « ad hoc » RSS file - (Soon) publish their funding opportunities - Pre-define a candidate’s search parameters through the Agent Search functionality - VISIBILITY: have their job VISIBILITY available on different sections of the EURAXESS portal as well as on national EURAXESS portal/s (28) - Up-date their job’s deadline upon expiration or every 3 months
  22. 22. A simplified Jobs data-Base - Less box to fill-in - Easier navigation - Sector tailored (i.e. org.’s type) - Up-date their job’s deadline upon expiration or every 3 months - VISIBILITY: receive a RSS file to VISIBILITY display on local web-site jobs published on EURAXESS Jobs
  23. 23. Outline presentation A. What is EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion? B. EURAXESS Jobs and Services: what is in for you as private Services sector? 2) EURAXESS Services
  24. 24. ☺ EURAXESS Services: they help researchers = they help job/funding proviuders Network of ~200 Services Centres in 37 European countries (West Balkans included) Goal: Providing researchers and their families with comprehensive and up-to- Goal date information, as well as tailored and personalised assistance in all matters relating to their professional and daily lives: ◦ Entry conditions (visa requirements), ◦ Work permits, ◦ Job opportunities, ◦ Salaries and taxation, ◦ Pension rights, ◦ Health care, ◦ Social security, ◦ Accommodation, ◦ Day care and schooling, ◦ Language courses, ◦ General culture of the host country, ◦ Intellectual property rights, ◦ Recognition of diplomas etc.
  25. 25. Core activity: each Service Centre ◦ Acts as a point of entry for researchers looking for practical information and guidance ◦ Fulfils its information and assistance task either by direct proximity assistance or by directing the person/s concerned to the appropriate specialised centre
  26. 26. How does this work, in concrete? ◦ Should you welcome a new researcher or help yours to undertake a mobilty experience elsewehere, the EURAXESS Services Centres* are there to help you and your researcher/s ◦ This service is TOTALLY free of charge!! charge * Often acting also as PEOPLE/ERC NCP…
  27. 27. To conclude: ☺ EURAXESS: which added value for the private sector? ◦ All services free of charge ◦ Access to a tailred target group: high professionals ◦ Broad visibility: @ local, national, European, world-wide level: visibility 28 National EURAXESS Portals complement the European one (= multiplying effect): AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, EE, ES, FI, FR, GR, HR, HU, IE, effect IS, IT, LT, LUX, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SR, TR, UK (more in the pipeline) Some figures 2010: > 15,000 active CVs (main research fields: Engineering, Biological sc., Chemistry, Environmental sc., Physics, Computer sc., Economics, Medical sc.) > 4,000 active research organisations 2010, Unique visitors/month (av.): 37,000 2010, Page views/month (av.): 360,000
  28. 28. Now that you know EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion Make full use of it! More info: http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess RTD-RMP@ec.europa.eu Or contact: The nearest national EURAXESS Services Centre/s Stefania.bettini@ext.ec.europa.eu (The EURAXESS Portal)