How to Boost Blogger Outreach and Influencer Engagement


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Check out the transcript to the last #AtomicChat Twitter chat hosted on Monday June 2, 2014, with special guest Gail Gardner of

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How to Boost Blogger Outreach and Influencer Engagement

  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT #ATOMICCHAT June 2, 2014 BLOGGER OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT Why is blogger outreach & influencer engagement hot topics for businesses? What do you think about the Klouts and Kreds of the world? What is a good blogger outreach process? How is influence measured? What tools are there for blogger outreach? @GROWMAP special guest: Gail Gardner @GrowMap With PPC prices climbing & organic traffic harder to come by, brands are focusing more on blogger outreach to get exposure #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap Brands and #SmallBiz need to focus on identifying where their target audience already is & get influencers to recommend them #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap Before you start looking for blogs, define your goal and who your target audience is very clearly. #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap Once I know that, I create lists in Inkybee & start running keyword searches. Preliminary results tell me what blogs to keep #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap Algorithms measure numbers: how many followers, how many retweets, how many comments. That is only where you start #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap A better way to find influencers is to ask someone in the niche you’re interested in who they read, follow & share #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap Compile resources: best images, videos, talking points. Give them specifics to get posts you really like. Discuss promotion #AtomicChat Rachel Miller @rachelloumiller Blogger and influencer marketing is cheaper and more effective than PPC and other forms of traditional marketing #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap Both Klout and Kred can be useful. Klout is more volatile - spiking if I interact with someone “famous” & then dropping again #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap I like Kred better because you get both Influence & Engagement numbers & more importantly influence by niche / vertical #AtomicChat Josepf Haslam @Josepf I think Kred is most plausible #AtomicChat Josepf Haslam @Josepf Kred also does a better job of showing the micro-segments that someone influences #AtomicChat Josepf Haslam @Josepf Google works well to identify influencers, never hurts to see what bloggers Google thinks are top 10 for a micro-segment #AtomicChat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Your audience is NOT just a target demo, consider their knowledge around a topic, and what will make them engage. #atomicchat Christine Pantazis @CPantazis I also like to make sure that the bloggers voice / personal brand isn’t negative or carries negative sentiment. #Atomicchat Gail Gardner @GrowMap 15h Klout measures fame more than influence @rachelloumiller While someone w/ huge numbers MIGHT be influential they aren’t always. #AtomicChat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Create a matrix for your own influence ranking...those scores R like using someones height to determine how smart they are :) #atomicchat Olivia Roat @OliviaCRoat Influencers have the trust of the communities they’re involved in, too. #atomicchat Erika Heald @SFerika Bloggers and influencers are great folks to partner with to create compelling content, build community. #atomicchat 436 342.9k 5.5mTweets REach Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo IMPRESSIONS #AtomicChat Numbers