Planned Content Marketing: Calendars, Creation & Curation


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Highlights from our weekly #AtomicChat on Twitter. Information about editorial calendars, content marketing and content curation in this mini transcript. Special guest Ira Haberman. Join in on the discussion every Monday night at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 6pm PST.

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Planned Content Marketing: Calendars, Creation & Curation

  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST #ATOMICCHAT #ATOMICCHAT Planned Content Marketing: Calendars, creation & curation Who is @IraHaberman? When it comes to content marketing, what is the importance of a calendar? What is a good way to collect ideas & fill out a content calendar & how far in advance should you plan? What other content projects should we consider in our calendars? My calendar is packed & I don’t have that much time to create content. What else can I do? How can you use curation in a social media strategy? OK. MY TURN. #atomicchat tweeters, how do you manage your content creation? What tools do you use? Ira Haberman @irahaberman I worked with 37 radio stations and personalities to implement digital content strategy. Everything from CMS to Social. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman needless to say, I have some experience with developing digital strategy, from both a content and audience perspective. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Oh, now, I help with the over digital strategy for @atomic_reach and their marketing and content efforts. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Using an editorial content calendar is so important in managing the content marketing process. It’s like a road map. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman A good plan, is planned. I’d recommend to think about things at least a month out, but plan to pivot. New things come up. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman If you are a brand, think about selling cycles, seasonality, industry events, product launches, company goals, competitors. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman If you’re a publisher think about events in your town, holidays, the stuff people talk about. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman AND PLEASE... Always, keep your audience in mind when setting up your plan. They are your lifeblood. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman A calendar will keep you organized in producing different types of content and help you churn out unique content pieces. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman You can plan content pieces like blog posts, videos, podcasts, slideshows, white papers, guides, images, etc. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Your calendar, or plan is also a great place to track your success or failure. BE TRACKING. So you can refine. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman Someone is going to ask about your performance. Be ready to show them the value you are delivering. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman A4: Oh, and did I mention audience. When they respond to a certain piece of content, do it again... rinse and repeat! #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman For me at least, curation is an important as creation. Be the source for great info.Your audience will love you for it. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman If you can be the filter on a specific topic and provide tons of great content on that topic.YOU WIN. EVERY TIME. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman So many awesome curation tools out there, @feedly, @flipboard, @scoopit, and my FAVE @uberflip. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman A5: OH, and if you are really ambitious curate your audience’s content. THEY WILL LOVE YOU MORE! #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman I’m a big fan of the ReTweet with some kind of verbiage before the RT.You stay active for your audience. It’s about them. #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman A6: When sharing things online, it should rarely be about yourself. Curating helps with that, showcasing others along the way. #atomicchat CBarrows @CBarrows Editorial calendars are huge - it’s not just a map of up-coming content, but enhances ability to collaborate with others. #atomicchat Rachel Foster @CopywriterTO WordPress, HootSuite, Buffer, MadMimi #atomicchat Brian Fanzo @iSocial_Fanz WordPress, HootSuite, Buffer, MadMimi @medium & @LinkedIn Brutal Pixie @BrutalPixie A1: If an editorial calendar is a road map, then a strategic calendar is your compass. #atomicchat Alison Cross @AlisonMCross Wordpress, klout, hootsuite #atomicchat Josh McCormack @joshmccormack Feedly & Buffer, Klout #AtomicChat Gail Gardner @GrowMap My favorite tool is @Trello for managing EVERYTHING. I keep track of what I need to write, resources, talent. #AtomicChat