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Be Found Online Overview & Credentials
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Be Found Online Overview & Credentials


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Custom, effective and on-going Search campaigns focused on the client\'s ROI

Custom, effective and on-going Search campaigns focused on the client\'s ROI

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  • 1. Be Found OnlineCompany Overview & Credentials
    March 24, 2010
  • 2. Presentation Outline
    What We Do
    Art & Science
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO Case Studies
    Paid Search
    Paid Search Case Studies
    Client List
    Table XI
  • 3. What We Do
    Be Found Online is a full service search marketing company. We care about our clients’ success, and it shows. Our wealth of experience, hard work and dedication pay off every day with clients’ increased site traffic, improved ROI, and overall customer satisfaction.
    Our art and science approach differentiates us in the industry. We stand out because we take the time to forecast trends, use technology to our client’s advantage and apply our creative talents to all aspects of digital marketing.
    We’ve been in the search industry for years, and we are still excited to go to work each day. We’re notoriously fun to work with and our commitment to search marketing shows in our enthusiasm.
  • 4. How You Benefit
    What does our art and science approach mean for our clients? When we manage Digital Marketing, you will experience
    • Dynamic campaigns that compel users to act
    • 5. A boost in search rankings for targeted terms
    • 6. An increase in qualified website traffic
    • 7. More return customers
    • 8. Improved ROI
    • 9. An ongoing, active social presence
    • 10. Online brand reputation protection
    • 11. Transparent monthly metrics
    • 12. Expert strategy recommendations
  • The Art
    Be Found Online is a young company, but our employees have years of Digital Marketing experience. Every member of our staff is a seasoned search marketing professional.
    Our team consists of:
    • Strategic leadership with business & internet marketing know-how
    • 13. Experienced SEM, SEO, and Social experts. No “newbies” here.
    • 14. Project managers who focus on results and
    communicate effectively
    • Trained writers whose content attracts visitors
    who are ready to take action
  • 15. The Art
    Steve Krull – CEO and Chief Search Scientist
    Steve is the Chief SEO Strategist. He oversees SEO and Web Strategy in addition to a variety of operations and administrative functions. His passion for solving problems and successful campaigns drives new and creative solutions across an array of engagements.
    Dan Golden – President and Chief Search Artist
    Dan is the Chief SEM Strategist. He leads paid and local search initiatives in addition to overseeing sales and strategic product development. His vast search experience and his ability to articulate creative solutions to difficult problems makes Dan both a visionary and a leader.
  • 16. The Science
    We use best-in-class technology including:
    We are always testing new technology to find the best solutions to improve efficiencies, advance your campaign’s success, and help reach your goals.
  • 21. Search Engine Optimization
  • 22. SEO Secret Sauce
    Research Breeds Success
    Business objectives
    Competitive analysis
    Keyword research
    Site analysis
    External link landscape
    Multiple data sources
    How we do what we do
  • 23. A Balanced Approach to SEO
    The right mix counts
  • 24. SEO – Strategy Development
    From analysis to application objectives are matched to tactics, targets identified and goals achieved.
  • 25. SEO Toolbox
    Best in class tools
    Thorough analysis
    Multiple perspectives
    Data drilldown
    Competitive insights
    Keyword detail
  • 26. SEO Reporting
    Monthly Reporting
    Natural search traffic
    Keyword ranking
    Link acquisition
  • 27. SEO Case Studies
  • 28. SEO Case StudyLong-Term SEO
    Be Found Online manages Nissan’s long-term SEO strategies, integrating local dealerships across the country. Our challenge here was that Nissan’s local website didn’t have a front door for quick and easy SEO. We had to use a variety of SEO techniques to bring targeted traffic to the site, providing cross-linking strategies to integrate new landing pages into the main site, and ensuring SEO compliance of new HTML templates.
    Our efforts resulted in a phenomenal improvement of search results positioning including 360 terms ranking in Google’s
    top 10.
  • 29. SEO Case StudyLong-Term SEO
    In the fall of 2007 we restructured The Spice House’s website architecture to make it more search engine friendly, defining appropriate category and product level navigation. We used cutting edge technology to research competition, select keywords, and implement a site transition strategy. Since 2007, the Spice House has seen a 76% growth in organic traffic and a 40% revenue growth from organic search.
    Return on Ad Spend 2009
  • 30. SEO Case StudyShort-Term SEO
    To promote an extravagant year-end sales event, we designed a press release campaign for Nissan. Our aggressive online PR generated quick buzz with lasting impact on a short event timeline.
    Our press releases incorporated keyword-rich, localized phrases and were distributed through online channels targeted at the top 20 markets and 3 Midwestern metro areas.
    Nissan saw incremental gains in online traffic of 15-20% during the campaign window, and acquired nearly 6000 lasting backlinks.
  • 31. Paid Search
  • 32. Our Approach
    Relevancy Based Optimization
    Test multiple ads
    Implement day parting
    Customize bid rules
    Create targeted landing pages
    Flexible campaign budgets
    Optimization Beyond Keywords
  • 33. Best in Class Technology
    Core Product Benefits
    Completely customizable
    Optimize against any KPI
    Flexible rules & budgets
    Import existing tags & data
    Manage across all search engines
    Consolidate campaigns
    100% cost transparency
    KPI Tracking Dashboard
    Customizable Bidding Rules
    Say NO to Set it & Forget it Black Box SEM
  • 34. SEM Reporting
    Deep Insights into Search Trends and Brand Engagement
    Monthly Summary Reports
    Campaign summary
    Top keywords, campaigns & Ad groups
    100% cost transparency
    Top performing ad copy
    Post click reporting
    Automated Custom Reports
    Need more details? Ask!
  • 35. Keyword Strategy & Process
    Utilize Multiple Keyword Research Tools
    Top category terms
    Competitor’s keywords
    Top volume keywords
    Common iterations
    Combine Onsite Analytics
    Site search data
    Use organic keyword data
  • 36. Paid Search Case Studies
  • 37. Paid Search Case StudyMulti-Local SEM Campaign
    In January 2010, BFO took over management of this multi-local Paid Search Campaign. In the first 2 months, we saw considerable improvement in the number of visitors while the cost of conversions and the costs per click decreased. *
    20% Decrease in Cost/Conversion
    16% Decrease in Cost/Click
    23% Decrease in Cost/Conversion
    *vs previous 5 months average
    National Dental Provider - Retail Chain
    Increased Volume.
    Decreased Cost.
  • 38. Paid Search Case StudyShort-Term National SEM
    In September 2008, we created and managed a Paid Search campaign for the 2009 tax season. The campaign targeted users in the top 200 markets nationwide resulting in tremendous click through rates and low costs per click on brand keywords.
    We drove a stunning 233% increase in SEM traffic using the same budget as the prior year.
  • 39. Client List and References
  • 40. Our Experience
    Our focus has always been on Digital Marketing
    Our staff has years of SEM, SEO and Social Marketing experience helping a variety of clients meet unique online goals.
    We have a proven track record of Digital Marketing success with B2B, B2C, enterprise and franchise clients
    Our team has the strategic media experience to understand the value of a carefully crafted message plus the online marketing experience to drive that message across traditional search and emerging social platforms
  • 41. Select B2C Clients
  • 42. Select B2B Clients
  • 43. Select Retail Clients
  • 44. Contact Information
    Be Found Online, LLC.
    1022 W George
    Chicago, IL 60657
    (877) 55-FOUND
    Steve Krull
    Joe Orlandino