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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Marketing with Instagram & Pinterest
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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Marketing with Instagram & Pinterest


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Are you using Pinterest and Instagram to market your business? If not, you should be! Adrienne Cregar Jandler shares her popular presentation from the 2013 ConvergeSouth conference.

Are you using Pinterest and Instagram to market your business? If not, you should be! Adrienne Cregar Jandler shares her popular presentation from the 2013 ConvergeSouth conference.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic at the moment. Thanks to this, I'm reaping the benefits. Pinterest is the future of traffic for marketers and I think we should all learn to get traffic from Pinterest.
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  • 1. • • • • Quick Intro (What is Pinterest? Who Uses it and How Much?) Getting Started Content Creation Ideas & Tools Secret Boards, Community Boards & Contests • • • • In The Moment with Instagram (Quick Intro and Stats) Ideas for Creative Business Posts Instagram Video Fun Examples
  • 2. Pinterest is a network built around sharing engaging visual content. Users share content from the web, by “pinning” them on to a series of virtual PinBoards. “Pinners” can create, share, collect and repost information in image or video format. Since launching 3 years ago, Pinterest has surpassed 70 million members and is the largest driver of referral traffic on the web. Offers opportunities for both B2C and B2B companies Wondering Why You Should Care? A relaxed activity of leisurely entertainment, exploration Image Credit: Pinterest -
  • 3. Pinterest’s Impact Pinterest is more effective at driving new traffic compared to other social media sites – even Facebook! (source: Hubspot) Image Credit: Hubspot, via
  • 4. Pinterest’s Impact Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective than Twitter (source: RJMetrics) Image Credit: RJMetrics, via
  • 5. Pinterest is great for reaching 2 important audiences: 81% of U.S. women online trust Pinterest as a source for information and advice How do the other networks compare? Facebook – 67% Twitter – 73% (Source: SocialMouths) Mobile visitors account for 55% of Pinterest's audience Mobile-only visitors represent 35% of Pinterest's audience (Source: Business Insider) But does it drive sales?
  • 6. Pinterest’s Impact Pinterest users spend more than 2x as much as Facebook users. The average order value when a user follows through on a purchase from a product seen on Pinterest is $179.36 (Source: Fast Company) Image Credit: Fast Company, via
  • 7. Pinterest’s Impact 47% of U.S. online shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest (source: BlogHer) So how can your company use Pinterest?
  • 8. Getting Started… (1) Make sure your account is a ‘business’ Pinterest account. You can convert an existing (individual) account or create a new one. To do so, go to : (2) Make sure your website, blog and their images are ‘pinnable’. • Make sure your IMG title/alt tag includes your keywords, since that is what is pulled as the pin description when someone pins from the web • For blog posts, always include an image, and be sure to include the title of the post or a teaser overlaid on the image (3) Pinterest is a VISUAL medium; make sure your images are beautiful, captivating, colorful! (4) Encourage pinning on your website Add 'Pin It' button to every image. For ‘Pin It’ buttons, Rich pin information and other tools (plus complete documentation) visit:
  • 9. Create Boards Thoughtfully …and name them appropriately! • Target Market(s) • Your Products/Services • The Industry and Industry Trends • Your Company, Culture & People BOARD OPTIMIZATION TIP: Whatever you title your board will be used as part of your Pinterest URL; use keywords in your title and description
  • 10. Board Ideas for your Business’ Pinterest Account Don’t just self-promote. Showcase the Lifestyle behind your brand and share the Sizzle of your industry! • • • • • • • • Examples of your product or service in use Showcase your clients Spotlight your work/portfolio Tutorials and how-to videos Boards for each key team member or role Seasonal or holiday boards that relate to your brand. Example: New Year’s Resolutions Relevant Industry infographics, trends statistics, ebooks, reference guides, etc. A Board for your blog posts
  • 11. 4 Ideas for Creating INTERESTING Pinnable Content Create infographics Share info about the industry, trends, statistics, etc. Things you can illustrate visually. What are 3 things you could create an infographic around? Checklists Educate your audience! • 50 classics for your closet, • packing checklist, • ways to stage your home, etc. What FAQs do you regularly get about what you do? Image Credit: CopyBlogger - Tutorials These get some of the highest number of click-throughs. Teach people. Be sure to keep this VISUAL, even if you only use 3 photos to show steps. What could you demonstrate with a tutorial? Videos Go to YouTube and if you have the 'Pin It' Bookmarklet you can pin directly from the page. Video content provides one of the highest forms of engagement on Pinterest. *Especially great for coaches and personal brands. Just in case you need a little help…
  • 12. Content Creation & Mgt Tools - create infographics Has pre-made templates and you can plug in data points, images or video. - allows you to pimp your photos, put images in and put text across that, has banners you can put on, etc. Is free but also offers a monthly subscription if you want extras. Screenflow - record videos for Mac. (Camtasia for PC ). Allows you to record your screen and/or you. If you don't like being in front of the camera, this will capture what you're doing. [A Few Management Tools] - A Pinterest Management Tool that allows you to schedule and bulk load your pins. – Allows you to add additional types of content to Pinterest suggests pins and people to follow and analyzes your influence on Pinterest. Your Boards Are All About You… But there’s More Involved…
  • 13. Actively Participate – Be Present! • Follow • Like • Pin • Repin • Comment … REPEAT!
  • 14. Housekeeping: Caption Essentials When Pinning for your company - be sure to include a CAPTION. (1) Include a Call to Action Increases engagement by 80%. 'Click here to see the full post:'. (2) Feature Keywords in your captions. People use the search box in pinterest and use of keywords makes sure they find your pins and boards. Use keywords in your board titles, the 'about' section and captions. (3) Include Your URL! Just type the URL in the image description area for your pin and they'll automatically be hyperlinked. (4) Include Prices Where Relevant Type the dollar sign and then the numeric value for your caption. It will automatically be indexed on the 'gifts' category on Pinterest. The only way to get your products or pins into that area is by putting the dollar sign and amount into it.
  • 15. SSH…! Don’t Forget Secret Boards You are limited to 3 Secret Boards. However, you can be invited to more than three secret boards and still keep your own three; the three board limit does not include boards you are invited to. Your secret boards will appear at the bottom of your profile. Secret boards can be made public, but not the other way around Secret pins are not visible anywhere but on your secret board. They are not searchable nor are they visible on your own or your followers’ home feeds. Ideas for Secret Board Uses: • Internal research & online resource evaluation • Previewing clients on options or designs • Competitor Intel for Staff review • Bridal, Baby Shower or Gift Registries • Santa Wish Lists
  • 16. Community Boards…. Community boards provide exponentially more exposure You invite people to be contributors, so you have a degree of control WHO DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO INVITE? You may want to include an invitation on your board description: "If you would like to be invited to contribute to this board, email us at” You also want to JOIN OTHER PEOPLE’s BOARDS and PIN TO THEM! (this is additional exposure for you!)
  • 17. About Contests Pinterest Contest rules were updated this spring: The new contest rules have dramatically changed what is allowable. If you do run a contest, remember to: • Cross-promote Pinterest contests on other social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.), email marketing, your website, and traditional media. • On your own Pin for the contest information, in the description field, be sure to include “contest,” “giveaway” or “enter to win.” • If you also include a dollar amount for your prize, Pinterest will add a banner in the upper left-hand corner of your pin with the prize amount. Image Credit:
  • 18. Inro… A free mobile photo-sharing app owned by Facebook 150M active accounts 16B photos shared 1.2 B likes daily Instagram requires no typing. You just snap a photo or 15 second video and post in seconds. As of July, you can embed images from others’ accounts Of those who have a profile, 61% have used it in the past 24 hours, an adoption level only surpassed by Facebook (at 84%).* *Statistic courtesy of The Social Habit Launched October 6, 2010 Your captions and hashtags capture the “what?” and your Photo Map answers the “where?”
  • 19. Creatively Spotlight Your Products and Those Who Use Them • Spotlight customers ‘caught in the act’ using your product • Post Zoomed in/Odd Angle shots of one of your products and challenge followers to identify which product it is! • Shoot products that go WITH (or complement) specific products of yours and challenge followers to recommend which of your products goes best with them • Fun client meeting shots • Invite customers to share (and tag) their favorite uses of your product, or shots of your product being used, in interesting locations, etc.
  • 20. Get ‘em Involved: Provide An Insider’s Peek • Doing a photo shoot? Filming a commercial? Constructing models? Snap some pics so your followers get a ‘backstage pass’ to the action! (Furniture Market, Manufacturing lines, etc.) • What’s the least known aspect of what you do? • Give exclusive previews of new products soon to be unveiled, or virtual tours of new offices, stores or production facilities that will be opening soon
  • 21. Get ‘em Involved: Provide An Insider’s Peek • Show off some of the equipment and supplies that play a role in the services you provide • Fitness trainer? Favorite workout equipment • Photographer? Show your most prized camera lens • Mechanic? Share a pic of sophisticated diagnostic equipment • Show how your product is made… are there interesting processes? Visually rich steps? Show progress photos in a multi-part series or a collage of select stages. • Have something big coming up? A media interview? A kickoff party? A new office opening? Share shots of the preparation. • Makeup being done before an interview • Promo items or party festivities being arranged • Peeks at new office décor, moving in, etc.
  • 22. Showcase what your products/services can do Create before and after pics that allow a quick visual comparison Show pics of alternate uses for your product/service Invite your customers to post (and tag) pics of creative uses for your product and post these to your account with credit to the customer Does your product or service create an actual impact that can be demonstrated photographically? ***If you are posting something proprietary, you might consider watermarking the pic before posting (You can do this in Over and other apps)***
  • 23. Introduce Your Team – Share Your Culture • Feature fun shots of staff and staff that are behind the scenes • Share pics of internal events – staff birthdays, new babies, celebrations, etc. • Does your company participate in charity events or support nonprofits? Do you have a staff volunteer day? Share the pics! • Does your company allow pets in the workplace? Share their pics, too!
  • 24. Quick Video QUICK VIDEO w/Instagram Record (or Select) Trim & Crop Filter Select Cover Edit Straighten Image Credit: Publish!
  • 25. Events & Trade Shows Mercedes-Benz Photowall at International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt Mercedes-Benz constructed a showspace composed entirely of Instagram images: 7 million pixels across nearly 13,000 square feet. Photoblogger shoot out – Mercedes Benz hosted four photobloggers for one of their events, and each blogger uploaded 1 pic per hour using a designated hashtag. The Instagram community could vote (with likes) on the images over the next 24 hours. Image credit:
  • 26. Creative Promotions & Tie-Ins PayPal invited guest Instagrammers to share what freedom means to them through a single photo and caption for their 5-day ‘FREEDOM’ photo series. (July 4th) Image credit:
  • 27. Creative Promotions & Tie-Ins Heineken’s Crack the US Open contest stitched together more than 200 photos to create a mosaic panorama of tennis fans seated in the stands. Then they posted a clue and codeword to their account, prompting people to search for a particular fan to win tickets. (US Open) Image credit:
  • 28. Questions?
  • 29. Stay in Touch… Adrienne Cregar Jandler