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Atif Unaldi - Yildiz Atif Unaldi - Yildiz Presentation Transcript

  • Internet The Internet is the greatest cyber intelligence ever created in history where the world’s greatest minds communicate…
  • Convergence Starting from the computer, the creation of the Internet has reshaped all existing concepts towards itself.
  • Convergence advertising, the cinema and the television these industries’ “driven forces” have always been the design and creation.
  • Cinema despite a different philosophical background, even Fight Club is one of the important reflections of this culture on the processing and structural levels.
  • TV MTV group which is one of the most developed structures of the sector, forming its target mass from the youth who knows and appreciates the cyber culture.
  • MTV in the last few years, the criteria of design have been synthesized with the new taste formed by the difficulties of the Internet’s bandwidth.
  • Design Criteria Your goal attributes a meaning to your target mass whereas this latter guides you from the technology that you will be using to every content that will be present on your page.
  • Design Criteria Before designing a web site, you should delimit with precise lines what the purpose of this site is and if necessary carry out this distinction by clearly dividing the site into two. If not, your visitors will not reach what they aspire to and your site will not have fulfilled its objective.
  • Target Mass Your site’s aim is to make you directly reach the social group you intend to address. This group is a kind of customer mass, which is necessary for you to reach the site’s objective. The portrait drawn within your objective is the target mass.
  • Target Mass People in this mass are linked to each other according to certain common goals by surfing on the web, following certain norms of behavior, having common desires and common tastes.
  • Common Needs What connects the members of this group to one another? Where do they meet? What would draw their attention among a pile of information and shapes?
  • e.g. If you are planning the presentation of a Unix-based program on your site, you must foresee that your users may use a text-based browser. Especially if you are an Internet service provider that distributed Netscape 2.0 to its users.
  • Design Criterias
      • The use of certain formations within a web site’s pages binds this site together. These phenomena spread out into sections such as the logo, the choice of color and the common layout. If the site you are trying to create belongs to a company then a logo which has been realized according to certain norms will be of greatest help for you.
  • Design Criterias
      • A well-planned logo follows the same objective as its web site. It will communicate to you the criteria needed to use in your site by choice of color and formation of shapes. Apart from this, placing the elements that repeat themselves among the pages on certain locations will connect your pages to each other.
  • Design Up to now, the web and the Internet were elements existing together with the computer. This is why you may not know whether an Internet user is short-sighted or long-sighted but there are two points on which you have precise information.
  • 1 Unless he possesses very different products- which can rarely be the case- an Internet user is in a seated position.
  • 2 There is a great chance he is looking at the screen.
  • Sitting? the sitting position is actually an artificial movement for the human nature and how much a seated person is, in fact, uncomfortable. This inconvenience makes the Internet user ill at ease, bad-tempered and, most important of all, impatient.
  • Success Success lies in creating harmony and order even within these technical insufficiencies. Actually, anyone who understands the Internet theory can easily realise this.
  • First Rule The first rule you need to know is that no television user will think his broadcast is of bad quality when watching it on a bad television, however an Internet user is an authority in this matter.
  • Success a web master and a web designer should always stay patient towards funny ideas and sharp criticisms and should not doubt about their ideas.
  • As a conclusion To summarize, the general aim in the creation of a web site is to: Select the target mass from the Internet user’s pool, direct it to the created web site, transfer the desired information and redirect this back to the Internet environment.