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Modap2011 openning remarks_erkay_savas Modap2011 openning remarks_erkay_savas Presentation Transcript

  • 10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Motivation for the Conference
    • MODAP Project
    • Conference Program
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • One of the fundamental (constitutional) rights of individuals
    • Right to be let alone
      • “ The Right to Privacy” (Warren and Brandeis, 1890)
    • Privacy pertaining to collected data:
      • Give the initiative to the data owners as to what to do with the ir data
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Technological Developments
      • Their pervasive and intrusive nature
      • Increasing capability of data collection, storage, analysis
      • Network ed ,
      • WWW, WEB 2.0 (Social networks)
      • Smart Phones
        • GPS devices
      • RFID tags,
      • Sensor Networks, Security cameras, cloud computing; queries and responses
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • This means; information about you can be collected much more easily, inexpensively, and faster compared to 10 years ago
      • Navigation patterns in WWW
      • Location information ( cellular phones, RFID tags , GPS )
      • Transactions (e-commerce, PO S, credit cards )
      • Your e -m ails (scanned by gmail to display ads)
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Strong motivation to mine the collected data
      • Strategic, scientific, commercial, planning
    • Databases and data mining is about personal/institutional data
    • Data mining as a threat to privacy
      • Recovers personal data
    • In early 2000s, many projects cancelled
    • New disciplines
      • Privacy-preserving data mining
      • Privacy-aware data management.
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Privacy risks associated with the mobility behavior of people are still unclear
    • mobility data mining technology is not possible to thrive without sound privacy measures and standards for data collection, and data/knowledge publishing
    • The subject has non-technical aspects
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • MODAP (Mobility, Data Mining, and Privacy) is a Coordination Action
      • funded by EU, FET OPEN, 2009-2012
      • 11 partners from 7 countries in Europe.
    • aims to continue the efforts of GeoPKDD
      • coordinating and boosting the research activities in the intersection of mobility, data mining, and privacy
    • aims to create a platform for technical as well as non-technical people interested in mobility data mining and privacy issues
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Day 1 20 June 2011 09.30 -17.30 Location : Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi, the Seed Salonu, Emirgan
    • Day 2 21 June 2011 09.30 -17.30 Location : Sabancı Üniversitesi Karaköy İletişim Merkezi
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Talks by international experts on the subject and representatives from the different disciplines and stake holders
      • Technical & non-technical
      • Legal, regulations, law enforcement, data protection, data mining, standarts
      • mobile phone operators, banks and financial sector, medical data, advertisement, and insurance
    • Panel Discussions
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Day 1
      • “ Privacy on air: Mobility data, its utility, regulations and privacy as a fundamental right”
    • Day 2
      • "Privacy for everyone"
    10/25/11 Sabanci University
    • Enjoy the Conference
    • Erkay Savaş
    • Sabanci University
    • [email_address]
    10/25/11 Sabanci University