Form of harassment (social Studies)

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-form of harassment …

-form of harassment
-definiton of harassment
-what is the most form of harassment occurs?

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  • 1. FORM OFHARASSMENTNur Atikah Binti Mohd Nor
  • 2. What is Harrasment? unwelcome,Humaliting unwanted, or unsolicited Intimidating (Discouraging Make them feel through fear) embarrassed, uncomfortable,and cause distress Force someone through personal attack
  • 3. There are several forms ofharrasment NATIONAL RAC ORIGIN SE E X DISABILI RELIGIO TY N
  • 4. Race/Colour Harrasment Ethnic slurs or jokes, offensive or derogatory comments, or other verbal or physical conduct based on an employee’s race/color constitutes harassment if that conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment and prohibits an employee from performing their job.
  • 5. Religious Harrasment is unwanted behaviour based on religious beliefs or practices. This may take many forms including ridiculing items worn for religious reasons, denigrating cultural customs and dismissive treatment of requests for holidays for religious or cultural festivals, or derisory comments against an individual’s beliefs. Example >dress
  • 6. Disability Harrasment is unwanted behaviour based on disability, impairment or additional need behaviour may include comments that are patronising or objectionable to the recipient or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for people with disabilities
  • 7. National Origin Discriminating because of birthplace, ancestry, culture or linguistic characteristics common to a specific ethnic group
  • 8. Sexual Harrasment Any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature, whether the behavior is written, verbal, or physical.
  • 9. Sexual harassment is themost common form ofharassment
  • 10. Types Of Sexual Harrasment Quid Pro Quo (“This is For That”) “you-do-this-for-me-and-I’ll-do- that-for-you” when it is of a sexual nature When employment decisions or expectations are based on an employee’s willingness to grant or deny sexual favors or willingness to submit to unwelcome behavior
  • 11. Hostile Environment verbal or non-verbal behavior in the workplace focuses on the sexuality of another person or occurs because of a person’s gender or other protected characteristic. Where verbal or non-verbal behavior in the workplace is unwanted or unwelcome.
  • 12. VERBAL SEXUAL HARASSMENT Barking, growling, or whistling at passerby Telling jokes withwhich indicates your perception sexual connotations of their physical appearance Use of internet, email to send messages with sexual connotations
  • 13. NONVERBAL SEXUAL HARASSMENTLeaving sexually orientedcartoons, pictures, letters, magazines in the office environment Leering, ogling someone’s body Gestures made with intentional sexual overtones, such as: blowing kisses, licking lips, winking, and body movement
  • 14. PHYSICAL SEXUALHARASSMENT LeeringTouching Assault Blocking Grabbing Kissing Gesturing
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