2012 Usability Conference

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User Experience Specialist Andrew Wirtanen with Raleigh, NC based Atlantic Business Technologies, presents at UPA Conference June 2012.

User Experience Specialist Andrew Wirtanen with Raleigh, NC based Atlantic Business Technologies, presents at UPA Conference June 2012.

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  • 1. UPA 2012 OverviewAndrew WirtanenUser Experience Specialist, Atlantic BTHenderson, NevadaJune 6-8
  • 2. Strip = A M Resort = B
  • 3. Goodbye, "UPA"Do you have "usability" in your job title?
  • 4. Dan Saffer
  • 5. The Reverend• UX Evangelism• @xvangelist• aka Ronnie Battista but shh...
  • 6. Keynote [Ron Riggio]• "The best leaders are also the best followers"• Transformative leadership o Challenge o Connect & communicate o Be a role model o Inspire• Not all effective leaders are great leaders
  • 7. 5 Second Test [Jeff Sauro]• 5 second tests do not predict site usability• But, they may be useful for other things (e.g. first impressions)
  • 8. Desire Paths of Design [Rosenberg]• Strategies when working with desire paths: o Make unofficial path official o Pave by desire (dont pave!) o Prevention (e.g. fence) o Improve the designed path (e.g. lights)
  • 9. Quick Check Testing [Walser,Rubin]• Move beyond the usability lab o Print out screenshots o Use Google Forms, Flickr, Feedback Army, etc.• Explain purpose to participants and ask good questions• More: Howto.gov/firstfridays
  • 10. On Being Agile [Panel]• "There is no right process"• Iteration 0/Discovery/Sprint 0/Spike is necessary• "Design studio exercise" = everyone sketch!• Teach developers about personas and the basics of design (e.g. CRAP)
  • 11. Web Analytics [Mike Beasley]• What can you • Ask your client: measure? o Why does your site o Funnels exist? o Short Action o Where does the website fit into the o Engagement overall experience? o What things do users• Conversion rate want to do? only shows o Do users want to do them? attempt... not long- term dedication
  • 12. Promoting UX [Cory Lebson]• You have to get • Problems get fixed buy in; you cant if stakeholders are just say "I do UX" involved in the process• How to spread UX o Involve your client in usability testing, o Start small expert reviews, etc. o Lunch & learns o Dont try to say everything
  • 13. We Do Focus Groups Too [Panel]• Use focus groups early on to help generate ideas with representative users• One focus group (4-8 ppl) per persona• You cant reach consensus• Use them correctly!
  • 14. A Common Problem• Usability testing != focus groups• Xtranormal video from Steve Krug...
  • 15. Toward a UX Certification [Molich]• UX professionals could not agree on the answers for some of the proposed questions• Could be very useful when hiring new employees• Whether the field needs a certification is another debate...
  • 16. Lets Take a Test!Which two of the following heuristics are related primarily to accessibility:1. Follow platform conventions2. Make all functionality available from a keyboard3. Keep users informed about what is going on through appropriate feedback4. Provide text alternatives for any non-text content5. Provide useful and usable help and documentation6. Speak the users language
  • 17. My Talks: UX on the Cheap• User Research on • UX Design on the the Cheap Cheap o Client worksheet o Co-Design o Client kickoff Workshop o Analytics o Wireframing & o Unmoderated tools Prototyping Tools o Dealing with Agile o Build Personas o Dealing with Responsive
  • 18. Two conferences in 2013: DC & Shanghai
  • 19. The Local Chapter • ABT = Nano Sponsor • ABT Members o Andrew W. o Colin B. o Daryl H. o Eileen A. o Mark R. o Nancy J.
  • 20. Thanks!Some good sites:• uxmag.com• uxmatters.com• uie.com/brainsparks• alistapart.comA couple good books:• Dont Make Me Think by Steve Krug• The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman