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JECRC Robotics Club

  2. 2. about us: • Started in the year 2004. • One of the first colleges in Rajasthan to have such a facility. • Developed a number of educational robots. • Won a number of prizes in various IIT’s and the ABU ROBOTICS CONTEST. • Intend to go forward with work in different areas of Robotics and Automation. • Among the elite group of Teams in ROBOCON which associates us with various premier institutes in India . 2
  3. 3. objectives: • To provide a platform for students to showcase their creativity and innovation. • To club together the knowledge from various branches of Engineering into the field of robotics. • To develop cost effective robotic platforms for educational purposes. • To popularize the field of robotics in the young engineering community. 3
  4. 4. Ongoing Projects: Students enrolled with the Jecrc Robotics Club are involved in various projects throughout the year. these projects range from making small scale hobby robots to complicated and much larger Robotic Platforms. Projects currently being undertaken by various members of the Robotics Club are as Follows: 1. Trinity; funded by D.S.T., Rajasthan. 2. Accident Detection system; partially funded by Department of Science & Technology,Rajasthan. 3. Two Axis Flatbed Plotter. 4. Intelligent Notice Board. 4
  5. 5. Trinity The objective of this project is to design a control system to interact with a robotic platform wirelessly using voice remote and visual communication technique. Voice and remote based control has completed and visual communication is to be implemented. 5
  6. 6. two axis flatbed plotter The objective of this project is to create a flatbed plotter that is able to plot continuous vector graphics. The project is in the first prototype stage and is being tested for design of mechanical structure and control of stepper motors Initial control system built using Philips P89v51rd2 and L293D. 6
  7. 7. Intelligent Notice Board The objective of this project is to design and implement an interactive notice board for use in college campus. The project is in the initial circuit design stage and is to be implemented using larger LCD screen. Initial control system built using Atmega-16, Max-232 and a 16*2 LCD. 7
  8. 8. Past Projects: • S.A.W.C.S. ; Semiautonomous wireless control system using transceiver CC2500 Modules. • Solar Roller; unidirectional solar roller based on miller engine. • Advanced Line Follower Using Industrial Photoelectric Sensors. • Obstacle Avoidance Robot Using Industrial Photoelectric Sensors. • Atmega 16/Atmega32 Development board. • Motor Motion Control Circuitry Using Mosfets. • Atmega8 Development Board. • Advance Combat Robot. • Interaction Between Autonomous And Manual Robots For Robocon 2009. 8
  9. 9. • RoboLib; library management system using a manually Controlled Robot. • Autonomous Metal Detector. • Stair Climber Robot. • Autonomous & Manual Robots For ABU Robocon 2005,06,07,08 & 09. 9
  10. 10. Workshops & Lecture Organized : • Invited Prof. Ron Lumia,Mechanical Engineering Dept.,University of New Mexico for an Interactive session on MEMS Technology and its application in biological instruments. • Senior Members of Robotics club conduct lectures and open houses for students. • Workshops on Autonomous robot Building are conducted Periodically. • Robotic competitions are organized by the JECRC Robotics Club during the inter college Techno-cultural festival, “Rennaissance” 10
  11. 11. Titles Earned: • 2010 : • 1st position in Robowars at LNMIIT,jaipur. • 2nd position in Autonomous FlagPicker at LNMIIT, Jaipur. • 2nd Position in Robot Olympic at MNIT,Jaipur. • 1st position in Robo soccer at MNIT,jaipur • 2009 : • Participated in ROBOCON, Pune 2009 • 1st and 2nd in Robo Sumo in GIT,Jaipur • 2nd in Path follower in GIT,Jaipur • 1st in Robowars in Electronica, MNIT,Jaipur • 1st and 2nd in Robowars in KITE(Kautilya),Jaipur • 1st in Robo Soccer in KITE(Kautilya),Jaipur • 1st and 2nd in Robo Sumo in SKIT, Jaipur • 2nd in Hurdle Racing in SKIT, Jaipur • 2nd in Show Your Robo (Auto. Robot) in Arya(AIET), Jaipur • 3rd in Robo Combat in Arya(AIET), Jaipur. • 2nd in Robo wars in Engg. College Bikaner, Bikaner. • 2nd to 6th position in Neuron, held at MNIT, Jaipur. • 2nd in Nautical miles, held at MNIT, Jaipur. 11
  12. 12. • 2008 • 1st prize among 114 in ROBOWARS at TRYST’08, IIT-D • 1st and 3rd prize at BITS, PILANI APOGEE’08 • 1st and 2nd in Robo Sumo and 3rd in Robo Race at PRAVAAH’08 at SKIT • Entered 2nd Round of ROBOCON, Pune 2008 • 1st and 2nd prize at Engg. College Bikaner in Sakshama’08 • 6th among 100 teams in Nexus-08, Techfest in MNIT, Jaipur • 2nd in Air-Ferry at NSIT,Delhi • 2nd in Nirman at NSIT,Delhi • 2007 • ROBOCON : 7th Position Out of 25 Teams. • JUNKYARD WARS – 3rd Prize at MNIT National Technical Conest 12
  13. 13. • 2006 : • ROBOCON - • 3rd rank among 23 participating teams • Best Autonomous Machine Award • Best Audience Support Award • IIT ROORKE • Grand Technical Championship Awards • All the top three titles in ROBOSAPIENS • National Technical Contest IIT GUWAHATI • 1st prize among 123 teams in ROBOSOCCER • 3rd prize among 20 teams in PATHFINDER • 1st and 2nd prize in JUNKYARD WARZ at MNIT,Jaipur. • 2005 : • ROBOCON – 6th rank among 16 participating teams • 2004 : • ROBOCON – 9th rank among 13 participating teams 13
  14. 14. Recruitment process: Each year in the month of January a recruitment process is carried out to induct new members to the robotics club. The Recruitment process comprises of the following stages:- 1. Issue of notice for availability of application forms 2. Collection and assessment of applications by the faculty head and student coordinators . 3. Issue of notice to call the shortlisted students for a personal interview. 4.The applicants are interviewed by a number of faculty members from different branches. 5.The shortlisted students after P.I. go through a rigorous assessment phase and the deserving students are absorbed in the core-group. 14
  15. 15. Alumni Name Currently Working at Mr. Mohit Jain Honeywell Mr. Subhash Tri India. Mr. Sankalp jain Infosys Mr. Ritukar Vijay Hitech Robotic Systemz Mr. Saurav Vaya Vaya Technologies Mr. Atul Dhawan Satyam Mr. Danish Bhatia Satyam Ms. Priyanka agarwal Mphasis Ms. Deepika Chavrani Pursuing M.S. Mr. Naveen Chaudhary Precision Steel Design 15
  16. 16. Image Gallery 16
  17. 17. Autonomous Machine for Robocon 2008 17
  18. 18. Manual Machine for robocon 2008 Autonomous Machine for robocon 2008 18
  19. 19. Autonomous machine I For Robocon 2009 Autonomous machine III For Robocon 2009 19
  20. 20. RoboLib Solar Roller 20
  21. 21. Obstacle avoidance robot using Bump sensors 21
  22. 22. Pathfinder Mobile Robotic Arm 22
  23. 23. RoboSoccer 23
  24. 24. 2006 2008 Pick & Place Robots 24
  25. 25. Faculty Advisor contact info: Professor Abhijeet Sarkar Head of Department, Electronics & Communication Jaipur Engineering College & Research centre sri ram ki nangal,via vatika tonk road,Jaipur-303905 25
  26. 26. thank you. 26