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i create a distinctively unique style that resonates with who you are, and what you want to share with the world and have customers attracted to what you do because your product is wrapped in your own individual expression

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Atol dupuche portfolio

  1. 1. PERSONAL DETAILS CAREER SNAPSHOT applications graphics for Commercial, in-house stationery; creative pre-listing and a leading Product Design During my employment at Williams Retail, Defence and Residential Kits for several real estate agents; consultancy in the Asia Pacific region. Design, I created many press uses; creation of a sub-brand for produced creative, cutting edge layout Based in Sydney, the company has advertisements and numerous Atol Bertrand Dupuche March 2012 - current Rice Daubney’s Retail sector called: for Alfa Romeo recipe book for the close alliances with offices in the United brochures for my assigned client LJ Creative Graphic Designer Founder, owner & graphic designer Evolution (equally application rollout). launch of their latest GT car. Kingdom, Japan, and China. Hooker. Creative Marks is a small design Client list: Client list: During my employment at Design studio launched in Bronte/Sydney. Optus Corporate: 3 Wall graphics for Alfa Romeo Resource, I worked on several projects OVERVIEW & CORE 0434 670 351 Creative Marks studio primarily creates boardroom Raine & Horne such as logo designs and corporate COMPETENCIES products such as environmental Liverpool Hospital CSB2: Glass Warwick Williams ID; packaging range for mobile graphics, architectural graphic design, graphics following a DNA pattern Gil Davis & Associates accessories; produced and redesigned EDUCATION HISTORY logos, magazines, and small business Bathurst Hospital: 18 Acrylic Wall Moran Realty a whole range of corporate literature; • dvanced level of competency in A branding identity seeking to make their the current version of Adobe CS5.5 applications strategically installed Home Trader produced whole range of educational mark into the business world. InDesign Adobe CS5.5 Illustrator • Diploma in Graphic Design throughout hospital brochures and newsletters; company July 2002 – August 2003 • edium competency level in the M Enmore Design Centre Manilla Hospital: Informative wall signage; press and magazine ads. April 2005 - March 2012 Employed on a full-time basis current version of Adobe CS5.5 Graduating in 1997 graphics Employed on a full-time basis as a as a Senior Graphic designer Client list: Photoshop HomeHQ Artarmon: 3 Wall graphics Senior Graphic designer Production manager Eveready • ighly experienced in master pages H • Diploma in Art therapy Glass door graphics Reason for leaving: Wanted to kick Reason for leaving: Moved on to a Newcastle Hunter Valley train facilities style sheets College of Complementary Medicine West Keira - Wollongong Central start my business different position better-paid job Northern Sun Technology P/L • trong working knowledge of print S Graduating in 2010 Shopping Centre: Wall Facades NCAC (National Childcare Accreditation production processes including stock Rice Daubney is a creative firm for patterns Jaku Pty Ltd brings together Australia’s Council) suitability architecture, planning and design with RNSH – Royal North Shore Hospital: REFEREES Presentation boards + PowerPoint leading antiques and art magazines. Austrade • ighly organised with work flow, H experience spanning 36 years across Among the oldest surviving continual embracing any assignments from presentation UNSW Australia and Asia. arts publications in the world, their start to finish Sunshine Coast PPP: Branding (equally NSW department of Public Works • laudia Challen C • anage my own deadlines, proven M flagship title, the World of Antiques Services Marketing Manager at Rice Daubney While employed by Rice Daubney, I application rollout) Art, is regarded internationally as one of NSW department of Education ability to plan my work load in the 0413 165 487 built their graphic design department Wagga Wagga Integrated Regional the leading decorative arts magazines. Training magazine industry problem solving from bottom up and I alone led with Health Services: Presentation boards + While employed at Jaku, I did a EWT - Environmental Technologies with computers • usanne Pini S the challenge of designing a range corporate booklet complete redesign of their magazines Waste P/L • trong conceptual research and S Retail Director at Rice Daubney of elements with varying budget GPT Group’s Rouse Hill Town Centre: The World of Antiques Art Quest chartered accountants analytical skills, including the ability 0414 765 012 sizes such as the rebranding of Rice Presentation boards international full colour magazine, their RTA to think laterally, interpret and apply Daubney’s suite (equally application GPT Group’s West Keira, Wollongong 4 other Australian magazines Antiques Lawpoint a common sense approach to solving rollout); production management of Central: Wall façade designs Art in Vic, Antiques Art in Qld problems all marketing collateral; production of Numerous Joint ventures including Antiques in NSW Australiana and December 1999 – December 2000 • ssist in the creation of concepts, A all corporate credentials; submission Woods Bagot architects, SCA - promotional materials for their existing Employed on a full-time basis as a execute maintain design control for books; competitions and award entries; Sunshine Coast Architects clients. Graphic designer a variety of clients senior management presentations; January 2004 – September 2004 Reason for leaving: Moved on to a • ell-developed written and oral W brochures; branding guidelines; Client list: Employed on a full-time basis as an different position better-paid job communication, including liaison, advertisements; invitations; electronic Mercedes showroom in Double Bay Art director Graphic designer negotiation and interpersonal skills presentations; presentations sheets; Carlton Crest Hotel Established in Australia in 1990, TNT Reason for leaving: Leaders went • onstructive input into team C PowerPoint presentations; wall Shapiro Magazine is Australasia’s leading out of business environment, team output and facades/glass graphics/acrylic wall AADA (Australian Antique Dealers publication for backpackers and work autonomously in line with Leaders in Real Estate Pty Ltd was Association) independent travelers. organisational goals cv a small design firm catering for Kozminsky • ighly experienced in the art of H Facetti At TNT magazine, I was in charge the real estate industry producing graphic design creating environmental Anne Schofield of all the cover designs, layout and advertisements, promotional materials graphics, corporate brochures, Kims Beach Hideaway advertisements; produced TNT for their clients and issuing a regular corporate literature, flyers, Press ads, Martyn Cook magazine 100th edition cover and other magazine called Leading Sydney corporate ID, illustration electronic inter-state magazines. curriculum vitae Homes. Argentum files Australiana • ighly developed adventurous H January 1998 – December 1999 At Leaders in Real Estate, I worked on typographical skills clean design December 2000 – April 2002 Employed on a full-time basis as a a variety of projects and worked with a • trong ability for creative colour S Employed on a full-time basis as a Graphic designer small design team with the challenge combinations colour harmony Middleweight Graphic designer Reason for leaving: Moved on to a of meeting tight deadlines. I worked • Good expertise in PowerPoint Word Reason for leaving: Moved on to a different position better-paid job closely with the owner Christopher • Preparation of final art for production Baynes for a complete redesign of different position better-paid job Williams Design Associates was a small the tabloid size full colour magazine design firm catering for the real estate Design Resource has become one Leading Sydney Homes; I redesigned industry producing advertisements, of Australia’s global design brands, Leaders logo; promotional materials for property signage and promotional with over 30 years of experience in Leaders; produced templates for their materials for their clients. successful new product development, atol dupuche founder, graphic designer creative marks studio6 7
  2. 2. client TESTIMONIAL It gives me equal measures of pleasure and sorrow to recommend Atol Dupuche; pleasure because this recommendation brings with it a knowledge that Atol will bestow all the calm, measure and immensely creative spirit we have had the joy to witness in our practice and sorrow with the knowledge that this spirit will no longer be a defining presence in our office. I have worked personally with Atol for the time he has been at Rice Daubney and have found his ability to look at a problem clinically and coolly and then to create a solution which is completely out of the box to have been exceptionally personally inspiring. Atol has a rarity in his field which goes far beyond training and experience and that is a trained and keen eye for what just feels right - a rare insight and intuition. This is rare and valuable. It is this intuition which has created extremely defining work for our practice which has won acclaim from our clients and given the group a unique graphic identity. Atol has a valued understanding of client and market needs and balances this with a fine artistic sensibility. I have no hesitation in recommending Atol with the confidence that he is unique in the marketplace; not only for his work but his way of working. We wish him all the very best and deserved success in his new venture. Kind regards portfolio supporting the architectural industry susanne pini retail director rice daubney architects8 9
  3. 3. architectural boardroom wall graphics optus headquarters optus headquarters architectural boardroom wall graphicsBRIEF concept info studio softwaresTo create 3 informative wall graphics showcasing The use of Timelines to display major events in 01 - 02: entral wall. C Rice Daubney Architects InDesignthe close involvement in the development stages a chronological order; background greyscale 03: ainly shows left wall upon entering the M Photoshopof the Optus Headquarters through to finish by images as back drops to hold everything boardroom. client IllustratorRice Daubney Architects for Stcokland. together; strategically placed blocks of text; 04 06: ight hand side wall upon entering the R Optus Corporate the predominant use of the colour ‘red’ as a boardroom printerWall One: ice Daubney as an architectural firm R highlighter for certain headings, important 05: close up of one of the Acrylic block panel A Big Colour designing the Optus Headquarters. elevations and plans; using photographs of the from the central wall.Wall Two: hotographic display from ground up P various developmental stages printed on raised 07: hows both the central wall and an aspect of S photographer of the Optus Headquarters. acrylic blocks to give another dimension to the the right hand side wall. © Greg Seeto atWall Three: bout Stockland and some of their A whole composition and the entire layout printed Big Colour major developments. on an elegantly textured cotton canvas.01 02 04 05 0603 0710 11
  4. 4. architectural glass wall graphics liverpool hospital csb 2 liverpool hospital csb 2 architectural glass wall graphicsBRIEF concept info studio softwaresThe DA conditions stipulated that the glass wall The DNA pattern is totally relevant, appropriate 01 04: Philip Noller - The Moment it clicks © Rice Daubney Architects InDesigngraphic would give a certain level of privacy to and the use of the frosted look gives an elegant Pty Ltd. Illustratorthe patients, doctors, nurses behind the glass feel to the whole entire design surface. 02 - 03 05 - 07: Brett Boardman - Brett © clientwithin any given rooms. Boardman Photography Liverpool Hospital CSB 2 photographers Brett Boardman Philip Noller01 02 04 03 05 06 0712 13
  5. 5. homehq - artarmon homehq - artarmon architectural retail wall graphics client TESTIMONIAL BRIEF concept info studio softwares The DA conditions stipulated that the Each of the 3 wall graphics reflected the 3 01: all One - The Council Depot period [© Brett W Rice Daubney Architects InDesign interestingly rich history of the site, from being a different uses and period of occupation of the Boardman - Brett Boardman Photography]. Photoshop To Whom it May Concern, client Brick Factory to Engineering Factory to Council site. 02: raphic Four - In 1948, Federated British G Depot be reflected in the graphics throughout engineers purchased th site to build an Charter Hall photographers I had the pleasure of working with Atol the building. 4 distinct bold colours were used (such as Dark engineering factory. Printed stickers applied Brett Boardman Dupuche in 2009 on a retail project in Blue, Bright Blue, Orange and Red. A middle tone to Glazing doors [© Brett Boardman - Brett Simon Grimes Artarmon, Sydney where the site has an Grey colour was used for informative text.) within Boardman Photography]. at Rice Daubney interesting history. The DA Conditions stipulated that this history was reflected the photographic and typographical montage to 03 - 04: all Two and Three - Reflecting the W Architects in graphics throughout the building. give the 3 different graphics a modern feel while Brick era and the Engineering era [© still keeping to an industrial approach. Rice Daubney Architects]. Atol became involved in the graphics at an early stage. He was responsible They were all printed on coarse canvas and in for sourcing and purchasing original one particular case, specific photos were printed material as well as developing the on Acrylic panels and applied onto the canvas. graphic design concept and seeing it through to installation. Atol took charge of the graphic design with passion and was thorough in his research of the images and their suitability to be converted into large scale graphics. His input into quality; material selection; composition; colour01 and text has been invaluable. 01 02 03 The final product is a great success. Yours sincerely, 04 chelsea dawson associate rice daubney architects14 15
  6. 6. ACRYLIC WALL APPLICATIONS bathurst hospital bathurst hospital ACRYLIC WALL APPLICATIONSBRIEF concept info studio softwaresThe DA conditions stipulated that the The use of an old Script typeface and the old 01: mage shows 2 of the 18 Acrylic Wall I Rice Daubney Architects InDesignevolutionary rich history of the Bathurst Hospital age worn out paper give an old feel to the whole applications strategically positioned Photoshopbe reflected in the Acrylic Wall applications entire design of each wall application. throughout the hospital. clientthroughout the building. 02: mage shows another panel. I Bathurst Hospital printer The overly rich burnt umber; dark brown; 03 - 04: of the 18 Acrylic Wall applications 2 Big Colour oranges; the burnt yellow and finally the semi artworks. transparent worn out black and white and the photographer occasional full colour images, give an accurate Rice Daubney testimony to the various individuals that Architects contributed to the history of Bathurst Hospital.01 02 03 0416 17
  7. 7. architectural glass wall graphics manilla district hospital manilla district hospital architectural glass wall graphicsBRIEF concept info studio softwaresTo create an informative glass wall graphic that Reflecting the various development stages and 01: Complete artwork. Rice Daubney Architects InDesignwould hold the attention of patients away from history of the hospital using a strong modern 02: Full length semi-frosted glass wall graphic. Photoshopthe nurses walking up and down the corridor typographical arrangement. 03: Close up of semi-frosted glass wall graphic. clientbehind the glass, while in the waiting area of the Manilla Health ServicesManilla District Hospital.01 0302 0418 19
  8. 8. REBRAND 28 rice daubney architects INDUCTION MANUAL - LAST UPDATED 15.09.11 rice daubney architects REBRANDLOGO’S INSPIRATION REFINEment of the LOGO and evolution background to a White background and the studio softwaresThe inspiration behind the current Rice Daubney of the brand alteration was successful and well received by Rice Daubney Architects InDesignlogo: The man was originally based upon As the yellow man in the red square was already a their clients. PhotoshopLeonardo Da Vinci’s: Vitruvian Man (Man of well establish and recognised logo by their peers client IllustratorPerfect Proportions). and existing customers; I advised and suggested info Rice Daubney Architects that the logo needed only to be refined. The idea 01: collection of the current marketing A printerThe late 90’s version of the Rice Daubney logo, was well received internally and externally. collateral. The Dominionwas designed by Billy Blue College of Design. 02: Image shows the progression of the RD logo. Group for RD’s From around late 2010 to recently, the entire 03: Current Rice Daubney logo. stationary Marketing collateral of Rice Daubney went through a slight transition from having a Black ADFA - AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE ACADEMY client: cue clothing co. OUR BRAND construction cost: au$ 450,000 completed: august 2008 THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE CURRENT RICE DAUBNEY LOGO: Rice Daubney are the designers and driving force behind The man in the logo was originally based upon Leonardo Da Vinci’s: Vitruvian Man (Man of the new look and feel of the Cue clothing offering in Sydney, Perfect Proportions). Melbourne and New Zealand. Promoting the core qualities of tailored, corporate and evening wear the Rice Daubney design revitalises the image of Cue using a palette of textural colours and materials. Neutral tones are used throughout 1970 early 80’s late 80’s - mid 90’s late 90’s 2006-Current01 02 each of the approx 100sqm stores in browns and creams offset by the burst of intense colour of blue in the feature wall, capturing the customer’s attention and leading them into the store. Key design elements that provide branding consistency throughout the stores are: • Signature lighting • Reflective surfaces • Key colour planes • Textural elements – woven fabric ,stone and timber The colours and materials are selected to compliment the tones of the clothing and allow them to be a focus in the building store. blocks for the ESD features are utilised within the stores – primarily energy future efficient lighting. A big energy user and a feature that is so important to the display of retail product, Rice Daubney has implemented energy efficient lighting that not only reduces the costs and energy footprint , but also ensures colour consistency with a long lifespan. Cue Clothing Australia launched its new look with its flagship store at the Queen Victoria Building. Rice Daubney’s new [c.1492, Pen brand identity for Cue creates a flexible and adaptable and Ink, 13½ merchandising approach which enables the store to reflect x 9½’ (34.3 season changes in colour. A bold gloss colour element is x 24.5 cm), juxtaposed with a neutral textured palette on the walls and Accademia, ceiling. Grey mirror and luxurious pendent lights play with Venice] dimensions in the store. Rice Daubney’s design expresses a diverse range of aesthetic and visual textures giving each store a unique atmosphere to each store within a strong ‘branded’ retail identity. man in space building blocks revised a spin on leonardo’s vitruvian man 0320 21
  9. 9. REBRAND marketing collateral: retail pack rice daubney architects rice daubney architects REBRAND marketing collateral: aged design sectorBRIEF original concept info BRIEF info studios softwaresTo create a pack of double cards showcasing The original concept had instead of transparent 01: A display of the whole entire retail set. To create a small booklet showcasing Rice 01 - 02: booklet designed for the Aged Care A Rice Daubney Architects InDesign Rice Daubney’s vast professional journey and white letters across each card, a spot UV gloss 02 - 03: rtworks of the front and back of a retail A Daubney’s vast professional journey and Design sector of Rice Daubney’s firm. (Image Concept) Andrew Photoshopexperience in the retail industry. varnish but because of the current financial card entitled “Queen Victoria Building”. experience in the Aged Care Design industry. 03: large banner designed for the Aged Care A Hoyne P/L situation at the time, the budget for this job was Design sector of Rice Daubney’s firm. printerfinal concept considerable reduced. studio final concept client Graphitype PrintingThe whole entire collection of retail cards had an Rice Daubney Architects The whole entire booklet has a clean crisp look Rice Daubney Aged Designorderly sequence and each card had a story to / feel, making use of the warm colours throughout Sectortell. They were placed in a wrap around sleeve client to inspire this segment of our society.and inserted in a see through sealed plastic Rice Daubney Retail Sectorenvelope. softwares InDesign Photoshop printer Graphitype Printing01 01 03 0202 0322 23
  10. 10. marketing collateral: EVOLUTION poster for retail sector rice daubney architects rice daubney architects marketing collateral: EVOLUTION EXPERIMENTSBRIEF: evolution concept info studio softwaresTo create a sub-brand logo for the Retail sector The idea was to replicate the colours of the 01 - 02: ront Back poster of the Retail sector. F Rice Daubney Architects InDesignof the Rice Daubney architectural firm that would spectrum to reflect the busyness of the retail 03: ogo + A series of experimental designs L Photoshopreflect and embody the hectic reality of retail. life. The flowing lines throught the logo would using elements of the “evolution” sub-brand clients Illustrator indicate the constant flow of people within any logo of Rice Daubney’s Retail sector. Rice Daubney Retail Sectorposter concept retail environment.The front of the “evolution” poster talks aboutRetail Milestones worldwide, within Australia and INDUSTRY RECOGNITIONRice Daubney’s contribution to the Sydney Retail Within a short amount of time the colourfulculture. sub-brand “evolution” started getting industry recognition and was shortly copied by a fair fewThe back of the poster is a collage following people.the respective order of colours within the word“evolution” using built and unbuilt projects.01 02 0324 25
  11. 11. REBRAND marketing collateral: internal posters rice daubney architects rice daubney architects REBRAND marketing collateral: internal postersEVOLUTION OF THE BRAND info studio softwaresFrom around late 2010 to recently, the entire 01 - 02: AIA Awards poster for “321 Kent Street, R Rice Daubney Architects InDesignMarketing collateral of Rice Daubney went Sydney” + RAIA Awards poster for Photoshopthrough a slight transition from having a Black “InterfaceFlor”. clientsbackground to a White background and the 03: ne of a series of six display posters of the O Rice Daubney Commercialalteration was successful and well received by “Royal North Shore Hospital” for Pinnacle + Workplace Sector their clients. Healthcare. Pinnacle Heathcare01 02 03 The InterfaceFLOR project exemplifies the transformation of an historic Sydney building with significant heritage value into a highly functional and PROJECT NAME: InterfaceFLOR sustainable workplace ; hence sustainability became the underpinning vision in our work LOCATION: 101 chalmers street, surry hills The tenancy occupies 940sqm of the 120 year old former Railway Institute Building located at Sydney’s Central Station.The integral quality of the ARCHITECT / PRACTICE: rice daubney team; steven shaw - director in charge, gengis yaglipinar - building offered many opportunities for re-use, reinforcing the practical application of the “long life - loose fit” mantra. interior designer, rebecca yeo - interior designer The challenge was to provide a functional work environment, a space for meeting with, inspiring and entertaining clients - and most importantly, to SUB-CONSULTANT TEAM: rod howard and associates - heritage consultant, taylor tompson whitting exemplify and showcase the clients credentials as world leaders in ‘green’ and environmentally sensitive processes and products in their industry. - structural consultant, medland metropolis - electrical consultant, medland metropolis - hydraulic The design approach ensures that new ‘insertions’ touch the existing building fabric lightly, thus maintaining the integrity of the existing building whilst consultant, medland metropolis - mechanical consultant, lincolne scott - lighting consultant, tanner accommodating the performance demands of a modern office and showroom space. architects - base building refurbishment, davis langdon - cost consultant, jonathon dolton - esd, tyrone Interpretation and adaptive re-use can often be controversial. Sensitive design in how this is achieved is necessary as the re-use of existing building brannigan - photographer stock is becoming increasingly important to the sustainable development of our built environment - in both environmental and economic terms. CONSTRUCTION TEAM: cube projects - builder26 27
  12. 12. antiques / real estate magazines cookery book PUBLISHING client TESTIMONIAL info client softwares 01: edesign of the Leading Sydney Homes R Jaku Pty Ltd; Leaders in InDesign magazine issued by Leaders in Real Estate Real Estate Pty Ltd Photoshop To Whom it May Concern, Pty Ltd during my employment there. Illustrator “ nder his guidance the magazine U 02: edesign of the 3 magazines issued by Jaku R advanced appreciably in its positioning Pty Ltd during my employment there. as the premier real estate publication 03: Cropped sample inside story within the 03 - 04: ropped sample Covers of the Leading C in the marketplace. With the enhanced Leading Sydney Homes magazine. Sydney Homes magazine. graphics we were able to attract top 04:- 06: ropped interna sample pages ofWorld 05 Cropped internal sample page of The The C end interior designers and other image of Antiques Antiques Art. World of Art. conscious marketers. 05 08: C 07 - 10: reation of a recipe booklet issued by Leaders in Real Estate Pty Ltd during my In addition he developed such items employment there. as a recipe book for Alfa Romeo that has been widely acclaimed...” christopher baynes director leading sydney homes mag01 02 05 0603 07 0803 04 howtobegin Commentary By Leading Sydney interior designer Leslie Walford When you buy a new house you are faced drains, leaks, bugs and termites, electricals, over do this – after all there is, we suppose, with a daunting mountain of thought. basic structure and of course work out how an essential you and we don’t want trivia Of problems. Decisions, decisions? Who you want to use the spaces. Get the family causing you to have sleepless nights. is going to make them? Indeed, what are involved in this and be sure they are happy With quite a lot of planning and function they? Here is the agony of how to begin. about it. ‘This is to be your room Jason’. And considering done, become more specific.28 Sit quietly. Cogitate! Make lists to so on. Make sure at this stage, in a subtle way, Workable lists. One first for the plumber, the 29 unburden and clarify the mind. Notes are about who is to be the boss, even though electrician, the carpenter, your shopping, a so important. Lists of questions for those ‘the family’ will all be involved. Avoid too furniture-to-search-for list, lighting needs concerned or who can help. Gradually you much input by friends who may take an over and so on. Keep files. This will help you
  13. 13. PUBLISHING corporate litterature / school flyers northern sun technology / newsletter / brochure educational source book p/l package design: reva PUBLISHINGinfo client software BRIEF info clients01: orporate booklet designed for Austrade; C Austrade; Public Works; Quark Xpress To create a series of 3 different wallets package 01: series of 3 different size wallet packaging A Northern Sun including a business card. NCAC Photoshop size, a mobile pouch package a water proof design boxes. Technology P/L02: series of double sided flyers for Public A Illustrator bag package for Reva’s mobile accessories. 02: mobile pouch packaging design box. A Works. studios 03: water proof bag packging design box. A studios03 - 04: series of educational material aimed A Design Resource final concept 04: ogo designed at Design Resource for L Design Resource at parents including a newsletter, a small The whole entire suite has a crisp, clean feel, Northern Sun Technology Pty Ltd. brochure a Source book. making use of the 2 main colours used quite software boldly. Quark Xpress Photoshop Illustrator01 02 01 02 0303 04 0430 31
  14. 14. logos clothing / retail sector / the arts / environmental waste / joint venture / chartered accountants / mobile phone accessories environmental company suite / school brochure SUITE A selection of some our logos we have info 07: ogo designed at Design Resource for L studios softwares designed. We believe a logo should always 01: ogo designed at Creative Marks Studio for L Northern Sun Technology Pty Ltd. Design Resource Quark Xpress have power. Whether one colour or ten, on a Elio Collezione, italian range of clothing for 08: ogo designed at Rice Daubney Architects for L Creative Marks InDesign pencil or a billboard, a successful logo should men. their Retail sector as a sub-brand. Photoshop always maintain its strength. If you don’t think 02: Logo designed at Design Resource for Quest clients Illustrator your branding does this, contact us now. Accountants Pty Ltd. studios Environmental Technologies 03: ogo designed at Creative Marks Studio for L Design Resource Waste Pty Ltd; Private School of Conscious Art. Rice Daubney Architects client 04: ogo designed at Design Resource for L Creative Marks Environmental Technologies Waste Pty Ltd. 05: ogo designed at Rice Daubney Architects for L softwares a joint venture of 3 companies. Illustrator 06: ogo designed at Rice Daubney Architects for L InDesign North Leneva Town Centre development. Photoshop 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 0832 33