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Identica Vascular Biometrics
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Identica Vascular Biometrics


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Vascular Biometrics Security Technology

Vascular Biometrics Security Technology

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  • 1. VP-II X Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition (HVPR) Presented by Ayal Vogel Executive Vice President of Global Sales Identica Holdings Corporation July 30, 2009
  • 2. VP-II X Specification Overview VP-II X is a biometric scanner which verifies users individually unique vascular patterns extracted from the hypoderm below the surface of the skin of the back of the hand using an infra-red based sensor device. | Utilized Technology: HVPR (Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition) | Usability: 99.98% | Accuracy: FAR: 0.0001%, FRR: 0.1% | Verification Speed: 0.4 sec / person
    • | Hardware Overview
      • Dual CPUs (400MHz DSP, 180Mhz ARM Processor)
      • 65K Color 2.8” TFT LCD / 16 Keys / IR Sensor / Speaker
      • TCP/IP Ethernet, Wiegand In/Out, Serial ports, Digital I/O, USB 2.0
      • 512MByte NAND Flash Memory (Up to 50,000 users and 500,000 logs)
      • Built-in card reader module & antenna (125Khz Prox. card / 13.5Mhz Smart card)
  • 3. Raw Image Extracted Vascular Pattern Hand vascular extracting processing flow Binary image
    • Advantages of Hand Vascular Pattern
    • Uniqueness - Even twins’ hands are different
    • Stability - No changes over long period
    • Excellent accuracy over long period
    • Large scale features - High performance even with scars and contamination
    • Advantages of VP-II X
    • HCD (Human Criteria Decision) algorithm
    • Vascular Pattern not visible – Eliminate spoofing
    • Harsh environmental robustness
    • User privacy protected
    • Excellent user perception and convenience
    Vascular Biometrics Adaptive algorithm Noise removal algorithm
  • 4.
    • Advantages over finger scanners
      • Better usability
      • : 5% of adults can’t use finger scanners
      • More robust to environment
      • : Contamination, Humidity
      • More secure against forgery
      • : Spoofing, Copy of residuals
      • Better accuracy
      • Sensor cleaning not required
      • : No physical contact to the sensor
      • More robust to physical feature damage
      • : Scars, wear
      • No privacy concerns to the users
    Technology comparison Biometrics Technology Comparison Technology VP-II HVPR Fingerprint Hand Geometry IRIS Advantages/Disadvantages √ Non-contacting Sensor √ High Usability & Accuracy √ Non-Intrusive/User Privacy √ Small size applications X Low Usability X Difficulty in use with a physical damages like scars. √ High Usability X Low Accuracy (High FAR) X Hygienic problem by physical contact √ High Accuracy X Difficulty in use with small eyes like oriental users. X User inconvenient by eye positioning (intrusive)
  • 5.
    • Performance
    • Usability
    • Accuracy – FAR / FRR
    • Enrollment / Verification Speed (throughput)
    • Robust
    • Poor environment - contamination / humidity
    • Physical feature damages – scars / wear
    • Ease of setup and maintenance
    • User convenience
    • User perception
    • Hygiene problems
    • Non-invasive
    • Easy to use
    • Integrated networking
    • User Interface and management
    • No privacy concerns
    General Factors in Choosing biometrics
    • Useable for whole population (user group)
      • It is known that more than 5% of the adult population cannot use fingerprint systems. This is mainly due to the absence or weakness of their fingerprints. About 2% of people do not have proper fingerprints, and many people who use their hands intensively for work generate a very weak signal to fingerprint scanners. The VP-II provides 99.98% usability, which means almost all of the general population can use the system without any problems.
    • Does not leave a trace of residual features after use
      • If a biometric system leaves residual features after physical contact, the features would be easily duplicated and/or forged. It is known that fraudulent fingerprints can be easily made by the residual fingerprint on the surface of the sensor.
    • Be able to reject non-human features from enrollment
      • Non-human features should not be allowed to be enrolled by a biometric, for it to be considered a true biometric system. VP-II recognizes non-human features at enrollment.
    Biometric systems should be: Biometrics Systems
  • 6. VP-II X Functions
    • | Basic functions
    • Administration
      • Test Mode – Factory set to allow an installer to setup the system initially
      • Managers – Administrator, Enroll/Delete users, System setup
    • Enrollment / Verification
      • Users can be enrolled with a PIN, Proximity card or Smart card
      • HID iCLASS, Mifare, DESFire, PIV, TWIC cards supported (Built-in card reader)
      • Password or Bypass users can be assigned (Without verifying vascular patterns)
      • Up to 50,000 users supported
      • Up to 2 templates per user allowed, i.e., Right and Left hand
    • Event & Logs
      • Stores up to 500,000 access events and system logs
    • Time and attendance
      • 4 function keys – Programmable for attendance, leave, job transfer, etc
      • Customized firmware to be provided for high-level time and attendance solutions
    • Firmware field upgrade
  • 7. VP-II X Functions
    • | Networking
    • TCP/IP network (10/100 Mbps Ethernet)
      • DHCP or Static IP supported
      • Each VP-II X stores all user information (timezone, access area, etc) in internal memory along with vascular data – Can fully function when network is not connected.
    • IONcontrol-X (Server Application Software)
      • Provides access control and time & attendance functions
      • VP-II X can run with or without IONcontrol-X
    • Database Management
      • Master/Slave operation – All user data is automatically distributed by the Master VP-II X to all Slaves in the network
      • Database backup and recovery function by network or by using USB memory port
  • 8. VP-II X Functions
    • | Access control functions
    • Timezone and Access area control
      • Up to 200 timezone/holiday tables
      • Timezone and/or Access area control per users and/or units
    • Relay output, Door status monitoring, Remote open, Exit button
    • Automatic door release when a fire-alarm detected (Optional by a digital input port)
    • Electric door lock controller VP-II XG (Optional)
      • A separate controller (VP-II XG) to be installed at a secure place (inside the door)
      • Serial communication between X and XG (Optional use of RS485)
  • 9. VP-II X Functions
    • | Access control functions
    • Interface to an ACU (Access Control Unit)
      • Up to 128bit Wiegand output to PACS
      • Digital In/Out ports
      • Clock & Data output (Optional)
    • Interface to internal/external card readers (CR)
      • Up to 128bit Wiegand input from an existing external card reader
      • Clock & Data input for Magnetic card reader
      • Optional built in Card Readers: 125 MHz Prox, Smart Card Readers including: iCLASS, Mifare, DESFire, PIV, TWIC
    • Tamper-proof
      • Security screw applied
      • Tamper switch installed on the rear cover – Alarm and/or report to a server
  • 10. VP-II X Functions | User interface
    • Display and Keypad
      • User friendly GUI with color TFT LCD
      • Multi-language capability
      • Programmable function keys, Keypad enable/disable function
      • Backlight for keypad and LCD
    • Other
      • Adjustable sound/beep
      • User detection with an IR sensor
      • RTC (Real Time Clock), Time/Date synchronization with a time-server
    • Logo replacement
      • Customized logo offered upon business agreement
  • 11. VP-II X/VP-II S Comparison | Improved Biometric Performance
    • No light interference from 0 to 20,000 LUX, unlike limited range of other biometric modalities
    • Widened hand viewing area – Extracts more vascular features
    • Less sensitivity in positioning hand  Minimize user training effort  Lower FRR
    • | Controller Built-in Scanner
    • Card module & Antenna (125Khz/13.56Mhz) built-in
      • HID MCM module for Proximity / OEM50 module for iCLASS
      • GemProx module for Mifare, DESfire, TWIC and PIV
    • Controller functions
      • Internal database memory up to 50,000 users DB and 500,000 events/logs
      • Direct network communications between VP-II X units and/or Server via TCP/IP
    • Simplified configuration & Easier installation
    Enhanced Sensor Two templates per user Improved Algorithm
  • 12. VP-II X/VP-II S Comparison (Cont.)
    • | Upgraded functions
    • External interface capability
      • Extended PIN digits (From 8 to 24)
      • Extended Wiegand in/out bits (From 48 to 128bit)
      • Clock & Data interface added
    • Strong time and attendance capability
      • 2.8” color TFT LCD for interactive user interface
      • Programmable 4 functions keys for time and attendance use
    • Tamper-proof
    • OEM Capability
      • Customer logo can be applied
      • Flexible firmware customization