History and scope of graphic design by atif akhtar


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History and scope of graphic design by atif akhtar

  1. 1. A History/Scope of Graphic Design By Atif Akhtar GCT (PGA) LHR.
  2. 2. Acknowledgement• Graphic Design’s class first lecture.• After this students will able to know meaning of graphic design, a short history, & uses.• It will help to build students interest in Graphic design GCT (PGA) LHR.
  3. 3. Graphic design is every whereSimply , we live in the age of graphic design GCT (PGA) LHR.
  4. 4. • A creative process most often involving a client and a designer, undertaken in order to convey a specific message to a targeted audience.• Focuses on visual communication and presentation• Also known as Visual Communication and Communication Design GCT (PGA) LHR.
  5. 5. • Goal: create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages
  6. 6. First Signs of Graphic Design• Graphic Design activities first began in the caves of Lascaux, Trajan’s Column in Rome, and Illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages• The term “Graphic Design” first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922 GCT (PGA) LHR.
  7. 7. Chauvet, France c.35000 B.C – c.30000 B.C. Crude drawing, limited colour Lascaux, France c.17000 B.CMore realistic drawing,vivid colour
  8. 8. Invention ofWriting GCT (PGA) LHR.
  9. 9. The Papyrus of Ani, c.1420 B.C.Notice the surrounding border and the framing of the illustrations andrelated text. GCT (PGA) LHR.
  10. 10. • One main part of GraphicFirst Signs of design is printing • Printing was first inventedGraphic Design in the 6th and 7th centuries when blocks were cut to print textiles on and reproduce Buddhist texts. • 1450: Johann Gutenberg invented the printing Press GCT (PGA) LHR.
  11. 11. First Signs of Graphic Design Beginning of TypographyJohannes Gutenberg 1398 – 1468Started The "Printing Revolution” GCT (PGA) LHR.
  12. 12. First Signs of Graphic DesignGutenberg Biblec.1450 – 1455Also referred to as the ’forty-two-line Bible’: • first nine pages – 40 lines • tenth page – 41 lines • remainder – 42 lines210 copies – 180 paper, 30 vellumWhen Fust (Gutenberg’s partner) took theBibles to France to sell, he was suspected ofwitchcraft because of the number anduniformity of the volumes and had to reveal themethod of production. GCT (PGA) LHR.
  13. 13. Start of Graphic Design Industry• 1849: Henry Cole • Morris showed that informed people the there was a market for importance of graphic graphic design Design in Great Britain in his “Journal of Design • His work along with the and Manufactures” rest of the Private Press movement directly• 1891-1896: William influenced the Morris published “Arts development of graphic and Crafts Movement” design in the twentieth and created the first century. books of stylistic nature GCT (PGA) LHR.
  14. 14. Twentieth Century• Graphic Designed started to be used for utilitarian • World War two created a purposes like buildings, boom for graphic design theatre sets, posters, for advertising and fabrics, clothing, packaging furniture, and logos. • Since these first signs• 1928: The book “New graphic design has Typography” by Jan continued to grow into an Tschichold showed incredibly large money – readers new types of making industry, typography GCT (PGA) LHR.
  15. 15. Graphic design is every whereSimply , we live in the age of graphic design GCT (PGA) LHR.
  16. 16.  From Driving a car to flying a Aeroplane. Writing a letter Or Solving a Mathmatical equation. Eating a burger Or take a cup of tea. GCT (PGA) LHR.
  17. 17. All the alphabets are consist of differentlines and there crossings. In a designer’s view it is a zig zag line GCT (PGA) LHR.
  18. 18. GCT (PGA) LHR.
  19. 19. • In computing: – 1950s first GUI computer – 1970s Alto by Xerox Paulo Alto Research Centre, not developed further – 1983 Lisa, by Apple. First personal computer with a GUI. Replaced by the Macintosh in 1984 – 1985 Windows 1.0 – 1987 Windows 2.0 – a ‘proper’ GUI – 1990s increased interest within the computer community in better graphical design of documents GCT (PGA) LHR.
  20. 20. Summary• Graphical design has been evolving for thousands of years.• The Graphic Design profession is young.• Computer documents and applications use graphical design principles heavily. GCT (PGA) LHR.
  21. 21. Students will visit Lahore fort & museum.Every student will make some sketches on their sketch books.Students will must concern with college liabrary books. Fundamentals of Graphic Design. Graphic Design on the Desktop Other Various books. GCT (PGA) LHR.
  22. 22. From Where Graphic Design activities first began?Who invent the term “Graphic Design” ?When Printing was first invented?Who invented the printing Press?Explain what role play world war two for graphic design industry?When first computer invented? GCT (PGA) LHR.