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  • 1. News Feeds & Social Bookmarking Practical skills for managing information overload Ian Watson Knowledge & Information Manager Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services
  • 2. RSS Really Simple Syndication
    • Also known as:
        • News feeds
        • feeds
        • XML feeds
        • syndicated content
        • web feeds
    • Purpose:
        • Saves you visiting websites frequently to check for new content
        • Instead the content is sent to you
            • News stories
            • Latest posting to a blog
            • Audio
            • Video
    A short video: http://www.commoncraft.com/rss_plain_english
  • 3. Keeping up to date The Old Way Blogs http://edu.blogs.com/edublogs/ Web sites http://www.guardian.co.uk/society Millions of possible sites to check for anything new Very time consuming
  • 4. Keeping up to date The New Way
      • Look for the symbol on your favourite web sites
    Updated content delivered to your computer
  • 5. Two Steps
    • 1. Choose a reader
    • www.google.com/reader
    • www.bloglines.com
    • www.newsgator.com
    • my.yahoo.com
    • Or use your browser:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox
    2. Set up a connection between your reader and the web site (known as subscribing )‏ ..... just look for the icon....
  • 6. Click on the icon Click 'Subscribe' Example, using Internet Explorer 7
  • 7. Whenever there is anything new on these sites, you can see at glance in your browser
  • 8. You can organise your feeds into folders
  • 9. Try finding and setting up feeds from these sites
    • News
    • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/rss/3223484.stm
    • http://www.guardian.co.uk/society
    • http://www.out-law.com/page-5987
    • http://www.jisclegal.ac.uk/news.htm
    • http://www.theherald.co.uk/features/obituaries/
    • Blogs
    • http://edu.blogs.com/edublogs/
    • http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com
    • Other
    • http://www.iriss.ac.uk
    • http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/feeds/
    • http://bjsw.oxfordjournals.org/
    • http://www.iriss.ac.uk/grazr
  • 10. Make your own feed on you own topic
    • http://news.google.co.uk/advanced_news_search
  • 11. Google Feed Reader
    • Sign up for a Google account: www.google.com /reader
    • Google will offer some bundles of feeds
  • 12. Bookmarking
    • The Old Way
    Web 2.0
  • 13. Problems
    • Hierarchical folders are
      • hard to organise
      • not easy to search
      • time consuming to keep-up-date
    • Tied to one computer (home / office)‏
    • Not shareable
  • 14. The New Way
    • Social Bookmarking
    • A method for remembering sites you have visited and sharing them with others.
    • Tap into other people’s favourites. Similar to following up references at the end of an article: if you rate the article/author you are likely to find his/her sources useful.
    A short video http://www.commoncraft.com/bookmarking-plain-english
  • 15. Three things
    • Getting Started
      • Register with http://del.icio.us
      • alternatives: Connotea, Simpy, Furl, Stumbleupon
    • Organising using ‘tags’ (keywords)‏
      • Install browser buttons
    • Social dimension
      • Bookmarks are public. Others can see yours and vice versa: Thus networks are created
  • 16.
    • Add the del.icio.us buttons to Internet Explorer http://del.icio.us/help/ie/extension
  • 17. After installing buttons, a 'tag' icon appears on the toolbar. Click the icon when you want to bookmark the current page. A dialogue box will appear...
  • 18. Type in some tags (keywords) to describe this site Tags are suggested You don't have to let others see what you are bookmarking.
  • 19. Building a network Click the delicious button Your bookmarks on delicious appear You can search either your own bookmarks or everyone's.
  • 20. This page bookmarked by 1082 other people. Click the link to see who is bookmarking it
  • 21. Read what others said about this page See what other sites have been bookmarked by these users
  • 22. If you like what this person is bookmarking, you can add him to your network And you can see who is in his network
  • 23. And I will appear as one of his 'fans' – you can choose to add 'fans' to your network or not Joevans is now in my network
  • 24. When you tag a page, you can mark it for the attention of people in your network
  • 25. When someone in my network tags something for me I can see it by clicking 'Links for you' And I can set up an RSS feed to save me visiting del.icio.us to check for new suggestions!