Systems & robotic integration


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Turn a new or used press into a multi-function stamping cell and design and build integrated fabrication and assembly systems from concept to production.

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Systems & robotic integration

  1. 1. AtlasSystems & Robotic Integration
  2. 2. PITCH - Servo belt driven LIFT – Servo rack & pinion
  3. 3. OverviewAtlas can turn a new or used press into a multi-function stamping cell and design and buildintegrated fabrication and assembly systems from concept to production. Atlas puts over fortyyears of metal forming expertise to work on your manufacturing demands and turns them intomanufacturing solutions. Atlas has experience with almost every type of sheet metalautomation to include:•Blanking and blank handling (including stacking, reorientation, coating and washing)•Press-to-press and in-press part transfer automation•Panel processing (including notching, bending, piercing, welding and palletizing processes• Assembly and welding cells for fabricated parts•Finished part handling to include racking, and end of line•Die change and automatic storage and retrieval systems for dies and materials•Optimizing die design for automation processes•Objective based engineering studies to determine the optimum blend of manual operations,automation and controls•Turnkey responsibilities to include facilities upgrades or additions along with the manufacturingsystem•Long term production support
  4. 4. BenefitsOur business cards say that we are mechanical engineers, controls engineers, estimators and project managers. In reality, we’re automation experts, embracing your company’s vision while understanding the motivation behind it. We go one step beyond. Atlas transforms visions of high speed production into a reality. Whether your program is the front of the line through the end of the line or something in between, Atlas will work with you to improve your operations, profitability and return on investment while solving all of the “what if” questions before they are ever asked.Atlas will customize a solution that specifically achieves your goals to include:• Providing you with the best automation equipment on the market• Working with the robot vender of your preference• Performing estimated cycle times and reach studies• Backing the equipment with 24-7-365 service support• Engineering seamless communications between the processing equipment and the automation for maximum safety and performanceYou can trust Atlas with your integration needs. After all, we have been providing pressroom solutions to customers around the world for over 40 years.
  5. 5. Robotic Front of Line SystemsToday’s typical automation at the front of apress line consists of a large dedicated, gantrystyle destacker or press feeder which is highspeed and very efficient but can be also betaxing on a budget. Let Atlas show you the front of line systems ofthe future, where gage stations areeliminated and the destacker is replaced bymodular, reusable, affordable andexchangeable robots. It is our belief that your press should not belimited by your automation and the cost toautomate a line should be in line with yourbudget and your needs. With help from Atlas,your processes will become faster, moreefficient and more profitable. The tangible result of our efforts is your bottomline. 
  6. 6. End of Line SystemsSelecting the right automation is not about keeping pace with your competition, it’s aboutsetting the pace and letting the rest catch up. Many of our competitors boast about their “out of the box” solutions. Who was the out of thebox solution designed for? If it wasn’t designed specifically for your company and its process,then it most likely will not give you high performance or the flexibility to meet all of yourproduction demands. Atlas Engineers will evaluate the ability of your current processing equipment, the bestutilization of your floor space, the types and sizes of your parts as well as the style, size andcondition of your containers. We will discuss your goals and develop an end of line solutionwhich will increase your production today and can readily adapt to the production needs oftomorrow. Your complete satisfaction is our goal because we’ve noticed that happy, profitablecustomers always come back. 
  7. 7. Press to Press Robotic SolutionsRobots between tandem presses are not the fastest solution, but for certain applications theyprovide the flexibility that is needed. Some of these applications may include an extremelylarge or heavy blank, the need for exact placement in the press or the necassity to flip a blankover. Robots usually offer a lower cost, highly flexible solution with the benefit of a programmablepathway…...but are they the right solution for you? Atlas Engineers can answer these questions through time cycle, reach and application studiesand propose a complete turn-key solution. Peace of mind is one of the many benefits of using Atlas as your systems integrator. 
  8. 8. Off Line CellsBy moving a process away from the presslineinto its own standalone cell, you are able toconsolodate a single automation purchaseinto a multi-line support system. You don’thave to choose a single press line for acapital equipment expenditure. An off linewashing and re-oiling cell can servicemultiple press lines and roboticallydestacking and restacking the blanksreduces the need for additional manpowerto tend the cell. Lower cost. Higher efficiency. Consistantlyproductive automation. Less down time. It’s a simple idea that can save you millions.  
  9. 9. Material HandlingAtlas Technologies provides fully integrated solutions for automated material handling in themanufacturing sector, including automotive, HV/AC, appliance, aerospace, defense,construction and other industries.Effective and reliable systems are used by some of the worlds most successful and competitivemanufacturers who enjoy the benefits of reduced operational costs, increased capacity and amore productive work force. Atlas Technologies designs, builds and integrates robotic solutions for your material handlingoperations to include articulated arm robots and gantry robots. Each system is designed tomaximize our customers productivity at the beginning, middle or end of the line. Atlas is a singlesource provider, offering full system design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and theindustries leading service and support. Atlas robotic material handling work cells include machine and fixture loading and unloading,part turn over, part conveyance, gaging, orientation, containerization, inspection, and weighing. What ever your application calls for, Atlas can apply the right material handling solution to giveyou the flexibility and mobility to handle both complex and delicate work pieces efficiently andcost effectively. 
  10. 10. Die Handling Automation • Robotic Integration • Sheet Metal Handling • Tri-Axis Transfers System Integration • AS/RS • Washer & Oiler Systems • Automation Tooling Why Atlas? Our Promise….Atlas listens to you, the customer. We embrace your vision and understand your motivation. It’s our culture of total commitment that allows us to conceptualize solutions tailor made to fit your specific applications…creating world class material handling systems that will exceed your expectations. 3100 Copper Avenue Fenton, Michigan 48430 USA Phone: +1 810.629.6663 Fax: +1 810.629.8145