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Modular finger tooling components are simple to configure due to the ability to adjust one axis at a time without disrupting the position of the other axis. The strongest tooling available on the market, providing joint strength of up to 400 foot pounds.

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Finger tooling presentation

  1. 1. Atlas FLEX Finger Tooling
  2. 2. Product Overview:Atlas Technologies Universal Tooling Rail System and FLEX 100/125 Finger Tooling allows quickand easy changeover of tools between new die sets. Our modular components are simple toconfigure due to the ability to adjust one axis at a time without disrupting the position of theother axis. This saves time and resources by allowing more throughput per press line.Atlas FLEX Finger Tooling is the strongest available on the market today, providing joint strengthof up to 400 foot pounds. Our patented wedge style of swivel clamp holds its positionaccurately during high speeds and heavy volumes of production. In fact, testing has proventhat our tooling holds nearly 100% of its clamping strength even when it is readjusted andreused, unlike other tooling brands on the market.Our customers are going green while saving some green. Atlas FLEX tooling improves returnon investment and green manufacturing practices due to the ability to continue toreconfigure and reuse each modular piece for new in-coming die sets. Page 2
  3. 3. Next Generation Tooling Receiver•Atlas utilizes an anti-rotational design for the receiver and adaptor that also providesabundant clearance for fast changeover•The receiver locks the adaptor into place with a durable cam operated lever, this is coupledwith an automatic detent latch which provides double assurance that the adaptor is securelyheld in place•The next generation receiver provides automatic connections to electrical and pneumaticlines for part detection sensors and clamps (where required)•To insure proper tooling placement of the adapter into the correct receiver, Atlas incorporatesa mechanical coding interface•Atlas tooling is light weight which increases transfer performance and allows for higher speeds•Tooling fingers are quickly and easily changed over and storage is simplified•Hard coated aluminum reduces nicking and wear to the receiver•Mounting of the tooling is easy due to the compact design•Quick change tooling with universal receivers is more economical than dedicated, hardmounted rail systems due to the requirement to invest in only one set of receivers and universalrails for all die sets.•The next generation receiver is compatible with both 1 ¼” and 1” diameter tooling fingers Page 3
  4. 4. Transfer ToolingUniversal Tooling RailsAtlas’ 4” x 4” extruded aluminum tooling rails equipped with permanently mounted,plumbed and wired, next generation tooling receivers and adapters are equipped tohandle all sets in production today and any configuration required for tomorrow.This feature makes Atlas universal rails ideal for “take over” work and allows our customersmore press up time due to the ability to plug their pre-set fingers into the mechanicallyencoded adapters and immediately begin stamping parts. Page 4
  5. 5. Transfer ToolingDedicated Tooling RailsDedicated tooling rails are devoted to transferringa particular part. The entire rail is exchanged witheach die set or the tools may be unbolted fromthe rail. Rails are extruded aluminum and areavailable in 2” x 4” or 4” x 4”. Rails includeautomatic attach and detach for mechanical,electrical and pneumatic connections to the AtlasFLEX transfer or any other transfer brand. Atlasoffers parking stanchions for docking onto thebolster for ease of finger and or rail change duringdie change.The tooling rail provides for connection to partpresent sensors through internal electrical wiring. Ifpneumatic valves are required, they are mountedin close proximity to the appropriate actuator toincrease response time. Pneumatic valves arehard piped to the tooling rail, wiring is internal forprotection. Page 5
  6. 6. Standard Tooling BasesAtlas FLEX 125 standard tooling bases aremade of machined aluminum andmaintain their structural integrity due totheir one piece design. We apply ananodized finish to our tooling fordurability and appearanceMaximum clamping forces of matingcomponents is achieved through theclose tolerances of our machiningprocess.Standard bases may be utilized withAtlas standard tooling rails or customersupplied tooling rails. Mounting of thebase is accomplished with four mountingholes, providing secure attachment ofthe finger tooling assembly. Page 6
  7. 7. Transfer ToolingUniversal Tooling AdapterThe adaptor is easy to remove and install with plenty ofclearanceWearing of the adapter is minimized due to hard coatingThe Acme lock handle and screw are durrableThree axis “wedge action” reduces any undesiredmovementRotation of the tooling is eliminated due to the squaredesignDetent latch works as duplicate safety lockThe air and electronic sensors have automaticconnectionTooling is keyed to its matching receive via mechanicalcodingMounting is simplified due to its compact designTransfer performance is enhanced due to light weightcomponentsStorage and handling of the tooling fingers is simplifiedReusable, modular items are more cost effective thanmounted bar systemsCompatible with 1 1/4” diameter tooling fingers Page 7
  8. 8. Transfer ToolingTooling ArmsClose tolerances are maintained due toutilizing drawn aluminum tubing for maximumclamping force of all mating productsAvailable in 1" diameter - Series 100 and 11/4" diameter - Series 125Standard product lengths available rangefrom 4" to 24"The lower cost components have beendesigned to be the sacrificial portion of thefinger tooling assemblyThe finish is anodized for durability andappearance Page 8
  9. 9. Transfer ToolingIn-Line & 90 Degree Off-set ArmsThe in-line offset and the 90 degree off-set arms providefor a lower cost means for simple 90 degree transitions orin-line off-sets without the higher cost or additionalflexibility of our patented swivel clamp assemblies.Structural Integrity is maintain due to our solid one piecemachined aluminum designMaximum clamping forces are maintained on ourstandard bases, tooling arms and links due to closetolerance machiningIdeal for a simple 90 degree offset or an in-line offset ofstandard bases to tooling arms or tooling arm to toolingarm transitionsAdjustments are made Independently in two axisFasteners are metricThe finish is anodized for durability and appearance Page 9
  10. 10. Transfer ToolingMounting AssembliesClamping forces are maximized due to closetolerance machining on standard bases,tooling arms, tooling links and grippersMounting assembly will adapt most competitorsgrippers to Series 100 and Series 125 fingertooling productsAvailable with or without spherical steel ballAdjustability is independent in two axisFasteners are metricThe finish is anodized for durability andappearance Page 10
  11. 11. Transfer ToolingSwivel Clamp AssembliesClamping force is maintained due to closetolerance machining for maximum clamping forceon standard bases, tooling arms and tooling linksAdjustability is Infinite in all three axisSingle axis adjustability is Independent withoutaffecting the other two axis360 degree swivel clamp joint is capable of holdingand maintaining 400 foot pounds of torqueIndependent 360 degree rotation of the clampcollar provides for ease of tightening clampfastenersFasteners are metricThe finish is anodized for durability and appearance Page 11
  12. 12. Transfer ToolingGrippersAtlas offers all commercially available PHDgrippers at competitive prices for use with Series100 and Series 125 finger tooling assembliesPHD grippers are available with jaw actuatedpart present and/or double sheet detectionfeaturesSeries 125 tooling arms have been designed toaccept standard PHD gripper mountsAtlas offers all PHD gripper options Page 12
  13. 13. Transfer ToolingShovelsAtlas offers a wide variety of stamped steel standard boxshovels, spade shovels, shovel stops and shovel trapsMounting and adjustments are accomplished with ourbox and spade shovels via integrated slots to crossbars ortooling armsShovel stops and traps fit to the contour of the partIntegrated shovel mounting slots are designed to fit overthe key on the wedge clamp assembly to preventrotation of the shovels mounted to tooling armsAll shovels have been designed to allow the use of edgesensing assemblies for part present detectionBlack oxide coating is used as rust prevention on theshovelsThe scissor shovel may be utilized as a one-pieceshovel/trapcombination or rotated 90 degrees and used as a sideguide/trap Page 13
  14. 14. Transfer ToolingEdge Sensing AssembliesDesigned to straddle standard shovels, shovel stops andshovel traps for part present detectionPart present faults to the transfer system are minimizedbecause minor part movement will not disrupt partpresent detection within the shovel and shovel trapEdge sensing assemblies work with all commerciallyavailable 12 mm cylindrical proximity sensorsThe assembly may be purchased with or without thesensorProven edge sensing flipper gravity returnThe sensor is protected from damage by the edgesensing assembly from partsThe adapter bushing allows for use with both the Series125 and Series 100 components Page 14
  15. 15. Transfer ToolingAdapter BushingsThe Series 100 tooling arms have the ability to utilize allSeries 125 components with the use of the adaptorbushing to include:KnucklesQuick Disconnect AdaptorsTooling LinksGripper AssembliesEdge Sensing Assemblies Page 15
  16. 16. Transfer ToolingTooling LinksStructural integrity is maintained due to solid, one-piecemachined aluminumMaximum clamping force on all mating componentsdue to close tolerance machiningPerfect component for 90 degree in- line transitionsFasteners are metricFinish is anodized for durability and appearance Page 16
  17. 17. Transfer ToolingInternal Wedge AssembliesMaximum clamping force on inner diameter of alltooling arms due to close tolerance machiningStandard, stamped steel shoves and crossbars aremounted to all tooling arms via the internal wedgeassemblyRadial orientation is held as the machined key engageswith the slots on the shoves and crossbarsAvailable in the Series 100, 1" diameter tooling and theSeries 125, 1 1/4" tooling Page 17
  18. 18. Transfer ToolingCrossbarsStructural integrity maintain through the solid one-piecemachined aluminumSlots accommodate mounting multiple shovels on asingle finger toolRadial orientation is maintained with mounting themachined key on the wedge clamp assembly to the slotof the crossbarDouble shove arrangements are accommodatedthrough the availability of numerous standard lengths fora variety of part widths Page 18
  19. 19. Transfer ToolingShovel Stops & TrapsWide variety of stamped steel standard shovel stopsand trapsPart contours are accommodated by the design ofthe shovel stops and traps due to the integrated slotsthat pair with the box and spade shovels that allow formounting adjustmentsAdjustment is simplified due to integrated nuts on theshovel stops and trapsRust prevention on the shovel stops and traps thoughblack oxide coatingThe scissor shovel may be utilized as a one-pieceshovel/trapcombination or rotated 90 degrees and used as a sideguide/trap Page 19
  20. 20. Transfer ToolingRobotic Tooling AdaptorAtlas robotic tooling adapters provide a fundamental,lightweight means to interface between the robot andAtlas boom tooling. Changeover is fast and easy dueto the quick disconnect handles. Page 20
  21. 21. Die Handling Automation • Robotic Integration • Sheet Metal Handling • Tri-Axis Transfers System Integration • AS/RS • Washer & Oiler Systems • Automation Tooling Why Atlas? Our Promise….Atlas listens to you, the customer. We embrace your vision and understand your motivation. It’s our culture of total commitment that allows us to conceptualize solutions tailor made to fit your specific applications…creating world class material handling systems that will exceed your expectations. 3100 Copper Avenue Fenton, Michigan 48430 USA Phone: +1 810.629.6663 Fax: +1 810.629.8145