How User-Generated Content Helps Your Business


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Learn how user-generated content helps your business, insights from marketing expert Douglas Karr. Here are the highlights and key takeaways from #AtomicChat Twitter chat, hosted every Monday night at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 6pm PST. Follow @Atomic_Reach for all your content marketing updates!

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How User-Generated Content Helps Your Business

  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT #ATOMICCHAT June 9, 2014 USER GENERATED CONTENT What is user-generated content (UGC)? How can UGC help your business? How do you get people to participate in UGC & create content for you (or your business)? How can you drive sales with UGC? How does LinkedIn contribute to UGC and how do they get it right? Can LinkedIn groups drive UGC and how? @DOUGLASKaRR special guest: Douglas Karr @douglaskarr #UGC is content that supports online efforts that you don’t have to generate yourself. It’s written by users, fans, clients #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr #UGC doesn’t have to be totally written or produced by your users, you can collect and enhance their content, too! #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr it’s not just comments and reviews, anymore! Businesses are actively enticing their users to submit #UGC Douglas Karr @douglaskarr #UGC is valuable because it’s not you selling, it’s people selling for you. Content that’s more trustworthy and sincere. #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr #UGC can often provide more effective content - it’s written from the perspective of the user, not your marketing mumbo jumbo. #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr Develop processes for collecting, curating and approving #UGC - web forms, specific hashtags, etc. #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr #atomicchat could be as simple as @formstack form to collect what you need! Douglas Karr @douglaskarr With an efficient system in place, you can spend a lot less time working on content strategies and instead promoting #UGC #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr Use a project management system like @brightpod to manage, collaborate, and publish the finished #UGC. #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr #ugc provides the emotional attachment in a purchase decision that’s often missing from marketing content #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr @linkedin is going personal w/ brand messaging and content strategy with “Picture Yourself” campaign Douglas Karr @douglaskarr @linkedin is collecting, curating & producing user stories w submitted content = very compelling and tap into emotions #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr I think combining #UGC + #storytelling + #video is skyrocketing in popularity in online marketing #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr @linkedin groups are great places to secure #UGC. Ask permission to re-use or expand and you’ve got #ugc #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr Just be sure to kick out the spammers in your @linkedin group #atomicchat Douglas Karr @douglaskarr We love @linkedin as an example because it’s professionals helping professionals #atomicchat - that’s personal! Patrick Winther @PatWinther It helps your followers realize that you are listening. They are more likely to post about your brand in the future. #AtomicChat Clifton Webb @CliftonW21 #UGC can make your followers feel like they have a say in your business. #Atomicchat Shirley Williams @williampearl #UGC is an engaged user that feels they are being heard and wants to contribute #atomicchat Michele J Martin @michelejmartin I believe the key to #UGC is that it takes it beyond just “engagement” & becomes about THEIR experience, which is more powerful #atomicchat Michele J Martin @michelejmartin There will always be some naysayers. Don’t try to control, but do AMPLIFY the advocates to make them stand out #atomicchat Sheldon@AppYoSelf @SheldonCPF Give them an incentive! 610 544.3k 6.1mTweets REach Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo We are 170 members strong! The “Why Content?” group aims to discuss ways to connecT our audiences with quality content. They deserve it, don’t they? So join us! IMPRESSIONS #AtomicChat Numbers Join our “Why Content?” Group! Speaking of LinkedIn ...